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 “When one hears of progress, one should ask, for whom?”


—   Robin Skelton


The baby boomers are the worst generation ever and their spoiled spawn are no better. Today's old white folks and their nerdy offspring and their "Generation X" are dealing with an imminent daily revolt of their skeptical millennials on everything they ever believed in destructive political correctness. All subjects are up for debate, including and especially, race.

There appears to be a grim future, for now publicly-oppressed white millennials' jobs and personal security are a "dice throw" depending on the latest manifestations of Establishment globalist politicians with their economic and social sellout of the white community. Baby boomers are the most pampered children in white peoples' history, but they showed no gratitude or care for the future in their hedonistic pursuits driven by the “Hollywood Jews” entertainment industry: rock stars, movie and television shows. White social morality, integrity, identity and dignity disapppeared [sp]. Only nonwhite were all-of-a-sudden given racial status while the already-dwindling white population was urged to be effectively barren, with the media's main concern and boogeyman of the sixties and seventies: overpopulation — two billion at that time — and "the bomb." Now in 2016, there isn't a peep from the globalist overlords, politicians or the media, when Earth's population is eight billion, almost 90% nonwhite. Instead the merchants' media is pushing for more free trade globalism that will eventually water down the white world to a Third World level, while it is being overwhelmed by nonwhite immigrants, migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers.

I drive through Toronto's big eastern suburb of Scarborough and recall my all-white neighborhood's baby-boomer youth. Everywhere today it's hard to find a white-faced student or white kids playing hardly anywhere in Scarborough streets since Tamils, Bengalis, Chinese and blacks have taken over. Only some old biddies and their emasculated husbands are holding out here and there in little pockets of Scaarborough [sp]. This is what the arrogant rebellious generation has done to white society in Canada. They've betrayed their birthright.

You would think that the anti-war/anti-nuke baby boomers and their Generation X trendy anti-violence wimps would have been against further wars after their anti-Vietnam war protests, but no -- they are stupidly backing every globalist invasion in the world with their tacit silence and meddling views that have brought millions of nonwhite immigrants from these violent, war-torn countries to Canada; whether it's Afghanistan, Libya, or Somalia, the hypocrite anti-war bitches and their bastard children are nowhere to be found in anti-war protests or even letters to the editor. Now these same morons want to go after a bunch of primitives with seedling roots in every ex-colonialist Muslim country -- ISIS. This is guaranteed to bring more DNA-violent reacemixed [sp] people to Canada -- Arabs. Are they nuts? You bet! And, they'll all be grinding their dentures as they close their eyes for the final time as their topsy-turvy multicult world is dismantled and put upright, as Nature intended.

It's hard to set up a peaceful and prosperous society when public morality is a vague multicult concept and the white man's way is ignored and/or condemned, let alone mentioned. The rise of Donald Trump has given white Americans a new lease on life to assert their way of living. Donald Trump rallies are white nationalist meetings in large writ, much to the chagrin of the effeminate anti-racist white wimps in other English-speaking societies, especially in Canada. Just watch the news and the shock-and-awe and dropped jaws of the announcers, pundits, and reporters at Trump's popularity in America. They're almost beside themselves, particularly in multicult Limey-Land where you'd be serving a jail term there in feminist Britain if you spoke like you would at a Trump rally.

Baby boomers brought the commie/feminists to the fore. Now they are running a bunch of failed regimes, from "Mama" Merkel's Germany to Teresa May's Britain; white men are not impressed, especially in America with the corrupt Clinton hag that the globalist oligarch Jews are trying to put in (like Putin). They love the play on words, and don't think the oligarchs didn't have a good belly-laugh about it. Baby boomers and their rotten offspring have demoralized the very foundation of white society by instituting no-fault divorce, then watering down the meaning of the institution of the procreation union to some kind of 'low-life standard' and extending that sacred survivalist union to sodomites and dildos (gay marriage).

Baby boomers are individualistic, selfish people who ignored traditional white institutions and celebrations, from unions to Christmas. You can blame them for voting in the likes of the anti-white dandy Pierre Trudeau and his subsequent son. The father opened up the flood gates to nonwhite immigration and his little floppy-haired punk Justin is trying to take them down altogether. That's why there's a "Tower of Babel" white noise on Toronto's transit system and why all the jobs have gone to cheap labor Third World countries; because of the treacherous cuckservative [sp] globalists' and their Liberal clones' so-called free trade scam. Every old white baby boomer, gay or guy, who voted for them, is responsible for our economic malaise: impossibly high rents, house prices and food costs.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Naive and unnatural as they are, it's still wrong and deadly. Unless insane white baby boomers, Gen-Xers, and millennials don't mend their ways and realize their folly and naive faults, all is lost for white Canada, because they're the ones who brought in the Pakis, niggers and Chinks to replace our future. There's still time for them to redeem themselves and to vote against the white self-loathers. If not, curses on them, and all they works as white racists take over throughout the white world.



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