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A Union Feud That Goes Public

Give Hell to Mayor John Tory for Not Caring About the Homeless

Email him at

Greedy No Frills Stores Merchants Forced to Open in East and West Toronto

More Cops -- Not Less -- Needed in Toronto

The Hide & Seek Traffic Light

Chief Marks Saunders: The Challenges of Police Work

"Spaghetti Junction" To Unravel

Toronto Landmark Sold

City flushes away dangerous lid on sewer service hole


Federal Government Leaves City $7 Billion Short for Transit

Call Trudeau ... or Email him ar

Toronto Police Chief's Report Omits SIU Allegations

Ask Chief Saunders: Why? at his email:


Buggy Cyclists, A Bunch of Whiners

Zanzibar Club Fights City Hall Over Signage


Forwarded to Mayor John Tory:

February 27, 2017

Mr. Mayor:

Toronto's homeless -- those with no fixed address -- need your attention now. This is a crisis that is contributing to the decline in Toronto's quality of life and our well-being and reputation.

We must stop blowing money on refugee and migrant accommodation programs and help Torontonians first. This is a situation that must be attended to immediately. Be a mayor of all the people and help our poor.

Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada




Toronto Star Editorial, Feb. 8
Freeze the mayor and councilors’ salaries: raise the welfare instead



Riverside Drive residents want brakes on city’s re-design plan



Don't cut down trees: Donald trunk, the fence-chomping tree, cut down




Two-wheeled woes in Cabbagetown




Front Street's brick problem




Mayor Tory: Fix these rotting Wellington stretcar [sp] tracks



Shelter the homeless from the cold


Tory trashes his plan to privatize waste collection

(Privatization always ends up costing more)



Ever so slowly an iron fence rail is cutting a tree in half




Ontario will always sell out Toronto in the end




TTC's new subway extension needs more artwork and murals



John Tory's child care planned slammed

Letter from the Toronto Star, January 22:

As a parent and RECE, I am shocked that Mayor John Tory would even consider eliminating the Child Care Occupancy Grant for Toronto schools and use those same funds to add 300 daycare subsidies. This is simply robbing Peter to pay for Paul.

The removal of the occupancy grant would make regulated childcare even more expensive for those families paying full fee and put it farther out of reach for many families. We know that licensed childcare is already too costly for many parents in our city. A recent study showed that 75 per cent of families in Toronto find licensed childcare unaffordable.

At a time when the government of Ontario has committed to creating 100,000 new childcare spaces across the province, the City should be looking at ways to expand licensed child care to be accessible to more families. It is shameful and shortsighted to balance the City budget with provincial child care dollars, download costs on to parents, and finally, open up an agreement where costs were fixed in 1998 – exposing parents and the city taxpayers to soaring costs at the mercy of the school boards.

If this agreement is opened, school boards will hike occupancy costs for child care in schools, and that will have a fast-moving ripple effect on parent fees across Toronto and destabilize child care programs. Providing the families of our city with safe, affordable, accessible and high quality child-care options is essential to ensure children have the best possible start in life.

Amy O’Neil, Toronto

(More babysitter seniors needed)




Pride Toronto will meet next month to discuss future of police at parade


Toronto Sun Editorial January 20: Pride Police Ban Divisive and Dumb

(They should not be marching in uniforms)



Protect Toronto's Trees -- They're What Makes Toronto Great




More Safe Injection Sites? Work Camps Would Be Better




Water Rates Rise to 5 Percent, Garbage, 2 Percent: That's A Lot For Poor Torontonians




Good News: Toronto Renters Win Key Victory




Tolls: 30 Minutes Or It's Free




First season's snowfall causes flurry of complaints




Greedy globalist Toronto Star says: Don't delay road tolls



Cops in Finland allow a nationalist to be beaten by white self-loather goons

Complain to Finland's President Sauli Niinisto at

December 13, 2016

Dear Mr. President.

The Nationalist Part of Canada condemns your government's inaction in finding those who beat Finnish nationalist Emil Hagberg.

This is disgraceful, and all efforts must be made to find, charge and jail those responsible for this vicious assault; they are known to be from the anti-racist thug group "Antifa", and Mr. Hagberg was restrained, allowing him to be beaten more before arrested.

Mr. Hagberg must be freed immediately, and those involved in his assault must be found.

Nationalist Part of Canada
Toronto Canada




NPC to Mayor Tory: Save Our Trees

Forwarded to Toronto Mayor John Tory:

December 13, 2016

The Nationalist Party of Canada calls upon you and City Council to do all you can to save Toronto's old trees.

Not only are they a part of Toronto's history, they add to the beauty of our city's neighborhoods and parks and wooded areas. Council needs to stop the reckless destruction of these trees.

Part of Toronto's greatness lies in our willingness to protect our greenery. Let's all do our part.

Nationalist Party of Canada



Save Toronto's Old Trees

Tell John Tory at



Tell Mayor John Tory Today -- And All Toronto Councilors: NO TOLL ROADS!

John Tory's Email:

Toronto City Councilor Contact Page:




Cpitalist[sp] Sneaky Snake Tory Won't Reopen Debate on Gardiner Costs


Just Cut the Fat, City Hall (and Tell John Tory at  , No Tolls!)


Another Fare Hike for the TTC

Tell Them . . .


Pedestrian Safety on Carlton Street Ignored


Bushes Chopped So Drivers Can See Traffic


Toronto Police: Rethink the grey cars


What’s up with police and their patrol cars? For some reason they’re changing from friendly, approachable white to more ominous color schemes of black and dark grey.

It’s not just in Toronto, where the police service began quietly introducing its new fleet with “robocob” grey markings just over a month ago. Early verdict is that most of us don’t like it. A poll  found that 60 per cent prefer the older white model, and just over a quarter like the new one.


Vancouver police made a similar switch from white to mostly black cars a couple of years ago, and Calgary did the same recently. And across the United States there seems to be a pattern of trading in light-colored cruisers for darker patrol cars.


Perhaps there are just trends in cop car colors, like everything else. But to us it feels too much like a slide towards more intimidating, more military-looking vehicles. It may not be what police forces intend, but that’s the message it sends.


Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders says he decided on the new color scheme and “there was no deep thought in it.” Plus, he says, we’ll all get used to the new colors over time.

The chief should think a bit more deeply before he gives the go-ahead for the entire new fleet to be robed in dark grey. There are issues of visibility to be considered, as well as the image that the Toronto Police Service wants to project.


Chief Saunders told the Star he wants to strengthen community relations, close “gaps” between the police and the public. He should ponder whether a more ominous design for the force’s most visible presence fits that bill. We don’t think so.



Don't Believe Political Polls: Tory Hits Middle of His Term Ignoring Traffic Chaos, and the Poor on Our Streets


Function Over Form for Toronto's New Trash Bins


City Hall After More Taxes


No Relief in Sight for Subway Commuters


Pot Dispensaries Urge City to Drop Charges



Residents Furious At Prospect of Losing Homes to TTC Subway Stop


Massive Pot Raid Actually Makes Life in Toronto More Dangerous (Agreed)


"Prince of Pot" Slams Toronto Mayor's Crackdown


Free Food for Guns? Ridiculous! 


In Fearful Multicult Canada, School Bus Kids Were Dropped Off Too Soon

Autistic Boy's Mom Gets Apology from MPP -- Finally
Tell Ontario Premier Wynne to Fund Austism Treatments
Wynne's Contact Page:


Feminist Barren Whites Lose the Scarborough Bluffs


T.O. Expo Wouuld [sp] Bakrupt [sp] the City

Why Can't City Hall Spruce Up These Planter Beds?


Toronto bus shelter ads create blind spot




Letters From the Toronto Star - May 23

Fear and Loathing in the Concrete Jungle

Re: Safeguarding our future, Editorial May 14

Concrete jungles do not make “walkable” communities. Wind tunnels, cold concrete that never sees daylight, and a sterile streetscape that is as bland and predictable as the pension funds that control many of Toronto’s towers do not make pedestrian-friendly streets.

It’s ironic that David Crombie, who, as mayor of Toronto, implemented a 45-foot height restriction to preserve the character of neighborhoods such as Queen Street West, now wants to see these same neighborhoods razed to make way for towers that can never be appreciated from the pedestrian’s perspective.

We learned nothing from St. James Town – a rezoning for intensification that almost wiped out the 19th-century homes and ambiance of the Cabbagetown neighborhood.

The only thing that is “out-of-control” is our provincial government. It neither understands urban design nor has any inkling of how to balance urban and rural requirements or the needs of people at each life-stage. It swings from one extreme to the other in a vain attempt to manage growth.

“Smart growth targets” – as unsustainable as urban sprawl – will require massive investments in infrastructure improvements and municipal expenditures. The impact on quality of life will be negative.

Trees cannot compete with concrete towers and pavement. People cannot find tranquility in the shadows of high-rise buildings. Families are seldom at peace from the wrath of neighbors when crying infants and rambunctious toddlers are heard through tunnels and partitions. The only things that grow in concrete jungles are tension, crime, and pollution.

Today, dog owners are playing fetch with their pets in the carpeted corridors of condominiums. Tomorrow, children will take the elevator to school and spend recess in the playroom.

Those who can afford a car and a cottage can find nature elsewhere. For those who can’t afford either – tough luck.

Stella Kargiannakis, Toronto


More Fear and Loathing

We all know the old saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”

In this article, fear mongers from the development community would have us believe that increases in density requirements will see everyone in the GTA living in a high-rise condos. This sentiment is preposterous and distracts from the larger issue – what steps are we taking today to ensure we are leaving a livable landscape for future generations?

We must look at the forest not the trees. The Greenbelt protects forests and farms, which sustain life in the region. With more than 100,000 people coming to this region every year, we will need to fit more homes in our build-up areas not pave over green space with sprawling subdivisions.

