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The last thing the white race needs is another fratricidal third World War and the enmity and division associated with it. The Russian people are not our enemies — they are our fellow "kith and kin" as described our European Heritage Week designation: "This celebration includes our North American European origins, from Ireland to the Urals, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean" — that includes our Russian friends.

Russians are the stay-at-home Slavs, spreading out like an amoeba as their population grows. Even the conquest of Siberia and other Asiatic and Muslim areas was accomplished by the violent cowboys of the East, the Cossacks who lived in the wild Ukraine ("The Frontier"). Occupation by Russians of faraway nations conquered by them after Western invasions like Napoleon and Hitler didn't last all that long, even if they were brutal in revenge and retribution.

The word 'bistro' (hurry up) comes from the French, when Russians demanded quick service at Paris cafes after Napoleon's fall. Today's Russians are run by a  new aristocracy: Jews and criminal oligarchs who divvied up the USSR's assets after they exchanged their comrade uniforms for Armani suits. "Put-in Putin" [sic] runs one of these phony neo-communist conservative regimes: he was one of ex-Moscow mayor Yeltsin's bare-chested pals, arresting anticommunist dissidents and German nationalists in Reds' East Germany when he was tapped to be the globalist news media's Yeltsin's choice. I'm disappointed with the Russian people that they've accepted this new gang of greedy criminals to rule them  without much opposition. Though Yeltsin is playing the conservative Orthodox church agenda with his  sign-of-the-cross crap and keeping old traditions alive again. We know that billionaire Jews run the white Western world through the Bilderbergers and all the other elitist conferences, so there will be no real war with the new 'nationalist' communist KGB regime and their Jew[ish] oligarch backers. The other day the World Jewish Congress declalred [sp] Putin's Russia as a welcome place for their people, so why all the Western media hysteria painting Russia as an external enemy? The only reason would be to keep the military industrial complex humming for the two globalist world-controlled regimes who are in their services for a multicult one-world order of serfs and elites, just like the ugly racemixers [sp] of the Indian caste system which keeps everyone in their place under pain of death. That's not the white man's way.

The other day I received my DNA makeup after one of my sons insisted on finding out who the hell I was. I'm 69% East European (Slavic), 20% Mediterranean (Italian/Greek), 4% from the Caucasus Mountains (where whites get the name Caucasian), 2% Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese) 4% Finnish/North Russian (Laplander, maybe?) and 1% Middle Eastern/Semitic. I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, which was held by the Russians and their legions for a long time, which would account for the Italian, Greek and Iberian influence. As for the four percent from the Caucasus and one percent from the Middle East, the Turks held Sarajevo for centuries; The only mystery is the four percent Finnish side. These DNA traits have given me a natural, simplistic understanding of the nature of Man and the weird women-centered Northern and Western European matriarchal madness of my surroundings, under my destiny-intended Anglo-Saxon name Andrews, without my choosing.

White racists must oppose all hateful machinations against our fellow white men, regardless of ethnicity. Only the regimes are rotten, not our white brothers and sisters. White racists must be first to promote peace and isolationism and prosperity by being quick to condemn all multicult wars and interventions that racemix [sp] and pauperize our people. Let the racemixed [sp] patriarchal Muslims fight it out in their own bailiwick, without our interference. Don't worry — they'll still sell us everything we need, like good Arab merchants. White Nationalists need to oppose all foreign aid and alliances like NATO. Donald Trump is surrounded by neo-cons, worse than war hawk Senator McCain. These Jew[ish] bankers and international merchants must not be allowed to drag us into more foreign conflicts while our people are lining up at food banks or to pay hydro bills. White racists must oppose the bloated military budgets sending mercenaries of globalists. All military should be re-purposed to their people for reconstruction and social work services, while training a citizens' militia in case of an invasion. Remember "fighting them over there brings all of them here."

There is no a "casus belli" for any war with the Russians over the disputed Crimea occupations or Russian/East Ukraine separation. Let the people solve their own problems there, as they have for centuries, without dumb Western intervention. As for the former 'captive nations' for which, now's the time to arm their citizenry to the hilt, like the hardly-ever invaded Swiss and stop whining and risking the entire white race with another genocidal war for your ethnic pride, relying on globalist super-powers to help you — we don't need it.

Today's white nationalists have a great advantage — the anti-white mainstream media has been discredited; same goes for the pro-war intelligence services' liars. Now all we have to face and fight are the globalist merchants and the military brass, both of whom are faint to public criticism: our computers do that. White racists are the seed and watchmen of our culture. We won't fail our obligations, because that's the white man's way.




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