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                                  “ You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough ”


                                                              — William Blake



I like "Generation X" even though they are a bunch of lost-soul party pukes spawned and raised by irresponsible hedonist baby boomers. It's a defeated Generation X that joined the populist movement in North America to elect Donald Trump president, and there isn't [sic] that many of them — another failure of the baby boomers. Generation X are the unemployed and under-employed angry whites sick and tied of their treacherous baby boomer parents who destroyed white society with racemixing [sp] and open borders to the Third World's masses. Generation X has a lot to be angry about, especially and the so-called "greatest generation" naive fools who willingly joined a second white fratricidal war (World War II) for globalist interests.

Generation X are the rudderless, leaderless offspring of selfish baby boomers who gave their broken families' children little help and instruction regarding social morays and a family future. No wonder every weirdo fad was tried at one time or another while looking for the meaning of life: Punk, Skinheads, grunge and the most stupid of all, hero worship of "slime bag" Hollywood "stars" and degenerate sports personalities of all shades and races. Only white nationalism has endured the test of time for a real and natural identity for these lost souls. Now the parents of these spoiled brat millennials from fatherless family homes from the free-sex baby boomers' immorality, which hopefully, won't be repeated by their  emasculated offspring millennials.

No one wants to be Generation X, because they have nothing to boast about and as a consequence little is said about this forgotten generation because everything turns out for the worst when the fake news lies about the benefits of multiculturalism, free trade and open immigration that drove Generation X into the arms of any savior, Donald Trump, who promises to correct the mistakes of the past and restore the Generation X white society with sound economic and social policies that they clamored for at Trump's rallies. Sure, there are some old baby boomers with guts still around, but it's Generation X that has about 20-30 more good years to go before they're gone and able to make a difference to the future of the white race on the planet. Even though they are generally shunned and ignored, Generation X is still our greatest tool for a white cultural renaissance by not being as naive or Pollyannas like the 'greatest generation' and the baby boomers to instruct and advise millennials in their lifestyles and re-establish the white family unit with the grandparents  who were listened to and respected unlike the previous generations which mocked and derided them. Already Generation X has been successful in distrusting the anti-white globalists' media and have spread that distrust to the millennials of racemixing [sp], institutions and perpetual globalist 'humanitarian' war advocate. The elites would have a hell of a time instituting a war draft in this day and age compared to the former blindly-compliant generations who trusted their leaders and institutions to their own destruction. Every Gen X-er has witnessed the hypocrisy of nonwhite racists like Black Lives Matter and all their nonwhite sports and entertainment idols and they won't be going back to racemixing [sp] with the senior citizens unless they teach the millennials that family comes first, unlike the baby boomers.

Generation X are the political thinkers today, much to the chagrin of the Establishment media and the paid pundits. They must stay involved in the political public discourse. I never forget the lies their starry-eyed baby boomer parents told them about the true racial realities of life. And, judging by the racially-segregated protests, concerts, and rallies of their millennial children, I'd say they've been taught their lesson: racemixing [sp] never works. And that's the bottom line achievement for Generation X. So I say as I raise my drink, "Salut!" to Generation X — you've all come a long way, baby, and served our white nationalist cause well.




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