Our forests and natural areas are what make this region livable.

Joshua Wise, Ontario Nature, Toronto



Cops not doing due diligence with broken brake lights in Toronto

In the old days, you couldn't drive around with a broken brake light in Toronto for very long. I was lucky that a fellow driver caught up with me and pointed out one of my burned-out brake lights, both of which are very necessary for safe driving. After I repaired mine, I began to notice how many other cars I see every day with broken brake lights — two or three a day. That's a dangerous situation in Toronto. Police are not making much of an effort to rectify it. What are they — afraid to stop non-whites in cars after all the violent publicity at traffic stops? Either way, these highest-paid-in Canada cops are not doing their job in Toronto for traffic safety.

I'm asking the mayor and the police chief to fix the problem. You can help by also doing the same.

Mayor John Tory:
Police Chief Mark Saunders:




Monday October 20: Overcast and cool: Cancellation of home mail delivery: Harper's betrayal of 'white community standards' must be challenged

Postal home delivery is a white community standards service that every representative of the people would be in favor of. Taxes are collected to pay for this service which should not be a for-profit corporation as a consequence. This is what the Trudeau family and the Tory/Harper coalition is doing to Canadians, taking us down to a Third World country level, to that of some merchants' globalist economy that has nothing to do with maintaining white culture in Canada. Municipal political candidates should yell at the top of their lungs at the treacherous greedy Harper regime and the lesbian running Ontario, to restore all public white community services and enhance in them in Toronto in particular. Don't let the multicult traitors destroy our civilization by destroying the basic standards of living an expectations in a white community. We don't care what they do in the rest of the world, if we're not comfortable and satisfied by our own traitor politicians.



Olivia Chow's lawn signs show where the white self-loathers live

While the broken-up name of John Tory's on his lawn signs for Mayor of Toronto are usually found on greedy trendies'/snooties'[sic] lawns, and Doug Ford's signs are on in-your-face reactionary bigots too scared to call themselves racists, the Chinese Dragon Lady Olivia Chow's signs are seen in tandem with those of commie councilors like Janet David and Paula Fletcher and women-run and effeminate white self-loathers' lawns.

These are the "race-mixers" and diversity-destructive multicult promoters who have ruined Toronto the Good by reducing the city to a population that is now 51% nonwhite.
They're the worst.




Happy European Heritage Week


In 1994, I created European Heritage Week, to be celebrated every year on the Monday marking Canada's Thanksgiving. EHW's purpose is to celebrate and promote the contributions of European culture and history. This year, Nipawin, Saskatchewan became the latest of 30 Canadian municipalities to declare it in perpetuity since 1994. See the EHW page for more details. Today, October 13, marks the beginning of this year's celebrations, running from now to Sunday, October 19.

Let's all celebrate and remember our European heritage this week.




Friday October 10: Sunny, clear

Globalist organ grinder media monkeys don't deserve our respect

Toronto's media has done a great disservice to the city's citizens by not publishing and airing the other 60 candidates running for Mayor of Toronto. They can never be trusted after forcing down our throats, their original five clone candidates now reduced to three.

All kinds of great ideas have not been exposed for voters' consideration, including having a Toronto lottery that would finance our subway construction over the years, as suggested by Erwin Sniedzins, a close buddy of Red China — don't shoot the messenger in this case. Toronto's poor who are living on $599 on welfare each month, the rotten privatized construction, traffic congestion, constant violent black crime, dirty nonwhite ethnic shopping areas, cut-down trees and cut-back social programs for children and the elderly under Ford's gravy train crap, potholed streets, dirty graffiti, anti-white bias in government hiring, lack of an independent Toronto spokesman to deal with provincial and federal regimes, and much more (check the archives).

I have no respect for the controlled anti-white-race media and look at them with disdain and distrust, if you want to know the truth.




Wednesday October 8: Cool and cloudy: John Tory not proud of his elitist name

Did you notice John Tory's two-colored name on his signs for mayor on people's front lawns? John knows that the term "Tory" historically represents the rich elites trying to preserve their cash. It's not a very popular term with the public, so John Tory has cut his short name and semi-disguised it with the first two letters T and O — possibly representing Toronto — in green and the R and Y in black. Talk about being embarrassed about your name in public in front of the poor!

I'm not impressed. Everyone should be proud of their name — at least. However, his globalist austerity sneaky business practices and "cheapskate-ness" [sic] still stands, however you try to disguise it.




Tuesday October 7: Rain ending: Ford and their cheapskate agenda represent Jews and rich

Well, the secret's out. The Ford family's married to Jews. No wonder they're stars in the media and allowed to be bigots, pretending they're on the white man's side. The Ford family is proud of their Zionism and Semitism, boasting how their big daddy pitched for Jew acceptance to be in the hoity-toity rich elites' clubs — and now we find out Doug is married to a Jewess; henceforth, all his children are Jews. The only way you can be one is if you mother's Jewish in their matriarchy; otherwise, there is the difficult conversion to Judaism, where you're still only accepted as a Jew after seven generations or 140 years. When have you ever heard Jews proselytize? of Jews' vaginas in your family. This is a stark contrast to Islam: once you declare Allah as your god, that's it, you've done it, and you can get your head chopped if you become an apostate. It's interesting how the eltists [sic] keep all this quiet for their faux populist image among the plebes. And, it's typical.

The sooner poor whites get off the Ford bandwagon, the better for Torontonians who don't represent the greedy rich. Display your choice on October 27 for common sense, good will and fair play, white racism, by voting for me — and make history.




"Anti-racist" bigot Doug Ford a bully too

The Ford brothers practice secret bigotry while pretending they're anti-racists is catching up to them. With bigotry, you can be a cowardly white and pretend you're just a lover of multiculturalism like Rob and Doug Ford. John Tory's not much different, except for his elitist bigotry behind the ivory towers society he hides behind. However, the worst thing Doug Ford said in Sunday's "debate" in front of a Jewish audience, which I was not invited to, was when Doug admonished Tory's front man Ari Goldkind for being on the same dais himself.

Hey, goof: He's just as much a legitimate candidate as you — the last-minute-entry — and all the other sixty-four candidates running for mayor and who never had a chance to present their views by the censoring media that chose austerity clones for their front runners, ignoring all the rest. This proves Doug Ford's rich elitism and bullying of other mayoralty candidates.




Monday September 29: Sunny and warm: Call 3-1-1 to complain about god-awful street repair in Toronto

When you're sitting in traffic, steaming and cursing the road closures this summer and fall, you can blame the so-called Ford Nation — the cheapskate morons from Etobicoke, North York and southern Scarborough, living in under-occupied mansions (by today's prices) and poor white bigots thinking that 'Football Ford' is their secret bigot of choice. These idiots and their backers are running Toronto into a Third World city where anti-white-extinction directed diversity is their religious mantra equalizing all the hatred that an ISIS fighter might have for an infidel or apostate.

Privatizing is the capitalist tool that ushered in arrogant private construction companies owned and run by a very few rich construction workers, mostly living outside Toronto, No effort was made for any Toronto public roads project to employ the food bank-hungry unemployed to work the repair sites, but to get the job done in 2-3 days instead of weeks of stupid orange pylons restricting traffic to single lanes, endangering pedestrians and cyclists with rough roads waiting for them to be asphalted, like on Woodbine Avenue in the east end and many other places in Toronto. Only a few arrogant workers are seen on the sites where minor repairs have pylons around them for weeks, a low profit-making priority that they'll get to — eventually.

Calling 3-1-1 doesn't help. It's all up to the deal that were made at City Hall with these guys and councilors have little power to direct private company workers, thus removing the complaint-resolving capabilities for the citizen. Government is not supposed to be a profit-oriented concern, not a service for which a lot of taxes will be required for it, something the Ford family wouldn't understand with the "greedbag" [sic] lifestyles working eighteen hours a day to get a larger stomach and gout. We're all supposed to be out the hustling and selling and buying like the merchant mentality dictates, looking to make more for their hedonism. Roads should be repaired quickly and efficiently while the whole community getting a benefit quid pro quo; the rich pay their taxes, have a beautiful city, the poor do the work to get the rich's tax money back to spend on their local merchants' goods — it goes full circle. Never begrudge the poor their welfare, ODSP and pensions — they plough their money right back into the local economy instead of bringing some more servants back to raise their kids; no wonder their offspring are always weird.
The three remaining media clones (Ford, Tory and Chow) aren't talking about synchronizing the traffic lights which Ford promised to do a long time ago. Snooty Tory couldn't give a damn, and Chow's probably on her bicycle running through them. This is such a an important issue that really impedes traffic and costs time and gas money, sitting in your car in the night on a side street waiting for a main street's light to change. These dilettantes had better wake up soon at City Hall because they're not doing their jobs for the benefit of Toronto. Next time I hear about privatizing to save a few shekels so that a few can have another, I'll be raising hell for all concerned, because I acre about Toronto and I hate misery and anxiety while sitting in a car.

Now, you call them at 3-1-1- and complain about any and all construction site that comes to mind or is bugging you, and demand to see a sign displaying the 'final fix' date and it better be soon.




Wednesday September 24: I protest white students harassed at Danforth Tech, and elsewhere by non-whites

Forwarded to: Donna Quan, director, Toronto District School Board

Dear Miss Quan:

I have had complaints brought to me by white female students who do not want to come forward and who are afraid, and who are being attacked by black female students at Danforth Technical Collegiate. So far, I have advised them to take the peaceful non-violent 'kill-then-with-kindness' approach when randomly confronted in the first days of the school year. I'm sure this problem exists in other schools, too, with students intimidated by preferred and pampered nonwhite students, especially blacks.

I am asking you to make a directive to all school in Toronto, to teachers, administrators, to seek out victims of nonwhite racist attacks — or vice versa, if that exists in today's race-mixed anti-white society. especially the principal of Danforth Technical Institute, in the name of racial harmony. If you fail to do this, I will have to recommend defensive measures for those persecuted white students in Toronto schools.

