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" Discovery begins by finding the discoverer"

--George Iles



by Don Andrews

What chutzpah! What Irony! Political censor Jews are trying to take over the so-called free speech movement  after the the introduction of the censorship Orwellian hate bill laws in Canada. On top of that, the Jews are also infiltrating and misdirecting pro-white racist groups and Semitic Christian groups to fight their their orchestrated multicult racemixing Muslim invasion in Canada. Patriotic white French Canadian organizations like "La Muerte", the Northern Guard and the Proud Boys are all promising to provide security for anti-white racist Jewess speaker Pamela Geller's speech at a Christian college, where the Jewish Defense League will be to protect her as well.

Now you'd think this is all good news, since the Jews are coming around to realizing that race is all and know what side their white bread is buttered on, But that's the last thought on their minds... they're more concerned within keeping white patriot anti-white racist organizations and to make sure  every white group's leader denounces white racism, like spitting at their image in a mirror and their future. You can't have white nationalism without white racism and white privilege; it just does not compute with nature. Powerful globalist Jews know that to continue their mercantile multiculturalism and globalism destructive to white society they will not tolerate racism. Therefore the immigration doors are wide open in Canada to the  tune of the importation of 300,000 (mostly) nonwhites into the country to replace the white native population. And they have been doing this since the premiership of Justin Trudeau's father Pierre from that commie/feminists province of Quebec for six decades now. That's where the fight should be -- at the immigration offices, border crossings, members of parliaments' constituency offices. major city mayors' offices and censoring public libraries.

No one should have free speech until white racists have it. Besides, the more multicultists are confronted, the more white nationalists are made (Tell Pamela Geller). Let's not pretend that anything will be different or change just because anti-racist professors and Jew bigots are caught in their own Orwellian traps set for white racists. Jews can't lead white nationalists if they're fearful on our side, looking for succor. Let's not follow them into the dead ends of their political choosing. When we come to power we can hug them hard to prevent any of their undermining meddling, because the issue and goal is white racial survival and the Constitutional Racist State, where we are proudly in charge, because race is the issue and nothing else matters.

For more information and to read what our enemies are saying, go here:



(B.S. Forbidden)
by Don Andrews


We must protest anti-white presumptive propaganda. Even though the multicults' racemixer world is crumbling and separating, the commie globalist mainstream media is still pushing the "fake news benefits" of their LGBT and pro-deadly diversity nonwhites' criminal chaos society. Anti-white racist idiots know it's not too popular to be pushing perversion and racemixing with the white voters' election of Donald Trump as president. They are afraid to be too explicit with their deceptive anti-white nationalist propaganda, but they are still carrying on as if they have not been revealed as sex perverts and fake news liars along with their favorite personalities and politicians. So instead of trying to convince people as to their social veracity, they just assume that all agree with their nefarious presumptions--that's worse than advance billing: Simple little phrases or attitudes they hope will wheedle their way into the public psyche, that it will be accepted as "fait accompli" (case closed).

"Not that there is anything wrong with that" is probably the best-known example of reference to homosexual sex. Larry David and his neo-criminal cast of "Seinfeld" are best-known for popularizing that devious phrase, suggesting that no one or anything is contrary to the barren queer society and their practices and attitudes, which couldn't be further from the truth.

When you consider who writes TV and movie scripts, you realize that it's filled with homosexuals, perverts and other anti-social white self-loathers and metrosexuals ready to put their two cents' worth into any white society situation,and not for its benefit. It's common currency subtle propaganda against white race survival to picture all young white men as "players" who don't to get married, have kids or settle down. Another queers' lie to keep  them for themselves, while the opposite is true: Hating young, not-so-good looking is another nasty attitude toward possible mothers while whores are elevated. Pregnant women are usually shunned and dismissed as breeders, while the general public is enthralled to see and/or help one. These media creeps hate a natural family, especially if it's big. They are hindering the existence of our race.

