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DON SAYS...2010


Date: December 31:
White Canadian Flag Campaign noticed


Good news: The white nationalist Raise-The-Flag Campaign is showing results across Canada and particularly in Toronto, so much so that two media hosts on CFRB 1010 radio were discussing the rise in anti-globalist Canadian patriotism, now higher than even the United States. One noted, "I'm seeing a lot more Canadian flags around since I've come back to Toronto," proving that our December Canadian flag campaign is off to a great start.

Of course, the Zionist pundits tried to interpret the flags flying as grieving Highway of Heroes Taliban-haters to promote their lost mercenary mission in Afghanistan. Don't kid yourselves, dummies; one caller emphasized the fact that the Canadian flags are a white people's reaction to the Third World immigration invasion plaguing Canada (who's going to argue with your Canadian flag?) Our flag is proud and white, like our red maple-leafed homeland. Now there are reports of more Canadian flags on display in Burlington and Asian-swamped Brampton and Markham in Ontario and also Kelowna, BC and in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta.

Canadians, show our proud colors in the new year, and Happy 2011 to our friends and patriotic supporters.




Date: December 30
Rip-off Toronto radio talk shows


It's just bloody nerve for the media owners of the talk radio shows to play to play weeks-old tapes of the first-thing-in-the- morning show on AM 640 and CFRB 1010, then replaying their Friday morning shows tapes on Sunday nights. These arrogant owners know that radio doesn't produce ad money from big companies, just local car dealers and huckster gold merchants.

Ergo, they pay it little heed and respect, with low-level-intellect pervert hosts a la "Animal House" or old Zionist warmonger shills for globalist wars. They purposely ignore the living concept that radio is our immediate and live news channel for the latest information, and is more reliable than a in a hydro outage. But it doesn't make money, so they give you "shitty produce."

I'm asking my 1,032 Toronto voters and anyone else who cares for our great Canadian flag city of Toronto to complain to the owners and management of the stations and to the Canadian Radiotelevision Telecommunications Commission and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council and tell them to treat Torontonians with respect if they're going to have a license to broadcast on the radio.

AM640 Radio Contact page:

Newstalk 1010 CFRB Contact page:

CRTC Complaint page

Canadian Broadcast Standards Council complaint page:



Date: December 29
False-flag conservatives are no hope


The phony conservative globalist neo-cons are playing to the closet bigots again by cheapskate tax-cutting of immigrant services in Toronto, where they have dumped a million non-white economic immigrants for a more pliable cheap labor force. The feds should be paying much more to Ontario and all major English Canada cities; $22 billion for Toronto alone would be just right (as I asked for during my mayoralty campaign this year). The globalist mercenaries have spent at least $60 billion on the lost Afghan invasion.

Stop the immigration first before cutting funds that will be made up from local taxes because of the multicult municipal and provincial traitor-politicians still around. Only avowed racist white nationalist isolationists can save a white Canada, as displayed by our red maple leaf flag.



Date: December 28
Clean your house and get your life in order for the new year


And put up a Canadian flag!



Date: December 27
Chemtrails Weather?


What's with all this freaky weather? I've always hated "Chemtrails." I know they're spreading something in their criss-cross manner and also by how long the crap stays in the air, spreading across the planet in the upper winds. This is never satisfactorily explained from any of the experts or the arrogant secretive military, which id you believe the media's polls, puts the Igor gathering victims for torture chambers in Afghanistan as the most trustworthy in this mercenary fleshpot appendage of the Limeys and the Americans. No one ever faulted Canadians for not being servile servants, but it's not my style.

The latest reports on the Raise The Canadian Flag Campaign are in — Congratulations to the people of North Toronto, particularly our supporters who have raised quite a few flags in the northern central part of our city. New flag sightings are coming in from Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario and from Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia.

Love that Canadian flag!


Date: December 24
Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from myself and the NPC Staff, to all my friends past and present
and our very informed NPC supporters and site visitors. Keep the Canadian flags flying!



Date: December 23
Cops should stop R.I.D.E., concentrate on real crime


With all the liability rules against bar owners to make sure that patrons don't drive drunk and severe penalties for being impaired, it's just a waste of taxpayer dollars, citizens' time and police effort to conduct these roadside checkpoint searches known as R.I.D.E. (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) when thousands and thousands of motorists are pointlessly stopped during the Christmas holidays in Canada.

Don't the cops have more pressing problems to resolve, like from white gang violence in the new no-go area neighborhoods established by Third World immigrants? It's time to end the R.I.D.E. program and concentrate police activities on the multicult chaos created by anti-white-racist globalist politicians. 



Date: December 21
No respect for self-loathing multicult whites


That the politically-correct hockey coach Greg Walsh of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (who pulled his team out of a game because an opposition players called one of his boys a "nigger") was suspended for breaking the rules and then political-correctly reinstated quickly, is a sign of the baby-boomer generation raised on rock and roll. It's also the cause of the multicult crime and anxiety pervasive in Canadian society.

White men who can't stand up for their race will be the historical dust of the future.



Date: December 20
Racists raise Canadian flag proudly


Well, our Raise The Canadian Flag Campaign is really off to a flying start in the second week of the project. Seventeen more Canadian flags have been hoisted on porches, cars and apartment windows in Toronto alone, so far mostly in the East End and the West End of our beautiful city.

Reports of flags being raised by white nationalist supporters have come from London, Sarnia, Kitchener, Lindsay, Peterborough and Ottawa in the province of Ontario. Canadian flags are flying thanks to white nationalists in Vancouver and Revelstoke in British Columbia along with Port Alberni (which also smartly declared European Heritage Week). Trail, BC (same story, thanks to our supporters) and in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, the boys are busy hoisting our red maple leaf with the white background (signifying homeland.) Saskatoon and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, along with the provincial capital Regina are also raising the Canadian flag. Lookin' good, lookin' good!
The latest are in Halifax, Nova Scotia; St. John's, Newfoundland and St. John, New Brunswick. Take care of those flags, guys; it's just wonderful to see the original and one-and-only Canadian flag flying.


We'll keep you posted.