I am awaiting, in writing, your response and reply.

Don Andrews, Candidate for Mayor
2014 Toronto Municipal Elections
September 24, 2014




Someone cares about white girls being attacked by black females

The following is a reply from the office of Toronto School Board Trustee
Sheila Meagher to our letter calling their attention to anti-white violence in Toronto schools:

Dear Mr. Andrews,
I will follow up with the Director and someone will get back to you.
Thank you,
Cathy Dandy
September 24, 2014




Tuesday September 23: Sunny, warm: Toronto city flower boxes in the air: dumb and dangerous

Flower boxes hanging from lamp posts 30 feet in the air may look good when you're walking around looking up, but for pedestrians and Toronto citizens, they're darn stupid, especially when there are giant empty concrete flower boxes sitting on the same streets, blocking pedestrian traffic for no good reason. I don't know whose dumb idea it was to stick these flower pots up in the air, where even drivers dare not look up at a definite distraction.

Send your complaints about this idiocy to City Hall, so that it doesn't happen again next year. P.S.: The only place that could show these hanging flower displays is on the Bloor Street Viaduct, which looks like a cheese shredder with all the iron wires to stop suicide attempts. Right now, it's a long and boring stretch of metal crossing the Don Valley.

City of Toronto Email 




Wednesday September 17: Sunny, warm: Capitalists' John Oakley undermines white Canadians

From 6 am in the morning until 10 am, for four full hours, five days a week, it's anti-whites' union radio propaganda in Toronto — with repeat programs on the weekend on 640 AM on your dial. John Oakley sprinkles his diatribes with veiled bigoted comments that get other frustrated whites excited, but to no avail as he retreats and hides behind politically-correct traitors' anti-racism and sports talk when confronted. He's famous for humming sounds whenever he hears facts and opinions contrary to his globalist austerity crap and foreign policy anti-interventionists.

Racists and union members should call him carefully to get by his greedy clone screener and surprise him with opposition to his pro-Ford family agenda — the same as his program's. The usual suspects — Jews and rich runaways living in bedroom communities around Toronto giving their predictable anti-Toronto commentary — are the norm. Hardly anyone, aside from "Gary on the Beach" is able to get an opposing word in edgewise, allowing hundreds of thousands to believe that Oakley's pauperizing is good for Canadians. You can't hear any criticism of globalist mercenary stooge PM Stephen Harper and his capitalist sellout of Canada, while playing the 'humanitarian card' for more costly Canadian military involvement overseas.

Big-shot John Oakley has nothing for white Canadians, just hatred for white-created unions and anti-war Canadians. This is the worst white bigot on Toronto airwaves, because he presents he's with white racists secretly, very secretly, shaming us all of us.

Don't let this capitalist/Zionist schlep get away with it. Call him.




Monday Sept. 15: Sunny, Rain expected: Obfuscating Doug Ford — better than Rob Ford?

Doug Ford is the sober enabler of Rob Ford and all his drug taking, rude antics and lies.

We're supposed to believe that he didn't know anything about his brother's crack and alcohol addiction. We're supposed to believe that Doug Ford didn't know of his brother's cancer tumor and his terrible pain until a recent breakfast he had with Rob. We're supposed to believe Doug Ford's accusations are always truthful, but not when they are threatened by Toronto Police Chief William Blair. We're supposed to believe Doug Ford is sick of Toronto City Council and municipal politics, which he publicly quit last week — until Rob asked him to play musical chairs in the municipal election, by not running for Mayor of Toronto instead of brother Rob.

Obfuscation is the Ford way of politics, while cutting white community standards and services in our city to please their rich frequent-flyer supporters who'd rather spend their money in Third World countries than on Toronto. Doug Ford has nothing for the whites or poor of Toronto.




Friday September 12: Power hungry Ford family's musical chairs

Possibly cancer-ridden Rob Ford has decided to drop out of the Toronto mayoralty race to run for the more relaxed position of councilor in Ward 2. pushing his nephew Michael down to running as school board trustee. But the biggest musical-chair stunt is jolly Rob Ford's brother Doug the Enforcer's last minute entry into the mayoralty race, running on Rob's ticket of a privatizing, anti-union/anti-poor people/globalist austerity agenda to bring about a Third World level to a city whose oxymoron motto is 'Diversity Is Our Strength.'

Stern, pugnacious Doug can't replace the quippy, 300-pound hedonist Rob for likability, whatever their dumb and undermining of white community standards and services policies are. Rob Ford will get elected for his notoriety and the sympathy vote as councilor and Michael may get the sympathy vote for being dumped down to the first level political office in Toronto. But second-choice/double-talking "I-want-to-get-out-of-politics" Doug Ford won't make it. The only good the Ford Show will do the city will be for tourism.

I hope Rob Ford gets well soon.




Friday September 12: Cloudy and cold: Toxic bird poop must be picked up in Toronto

There are dangerous piles of pigeon shit all over the city needing immediate cleanup, even if City employees need to wear hazmat suits and gas masks under bridges. These piles of toxic chemical excrement and bird poop are whopping in our already-polluted air and are a definite danger to children and pets who might muck around in it, especially in nonwhite merchant neighborhoods like the two Chinatowns and Little India in the city's east end.

I am asking the City to clean it up right now and encouraging all of you to call 3-1-1, whenever they see this crusty white mess. While they're at it, they may as well clean up the other continuous bird poop from our Canada Geese population, especially along the Lakeshore.

The other mayoralty candidates have been negligent in bringing up this Toronto problem; we'll do it for them.




September 10: Cloudy and warm: Weasel-word cowards not worthy of Toronto voters

Did you hear the latest cowardly words of bigots? "Just because I say something racist doesn't make me a racist" from that tough, mean black racist rapist Mike Tyson. This is the excuse that found-out bigots use to cover up their true feelings and the natural facts of life in homage to today's unnatural effeminate political correctness. He even heard John Oakley, a popular race-baiter talk show host on Toronto Radio 640 AM. The same goes for the hypocrite anti-white racist Rob Ford when pandering to his urban hillbilly fan club who still cling to Rob's bigoted private comments as evidence that he's on their side.

"No guts" doesn't deserve respect — or a vote. Let's keep that in mind on October 27th.
[ Related Item ]




Monday September 8: Sunny and clear: Remove or reset unnecessary traffic lights for better traffic flow in Toronto

There are so many unnecessary traffic lights we should be made aware of, and the most annoying ones are those that waste pedestrians' and drivers' time and congest traffic. I can think of two or three offhand. Neighborhoods and drivers will have to be polled to get traffic moving in Toronto, without these "unnecessary" lights that could be turned green or red at certain high-traffic times to keep drivers moving, whether I'm mayor or not.

This idea needs to be explained further; I recommend that you bring it up to your councilor candidates during the municipal election dominated by those chosen by the media, who leave out the other candidates in Toronto's mayoralty race.

Ask them about it anyways;

John Tory Campaign
Rob Ford Campaign
Olivia Chow Campaign
Don Andrews Campaign




September 6: Cloudy, rain: Toronto's white future more important than traitor elites

When you vote for me on October 27th, you're voting for a big idea presented by a small man, compared to voting for "big" men like John Tory and Rob Ford, with little or no ideas that will affect the city for decades to come.

Cast your ballot for the maintenance and services in Toronto — not the same BS peddled by the elites who have ruined the character and nature of Toronto the Good. Get out and vote on October 27th; cast your historical ballot.




Wednesday September 3: Sunny, hot: I stand for Flower Power in Toronto

God bless all the citizens of Toronto who planted flowers in their front yards to improve our city's landscape. It's a great pleasure to drive, even on downtown residential streets, and see the blooms of late summer in our topographically-beautiful city. And, special kudos to those who planted cosmos pink, mauve, white and purple virtual bushes of flowers which love Southern Ontario's weather; what a sight.

I want more inexpensive flowers from saved seeds to brighten up all of Toronto. It can be done.




Saturday, August 23: Cool and cloudy: Toronto needs more benches and public washrooms

There aren't enough benches on the streets of the city of Toronto. Every vote for me will be for that basic white community living standard service requirement. The same goes for public washrooms — where are they? With janitors, who are a lot less costlier than the myriad of rich, service-cutting CEOs. Public services are paid for by taxes. The idea of privatized profit is contradictory to that concept, and privatization leads to abuses. Our money is here in Canada, which should be spent on Canadians instead of globalist Harper's foreign adventures of billions and billions from Afghanistan to Kurdistan.

As mayor of Toronto, I'll have the podium to stop Harper's — or Trudeau's treachery. Don't forget on October 27, to vote for Don Andrews — I'm second on the ballot.



Thursday August 15: Cloudy and cool: I won't let bureaucracy silence my voice on citizens' concerns

Notice how none of the municipal candidates are complaining to Prime Minister Stephen Harper or those in charge about how Canada Post, a Crown corporation, is out to make money by cutting traditional services required by white community standards, like daily mail delivery? They all dutifully hide behind bureaucratic rules of never saying anything or complaining about anything that affects their fellow citizens, but is not in their legislative control.

That's not political representation down at the municipal level, where citizens really deal with government. I won't be the kind of mayor. I am encouraging others to demand a more vociferous response from other municipal candidates on issue that affect their residents — regardless of bureaucracy.



Wednesday August 13: Sunny, Cloudy periods: I hate the bike lanes

I can understand bike lanes on the Boardwalk, but everywhere else, they're just a bloody nuisance, especially those ugly poles and green-sprayed lanes, which give pedestrians the idea that they should be walking on these "go-colored" grassy parts.