If you're an old hedonist, well, you can just go to China and bring an adopted kid back--that's the media's suggested normal, which is way off as to how most whites feel. Media manipulators like to lower the topic of conversations to lots of references to body parts, particularly asses and penises or women's breasts. Sex talk interjections are common in all TV and film. Men are supposedly ready and willing to pretend they are queer to gain a job, citizenship or a living space, according to these dilettantes , while the opposite reigns. What do they care -- they hate traditional society with every utterance.

Jokes about killing, dismembering or burying in a shallow grave are routine with anti-white perverts trying to desensitize us to violence in their multicult charnel-house they seem to love --until it hits them. Calling murders, robberies and 'burglaries gone bad' suggests the culprit is a victim, too, after he was doing something bad to begin with ; it only trivializes the original crime. Cops are bad at this stupid media acceptance propaganda of a criminals' racemixed state, common south of the border  in US black cities and in Latin America.

White nationalists don't accept that. Mainstream Jewsmedia just won't stop pretending that all whites love blacks' basketball and football... not true. Many couldn't care less to go to one of these games and would make great offense to being called a "bitch"-- a black lexicon word that the queers seem to love. The Fact is, some of these "comedies" are so  unfunny to most people, they have be accompanied with continuous canned laughter at the so-called funny spots, because no regular person would laugh at the filth and immorality spoken and suggested in them.

Again, it's up to the white racists  to confront and complain at every turn until the perverts get it -- enough is enough. Your day is over, your barren numbers are depleting like Africans' Boko Haram ("Bullshit forbidden").

It's only a matter of time, because by their very definition, white racists are her to stay, and the first step is to clean up our house.

We will... out of the way, fools!


Gerry Lincoln, the longtime activist with Canadian white natrionalists (I've known him for at least 30 years) is dead. He was in his late sixties. He agreed when I called him a liberal libertine libertarian. I believe he died by his own hand around November 5th or 6th, shortly after he was at a party at my house on November 4th. Gerry Lincoln was also known as "Gerry with a G" and "his nibs" in my circle of characters. He constructed this website  and I used his technical abilities to post 200 news stories every day by a guy who was the antithesis to white nationalism and white tracial identity for over a decade, for about $400 a month ($200 cash and his cable and Internet connection). I knew it was too good to be true for a non-believer to put so many hours  into a website that he argued was not political, but a "hate site", as he referred to it in the couple of years after I stopped paying the cash part of his endeavors, but carried on with his Rogers cable connection. Of course I told Gerry that those words were straight from the police station (or his handler spy agency) during our monthly breakfast club meetings in a fancy restaurant, until I relieved him of his duties  last March 2017, after training another real white nationalist to do the postings. It seemed to all downhill after that for Gerry with a G, so much so that about two months ago on the telephone he told me that he had no reason to live and had nothing to do all day and was contemplating suicide, when he could achieve the right drug cocktail to go up in a high. I argued with him, "Don't you want to see what happens next?", but apparently, it was to no avail.

Gerry Lincoln had a long history with the white nationalist movement. He may have been one of the founders of the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) creation, the ersatz Heritage Front under the Bavarian thug Wolfgang Droege and the now-in-hiding (under the assumed name Nathan Black) Grant Bristow. I sent them all to Qaddafi's Libya on a free junket when his regime needed white faces (him and sixteen others) during some national celebration. Gerry Lincoln also worked with the Holocaust skeptic Ernst Zundel, who gve the Jews plenty of publicity  from their re-victimhood of Germans counting bones while denying the existence of gas chambers through snooty "experts". Some reported later that Zundel didn't mind Gerry with a G sitting at his computer in his bunker with a Jewish prayer shawl ariound him doing research. Gerry  loved to boast about that and also driving his Jewish girlfriend's car, whom we never saw. "His nibs" was happy to announce that he was an AC/DC metrosexual who preferred young men (or women who looked like them). Gerry Lincoln had a popensity for the sexually crude and  perverted, announcing on a number of occasions, I suppose to agitate more moral white nationalists, that he loved the lips of that mental case killer Luka Magnotta, who chopped off his Chinese boyfriend's head and sent the video all around, which Gerry captured.