Update: As of January 23 we have asked for new Canadian flags to be replaced and properly displayed at various Toronto businesses and locations as follows : where a tri-color green, yellow and red Ethiopian flag , a red Albanian double-headed eagle flag, a red sun on a green background Bangladesh flag, a European Union flag with gold stars and a blue background and a green Pakistani flag with a white crescent moon.


Date: December 17
Rev. A pox on white self-loathers in Toronto City Hall


So much for the hopeful bigots who voted for Rob Ford, thinking he was for the white man, with his anti-Tamil boat concerns. The anti-racist neo-con cheapskate/liberal white self-loathers in Toronto City Council voted to condemn the milksop liberal Maclean's magazine concerns that the University of Toronto campus and many others are looking "too Asian."

Well, they are. That's the globalists' traitors' plans to replace the whites with malleable Orientals as workhouse serfs in Canada. That's the problem — when racial pride and awareness is ignored for a few dollars more of foreign student money (the cheapskates' mantra).

A pox on all those who voted against the white people and may it endure until they see the light of reason and racial realities.



Date: December 16
Rev. McVety Swallows His Words


The Reverend Charles McVety, a supposedly fundamentalist minister who rags on the media's John Oakley morning radio show in favor of globalist wars, has succumbed to a censor commissar as a condition to carry on the no-fear-of-God globalist-approved religion. National Post article.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council , the self-appointed anti-white-racist moralists against the white man's way, will be venting McVety's "Word TV program. " Now he's forced to swallow his words when it comes to homosexuals.

Give me some old-time religion. This town needs an enema!



Date: December 15
Unions are the white man's way

Anyone who's against the white man's concept of unions and labor is opposed to the white man's standards of life — and that includes all the neo-con globalists and the commie anti-racist union bigwigs in cahoots with the borderless capitalists with their anti-white-racist agenda.

Globalist race mixers have brought in cheap non-white workers to replace unionized white Canadians through the quarter-million immigration invaders coming in every year. They are the enemies of white society, along with the frequent-flier dummies who support destructive free trade treaties and costly mercenary mission wars.

Torontonians! Stand up for your Canadian unions and our white society under attack from the "Internationale" singers. Support our union brothers and sisters by attending Toronto City Council tomorrow (Thursday December 16th) and stopping Mayor Rob Ford from pauperizing white Canadians in his fight with the Toronto transit union voters.



Date: December 14
Christian chucked Off religious channel

The Rev. Charles McVety of Canada Christian College and the program "Word TV" had his program suspended for suggesting that queers might be interested in "hot boys and girls" as the City of Toronto Gay Pride Parade promised last year by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, made up of globalist media bigwigs. Of course it's not fair, and the hypocrisy of the media version of TV religion is a big joke to any God-believers. But, the Christians have done the white race no favors by spreading our food, medicine and factories, by exploding the Third World population and undermining Mother Earth's sustainability. McVety, too, is an Establishment apparatchik by supporting the Zionists' shut-your-mouth "hate laws" in Canada and the dirty globalist wars on primitive, conservative, eco-friendly God-believers.

Hey, McVety! It looks good on you. I love to hear his stuttering hypocrisy in defense of his freedom of speech only, on the John Oakley AM 640 radio show in Toronto. Mean wimp hypocrites are useless in defense of our God-given rights as free white men.



Date: December 13
Fly-The Canadian-Flag Campaign Still Flying High

Weekend reports tell me that four more flags were raised in our ongoing white nationalist campaign to fly the Canadian flag adding to the three dozen others that have been reported. I hate seeing a foreign flag flying from a residence without a similar Canadian flag, too — unless you're a foreign consulate. It's just poor manners and disrespect while in Canada.
white nationalism as it often directs the sentiment and the direction of the nation, allowing only globalists to commercialize the readily-acknowledged eco-friendly and simply-designed Canadian flag.

White nationalists, set the standards and promote the Canadian flag across the country. I'll keep you posted on our Fly The Canadian Flag campaign as further reports come in.

So far, so good.



Date: December 9
White nationalist Canadian flag campaign off to a good start

I'm receiving reports that over three dozen new Canadian flags have been raised over the last week on Toronto porches, apartment windows and cars in my neighborhood alone. There are eleven Canadian flags flying; I've also received reports of a secret program that replaces worn-out flags "gratis" for the Christmas season. It's a branch-off from my own 'Secret Santa' flag program, which also has hoisted ten flags so far. I'm looking forward to observing the bright red maple leaf on its white background, fearlessly flying with brilliant colors during our upcoming weekend snowstorm (which has so far enveloped most of Ontario while leaving Toronto an oasis).

Give a boost to the concept of Canada this Christmas season, and hoist our patriotic flag.



Date: December 9
Stupid Warmonger Cheapskates

Well, I was right; Don Cherry still doesn't know the meaning of the word "maudlin" as he proved on the John Oakley Show on AM 640 today, when he claimed that he looked it up. Then, he still screwed up its meaning on the hockey radio station for dummies. These are the mindless globalist brainiac supporters of murderous military missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, as Cherry would have wished.

These warmongers have lots of money for hundreds of artillery shells at $100,000 per shell, but go cheapskate when it comes to having complementary coffee for all-night council sessions at Toronto City Hall — for a grand saving of $48,000 (hey, that's almost half the cost of a wild shot at the Taliban}.

Stupid is as stupid does.



Date: December 8
Maudlin Don Cherry steals Rob Ford's show

Well, Don Cherry didn't disappoint me in entertainment value — and his rambling comments were good for the bigots' "in-your-face" image of Rob Ford's supporters. It's all very subtle, but also "Barnardo"/Hank-from-Corner Gas clever as a snub to the multicult leftist hypocrites, like that little twit Adam Vaughan, who turned his little back on Don Cherry's speech. He's the same leftist-commie police-state supporter on the Toronto Police Board who's not taking up the G20 case while the police brutality and obfuscation scandals fly around Chief Bill Blair. No wonder the pinko authoritarians haven't bothered stopping their globalist masters' wars.

Rob Ford could easily beat these wimps. I was surprised that Don Cherry knew the word 'maudlin' when complaining about the pinkos' criticism of his sympathy for the globalists' war-dead Canadians, considering the immorality and stupidity of the continuing Canadian mercenary missions, which need to end.