I'm sorry, but even if you're a cyclist and you intend to vote for me on the high white nationalist principle, I'm still against bike lanes and their expansion, and those failed e-bike rentals on top of that. Bike lanes are so sporadically used by so few 'commuters' that they're not worth the tax money. Let's not go overboard on everyone's trendy fad that only the well-heeled and weirdo poor, mostly youths, use. Some of these over-regulated nanny state "dangers" should be eliminated and very few expanded, in a city where there's four months of winter. If the spoiled cyclists really wanted less traffic congestion and a greener Earth, they wouldn't be driving SUVs, rumbling to work, but buying smaller cars and motorbikes (three-wheelers included) that would ease the congestion.

Parks and woodlands are okay, but more bike lanes on main thoroughfares? I don't think so.




Tuesday August 12: Becoming sunny, rain expected: Who can believe Rob Ford's bomb threat claims?

Who can believe public liar Rob Ford with his claims and outbursts? While there's people out there who understandably want to blow him up; I'm sure no one is, or should be, serious about such 'solutions' to the white standards and services-wrecker of Toronto.

Rob Ford is definitely not the white man's choice on October 27th, whatever mean bigots think.




Friday August 8: Sunny, cooler: Jim Brookman is registered to run to maintain white community standards and services in Ward 32.

Jim Brookman is a veteran of public white nationalism in Toronto, warning of the changes caused by traitor Trudeau's open-door immigration from every nook and cranny of the Third World. This time, Jim is running in The Beaches white culture area in Toronto. He's running to keep it that way. The ever-active Angie Greenland has volunteered to be his campaign manager. Bob Smith, who's also running for Councilor in Ward 31, quipped, "Now we have the 3 B's — Beattie, Brosky and Brookman, running for the same high ideal."




Thursday August 7: Sunny and warm: Ward 32 (the Beaches) doesn't need another Rob Ford cheapskate

Naturally, I'm against all political supporters of globalist Rob Ford's gravy train austerity crap out to cut the white community standards and services in Toronto, little by little, on the little things that really make live livable — like trees, and repaired roads, sidewalks and transit shelters. There's a guy running for councilor in Ward 32 against Mary Margaret McMahon, who's being lambasted unfairly by the Ward 32 newspaper (Your Ward News) unknown author, just "JJ", for municipal and environmental past projects of her father, a former mayor of Collingwood, Ontario.

Come on, now, if she was a blatantly anti-racist/anti-white activist supporting Rob Ford's destructive policies, I would be against her too, but never in favor of a newbie challenger who's going to bring in Ford's policies front-and-center, with no concern for the still-white Beaches in east end Toronto.

That's a higher standard than vague muckraking with little substance — but plenty of adjectives. I hope the Ward 32 News editor LeRoy St. Germaine reads this.



Wednesday August 6: Sunny and warm: Downtown Bloor Street needs a fix-up that Ford, Tory and Chow ignore

Rob Ford and his cheapskate clone fellow candidates for Mayor of Toronto, Olivia Chow and John Tory, don't give a damn about Toronto neighborhoods. Just look at the tony, upscale Bloor Street area where there are 55 dead trees all along the shopping center of the city promenade along Bloor from Yonge Street to Avenue Road, where Toronto Forestry Department dummies planted weak London Plane trees that are wilting and dead, after three years of construction and refurbishing. How could they ignore this ugliness and mess, right in rich downtown Toronto.

Never mind the dirty and vacant strip malls across Scarborough and Rexdale and the filthy stores of the east end's Little India and the Vietnamese Chinatown at Broadview and Gerrard. Every vote foe me in the October 27 election is a vote more proper trees in the Toronto area and clean ethnic shopping neighborhoods — no more rich cheapskates like Ford, Tory and Dragon Lady Chow ruining Toronto.

Tuesday August 5: Cloudy and warm: No more dangerous speed bumps for Toronto

Typically, the five clone candidates chosen by the controlled media are not discussing anything of substance — LRTs and pie-in-the-sky subways that they're all afraid to ask the federal government for money for Canada's largest city. Meanwhile, Toronto's streets are in disrepair and plagued by unnecessary speed bumps, which ruin cars and tempers while putting pedestrians and cyclists in jeopardy; many drivers try to go around or speed over them. These speed bumps are costly and hard to maintain — it's a better solution to have school openings and closing times, a cop car around watching traffic instead of standing around making double salary directing traffic for greedy construction companies who couldn't give a damn about the citizens, thanks to the cheapskates' privatization. Let's have no more dangerous speed bumps in Toronto.



Friday August 1: Sunny, warm: Privatization brings traffic chaos in Toronto

You know why there so much construction on Toronto's streets, without any concern for Toronto drivers or neighborhoods? It's because of privatization. further removed from the ordinary citizen complainer who used to be able to go to his alderman to get things done — or be remembered in the next election. That was all before amalgamation: anytime someone wants to cut costs and join everything together in one big unit — that's when the individual loses his power as an elector and a taxpayer. Isn't that what's happened under open-door immigration and multiculturalism that has swamped them into irrelevant nonentities for the few-dollars-more greedy globalist merchants.

That's why I'm against privatization.



Monday July 28: Cloudy and cool: You have the honor to cast a vital vote in Toronto's Municipal Election October 27

There's nothing really happening in the mayoralty campaign. The five media clone candidates have nothing to say about the carnage in Gaza: Rob Ford's busy stuffing hot dogs into his mouth; social activist and caring humanitarian/Stone Dragon Lady Olivia Chow has no tears for Gaza's children. I don't think she was ever a mother. John Tory wouldn't dare to say anything against his Zionist backers. You know conservatives — they don't care anyways, but will still bring nonwhites in for cheap labor, and money is all that matters to Ford, who's just a silver spoon, only cruder and ruder than Tory. Karen Stintz — isn't she in the Israeli Reservists — just kidding — and David Soknacki looks like he'll be in the Jewish Home Guard if they keep killing Arabs much longer.

As for me, I shake hands — remember, this is a word-of-mouth campaign — and telling my positions to all kinds of people whenever the opportunity arises. But it's really up to you yo record your opposition to this multicult 'diversity-is-our-strength poisoned baloney, by voting for a guy who wants to maintain white community standards in Toronto that the former five clone candidates wouldn't know what I'm talking about — or give a damn. That's your honor to do, on October 27th.




Tuesday July 22: Hot, sunny: Toronto roads still in disrepair while Ford has fun

Instead of holding barbecues for his ignorant supporters, still-Mayor Rob Ford should be checking the streets of Toronto for the giant potholes and crumbling roads across the city to be fixed — before a new winter sets in.

Ford's circuses do not make a better Toronto. Call in with your neighborhood street repair problems to 3-1-1, and to the Mayor's office at 416-397-3673.



Wednesday July 16: Cloudy, cooler: Debate among five clone candidates — pointless entertainment

Torontonians are learning nothing from the fixed media debates among only five chosen clone-candidates. arguing about their pointless pasts and their pie-in-the-sky subway hopes for Scarborough, that needs immediate transit relief, that Harper's crony Rob Ford won't ask funds for from the feds.

Olivia Chow represents more commie police state laws against armed citizens fearing black crime in Toronto with her gun ban proposals that will only hurt innocent white victims at the mercy of stupidly-named cops' "gunplay." John Tory had the smarts to be against this, although he's also a for a multicult police state to protect his rich pals. Everyone is sick of Rob Ford's bragging of stopping the invisible gravy train that rich, bigoted Jews are always clamoring about. Enough already.

Issues like maintaining white community standards and services in our city, raising the god-awful welfare rates and getting beggars off Toronto streets are much more important than the five clown-clones' stories.



Friday July 11: Sunny and cooler: Useless traffic-congesting pylons must be removed immediately

This weekend I'm asking all Torontonians to investigate and call City Hall at 3-1-1, or the mayor's office and complain about all the construction pylons left on Toronto roads, blocking traffic and hurting businesses, with no work being done or workers in sight. This is what happens things are privatized. It's next to impossible to get any politician to take direct responsibility for chaos on Toronto's streets and the aggravation caused to Toronto's citizens, with whole sections of roads — e.g., Queen Street, Gerrard Street, Kingston Road, etc., etc. — waiting for these miracle road workers who announce their intentions of appearance, sometimes weeks before anything is done. However, the stupid orange traffic pylons are still there.

It's time for action. Call them up.



July 10: Cloudy periods: Toronto's 'sloth' road repair needs a shakeup

One of the most irritating aspects of road repairs are those orange safety cones, put up when the job has started and left behind been when it's done. That's the case on Gerrard Street East, they're wiping out all kinds of parking spaces, and I'm sure that's the case in many other city locales. No work is being done and there's no workers around, no courtesy signs from the City or notices of how long the repairs will be or what's going on — just the orange pylons, stalling traffic and screwing up the street parking. Why can't this work be done at night, since most of it is privatized?

Don't allow this to carry on. Citizens of Toronto, call, text and phone your city council member and the Toronto Roads Department and get them to remove these unnecessary pylons and sweep the street to accommodate regular traffic — and tell these sloth-moving overpaid construction 'workers' to get the job done, quickly and right As mayor, I will be doing that; another reason to vote for me on October 27th.

And call Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his useless "schlep" Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly.

Mayor Rob Ford contact page
Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly webpage
Toronto City Council webpage
Toronto Roads Department webpage



Tuesday July 8: Clouding over, warm: Rob Ford: Not the white man's choice

Stupid white self-loathers like the bare-breasted like the howling teacher who follows Rob Ford around accusing him of being a racist and a homophobe, give a false impression to white Torontonians, especially scared anti-racist bigots. It's only because he's the biggest target around, promoted by the same media who brought the nonwhites here and who hate white racists. It's just a dog-and-pony show, making Rob Ford look haplessly and unfairly beleaguered — which is nothing further from the truth for the rich bully-boy brothers.