Gerry Lincoln was the amtithesis to moral White Nationalism. in fact he was my antagonistic muse for writing a number of editorials to answer the hedonistic white man's perversions and I-don't-care attitudes. I usually referred to him as a wag or a dilettante (I'm sure he knew who I was speaking about when he put up my editorials with his often-stupid illustrations I didn't always check to see the insidious sabotage of my idea illustrated with creatures from the perverted "South Park"  that Gerry loved. Now I'm told by some of his associates that he did it on purpose to undermine our racist ideology to satisfy his secret handlers and friends. Gerry had contacts with the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and the white self-loathers of the Anti-Racist Collective idiots and all my ex-active Heritage Front enemies whom he boasted as dropping into his basement dungeon-like apartment (that would look good seeing someone running screaming in a horror movie). If I didn't like them, Gerry with a G liked them. If someone was an instigator, an agitator or a trouble-maker at my gatherings, he was for them, but all so subtly, just like the sabotage he put throught the NPC website, trying to make a laughing stock of natural racism. I put up with this fotr the last five years because Gerry Lincoln was sick. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at Mount Sinai Hospital and last the avereage time limit of five years after the diagnosis. He was walking pretty slow in the last couple of years and had to stop for a breath after a block or two of walking. But Gerry was a proud man who dismissed all suggestions of illness to white racists' concerns, pretending he was just fine in front of the white nationalists that he looekd down upon. At my house he had a special plate and a special place and was served food and drink by youirs truly with his snooty desires. He was the best-treated guest ever. I always saw to it that Gerry had his favorite fruits and vegetables--watermelon and asparagus and lots of my turkey stuffing and potato salad. I think he tried to project an august figures, as seen in the film about the Emperor Caligula, who married his sister.

Gerry's family and origins were a mystery to us. He was pretty secretive about his private life. I told the Ontario coroner after his death that I would take his box of ashes if no family showed up; the cops are supposedly looking after that matter.

Gerry had his human side at least, to cays, especially my grey tabby Marcus, to whom he brought special treats when I brought hiim to the house. I used to say to the cat, Gerry's coming, Gerry's coming, just to see if his ears would pick up--and they did. On a number of ocassions, Gerry called him "my god", showing how much he cared for people, especially  those he disdained for being ugly of poor. No one liked his snobbery, but we put up with it because he did so much work on the site.

Gerry had lots of money in his wallet according to those who saw him open it, filled with undred dollar bills. Yet he was always again to take a twenty from me and complaining I wasn't giving him enough, adding insult to injury after I fired him, the hundreds duisappeared. I was told he started paying  his rent by cheque, the last one in November bounced: Another indication he was planning to leave this dimension.

I hardly ever talked to Gerry unless I was inviting him for a breakfast, even after I fired him. I felt sorry for him for him and kept the cable TV payments going until October. I remember him almost begging , pleading for me not to cut his cable service, promising me he could pay the $220 a month without a problem, at the end of November --one of the few as I was dropping him off at his spooky redstone apartment building saying " You know, Don, I would never screw you" for the money which I thought was rather peculiar, considering his sabotage of many years.Anyway, I agreed to it and another him if we had any money on him to seal the deal. He gave me $60 and offered to get the rest that he had in a drawer but considering how slow he walked and how long it would take with me parked on a narrow street, I said, give it to me later. Lesson: Never turn money down when it's offered

Gerry Lincoln hated two phrases: the first was "kith and kin" (What's that, he would complain); the other was "cuckservative", since he adored Ronald Reagan and had a big- framed picture of the warmonger Hollywood idiot, and oh, how sad and perplexed he was when our words "white nationalism" came into vogue.