Date: December 7
Chief Blair's Strange Karma

If Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair had gone to a fortune teller a year ago and all she could tell him was that sometime in the future he would be publicly apologizing to a Mr. Nobody, he would have laughed in her puzzled face. But sure enough, Toronto's top cop has ended up apologizing to Mr. Adam Nobody (real name, Adam Trombetta) for his officers' indiscretions of the police state mentality of the anti-Canadian globalist G20 tyrants; It's as if the Gods of Olympus prepared this dramatic embarrassment.

A "noble resignation" is in order. Toronto Sun Joe Warmington    Rosie DiManno Toronto Star


Date: December 6
Non-resident Don Cherry poor choice for "Respect-for-Taxpayers" new mayor

Mayor Rob Ford is wrong to have Don Cherry, a sports commentator who doesn't even live in Toronto, put the Chain of Office around the neck of the newly-elected Mayor, who claims he has respect for the taxpayers, instead of getting a long-taxpaying senior resident to do the job.

This Coach's Corner showmanship has as much depth of Torontonian-ism as the loser Toronto Maple Leafs fans — strictly adolescent and thoughtless.



Date: December 2
Congratulations to our new Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford

Forwarded to the Office of Mayor Rob Ford:
Your Honor:
Congratulations on becoming Toronto's new Mayor.
We wish you success in administering our great city with common sense, good will and fair play, and look forward to you maintaining White society standards for Torontonians.
Good luck,
Don Andrews
Leader, Nationalist Party of Canada


Date: December 1
Police should involve the public in battling black crime

Toronto's police chief Bill Blair needs to take the same aggressive public identification campaign against black "gangsta" shooting up Toronto as he did with the G20 protesters vandals and stop this two-decade crime wave plaguing our city. Only self-loathing white politically-correct anti-racism and fear of the black gangs could be the reason for his inaction. You rarely, if ever, hear the cops asking the general population to assist in capturing the culprits who are always well-hidden by the globalist media as to their exact descriptions and showing the victims' faces, which still points to the racial origin of the affected community.

Let's get more public involvement in ridding Toronto of the non-white crime and tell this to Chief Blair and Rob Ford and the lickspittle pundits.



Date: November 30
Rob Ford, synchronize the traffic lights

If Rob Ford corrects the globalists anti-white cars' society goofs who have purposely configured Toronto traffic lights to stop even traffic flow in the interests of Third World carbon-trade white society-pauperizing UN policies, he'll have my gratitude. It's just like the Italians, with Mussolini, who made the trains run on time. This is a techno-nerd-created problem and it shouldn't take more than a couple of months to fix it.

Tell our new Toronto mayor how to get the skeptics on his side — by coordinating and synchronizing all traffic lights on major thoroughfares at

We're pulling for you Rob, because we're all in this together.


Date: November 29
Bring hostile cops to account

The police state cops are looking bad with their arrogance and brutality towards Stacy Bonds, the black woman arrested after a "cleared to go" traffic stop, then arrested and brutalized for asking why she stopped, then arrogantly charged by the willing blind Crown Attorney for assaulting police, Stacy said. It's not because she's black that the cops over -reacted but who knows? The official policy is anti-racism. Bigots sometimes react in an authoritarian way; a long time ago, I was followed for about the blocks by a cop who saw me get into my car with my car with my spouse and child. At least he answered me when I asked why with "I wanted to know who you were." The cops love asking you the same question ("Do you know why I stopped you?") but feel they are not answerable to to the public in a hyper, insecure race-mixed society where the cops are removed more and more from the public every day in the name of some security ("To serve and protect" like the globalist elites, like at the G20.)

It's time to bring the cops closer to the community they serve and stop acting like a proletarian guard for the globalist traitor politicians.

[ National Post article ]  [ Video ]


Date: November 26
Toronto proves, race is all

Can you believe the phony bastards who insist there are no racial differences, the "I'm not a racist/we're all the same" phonies, pretending all of a sudden to wonder about the spiraling out-of-control black gang crime and violence that have been plaguing our city for the past 20 years? Why, they ask, why, why? (Toronto Sun article}

It's because of bastards like you and all the other I'm-not-a-racist chickenshit liars with their heads in the sand on purpose to satisfy the politically correct elites. Their naïveté, just like the black crime they imported through globalist race-treacherous immigration policies, will not go away until there is a re-awakening of white racial pride beyond the scope of 'For Our People' namby-pamby. The worst neo-con fraud besides anti-racism (which must be for everyone, to work).

In the meantime, let's start some gun checkpoints in their blighted neighborhoods, and political correctness be damned.


Date: November 25
Gun spot checks needed for gun-crime neighborhoods this Christmas

This Christmas, instead of wasting our money on drunk-driver R.I.D.E. spot checks, bothering all kinds of innocent citizens, let's tell the cops to start gun spot checks for this Christmas season, considering the spiraling gun/gang crime murders plaguing Toronto and its "at risk" neighborhoods.

It's time to point the finger at the culprits and give the neighborhoods that they infest a semblance of security this holiday season. Tell Rob Ford at City Hall( ) and Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair at  to set them up. Enough is enough.

And tell the media to stop trivializing this criminality by using terms like "gunplay" in their stories.


Date: November 24
Canada Should Stay Out of the Korean Conflict

Let the Koreas settle their own differences and get all the foreigners out, particularly white globalist forces which have brought cheap labor. poisoned products and non-white immigration to our North American white race homeland. If the indebted Americans can't pay their Chinese dollar-holders, then maybe they should be vacated from their East Asian sphere of influence. In the long run, it's all good for a white isolationist economy, with fewer non-white refugees and military costs.

Let the chips fall where they may — let's stay out of it.


Date: November 23

Bombard Them With Bedbug Complaints

Anyone with bedbugs should be bugging their city politicians and the Medical Officer of Health with their infestation problems, especially the cost and control of the bloodthirsty pests. I particularly hate how they'll crawl up a wall once they smell your hot blood in a room, from the baseboard to the ceiling, and then, free-fly down on the blood's source in the middle of a room. Any disease-spreading insect so insidious and expansive that can go without eating for a year needs to be treated with community care and oversight.

