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                                                                   "Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light”


                                                                                                  —   Hellen Keller


Hate and Terror:

Natural Tools of Race Survival 

                                                                — Don Andrews 
e and terror are powerful tools to maintain our white race of course; the same goes for all other races, like the Latinos' "La Raza" in the United States and groups like "Boko Haram" in Africa, which utilizes both hate and terror. This is why the ruling Establishment like to apply Orwellian realm designations and terms to these natural practices when a people or a society  is under threat of extinction. This is why the New World Order globalist elites have gone out of their way to squelch popular opposition and armed opposition to their unnatural multicult rule. Of course the armed establishment reserves these powerful tools (hate and terror) exclusively for themselves with "shock and awe" invasions, international drone murders, carpet bombings and torture and concentration camps and secret dungeons to terrify the hell our of their armed opponents while at the same time continually propagandizing the evil of 'hate' on their most dangerous opponents — white racists. There isn't a day that goes by without some North Korean-style invective, threats and denunciations of white racists from the Establishment's media, schools, churches, entertainment figures and politicians. This is why it's such a big deal to these race traitors, when a white man or woman should open up in a public place with a racist rants against someone or a situation. The nerve of them, the very nerve of them, that these race traitors say "we thought we had terrorized them into keeping their hate at home". Unfortunately for the anti-white globalist imperialists, the racist white genie is out of the bottle, called upon when conditions are intolerable for people of a certain color or ethnicity, with the aid of a billionaire's election to the United States presidency. Donald Trump has given life to the necessary white racist angels that have come out to save their race, and our white self-loather and and nonwhite racist hypocrites are scared as hell, and in the same instances, giving up or going on the run.

The other day I was in of Toronto's Chinatowns. As I crossed the road and proceeded on my personal mission (head down) I noticed a giant black guy sharply pass me and quickly turn around, as if he was going to punch me in the head. I was preparing for the blow from above as he raised his fist back, and I looked at him square in the eye. Then he looked at me, turned around, then turned back again as if he was really going to do it. I again sternly stared up at his face and contemplated how I was going to retaliate if he threw the first punch while I was looking at his crotch; I thought I'd better not say anything -- he might be mentally ill. I don't like to get into fights with nut cases. Then he turned away again and walked on, muttering the words, "Trump fan." Soon he came up to a black woman at a bus stop, chatting her up with a gold-toothed smile and paying no heed as I walked by. Soon he came up to a black woman at a bus stop and chatted her up with a gold-toothed smile, paying her no heed as I walked by.  I told this story to one of my two sons who glibly commented, "See dad, racial profiling does work!" I did get out of a white car with a Canadian flag on it, and I do have a short-cropped white haircut on an elderly head, which the basketball negro must have noticed when I crossed the road. We both laughed.

The basic gist of this story is that white men have been dubbed as white racists, which the media and the white-man-voted-in traitor regimes have continually spewed out hate against the best of our race: older white men, who have kept our white society standards and ideals for millennia. Thanks to white racists, our people are still here, described and referred to as an entity with an identity, with the candidacy of one man as president of an impossible race-mixed nation who probably won't survive two generations more. They say that the more things change, the more they stay the same, or so it appears, with Donald Trump's new Jewish and warmonger cabinet choices and politically-correct scripted speeches against bigotry and prejudice, while disavowing and condemning his white racist supporters for an America that won't last, with two and a half million more nonwhite and race traitors (mostly white men) voted for Hillary Clinton than for Trump.

Donald Trump can stop some white society jobs from leaving the United States and possibly bring some back. However his cabinet choices suggest that it will be pretty well business as usual, because as usual with a mad dog general Michael Flynn in charge of agitating nonwhite racists and religious fanatics across the planet while bringing more here from their war countries. So far I haven't seen anything of any value proposed by Trump for an economic renaissance for white Americans -- except reactionary meddler policies for more war with primitives who couldn't mount one attack during the Thanksgiving Day Macy's Parade, or election even though ISIS was begging for them, without the FBI's help). So much for that "terrorist threat." Protectionism and isolationism should be the white racist agenda, not further pro-feminist matriarchal meddling against a natural time-proven patriarchal society that our white traitor whores are always in favor of.

The only good thing of this Establishment's generic labeling of their white enemies is the media's decision to drop the nonsense "Alt. Right" term describe white bigots, government agents, libertarians, cheapskates and all other "I'm-not-a-racist" wimps with the same rubric as "neo-Nazis." All of a sudden white racist ranks have been augmented by all kinds of wimps and conservative thinkers, tripling our numbers in the public's mind. Our task now is to keep up the pressure on our white race traitor enemies who are in psychological disarray after learning that white racism has a lot of popular support, way more than our membership numbers. We must keep in mind that we are the kernel, the seed that the white population relies on when it comes to what's good for them. because we've taken the time  and have the courage to face down crazy Orwellian denunciations as hate mongers and domestic terrorists; two methods we can all use and will be necessary to establish a constitutional racist state in the future, with love for our race and hate for our enemies. That's the natural way.



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