We already know that when guitars appeared at the altar and the liturgy was in English and no more in Latin, severing the connection to the ancient church and the advent of the Internet, real; Christian belief among whites disappeared, too.The equalization of reproductive heterosexual marriage with same-sex unions further destroyed the sanctity of  that institution connected to the Middle Eastern Bible story Today, with the Internet , we see all the real wars and depredation of the Middle East instantly. We don't have to rely on fabricated  greedy, brutal Crusader stories to keep the globalist merchants' Crusade going for another hundred years and invasions that resulted in the  seven Crusade invasions that resulted in the expulsion of the Western white man from the mysterious Middle East.

Videos of immaculately Arab-Dressed al Qaeda's al-Zawahiri and pictures of jihadist suicide bombers waving their fingers in admonition of of the infidels doesn't make us feel warm and fuzzy toward the Nativity Scene. It's all from over there and their mean, cruel head choppers who will set you on fire or drown you in a cage -- unheard of in Western civilization since Christianity's religious wars of Catholics versus Protestants The whole religion is filled with blood: drinking wine, an imitation of Jesus' blood; eating crumbs and hosts as the imitation of eating Jesus' flesh that even the bloody cannibalistic Aztecs would oppose (no wonder Christianity is popular in violent racemixed places like Latin America and the Philippines: Killer Aztecs with greedy killer whites (Conquistadors, Cortez, Pizarro and their settler followers. And we're supposed to be about peace and love? Let's remember , race always trumps religion, and the natural way will come out.

The whole Middle East is a mess, and Christianity's leaders are as much to blame as the Pentagon for the continuing wars there. When was the last time you heard a priest, cardinal or bishop.. or even the Pope, advocating against any particular invasion or "humanitarian war" launched by the West. Well they have put their foot in it this time in the Middle East. The minority Christians in that area have been forced to flee it, being looked on as collaborators with the new greedy-for-oil Crusaders, but they've undermined Middle Eastern Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, with so many  suicide bombers for Allah. The  white man will soon be looking for  other gods, like the  Soldiers of Odin ( a god should reflect the people), but still lacking a generic all-powerful god without Middle East specifics, After all, Christianity was a liberal reaction to Judaism by a young rabbi who preached in a  temple: Jesus, and who must have been married to preach there (Mary Magdalene?), claiming he was the Son of God from an unmarried woman -- Mary. Initially, Christianity was just Judaism lite, a women's religion, schismatics who were told by Jewish priests to reform until one of the persecutors, Paul, changed sides and opened the doors to non-Jews and a Western women-centered society. Thus it became the official religion of the Roman Empire through the bedroom (the Emperor Constantine's wife).

With the white man fighting to survive as a racial entity there's little time  for internationalist racemixing religions; Christianity will have to become more patriarchal and isolationist  and racially and culturally respectful of all peoples, especially the whites before White Nationalists start putting crosses on their rifles while protecting white civilization in North America,  Tell the preachers, tell the clergy, tell the Pope, We will.


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