Don't give up — the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Keep complaining here:

Mayor's Office
(416) 397- 2489 Website,

City of Toronto Health Department
(416) 338-7600



Date: November 22

Toronto: A Criminal Shooting Gallery

Toronto has been turned into a shooting gallery by black drug gangs, but the former loudmouth councilor (now Mayor-Elect) Rob Ford has said nothing to the police or the gangsters to clean up the criminal activity plaguing newly-designated at-risk neighborhoods by the multicult commie politicians and their neo-con business partners out to pauperize white society by stopping some gravy train reserved specifically for themselves.

Ford is so in bed with the globalist anti-racists and his black Bosco football team coaching that he couldn't care for the downtrodden white Maple Leaf fans who voted for him. Watch for one disappointment after another from the bigot kosher-conservatives who are running Toronto with human rights shibboleths.

Racist politics is the only answer to these obfuscating traitors and all who support them. And idiots who call this violence "gunplay" are part of the problem.



Date: November 19

It doesn't do them any good

"The Jews" don't help themselves when they are mentioned as the model for air-travel security by referencing Israel's 80 daily flights as compared to America's 25,000 flights. It's not good for them for the public to realize that all these indignant rights-forfeiting security measures are for their basic safety -- the bulls-eye of the Islamists.

The cops don't do themselves any favors participating in politically-correct multicult genuflecting and anti-racism, while thievery and gang crime are forcing citizens to defend themselves, only to be charged by police as aggressors. Big police budget debates will eventually force them to reveal the impenetrable racial origin of the criminals.
(See Toronto Sun article "Victim or Vigilante" )

The military doesn't do itself any good either, when it over-dramatically burns the uniform of sex-fiend Col. Russell Williams; nor do the perverted warmongers, when they dare to compare Omar Khadr with the sex killer. Obviously, they care nothing for the violated women. To these anti-patriarchal creeps of the hedonistic cosmopolitan world, jailing a 15-year-old Islamist God-believers defending himself in a firefight is the same as jailing a serial sex monster.

That tells me what the morality of their shit-assed foreign mercenary misions are all about — for women’s rights.



Date: November 18

Dumb and dumber: Paying off blacks to stay in school

The dumb idea of paying low achievers (non-white immigrants, mostly) to read books and attend school is another example of downgrading white culture meritocracy, for fear of exposing their academic racial differences while replacing whites in this globalist multicult work-house camp called Canada. Lower standards in everything is the frequent-fliers' elitist agenda.

Tell them to go to hell — and to change the nation's immigration policies.



Date: November 17

Don't Fly

Let's follow the arrogant goof advice of the American Transport Security Administration (TSA) who say, if you don't like the screening process, just don't fly.

I've been against frequent-fliers for years: they bring pestilence, disease, non-whites and corrupt practices from their Third World hedonist vacations to our homeland. They blow billions of dollars in non-white countries aiding their growing populations while polluting our planet. Most of these frequent-fliers are globalist meddlers and arrogant cheapskates on the home front, with little compassion or pity for poor whites. Most white nationalists are too poor to fly and would be hassled at the borders if they have any political racist past (unless you're Paul Fromm, Rob Ford's supporter).

I advise all white racists to condemn the frequent-fliers and their destructive and hedonistic ways and not to fly and bring the globalist airlines to their knees along with their Zionist security measures.

Tell everyone: "Don't fly — you're wrecking our country."



Date: November 16

Male Genitalia is not "Junk"

Forwarded to AM 640 Radio host John Oakley, concerning his disrespectful comments on his show this morning:

To; John Oakley, 640 AM Radio
Stop using the degrading term "junk" to describe male genitalia; you're fostering disrespect for men. Don't make us complain to the CRTC of your potty mouth, Johnny.
You insult us all, the same as that supposedly 'conservative' John Tory.
— Don Andrews



Date: November 15

Frequent Flier Snowbirds — Vacation In Canada

Swamp gas explosions in Mexico, murders and mayhem.

Stay home, frequent flier traitors, and spend your money in Canada; get some sun on the slopes or go for a walk in the park and get your Vitamin D, snowbirds. I've no respect for the so-called Canadians who blow their bucks in foreign lands, utilizing the rationalization of cheap labor. The same goes for the boat cruise characters — you're not helping Canada and your fellow citizens with your hedonistic lifestyles.

A little bit of patriotism, please.



Date: November 11

Gary McHale: Every Little Bit Helps

Well. you gotta give it to Gary McHale for persistence in his search for justice by equal treatment under the law for the white people of Caledonia, Ontario, when the Ontario Provincial Police under Julian Fantino didn't enforce the law against the law-breaking Indians.

McHale is working in a group registered with Elections Canada (Canadians Against Fantino) in the upcoming November 29 federal by-election where Big Julie is running as a Conservative. The shoo-in for the tough cop (against whites only) looks a little uncertain now, particularly if McHale gets more publicity with intended protests. Fantino, the present Toronto police Chief Bill Blair and most of the police chiefs around Toronto haven't got the guts to identify, expose and tackle the hundred non-white gangs plaguing our city with the cops' cutesy term "gunplay." They're big on the globalist anti-racism (just for whites) crap, but avoid dealing with Third World criminals brought here by their cosmopolitan masters to terrify and denigrate white society.

I don't see eye to eye with Gary McHale's we're-all-the-same naïveté, but you've got to give him credit for continuing political activity against the treacherous Establishment.

Every little bit helps.



Date: November 11

Say No to Mercenary Mission Wars

Most of the macho military missions support feminists and the extinction of the white race with its unnatural non-replacement reproductive rate. That's the case in a lot of the right wing (even "For Our People" white nationalists). They're always harping about the Muslims' natural reproductive rate. and the lack of women's rights to mimic their own hedonistic stupidity of romance, without self- criticism and honest investigation as to why the religion of women and slaves (Christianity) and the feminization of white males has played a role in white race degradation.

Let's remember this Remembrance Day not to be schleps in foreigners' wars under the guise of any "just" shibboleth; that only leads to further meddling, race-mixing and a lack of sovereignty.

Say No! to mercenary mission wars!



