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“The truth is forced upon us, very quickly, by a foe”


—  Aristophanes 


Canada's ten-year prime minister Stephen Harper is the epitome of the feminists' "cuckservatives" [sic] who only keep track of their austerity pocket books to make more bucks for their women's vacations. Harper is the smiling 'Pillsbury dough-boy' with his cowboy hat from the supposedly rebellious West and the penny-pinching Reform Party libertarians, all turned out to be a big disappointment.

Harper wrecked the Canadian economy and is responsible for Canada's failed Afghan invasion with its 150 killed and thousands injured. He was nothing but a shill for globalists' foreign interests and their blood is on his hands. He should have stayed out it, just like Jean Chretien stayed out of Iraq, globalist NATO be damned.

Today's high food prices and energy costs are the result of traitor Harper's equalization to poverty-inducing free trade deals for our white society. Canada is a land of plenty, especially in life's basics. Globalist traitors like Harper never cared about ordinary Canadians; The treatment of our veterans, even though they were in globalist mercenary wars, is a disgusting shame. Harper who paid a ransom for Canadians held in North Africa, never said a word of opposition or advice when that new feminist Trudeau refused to pay a few million for the heads of two fifty-something white Canadian men, John Ridsdell and Robert Hall. This allowed the pretty-boy Trudeau to have them beheaded. Like Harper, he's another soul who should resign. True to form, Harper joined another international consulting firm, no doubt, to repopulate Canada with the Third World. That's how much he wants corrupt Canada and his white race and heritage, that the distrusted mainstream media whines that the globalist SOB Harper doesn't get enough credit for his great work for Canada.

Stephen Harper and his brand of anti-traditionalist cheapskate conservatism has given the ideology a distrusted name. In the future, if you're not a racist first, you shouldn't call yourself a conservative, because your traditions start at your birth along with your DNA, and your moral code that you seek to establish, before any religion or Jewish ideologies — Marxism, libertarianism, etc. Race trumps all, and the Council of Conservative Citizens knows that, as should anyone who claims they are a conservative.

For these lies and treachery, may they both live in ignominy, for the bureaucratic banality that both of them presented in our history.

Good riddance to white race traitors.



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