Don't be fooled. Only one candidate is running to maintain white community standards and services, as white Torontonians slip further down to the less-than-fifty-percent point. I may be a voice in the wilderness, but it's the only path to travel on for your survival.




Monday July 7: Rain periods, warm: Pay no attention to the polls

That's the only way to vote, with your mind and your heart, not the fixed polls that elevated the Establishment's five clone candidates for Mayor of Toronto, while over 40 are running in this election. Every poll-taking firm should be condemned for not including all the candidates in their survey of voters, not just a privileged Establishment few.

The only way to get real change in Toronto is to vote for none of the above when presented with the media's candidates. On October 27, vote independently for a change — and I'm part of that choice.





Wednesday July 2: Sunny and hot: Tell them — Get those Toronto potholes fixed before the October 27 election

I don't think that Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly is doing a good job maintaining Toronto city streets — look at the car-jarring potholes all over town, endangering pedestrians and drivers alike, while costing drivers shock absorber and spring repairs. He doesn't know what's going on; maybe it's his age or his health, but Toronto's citizens must demand better, and definitely deserve better.

Call 3-1-1, and Norm Kelly's office at 416-392-4047. Tell him where these dangerous potholes are and to get his act together to repair Toronto roads before the next election on October 27. This is one example of maintaining white community standards and services that crybaby Rob Ford is not taking care of, for sure. Also, phone Rob Ford's office at 416-397-3673.




Thursday June 26: Sunny and humid: Don Valley needs to be pumped and raised for Toronto storms

Continuous flooding on The Don Valley Parkway needs to be addressed in the City of Toronto thanks to the dumb engineers who built it almost level with the Don River, but failed to raise the highway properly to avoid continuous flooding during Toronto storms. All this work should be done at night, with floodlights, without shutting down lanes during daytime traffic.

The Don Valley Parkway is one of the most beautiful scenic roads in an urban environment that needs to be protected with more water pumps and raised lanes — that I will call for as Mayor of the City of Toronto. Don't be fooled by Rob Ford's thick-sliced baloney about the gravy train and privatization plans that only benefit the rich and remove direct public access to those companies responsible for maintaining our white community standards and services. They're only interested in profit — not Toronto.




Friday June 27: Sunny and hot: Shock the media on October 27 — Vote Don Andrews for Mayor

Where was Rob Ford and his gravy train farce when the city paid $1 million for two rocks that you can't even dive from at Sugar Beach, and those ridiculous $12,000-each umbrellas for the downtown trendies to enjoy, while poor people and those on welfare struggle with budgets and food banks to make ends meet at the end of every month?

I'm telling you again, Rob Ford and his austerity-linked Tories are no friends of the poor or the white man with their greedy, spoiled-brat lifestyles. Anyone who votes for Ford is a fool and a shill for the rich and the privileged.

Don't make the same mistake twice, voting for a bombastic, pompous blowhard lying through his smiling teeth all the way to the bank with his rich hypocrite bigot friends only interested in their hedonism. That's not what a Toronto City Father should look like. On October 27th, shock the media and Ford's flunkies by voting for Don Andrews for Mayor.




Thursday June 26: Sunny and humid: Don Valley needs to be pumped and raised for Toronto storms

Continuous flooding on The Don Valley Parkway needs to be addressed in the City of Toronto thanks to the dumb engineers who built it almost level with the Don River, but failed to raise the highway properly to avoid continuous flooding during Toronto storms. All this work should be done at night, with floodlights, without shutting down lanes during daytime traffic.

The Don Valley Parkway is one of the most beautiful scenic roads in an urban environment that needs to be protected with more water pumps and raised lanes — that I will call for as Mayor of the City of Toronto. Don't be fooled by Rob Ford's thick-sliced baloney about the gravy train and privatization plans that only benefit the rich and remove direct public access to those companies responsible for maintaining ou
r white community standards and services. They're only interested in profit — not Toronto.




Wednesday June 25: Fixed polls during elections should be banned

Don't listen to the fixed polls engineered to bring in the same globalist clones in Toronto's mayoralty elections, precluding liar Rob Ford's doing second-best to dragon lady Olivia Chow. Now, what moron would still be willing to vote for a liar — unless they're an obfuscator like Rob Ford. The polls were wrong on the provincial election, and they'll be wrong about that globalist traitor Stephen Harper, just as they're wrong in promoting his cheapskate, anti-white rich man Ford.

Polls should be banned during election campaigns, so that morons don't vote for who they perceive as popular — and it's certainly not Rob Ford and his anti-white liar clique that peddles bigotry as opposed to maintaining white community standards and services, as I do. Pay no heed to the polls when you vote — they mean nothing for Toronto's survival as a livable city for whites and those who came here to take advantage of their standards.




Tuesday June 24: Emergency teams and buses should be on subway closures

Under my leadership, the TTC would be better prepared when personal accidents happen on the subway, like sudden closure between the Woodbine and Broadview stations this morning. People didn't know what to do; there were no standby buses on the Danforth every ten minutes, and the public address system wouldn't give anyone a clue as to what was going on. There should be an emergency team and buses ready to swing into action when these accidents happen.

Karen ' Stingy' Stintz, running for Mayor of Toronto, and a more  female John Tory, if that's possible, doesn't deserve the job of mayor after scrimping on the TTC as its Chair.




Wednesday June 18: Sunny with cloudy periods: Elitists John Tory and Rob Ford not the white man's champions

The merchants' media radio host John Oakley is trying to peddle John Tory as a white guy victim of dragon lady Olivia Chow, both running for mayor of Toronto. The same story goes for Rob Ford, a degenerate rich guy supposedly representing the poor white man's view.

It won't work — they're both part of the globalist elitists who have impoverished the white working man with their crass free-trade crap allowing them to move their businesses to nonwhite cheap labor overseas markets and sell it to Canadians at exorbitant prices. Both of these rich anti-racist white bigots are out to cut down white standards and services for all the poor in Toronto and make our city look like a Third World no-go-neighborhood. That's the last thing we need for our dwindling white population now down to 49 percent. On October 27th cast your vote for the future of white Torontonians and their culture with Don Andrews for Mayor, not the groups who don't count in our racial survival struggle




Friday June 13: Overcast: Vote for racial realities — the main thing that matters in Toronto politics

Rob Ford's gravy train crap has gone down the drain during the provincial election held yesterday. Now, h and his brother Doug are scrambling to change their tune on their cheapskate miser policies that are destroying Toronto's white community standards and services with mean petty cuts for communities throughout the city as our tree canopy disappears thanks to Ford's slashing program, denying us 97,000 more trees.

Don't expect dragon lady Olivia Chow to understand white community standards or services, or the globalist cheapskate front-man John Tory. I'm the only one looking at the city realistically and racially. Tell your friends and show your concern and support for these ideas on October 27th.




Thursday June 12: Cloudy, rain showers: Toronto also-ran mayoralty candidate to protest media blackout

Good luck to all candidates in the Toronto municipal elections. Jim McMillan, another candidate for Toronto mayor, has asked me to participate in a protest against the crappy media's lack of reporting on the other forty candidates in the mayoralty race, including myself, on June 19 at 3 pm at City Hall.

I fully support his protest, but I don't wish to be lumped in with the 'also-rans' as my message is too important for Torontonians who want white community standards and services in our city, to be lost in the scramble for publicity by a fixed media favoring the Establishment candidates. So, I would like to decline the offer, with thanks, in retrospect, as I am not seeking any favors from my enemies, regardless of the outcome of my word-of-mouth campaign to connect all the racists in Toronto.

Again, good luck to all the other candidates in their protest against this unfair media. I will stand alone for white people's integrity and identity in our fair city in the October 27th Toronto municipal elections.




Friday June 6: Warm and sunny: Dangerous bicycle lane paths at Wellesley Street should be removed

I was downtown today; be careful when traveling along Wellesley Street East and look out for one of the stupidest things I ever saw — white metal posts, about three feet high, and 30-40 feet apart, screwed into the ground on a white line that separates car drivers from occasional cyclists, causing scrapes from cars and drivers who miss this optical illusion. None of these posts' metal posts could protect a cyclist — they're totally unnecessary and should be removed before someone really gets hurt on either side of these bicycle lanes. Can you imagine anyone getting skewered on top of these sharp poles?




Tuesday, June 4: Taxpayers are tired of any more military missions to Europe

As a candidate for Mayor of Toronto, Canada's premiere city, I am asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper to not spend any more of Canadian taxpayers' money on new mercenary missions on any new European defense. Let the Europeans defend themselves. Canada has lost enough men over there.




Monday June 2: Sunny, clouding over: Good deal at Canadian Tire for Canadian car flags

Canadian flags for cars are going real cheap at Canadian Tire — just $2.99, compared to the usual $9.99. They are slightly lighter in quality, but will still do the trick to show your Canadian pride for the upcoming Canada Day on July 1st, as a sign that you're voting for the white Canadian standards and services that our beautiful red maple leaf on our white homeland background demonstrates for my campaign for Toronto Mayor on October 27th.




May 29: Sunny and cooler: Reject sham politicians and parties — vote for the independent and honest

You just don't go to a bar when you're in rehab; I don't care if it's the Queen's birthday. But Rob Ford loves to tease the public and appears like a big shot so much, that he didn't order a drink at his bar birthday bash. It's such a sham show.

However, I love how cheapskate PC leader Tim Hudak's Tory apologists wring their hands over their low polling among a populace sick of austerity and wars — it's all that today's fiscal conservatives who betrayed their white heritage ever talk about. No wonder decent people aren't voting for them.

On Ontario's June 12 election, give anyone but the three main clone parties a chance and don't forget to vote for me for Toronto Mayor on October 27, and say something important with your ballot.