Date: November 10

York Region, Your Police Chief Should Resign

Just like G20-failure Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, so too should Markham Police Chief Armand LaBarge resign. This is the big-mouthed cop who was front and center loud when it came to "nipper-tipping" anti-Asian racism in the rural areas north of Toronto, where people are sick of Orientals fishing out of season, keeping everything to sell in bulk to cat food companies (and maybe, to be put in some of your Chinese food).

Chief LaBarge failed to protect the citizens of York Region with the latest black gang home invasion where a mother died, a father was wounded and a daughter was tied up and gagged. LaBarge even failed to give out even preliminary sketches of the suspects, again trying to hide non-white crime and protecting globalist immigration policies instituted by the three main political parties in Canada. that will denigrate the white race to a minority status while frequent-flier cosmopolitans sit on top.

Our cops are flops at defending white race culture in Canada. Bye, Bye, LaBarge — as for all of your York Region residents, arm yourselves.



Date: November 9

“ZOG” (Zionist Occupation Government) Ruins Canada

Don Andrews' 1,032 Toronto racists and Canadian supporters are feared by the mighty globalists, like our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Illuminate stooges around him; just check the headlines and you'll read their fearful tirades against racism and "anti-Semitism ( a total misnomer concept, considering the European Ashkenazi dominance of Jewish society today).

Feel proud, people; your common-sense, good-will and fair-play racism perseveres through all tyranny. Race is all.



Date: November 8

Canada's had enough of being a patsy for the Third World

The military morons just can't let go of the bone when it comes to doing mercenary work for foreigners throughout Canada's history. Now. characters with the DNA of retired General Lewis McKenzie and past military butchers who send thousands of needless deaths on two world wars. Since then, they want to continue their bloody mission in Afghanistan. This time, the weasels are pretending to be training others to kill their rebellious citizens. There's no glory in their Igor work, collecting victims for torture-dungeons and killing men for "women's rights" thousands of miles away from your homeland.

Canada doesn't need a mercenary military, it should be replaced by a patriotic people's militia with plenty of ammo and IED depots ready for any occupier. Blowing billions on globalist foreign adventures, for whatever matriarchal reason, is the meddling root cause of the degeneration of the white race.



Date: November 5

Can't Trust City Hall and 'Globalist Cops'

You can't trust Toronto City Hall, whose accountants claim that there's $275 million more money that they have 'found' just floating around in the city budget. Rob Ford's job of stopping his so-called "gravy train" and setting the city's finances just became easier; now Ford has to get his neo-con cronies in Stephen Harper's government to aid our city with real financial help to offset the immigration invasion from the non-white world flooding into Toronto.

Toronto still needs a total G20 inquiry, to prevent another fiasco that saw over 1,000 mostly-innocent citizens brutally arrested by cops who took off their name tags so that they could whale on Torontonians at will with little consequence — like a lost day's pay/slap on the wrist, as suggested by their chief, Bill Blair, who should resign after the G20 debacle.

Have a great weekend.



Date: November 4

Hooray for the racist country boys!

Misery loves company — and that's the case with the terrorized Toronto whites with their snooty aghastness [sic] at rural Ontario's natural racist leanings. They want them beaten down by the Human Rights Tribunals, political police and surrounded by strange non-white bodies and faces like themselves.

The coward always wants to be reaffirmed and the small towners are giving the anti-racists a lickspittled [sic] face for their fearful acquiescence to multicult rules. Even when you ask. people like those in Campbellford, Ontario "apologize" or rant on against nipper-tippers; it only strengthens their rural resolve to be against the white self-loathers forever.

To my white racist friends in the country, carry on, boys.



Date: November 3

Racists must do their own labor

The Campbellford Canadian Legion KKK Halloween costume was alright (Toronto Sun) but when a reported black-faced negro was pulled around with a hangman's rope around his neck, that's a little ugly much for the failures of the hedonist/consumerist/cosmopolitan bigots who ran slavery and brought misery and an unnatural race-mixed-society problems to the Americas.

Any sustainable racist state must do its own labor; this kind of mean-spirited bigotry for a few shekels more will be the ruin of the white race.



Date: November 2

Toronto needs a European Heritage Week declaration

European Heritage Week has been a great success this year with the addition of three more cities declaring European Heritage Week celebrations in perpetuity, starting on each Canadian Thanksgiving Day, as requested by the NPC European Heritage Week Celebration Committee (EHWCC) director, Bob Smith. The three cities are: The City of Trail, BC; the City of Port Alberni, BC; and the beautiful mountain resort of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

As soon as Rob Ford gets settled into the mayoralty of Toronto, the EHWCC will be asking our new mayor to declare this important celebration in the great city of Toronto, already rejected by the city's Marxist globalist former Council and Mayors.

Let's see what Ford can do. Looking forward to it.



Date: November 1

We don't need no nasty pandas

Giorgio Mammoliti is still ever the grandiose empire-builder: first, the humongous Canadian flag and pole get to be built, and now this boring panda hoopla and expenses costing the taxpayers millions for a passive Roman Coliseum show to look at some one-diet grizzly-tempered bears for further China/Canada propaganda connections, just like their melanin-laced food and other polluted junk-quality products.

I say that we don't need them. Everything we do with China undermines whites society and Canada, like the pandas. No one likes aggressive, arrogant and annoying people.

No sir, I don't like it.



Date: October 29

Indians First Stop On Rob Ford's Gravy

Well, we'll see whether Rob Ford stops the multicult gravy train giveaway to the Indians of twenty homes for a measly $20,000 apiece, when they're worth $400,000 each. This is an atrocious tax waste that the downtown coffee shop communist city councilors sneaked by the white taxpayers.

Diversity is definitely our weakness when it comes to common sense (and cents.) I'm waiting for the apologies and excuses as to why Ford's rotten deal will be allowed to stand.

Tell Rob Ford what you think, in an email to him at


Date: October 28

Neo-Con Bigots Caught in Racist Trap

You have to laugh at the Rob Ford supporters — the 'anti-racist' haters also known as bigots. They're not much better in their hypocrisy and disingenuousness than are the leftist elitists. They're always complaining or apologizing, having bought into the same racial suicidal policies of 'anti-racist' hatred and self-loathing that pass for our matriarchal society that they're all afraid to touch, fearing the voters' wrath.