Gerry Lincoln was a challenge to my mind with his I-don't-care attitude and attachment to hedonism. He boasted that he was called "Dr. Gerry"  in the past because he could always find the veins of druggers waning a fix. Gerry liked the Jew Quentin Tarantino, for his brutal murders of whites in the slave upsriding film Django Unchained, which he watched numerous times and his favorite comedian was the crude and rude Seinfeld creator Larry Davis of the "comedy" Curb Your Enthusiasm. He also liked disgusting radio host Howard Stern.  He couldn't understand why we like Corner Gas (Simple inocuous, Canadiana humor). Gerry was so disappointed when that disgusting  torture-murder series Dexter was cancelled. Now he was in love with the wimps and feminists' Game of Thrones, which he couldn't get enough of. He said he had no friends but I've heard of guys he visited in the Dominican Republic and New York (agents have no problem crossing borders, even with a long history with white racists). His nibs was very concerned about dying and laying  around doing nothing for days before the stench caught anyone's attention. Fortunately for him a few of us cared, we demanded his apartment be opened by the police after no one could contact him for five days. There, Gerry was found leaning over on a couch, the TV and computer  running on Ingrid Rimland's website (she was the wife of Ernst Zundel) who Gerry called had offered him to move to the USA and live with her to do here site. When the stretcher came with two weak men (one Chinese one white) and they carried him in a blue bag crowd, his knee burst and the stinking mess was all over. When the stretcher-bearers attempted to take the 200-pound Gerry around the twisting  stairway for the basement he fell out and tumbled all the way down in the bag. Finally they got him and one of them said that they had to step on his stuck-up knee  to crunch it down before taking him to the coroner. It's not the dignity he craved.

I told Gerry I would  spread his ashes in a  beautiful wild park along the Scarborough Bluffs, since he  explicitly said he did not want any funeral, grave, memorial or eulogy.  Sorry pal, you got the last one. You can complain to me about it in the next dimension.

As I have said in my prayers, God Bless Gerry Lincoln, missed by his friends and foes.







Books Don Andrews Has Read:

GENERAL GORDON by Seton Churchill (hardcover) 271 pages, Nesbit and Company.









































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5 Dead in Guatemala Earthquakes

Protesters Detained As Putin's Duma Approves Moscow Demolitions

Picture Released of Commie-Feminist Shooter of Capitalist Republicans

There's A Lot To Fear from Commie Feminist Nuts Around in the US

Fatalities Confirmed in London Tower Block Fire


Many More Than 17 Killed in London Fire as People Jumped Out of Tall Tower Residence


100 Dead as Colonialists' Regime in the Philippines Try to Take Muslim City of Marawi from ISIS

Alex Jones: Muslims Celebrate London Fire (Though Many Victims Are Muslim)

Too-High Skyscrapers All Unstable with Fires:
Will it Collapse?

Alex Jones: Attack on Congressman Was Media-Inspired

More On Shooting Target Commie Feminist Steve Scalise

Evil in Criminals' America: Woman Rescued from Shipping Container

Pizzagate Gunman:
I'm Standing Up for the Kids

Three Weeks Later ISIS is Still in Marawi In Spite of Philippine Globalists' Bluster


US Student Released by Mean North Korea Is In A Coma


Last Bastion of Chinese Capitalists: Taiwan Losing Friends as Panama Goes for Mainland Reds


Scuffles, Detentions at Russian Protests


Food Poisoning Hits Hundreds in Iraqi Refugee Camp

Live Blog: Ukraine in Crisis

Young, Lost Georgians March for A Drug Rapper

More Proof al-Qaeda is A CIA Asset in Globalists' Puppet Show Wars-- Unlike ISIS

What the "Okay" Hand Sign Means for the White Militia Movement-- According to Their Sworn Enemies

Mean Jews Again: Israel Approves Electricity Cuts for Poor Besieged Gaza

Globalists' Open Borders Legacy:Man Grabs Officer's Gun, Shoots Her in the Head

Wake Up! Families off Dead Soldiers in Afghanistan Should Be Against All Dumb Globalist Foreign Wars

ISIS Fighting All Kinds of Globalists' Mercenaries to Take Their Raqqa 'Capital'

Pro-Feminist Anti-Racist Oath Keepers Useless Without White Racism...
To Hell With Them