Tuesday May 27: Sunny, rain expected: Ask Chief Blair to revive Neighborhood Watch

I'm asking Toronto Police Chief William Blair to re-institute the Neighborhood Watch program that was so effective in the past, bringing together concerned citizens to keep an eye on their community. The Toronto Police Services Board should realize that Toronto citizens should participate in stemming violent crime in the city produced by the open-door immigration policy of our Ottawa traitors.

I'm encouraging my supporters to send the same request to the Police Services Board and to Chief Blair — before citizens have to mount neighborhood patrols to protect their families and property. Don't think that it won't come to pass, with our neighborhood police and security costs, because of greedy merchant race-mixers and white self-loathers.

Toronto Police Board Contact Page
Email Police Chief William Blair




Monday, May 26: Sunny and warm: Potholes, real issues, elude media-choice candidates

Never mind their dumb media-chosen clone election candidates for Mayor's debate — It's all a bore. They're not asking or discussing any of the issues regarding the maintenance of white community standards and services in Toronto, and aiding the poor with job opportunities and doubling the welfare rates until they get work.

Potholes are all over the city, especially in east York, Scarborough, Parkdale and Rexdale — I'm talking about real holes that jar your car and your nerves going un-repaired while Olivia Chow and John Tory debate how they can cut more services to bring Toronto down to a Third World class-level. I can't expect the opposition's media to ever mention me, let alone discuss the issues. So it's up to you to pass the word. Tell your friends that you're voting for Don Andrews on October 27, to show your displeasure about the direction that this city is going in.

Be part of history.




Friday May 23, 2014: Cloudy, light rain: Metcap Properties: Fix your potholes

Forwarded to Brent Merrill, CEO of Metcap Properties of Toronto:

May 23, 2014

Dear Mr. Merrill

Your Goodwood apartments, between 106 and 108, is [sic] just god-awful, with giant water-filled potholes beyond belief.

This level of property management does not measure up to white community standards.

Please see to it that it is fixed, as a number of complaints have been forwarded to me from your tenants. My staff and I will be checking on your progress. Please fix these potholes soon.


Don Andrews,
Candidate for Mayor
2014 Toronto Municipal Elections



 Forwarded to Metcap Properties:

June 20, 2014

I appreciate you trying to fix the gutted driveway in your complex on Goodwood Road reaching to Building 108, However, it's been a week now and the residents have been complaining to me about the lack of service from your company. Looking forward to a positive outcome on this problem of maintenance.


Don Andrews
Candidate for Mayor
2014 Toronto Municipal Elections




Tuesday May 20: Clouding over: If someone's flying a foreign flag without a Canadian flag, tell me. I'll tell them

I would like everyone to inform me of anyone flying a foreign country's flag without a Canadian flag of equal size or larger. It's nice show your heritage, but you're in Canada now, so let's show some Canadian nationalism as the Canadian Flag Perpetual Pride Campaign suggests, They will send out polite notices to also fly the Canadian flag with our beautiful red maple leaf on our white homeland background. It's the only way not to insult Canadians in our Canada. Flying the Canadian flag is part of my campaign to show national pride.




Friday May 16: Cloudy and cool: This is the weekend to beautify Toronto

Victoria Day weekend is Toronto's time for gardening, which I love. Let's see what all of us can do to beautify our city by cleaning up and planting new flowers and gardens. What could be better than making our land more beautiful — and having fun as well?




Thursday May 15: Clouding over, more rain expected: Residents in ethnic shopping area should clean up, too

I don't know why some people in minority shopping neighborhoods think it's alright to have a messy, dirty front yard. Are they trying to imitate some of the merchants, who definitely need a cleaning?

Voting for me for Mayor of Toronto will help that desire to bring all ethnic shopping areas and strip malls up to white community standards, which does not include rats and cockroaches.




Wednesday May 14: Warm and cloudy, thunderstorms forecast: Dentonia golf course should go to new immigrants' sports

David Soknacki, the bureaucrat and white community standards-destroyer, does have a good point with his suggestion to turn the Dentonia golf course in the Victoria Park - Danforth area into a park, with different uses for cricket and soccer for the new Third World immigrants' entertainment, that may rule the area. I remember racing to that part of Toronto, to the pretty little golf courses and getting in nine rounds before nightfall when I did my fourteen years as a health inspector in my wall-to-wall carpeted suburban stint. The few who play golf will have to do the same.

I will give Toronto residents what they need, regardless of color, race or creed. Don't forget me on October 27th.




Tuesday May 13: Sunny and warm: Ask the provincial party candidates what they will do for Toronto before the June 12 provincial election

Why aren't the top five media clone candidates asking Premier Kathleen Wynne, Tory Leader Tim Hudak and NDP leader Andrea Horwath what they going to do, especially for Toronto and especially for our roads, traffic congestion and transit, which all need a fix.
I know I am.
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Tim HudakAndrea Horwath




Monday, May 12: Sunny and warm: Pothole whining won't work, let's get the job done

Compared to the billions spent on foolish foreign missions and the millions given to entertainment corporations so they can still sell their shirts, only three million dollars has been spent of fixing potholes in Toronto. Now, they're whining that they're running over budget while they're running around counting each pothole instead of just counting them by street.

Just get the job done — let's for something for Canadians with their own tax money.

If you see a pothole, report it to "SeeClickFix"
[ Related Item ]



May 7: Cloudy and warmer: Doug Ford the same as brother Rob — can't be trusted

So, why didn't the family enabler Doug Ford run for mayor initially? Don't tell me he didn't know the extent of his brother's addictions to alcohol and not know about it? It must be their confident elitist arrogance inherited from the Family Compact that ran and has ruined the rich province of Ontario by selling it out to foreigners and replacing the white population with cheap labor for the Third World so they could have another vacation and $5,000 gifts to their women — no problem. Doug Ford the Enforcer says, trust me on this one, but his brother Rob is in a phony rehab center "just like (the) football camp" he used to go to as a kid. That didn't help him then, and it won't help him now. As for the waste of taxpayers money on millions of free condoms to add to the promiscuity in Toronto for Gay Pride Day, Doug is mum on this one, just like his brother Rob.

Anyone who has confidence in what the Ford brothers say has to have the same naïveté as the poor white dummies working against themselves by supporting this globalist cabal.



Tuesday May 6: Some clouds, rain forecast: Where is Rob Ford when you need him?

There's nothing wrong with wondering where Rob Ford is during his 30-day rehab effort for his alcoholism, not only because he be lying to us again, but also because he is the legal mayor of City of Toronto. Any austerity apologist/happy capitalist medium like John Oakley's popular AM 640 talk show that thinks otherwise is only shilling for the Ford campaign and should be registered as part of his campaign expenses.

Meanwhile, our potholes have not been repaired while major construction projects have been launched across Toronto to snarl traffic. Call City Hall (at Toronto 3-1-1) and contact your local ward councilor to complaint about both.  Toronto City Councilors



May 5: Sunny and mild: Every house of worship should fly a Canadian flag

I'm urging everyone again to display, any way you can, our Canadian flag with its beautiful maple leaf on our white homeland background, not only as a s sign of support for my candidacy, but also for Canadian nationalism that is ignored by the three anti-white mainstream political parties in Canada.

The next step for the Canadian Flag Perpetual Priode Campaign I hear, is for them to get all the churches, synagogues and mosques to display their loyalty to our country. Religion must serve the people, not vice versa, because race trumps all.



Friday May 2: Cloudy, rain expected: Anti-white media and greedbags [sic] still support "race traitor" Rob Ford

I've never heard so much support for a proven liar like Rob Ford, especially by the media and the secret bigots who back the racist colloquialisms of Ford's tirades, thinking he's one of them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Smart people realize Rob Ford is a phony, a selfish hedonist who mouths platitudes
about savings for the rich while he cuts white community standards and services little by little, which he calls the "gravy train" to bring us down to a Third World level, that globalist frequent flyers can use immoral cheap labor for, when they come back from their vacations in Third World countries.

Only a declared racist can be trusted to stand up for the white people and for their lifestyles in Toronto. Don't forget to vote for me on October 27, and boast my word-of-mouth campaign with your rhetoric across the city, and to the controlled anti-white media.




Thursday May 1: Cloudy and cool: Good riddance to Rob Ford and the top clone candidates

Rob Ford and his imaginary Ford Nation are toast with the latest crack video revelations, crude anti-female comments and rehab refuge. Ford's such a compulsive liar, so much so that nothing can be trusted that he says or does. He's no different than John Tory, Olivia Chow or any other media-approved candidate. They're all against the white man in Toronto and always pander to foreigners.

No pretzel-twisting arguments by media pundits will save this jerk in the minds of Torontonians. It's time for a real change, away from the Establishment-approved puppets. It's time for a new, honest voice and a pro-white direction or Toronto. Don't forget that on October 27th, when you see the ballot. I'm second on the list.



Wednesday April 30: Cloudy and rainy: Winning: not as important as racist realism

Making a winner in a popularity contest of the media's chosen five clone candidates is a foolish sport fans play in Toronto's mayoralty election. Hundreds of thousands of voters who vote on this 'show' will have no voice or any particular political direction or thought.
Vote for a racist who wishes to maintain services at a time when Toronto's white population dropped to under 50% will be a historical fact — it's better to how your colors for all racists with the maintenance of white culture that is being quickly eroded by the five anti-racist globalists: That will be your important decision on October 27th, when you vote for me for Mayor of Toronto.



Tuesday April 29: Overcast with rain: Fix the potholes and solve the traffic congestion first, five clone candidates — blather later

There's got to be a better way than closing down highways for repair as they're doing now in Toronto in the traffic areas of the lakeshore. How come they never have to close down parts of the 401 — haven't these planners ever heard of floodlights and late night work? Torontonians are too complacent with their media chosen politicians, especially the five clone candidates holding meaningless debates while there a million potholes and the traffic congestion that needs to be solved now. This applies especially to the circus run by Rob Ford, who should be out there with an orange safety vest getting the job done, instead of his YouTube B.S. of "saving a billion."