No pity on any of them, as they weasel and wail over common sense racial facts they all ignore. Speaking for over-1,000 recorded racist voters in Toronto, no, I don't have any pity for them. 


Date: October 27

Ford Euphoria Will Soon Be Over

All the globalist neo-cons are patting themselves on the back for having elected Rob Ford as Mayor of Toronto, whose cheapskate tax policies will lead to a downgrading of white society's services and benefits to middle-class Mexican living standards. Instead of pushing his Harper neo-con kosher conservative pals to concentrate on helping poor Canadians. Ford's going to do it by attacking white society union pay standards for cheapskate capitalist wages under company unions, just like all the good-paying jobs they outsourced to the teeming non-white world.
White nationalists will be on the lookout to keep the Ford brothers' feet to the fire whenever they step out to degrade white society living standards through their borderless businessman's minds.



Date: October 26

Don Andrews: Canada's top racist

Don Andrews.......................1,023 votes
Paul Fromm (Mississauga)... 779
Thom Winnicki (London)....... 234

Thank you, thank you, thank you! If I had a chance, I would like to shake all the hands of the over 1,000 Torontonians who ignored the official campaign of clone choices and voted for Don Andrews.

I don't know all of you, but I recognize your courage and dedication for the white race by taking the time to officially cast your ballots for the hardest and fairest white racist policy-platform for Canada's greatest city. White racists are definitely an ideological force in Toronto, thanks to our continuing years of activity in Canada. All of this is in spite of the millions spent by the politicians, police, media, spies and agents and Ford false-flags, and I still received the most votes for an outright racist common sense/good will/fair-play policy that is determined not to repeat the mistakes of Canada's Red Ensign military globalist meddling, past and present.

White racist Torontonians, pat yourselves on the back for a job well done, knowing that you are not leaderless or alone.

The battle for the white race continues.



Date: October 24

3 Media frontrunners: white society wreckers

This Toronto municipal election is a bloody farce and charade run by the media, broadcast and print, that has denied Torontonians the public information to make an election choice on October 25. None of the four newspapers or any of the TV stations have ever bothered to list the registered candidates running for mayor and council in Canada's largest city.

The fix is in, the three clone-stooge candidate choices (Rob Ford, Joe Pantalone and George Smitherman) are basically all the same multicultists [sic] supporters apologists, ruining white living standards through their white self-loather cheapskate scheme to denigrate white civilization standards through globalism. Naive white idiots who latch on to Ford's bigot bandwagon will be the first to be hurt by cuts to city services and anti-white-standard unions' privatization.

Wake up, Paul Fromm, and all the other anti-racist haters (bigots) and penny-pinchers (Rob Ford is not 'for our people') and snotty bean-counters who have little use for white "low-lifes" showing their derision for their white race. Only a vote for Don Andrews for Mayor of Toronto means anything in the long run. because he stands for white civilization in Toronto. The rest is all pocket-fluff that history will ignore.

Count yourself in on the racist roll call, whatever your background tomorrow, Monday, October 25, by voting for Don Andrews (third on the ballot.) Send them a message that they can't ignore -- that's why the media is silent on our campaign... but still fearfully watching.

Good luck on Monday.



Date: October 23

An appeal to non-whites

To some people money is more important than race, even if they claim to be speaking for "Our People" on YouTube and "Stormfront." Give me a break.

I never tell ethnic jokes nor do I laugh at them. As a white man for a white society, I take great interest in the history and backgrounds of non-whites in our city. There's no white racist who knows more about you, I'll wager, and since you came to Canada for our white way of life, I'm your best to guarantee these high standards in opposition to bigot cheapskates and haters.

To the Tamils, who followed the Limeys to work on Sri Lankan tea plantations (since the Sinhala were too fat and snotty.) I'm on your side for a Tamil Eelam (state) and I reject Canada's "terrorist" semantics and meddling in your homeland and here. Don't be brow-beaten and frightened by voting for Ford or Smitherman; vote for Don Andrews.

To the blacks from the Caribbean and Africa, I'm for African schools and identity and proper state assistance for your poor, too: Vote for Don Andrews.

To the East Indians, Pakis and Bengalis from your "desh" (state) or from the Punjab (Five Rivers): I know your patriarchal culture and commend you for it. by supporting fathers in our society. I'm against the US dirty drone murders that your traitors allow in your homeland and against Canadian military meddling in Muslim lands.

To the Chinese and other Orientals, I can only applaud your racist family cohesion and its success in the world. I'm your best bet that the corruption of your homelands will not enter Toronto's politics. I'm your man for mayor.

To all non-whites, I can look you in the eye and tell you that I'm a racist for my people as much as you are for yours, in a respectful society. Racism is for everyone.
Think about it, and give rationale a chance by voting for Don Andrews for mayor on
October 25th.

Respect is a two-way street.



Date: October 22

Rob Ford is not the great white hope

In spite of some naive peoples' hopes that Rob Ford will get Toronto's house in order by stopping some bureaucratic gravy train and hinting at an-anti-refugee agenda, it's all lies, smoke and mirrors. Every globalist businessman frequent-flier hedonist is out to reduce white society's standards of living to bring it in line to the anti-union Third World cheap labor land that they've gotten used to through the federal traitors in Ottawa over the last 40 years.

Riding on a wave of white resentment to cut down the multicult programs while reducing benefits and services to poor working whites, is sheer chutzpah irony by the cheapskate Ford and sneaky Smitherman campaigns. Joe Pantalone — "Pants" to the neo-cons — has been an abysmal smiling failure for white Torontonians fed up with token genuflecting ethnics suck-holing to the elites. There's only one candidate left who is the antithesis and total opponent of the anti-white self-loathers of City Hall who have let this city slip to other races who will one day use the whites' tombstones in their plurality-future. "Brokeback Cowboy" Calgary is already there with their Muslim mayor, now being flogged as Canada's Obama by the treacherous media.

That candidate is yours truly, Don Andrews — the whites' last chance for a kick at the can before they're swamped into oblivion. Now it's up to you to stand up and let history record your vote. God Bless my voters, and all my well-wishers.