National Day of Russia Celebrations

Serbs Will Separate: Kosovo Ex-Fighters Declare Victory

12 Injured After Molotov Cocktail at Paris Restaurant


Globalists' Commie Kurd US Puppets Capture Part of
ISIS-Held Raqqa

Nearly 1,000 Inmates Escape Congo Prison After Militants Attack

Moscow Shooting Spree Kills Four

ISIS Ramping Up Calls for Attacks on Globalists During Ramadan

Gadaffi's Son Saif al Islam Freed by Libyan Militia

Man Sought After Alleged Orwellian Hate Crime Vandalism at Jews' Museum

More Shootings in 51% Nonwhite Open Immigration Idiots'
'Toronto (No Longer) The Good'


Racemixing Never Works: 2 Teens Injured in Toronto's Trendy Beaches


In Sick America: Severed Headless Body Found in Mississippi Neighborhood

How An Iranian General Duped US Command in Syria

13 Philippines Marines Killed Ad US Joins Marawi Battle


TV's Batman Adam West Dies

Globalist Jews' Russia/US Saving Red Cult Syrian Regime: Iraqi Border Reached

Watch Out -- Cankerworm Infestation Prompts City of Mississauga to Consider Aerial Spraying

Anti-Gay Party Props Up British Government

Corbyn's Crew: Record Number of LGBTQ MPs Elected in Rotting Feminists' Britain

Huge Youth Vote 'Swings for Anti-Interventionist Corbyn in UK

Globalists Tool May to Ask Queen to Form Minority Government with Anti-Brexit Protestants of Northern Ireland


Jeremy Corbyn Slaps A Boob in Women's Britain

The Loretta Lynch Bombshell


Tel Aviv: Jews Love LGBT Types in Israel While Arab Neighbors Wince

Hey, Scared Americans, It's Your Mess: 47 Killed in Iraq Thursday

Anti-White Racist Institution: Christopher Wray, Trump's Choice for FBI Chief, Hunted Nazis Hiding in the US

Portland White Supremacist Charged with Killings of Anti-Racist Meddlers Declares His Innocence


Race Is All: "Burn Her Alive"--Attitude of Blancos Fighting Colorados Regime

Media Spins Turncoat Neo-Nazi Muslim Convert as Hero for Killing two White Friends

Rotten Jewsmedia Not Remembering The USS Liberty

US Puppet Sa
udi Arabia Issues Ultimatum to Qatar as
Military Confrontation Imminent

UK Anti-Interventionist Corbyn Rallies Supporters

Siblings Who Escaped ISIS in Mosul Tortured to Death by
US "Good Guys" Iraqi Puppets


White Racist Site Daily Stormer Raises $150,000 to Fight Jew Harassment Suit


Sunni Jihadists Attack Shiite Shrine in Iran

Third London Bridge Attacker Named:Moroccan Jihadist

Ontario's Lesbian Regime Threatens to Take Your Kids Over Unnatural Gender Identification If Parents Disagree

Philippines Troops Find  Stash of Bank Notes as
ISIS Fighters Pull Back

Globalists' Mission: What the US Taxpayer is Paying for-
Torture in Iraq


Globalists' Syrian Mercenaries Ready to Tackle Their Masters' Only Armed Opposition: ISIS in Raqqa

Anti-Sharia Rallies Planned for 28 Cities on June 10

Huge Hole Found on Mars

What's Hydrogen Water?

Meddler US Globalists Work With Russians and Red Cult Regime in Syria's South Against Jihadist Opponents

"KILL THEM ALL!" Stop Your Globalism and Racemixing  First--
US Congressman Needs to Know That (Tell Him)

Mosul Horror Unnecessary if Globalists Just Bug Out
Arabs Will Sell Oil to Whoever Runs Them

Jihadists Die in Philippines' City of Marawi

The Jihadi Next Door Documentary Proves Deadly in London



Portland Demonstrations: Patriots Versus Racetraitors

30 Killed in Yemen's Taiz Fighting

In Racemixed Venezuela, Nothing Works: Protests

Over Food Shortages and Inflation

Orphaned by War in The Ukraine

$112 Billion Missing in Iraq:
White Meddlers to Blame

Making Sense of Recent Protests in Morocco:
"Rifs" Want Their Own Country

Thousands Rally in Colonialist Construct Angola
Demanding Fair Election

Smart Canadian Patriots Protest Globalists' Regime in Ottawa

A Portrait of the CIA In Prison


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