We don't need the gravy train with the expensive CEO experts; Potholes and the traffic congestion; It's not what you say, but what you do, when you're the mayor of a great city like Toronto.




Monday April 28: Sunny, rain forecasted: Sikhs' show of strength scary

Naive whites must have been a little perplexed in Toronto when they saw 100,000 turbaned men and shawled women gathering for the Sikhs New Year, based on the birth of one of the founders of their religious cult.

Sikhs were the first useful tools for the warmonger British colonialists to kill other white men. These mercenary Indian tribes who farmed during the season and plied their killing activity during the off-season, sometimes for Muslims, sometimes for Hindus, sometimes badgered by Muslims and Hindus. They divided themselves to form their own religion and expanded their empire throughout the Punjab — Five Rivers. It took three war[s] for the English to conquer them, after which the British hung the Sikh king, but they realized the Sikhs could be useful cannon fodder to keep others down, the colonialists established institute for their religion and revived their exhausted warmonger survivors' war cry.

Today's Sikhs are establishing themselves in British Columbia and Ontario, particularly in Brampton, which is almost their city, in spite of the anti-open door immigration flyers being distributed in that area. Strongholds and areas of control for various ethnicities, are what multicultists have brought to North America with their evil unnatural self-loathing anti-white racism.



Toronto needs more and better trees

John Tory's tree-planting of a million-plus trees for Toronto over the next ten years gives him lots of wiggle room, and will only bring Toronto's tree level to 2012's numbers — the one thing that really sets the city above so many others. It would be better to manage the present tree canopy than to continuously cut and burn while planting ice storm-breakable trees that grow fast but don't last that long.

A study has to made. Toronto needs better trees, more oaks, chestnuts and plane trees, rather than just weak Manitoba maples, as beautiful as they are in the fall. I am very interested in gardening and botany in general, so I will always be on the side of more nature in our city.



Tuesday April 22: Rain ending: Supporters, fly and display the Canadian flag if you're voting for Don Andrews for Mayor

I'm asking all my supporters who access to a porch or window to fly and display our beautiful red maple leaf on our white homeland background as as sign that you are a proud white Canadian who is voting for Don Andrews for mayor.

Don't forget that October 27th is coming sooner than you think: tell your friends and neighbors.



Monday April 21: Sunny, partly cloudy: To hell with the 'Rob Ford nation' liars and white society-undermining cheapskates

What a boring, pathetic show Rob Ford's re-election launch party was — nothing like, and nowhere near, the promised thousands that would attend this event hosted by his enforcer, brother Doug.

The worst part was Ford's campaign speech: No specifics, no agenda, just the same-old repetitive mantra of pretending to stand up for Torontonians while continually cutting their services and citizens' little perks, now with our fire department to close a Runnymede fire station and unemploy 87 firemen and remove four fire trucks from service to our citizens. Anybody who stands up for this cutting down of white community standards doesn't deserve to be re-elected, rack or no-crack-smoking. Every vote for me on October 27 stands against these destructive policies.



Monday April 7: Clouding over: All colors and races will be voting for me for Mayor

Believe it or not, I have met a lot of blacks, Chinese and particularly East Indians, and after talking to them about my candidacy, they all voluntarily pledged to vote for me, especially when I told a Bengali cab driver of my intention to maintain white community standards in Toronto — the reason why he came to Canada. He laughed when I said "I didn't want to go to the Dhaka level, the capital of Bangladesh." He wanted a 'selfie' with me and took out his camera and took two shots to show to others that he had met the candidate for Mayor (so far, still number two on a list of forty).

I told him that I treat all people with respect and expected to be treated the same. He liked that. Afterwards, he talked about the Chittagong Hills of Bangladesh and who they belonged to, India or Bangladesh. "You've been there?" he asked, surprisingly; "No" I said, "I just read a lot," and that I was interested in the backgrounds of all the peoples of Toronto's citizens. He added, "I will get my wife and family to vote for you!"

Who knows, from that Muslim patriarchy, he just could.



Thursday April 3: Sunny, rain forecasted: White racists should not be fooled by Rob Ford's bigot shenanigans

Rob Ford is playing the bigot card again, pretending he's with white racists in Toronto by casting a sole "no" vote against naming a street after Nelson Mandela of anti-apartheid South Africa, then half an hour later he claims to have made a mistake.

Please, stop the B.S. Rob Ford's against everything supporting white community standards and services. He'd turn Toronto a Kingston, Jamaica level, since he's big pals with his the "gangstas." Let's hope that other white nationalists are not fooled by the rich elitist globalist, like Paul Fromm who appears to be following Ford's shenanigans, as if they would help Toronto's poor whites, like Toronto police Chief Blair into whose lap fell the OPP investigation of Ford's extortion and crack connections.

I'm disappointed, too.



Tuesday April 1: Clouding over: Rob Ford, fix the potholes

Rob Ford going on about councilors over-spending on their budgets is unimportant at this time when Toronto's roads are in such terrible mess. Rob Ford should put on an orange emergency vest and drive around with City Works Department supervisors over the potholes, marking them off on a clipboard to get men and shovels there quickly.

So much automobile damage and cursing is going on all day and night in Toronto The Good; that's the misery I would concern myself with as Mayor of Toronto.

Everyone, call 3-1-1 and report the potholes. And contact your local councilor to report the potholes. Aptly, in this case, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Toronto City Council Website



Monday March 31: Sunny and warmer; Arrogant social workers need an attitude adjustment

Welfare workers' arrogance must end. As mayor of Toronto, I will ensure that social service workers treat all Canadians needing help with dignity and respect instead of with the arrogance and rudeness. Some of these privileged government workers can hardly speak and understand English and are from non white countries. Can you imagine the feelings of a born-and-bred Canadians having to beg for assistance from some nonwhite social worker brought here to Canada with white taxpayers' aid to decide their fate? Life is full of insults, but we don't need it carried on with Toronto's city bureaucrats.

Also, I will ensure that social services are offered to the poor in convenient locations and not some far-flung office like 100 Consilium Way, way the hell off in car-lovers' Scarborough Town Centre (which doesn't look anything like one for the poor needy pedestrian). The Happy Capitalism' mean-spirited Mike Harris/John Tory/Rob Ford/Lou Schizas days will all be over with every vote for Don Andrews in the October 27 municipal elections.



Tuesday March 25: Cloudy and cool: I'm against the Toronto Islands Porter Airlines expansion

I'm against the expansion of Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Islands — it should be abolished and the land returned to the citizens of Toronto for recreation and as a beautiful park area for the entire city to enjoy. More ferries will have to be added to serve the citizens.

Send your comments to your councilors for their big-time decision on April 1 for Porter Airlines' unwanted expansion to serve the elites and smog up and congest downtown Toronto. more. I don't want that.




Monday March 24: Cloudy and cool: I am a vote for an immigration moratorium

When running for mayor of Toronto, or if elected, all candidates and winners should ignore the bureaucratic censorship impressed on municipal politicians by the provincial and federal governments to make demands upon municipal venues. It becomes very much a problem with municipal officials, town councils and mayors when globalist federal regimes admit hundreds and thousands of greedy new immigrants, especially from the Third World onto our public transit, school and police systems, overloading and bringing chaos to urban white Canadians with fear and taxes.

A vote for me on October 27 is a voice to the provincials and the federals on their open door immigration polices that un-employ and anger Canadians and change the tone and color of our towns and cities, displacing the original, white population and culture.

This won't do.




Friday March 21: Becoming sunny:Rob Ford's lies last

Rob Ford is totally unbelievable, claiming his threatening killer rant was all about fighting Hulk Hogan in a charity match, as opposed to what he was going to do with his sister's jailed addict/ex-boyfriend who got beaten up in prison by some of Ford's black football pals. Any white man who still thinks Rob Ford is pitching for them needs their head examined for "fatal naïveté."

Rob Ford and his Jamaican drug connections are so thick that he'll never say or do anything for white Torontonians, especially the poor who need their welfare and Ontario Disability Support Program allowances raised substantially to equal that of old age pension levels to survive in a city engulfed with cheap labor non-whites from across the planet — all this for a few dollars more for Rob Ford's, John Tory's Olivia Chow's, Norm Gardner's and David Soknacki's elitist friends.




Wednesday March 19: Overcast with rain: Little India needs a fix-up — I will do it

Certain ethnic merchant neighborhoods need a fix-up badly, especially Little India, from Coxwell along Gerrard Street East. It's a bloody mess — I could almost convince you that you were in Karachi. There's all kinds of closed, dirty-windowed and haphazard construction that's been going on there for years. The whole area needs a revamp and doesn't deserve to sit amidst a half-million dollar-valued houses' neighborhood as a shopping area. This is not the only merchant-wrecked neighborhood in Toronto that a vote for me aims to fix.

Ask the five media-chosen clone candidates for mayor what they're going to do about it. Or is their agenda for more globalist austerity for a Third World-class city, as the five anti-white media candidates suggest?




Wednesday March 12: Heavy snow: Don't drive your bikes in a snowstorm unless you want to die

Anyone who is riding a bike during a snowstorm in Toronto must have a death wish,

Please don't ride your bike in a Toronto snowstorm. I saw two guy(s) flip on the road — lucky for them there wasn't a big truck near them or they would have been dead.




March 11: Toronto's blue-eyed whites: racist sentinels

Of course, when I'm talking to potential votes for Don Andrews, I pay attention to their gripes and questions and give them plenty of eye contact to their earnest white faces for their fears and desires. I'm brown-eyed, have three powder-blue-eyed children (a boy and a girl from different mothers and my six beautiful offspring).

They say that both parents must have blue-eyed DNA in your genes to produce the future white identity society sentinels. Don't give up, people — safety and prosperity are just around the corner. Show your racial wishes on October 27 by voting for me.