Until tomorrow.



Date: October 21

I can't force you to survive

They say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Today's little article in the National Post on yours truly coming in second for Mayor of Toronto (when David Crombie had his heart problems and I was to legitimately take over) shows how the old Family Compact elites who hobnobbed with Col. Russell Williams changed the democratic rules in the middle of the game. That's their idea of democracy.

Hey look, I've dedicated my life to the ideal of the maintenance of white civilization and race since 1967. Who knows how much more courage white Torontonians would have taken if the elitist scoundrels followed their own rules in the last days of Toronto the Good? Since then, it's been all downhill for whites in Toronto while fat cat liberal neo-con globalists blow billions on bullets in far-off Afghanistan. I consider my candidacy as a civil service and a subtle ego trip of a fate-destined Slav who became an Anglicized old-fashioned Canadian in the golden 1950's, doing my public duty to present a vital choice for our existence.

You can demonstrate that desire by voting for Don Andrews this Monday, October 25th. Bring to the polling place two pieces of identification — i.e., a piece of mail addressed to you; that's all you need.



Date: October 20

The 3 "Front Runners" Suck

The Toronto media really looks pathetic as they sheepishly throw in a mention of the 34 other candidates in a supposedly-democratic election; You know, "if you don't like things, run for office" tribe. The continually and reluctantly correct themselves after saying that it's 'down to their three' now, that there are dozens of others who believed in this sham 'democracy' and who took the time, effort and expense for Toronto.

Like I said before, it's too late now. Morally speaking, the Toronto media is a pile of stinking shit with no exceptions, crawling out of the cesspool. They failed to show Torontonians their mayoralty choices and to give them all equal time, bar none, regardless of their position, money or polls. In a 'six-original;' clone clown choice, done in a soviet-style propaganda charade. Hey, you might fool today's "Eloi" answering their Morlochs' silent call (from The Time Machine), but not those who will vote for Don Andrews for Mayor on Monday October 25, in spite of your total control of this campaign's Punch & Judy show.

After over 80 scripted debates, not a difference has been shown by the arranged 'front runners' Rob Ford, George Smitherman and Joe Pantalone -- other than how much or how slowly they intend to cut services, get rid of union jobs, privatize government leading to higher taxes, lower labor pay and the convenient distancing of responsible politicians. None of these chosen people's 'front runners' would say a peep to their higher-ups in federal or provincial politics, the real gravy train they all aspire to, the Fords included (As for Ford's dad and cut-and-slash globalist destroyer Mike 'the Knife' Harris, what industry, culture or morality did these Conservatives conserve?)

It might take some time for a genetically-serviced population of civil servants, retired soldiers, poorly-selected settlers and rounded-up free-labor urchins to realize that they're being used and abused by the multicult/globalist white race-haters before they throw off their yoke.

A vote for me is a good start. Good luck!



Date: October 19

Ford and Fromm propelling the racist gravy train


Rob Ford talks about a gravy train. Well, he's part of it on the white racist voters' level. That's what's really carrying his lead. the racist gravy train that looks to be catapulting him to the Mayor's chair for the City of Toronto. It's mostly because of his Great White Hope golden-boy locks and his anti-Tamil refugee /we-can't-afford-it comments of the fed-up white taxpayer seeing their nice, tranquil society in criminal ruins.

The same thing is happening in Mississauga, where Paul Fromm (of YouTube's "For Our People" videos and "Stormfront" white nationalist commentator) is running for Mayor of Mississauga on the same slogan of "we can't afford it" Tea Party racism/gridlock/freeze-immigration-for-five-years (until more lanes are built?) Fromm's so cozy with Ford that this racist connection led to the appearance of Ford's transportation expert James Allcock at an upcoming meeting of Fromm's Alternative Forum for his Toronto supporters in my city. Allcock is supposed to bring Fromm's people up to date on Ford's campaign (of course, I'm the white man's racist candidate in Toronto, but his we-can't-afford-it "racialist" timid Anglo crowd is playing footsie with Ford, scenting the sweet smell of success). With all these concerned whites desperately voting for the winner Ford, it's obvious that the media can't ignore the base of Ford's support, no matter how many Sikh head scarves Ford wears, the white reaction is there.

Thomas Winnicki's campaign for Mayor in London will be looked upon in the same way; in fact, we are all riding the same racist gravy train of racially-aware whites fed up with the multicult commie diversity propaganda that has changed the complexion of Canada forever, that white nationalists will have to re-order.

The rails have been laid, and my vote will be the gravy on that racist train. The more racism, the better for everyone — and in Toronto, Don Andrews is the real deal.



Date: October 18

The Status-Quo Clones' Election Game


Rob Ford and his fellow globalist neo-cons Liberal George Smitherman and Conservative John Tory are out to dismantle white society with their boastful cuts of good-paying unionized government jobs that have become the high-achiever goal of white salaries, since these multicult goofs have already given away our manufacturing industry and sold our resources to China and the cheap labor markets of the Third World.

Joe Pantalone is stymied with his cute token ethnic multicult slobberings, with veiled concerns about black neighborhood crime escalation if Ford cuts their special-aid status. Politically-correct gay-married Smitherman doesn't want to affront anyone in his softer, sneakier compact-Ford approach to impoverishing white society in Toronto and driving more out of the city with his ribald morality. I heard that little anti-racist self-loather Adam Vaughan talk of the importance of the dignity of the mayor's Office; the reason he didn't want Ford to get in (who else's vote could embarrass the federal government to hand over $22 billion dollars to pay off Toronto's debt and give the city a two-year break on fees and taxes?) It's all strictly Punch and Judy show chutzpah, because all of them, including Rob Ford, are part of the ruling elites.

Don't let anyone fool you — only a vote for Don Andrews says anything of any consequence when it comes to the solution to Toronto's problems and its future. The rest is all status-quo election games that left behind 34 candidates.