Monday, March 10: Cold, partly cloudy: Don Andrews voters most important and meaningful

So Rob Ford doesn't do his own tweets, according to the mistake he made by confusing everyone to set their clocks back one hour instead of forward ("Spring forward/fall back" I guess, never made it to his so-called professional advisers who wrongly told Torontonians about daylight Savings Time this March). How can we believe that any tweets in the future he makes from his account are his, when Ford can slough off the mistake and blame it on one of his workers?

Pathetically, AM 640's pro-Ford drum-beater John Oakley is prepared to accept this irresponsible stupidity on Ford's aides, also, This do-nothing, self-promoting politician who's running for mayor has nothing for Torontonians, except lies and more excuses. This October 27, vote for someone who stands for something (like the maintenance of white community standards and services for federally-imposed multicult Toronto). All other votes are a waste of time — and meaningless.




Tuesday March 4: Bitter cold and overcast: I will synchronize Toronto's traffic lights as mayor

Toronto's traffic lights — it seems that they are programmed now to have you stopping at almost every second light, especially at night. Rob Ford promised to do this, but he's too busy building up his star to be concerned over the 'petty problems' facing Torontonians — problems that cost them time and money while letting drivers pollute the city idling at these professional idiots' traffic-light programmed farce.

Every vote for me also is for less traffic congestion — and for synchronized traffic lights.




Thursday, February 27: Toronto's pothole repairs should be continuous

Are the overly-paid managers of the Toronto Works Department trying to privatize their services behind the taxpayers' backs by not filling Toronto's potholes? How much effort can it take for a small truck to run around and quickly shovel hot asphalt into the thousands of potholes on Toronto streets wrecked by a brutal winter? And yet the management of City Works doesn't seem interested in doing their job — except with a good springtime flourish closing down streets and impeding traffic.

Unfortunately it's the regular union road workers who will suffer when more profit-seeking and unaccountable privatization takes over Toronto.

Don't just sit there — send in your complaints (especially for Danforth Avenue) to the City Works department and to Toronto 3-1-1, demanding action on this car-wrecking unsightly Third World level street maintenance in Toronto. This is why I'm running, to maintain white community standards in our city.




Thursday February 13: Sunny and surprisingly mild: Too many service-cutting politicians already in Toronto

Rob Ford's suggestion for his brother Councilor Doug Ford to run the TTC is ridiculous. Our transit system already doesn't have enough service for Torontonians, and now we're going to replace stingy Stintz, the present chairman who also wants to run for mayor with even worse cutback-service politicians? Are you crazy? There are so many of these anti-white community standards rich already running for mayor of Toronto, including Harper's pal John Tory, that Toronto doesn't need any more.

As far as I know, there's only one candidate running to increase services and double the welfare for poor whites-forgotten Toronto — and that's myself. Don't listen to these cheapskate liars and their phony promises of a better future down the road for Canadians. They're the same goofs who instituted that idiotic oxymoron/motto for our fair city: "Diversity is our Strength." Yeah, in what dimension?




Monday February 10: Sunny and cold: Rob Ford's criminal's excuse for lying does not wash

Hey, Rob Ford, everyone doesn't lie. What a childish excuse Rob Ford is using to cover up his immoral activities: "Everyone lies," he says, and he lied because he didn't want to be embarrassed; he's quite comfortable living as a liar — because 'everyone' lies.

This is his modern Seinfeld morality that "Ford Nation" morons support with their continuing public defense of the master obfuscator on call-in talk shows and media interviews that just does not wash with honesty and morality. In other words, if it's not looking good for Rob Ford, he's ready to lie on any issue, from your taxes to his personal life (which does affect his performance, no matter what libertines and anti-racist bigots might claim) while the Ford brothers are busy bringing white community standards to a Third World rich globalists' level while they live in their mansions.

Rob Ford's lies are not just little fibs that can be ignored, especially when he states them over a public microphone. Immorality should never win the day, especially with the help of paparazzi polls and media enablers. This October 27 vote will show just how many fellow liars will vote for Rob Ford and how many care about white community living standards in Toronto.

Ford Nation debuts on YouTube




Friday February 7: It would be a nicer, slushy day without the wind: No public ejaculation, please

As Mayor, if you are invited to a citizens' big party or parade, you're pretty well obligated to go, even if you don't like some of the people at the party. And so it is with the mayor and the Gay Pride Parade.

I'm not a bigot — I'm a racist who respects other races and other peoples' lifestyles as their own in our city. It's not so much the public nudity, but any sexual public activity that I'm opposed to; as I stated in my Vice Magazine interview in its January 19 issue, "No public ejaculation." That's my policy on the Gay Pride Parade.

This is the kind of straight talk that is missing in all of Rob Ford's utterances on any issue. I'm prepared to be honest and face all the communities in Toronto.




Tuesday January 28: Sunny, bitterly cold with threatening clouds
Toronto needs an independent mayor like myself

It's useless to have a Toronto mayor connected to any major political party, especially those in power at Queen's Park or Ottawa. Depending on the candidate's affiliations, it becomes a case of buck-passing blame, and no help to Torontonians. Toronto's better off to have an independent mayor who can demand help for Canada's major city from Queen's Park and Ottawa, Liberals or Conservatives, since the NDP has abandoned the working classes and poor for Third World immigrants and anti-white anti-racism that fails to uphold white community standards in our still-great city.

Don't let the anti-white media decide who will be Toronto's next mayor with their selective polling and propaganda for their chosen multicult tools in Toronto's mayoralty campaign. Every vote for me is a guarantee of support for Torontonians and traditional white community standards that some pretend don't exist.

Spread the word. Don Andrews is best for Toronto.




Wednesday, January 22 — Sunny, but bitterly cold day in Toronto: My word-of-mouth campaign for mayor is going well

No one should be surprised when a proven liar like Rob Ford lies again with his drunken-Jamaican-criminal rant against Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair to his black posse friends in a Rexdale restaurant. However, it is a big surprise to learn naive "Ford Nation" callers still supporting their idiot for mayor of Toronto. I noticed most of the pro-Ford radio callers have Caribbean accents as poor, smart whites are shunning the cheapskate's candidacy.

I was pleased to hear one caller from the Beaches, mentioning my name as a potential beneficiary of Ford's follies. The recent Vice magazine article on my mayoralty campaign helped me, too, with almost a thousand "likes" from readers as compared to about 150 "dislikes." Now I'm looking for my former alma mater Ryerson University's newspaper The Eyeopener interview to aid my word-of-mouth campaign to garner aid for the poor and maintain white community standards in our great city of Toronto.

Thanks, everyone, and pass the world.




Sunday, January 19: Cold, snowy and blustery
Harper, Ford, no good for poor Canadians, especially whites

See how bad things are in Toronto — after years of open immigration and free trade by the two same parties in Ottawa with different names (Liberals and Conservatives)? Idiotic globalist policies supposed to enrich Canadians — yeah, just a few one-percenters on top, always pushing for more police state laws to ensure their dominance over us; destructive austerity/gravy train liar policies that have pauperized working class Canadians and made thousands more homeless in urban areas that 3,000 survival kits have to be handed out in Toronto to the wandering poor in sub-zero temperatures; black duffel bags with donated goods, including toiletries and sleeping bags, is the best that Ottawa and Queen's Park can offer as an excuse for their failures for ignoring their fellow citizens.

Don't ever turn up your nose at the destitute and the homeless, because you could be the next of them, with this anti-nationalist/anti-white global agenda of blowhards like Rob Ford and "Israeli" politicians like Stephen Harper blowing our tax dollars on foreigners. Nothing can scare them more than a single vote for me, Don Andrews for Mayor of Canada's top city, Toronto.

PS: the Vice Magazine article has engendered a lot of discussion and positive reviews from many young people, I'm told.  [ Vice Magazine Article ]



Our boring subways need refurbishing — I'll do it

There is no Canadiana or historical murals designation the neighborhood of Toronto's subway stations. There are very few seats for passengers to wait foe trains or buses and the ones they do have are as uncomfortable as you can imagine. There are hardly any shops in front of the stations, and some of the stations are totally unheated in the city's sub-zero winter temperatures. There's sloppy Chinese eating noodles and other weird food being allowed on the trains. There are no mirrors and very few washrooms. There are very few directions for new immigrants to walk on the right side of the too- slippery steps.

The whole Toronto subway system is just drab gloom and doom and the faces of the commuters mirror this. There are too-few transit maps and no information booths at any major stops.

As mayor of Toronto, I would refurbish these shortfalls and make traveling Toronto's subways more of a relaxing joy instead of a grinding trip, physically and mentally. If you have more suggestions on how to improve and beautify our subway system, send them to me at . Let's spruce this system up.




My Vice Magazine interview and Olivia Chow's NDP hypocrisy

Yesterday I had an hour-and-a-half interview in my home with two beautiful babe reporters from the popular magazine The Vice, because I'm running for mayor of Toronto again. One reporter was a statuesque Chinese woman, the other, a cute Caucasian camera woman. They got plenty of information about myself and my mayoralty candidacy policies based on maintaining white community standards in our half-white, beautiful Toronto. Keep an eye our for the article, and we'll see what they write.

On a second note, isn't Olivia Chow a hypocrite for only now asking for federal funds from globalist traitor Stephen Harper? She never said one word in favor of declaring an emergency during the ice storm, which would have opened up millions in aid for Toronto. It's the same calculated miserliness that rich hedonist Rob Ford plays, causing pain and misery, especially for the poor in our great city. I have no respect for hypocrites and cheapskates, now or when I am mayor of the City of Toronto. Spread the message in my word-of-mouth campaign until Election Day on October 27; I'll put Toronto on the map— for Torontonians only.


Vice Magazine Article:
"I Don't Care What You Say About Me, As Long As You Spell My Name Right"



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