Date: October 14

During elections, obfuscating media should be criminally charged


It's obvious that the media's farce of the Toronto mayoralty elections is showing. Their smiling bocce-ball boy Rocco Rossi has been pulled out of the mayoralty race just nine days prior to election day. This, after promising Toronto citizens on a morning radio show the same day he quit, that he would be in the race to the end. These clone candidates have to compunction of barefaced lying to the public with the media's stooges' acquiescence. One thing is for sure: you can't count on any of their words, no matter how emphatically they play it with their promises.

Phony polls of miniscule samplings and slanted questions are presented as fact by the media's comrades, all introduced to set the tone of inevitability for unthinking voters whose motto usually is: "I don't have an opinion, but I'm sure it's be just like yours." The anti-white globalist media's attempts to control an election campaign by talking only of their poll-controlled clone candidates and ignoring the other 34 citizens who were accepted and paid their registration fee, is a perversion of democracy. These are the same goofs who lecture to the violent opposition: Run in a election if you want to change things. Yeah, right — they only print the news that fits.

I'll be sending another letter to the the timid to notify the media's dummies of their blatant hypocrisy and to list all the candidates the day after registration closes, instead of 24 hours before election day. We need a standing election oversight body to ensure that these so-far-arranged farces are not passed off as being fair and democratic. Twisting and denying access to information to the public during an election by the public's media should be a crime that I'd love to see their smug CEO's face in the docket (and polls should be excluded during election campaigns).



Date: October 13

Toronto Generally Hard Done-By


Toronto's beginnings come from a hard time when the French had to burn their little Fort Rouille and evacuate the men for fear of marauding Indians egged on by British from the United States in 1739, after ten years of existence. In 1796, when the English were kicked out of the States, British Governor John Graves Simcoe of Upper Canada (up the St. Lawrence) transferred the seal of government from the town of Newark (at the mouth of the Niagara River) to Toronto, stripping the new capital of its name and haughtily calling it York, in honor of the second son of Crazy George III. In 1812 the re-named "Toronto" was burned and looted by the Americans in reprisal for the occupied Canadians blowing up a magazine and killing 250 Americans in the process. The American military still has symbols of the renamed city in a military display that none of our politicians have ever tried to get back for the English/American wars from 1812-14.

In 1834, with a population of 10,000, the city was finally given a charter of incorporation and given its original name Toronto back. In 1837, even the farmers and original settlers who had enough of the haughty once-slave-owning United Empire Loyalists who set up an elitist political game, the "Family Compact" prompting an armed revolt. It was just by chance that an Italian greengrocer's daughter (Cynthia Degreassi, whom Toronto's DeGrassi Street was named after) was treated well enough by the liberty-seeking rebels) escaped to tell the evacuating British governor of the weakness of the rebels, ending in their consequent defeat.

The rebel leader, William Lyon McKenzie, had to hide on a dinky island (Goat Island) on the Niagara River, where the Family Compact boys were too afraid to enter in fear of provoking the Americans on the contested islands. The ruling elites looked upon Toronto as a revolving door work warehouse, where neighborhoods were continuously replaced by strange laborers from around the world; the same goes for raising tax cash and cannon fodder for other people's war. Not since the War of 1812-14 have Canadians shed blood defending their own frontiers, but have still lost 115,000 dead. What's that tell you?

Toronto's hardly ever talked about by the federal and the provincial ones think Queen's Park is somewhere up in the sky, taking little interest or pride in local affairs. You'd never know they were in the Pink Palace, which always looks empty when there are no demos going on. I aim to change all that. Every vote for Don Andrews is a vote for Toronto and an embarrassment to the provincial and lickspittle lackeys of the anti-nationalist globalist. Toronto needs a boost, not just the $ 22-billion I'm asking for, but in pride and character for Canadians first.

This I promise you.



Date: October 12

Don Andrews is the only racist candidate


I regret when someone steals my thunder; lazy white self-loathing coffee shop communists in their Spadina-Bathurst enclave, putting up signs against the frontrunner Rob Ford, signs reading "Wife-beating racist and drunk for Mayor."

I don't know about the fighting charges against Ford, but for sure, he's no white racist — he himself boasts he has an ersatz boy brother that his father brought here one day from Morocco and introduced him to the family as a sibling. Plus, he keeps the black youth busy by coaching football and delaying their gangsta activities, pulling the wool over the white community; finally, he denied it himself (His usual first reaction to anything unpleasant.) Of course the opposite may be true too, as the "Racist Mayor" story spreads; some may end up Googling my site. You certainly can't expect the arrogant media to undermine their cosmopolitan anti-white racist agenda to publicize my candidacy in particular, other than a "fringe/freak" story. They too, have their marching orders in a fearful industry when you can disappear in a day (like Rick Sanchez) if you ever dare hint at their self-denied power. They're so arrogant they pretend not to notice whenever they shoot themselves in the foot, even in the Toronto election. With 40 candidates running for mayor, they could easily have had an article, picture and comment from all of them on a daily basis to their views on city and current affairs, to get a real idea of the choices available for Mayor of Toronto and the City's future.

But now, it's too late and it's up to my voters to spread the word that Don Andrews is the only white racist for mayor of Toronto with common sense, good will and fair play for all.



Date: October 8

No Denying the Importance of Your Vote This Thanksgiving


Whatever good proposals I've come up with, such as declaring European Heritage Week in Toronto, more benches on commercial streets, establishment of an Toronto emergency crisis fund for citizen emergencies, health department takeover of the bedbug problem plaguing our city, directing police to concentrate on stopping black crime, really getting rid of the graffiti, synchronizing traffic lights, planting more trees on streets, handing the TTC over to the province and transforming the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) transit system and asking the federal government for $22 billion (it's our money) to give to a two-year breathing space with no taxes or fees and paying the $3-billion City's debt, my candidacy will still be perceived as a white supremacist Toronto vote which, believe it or not, is more important than all the aforementioned. That's the seed of white nationalism and race survival for the future — without that, you've got bupkiss.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving weekend and a Happy Columbus Day in the USA, celebrating the beginnings of white civilization in America, and of course, the beginning of European Heritage Week starting Monday October 11 and running to October 17. The colors of Toronto are so glorious in October; I hope you match them with your beautiful smiles.



Date: October 7

Poor Pantalone


The way that the media has handled the mayoralty candidacy of Joe Pantalone by referring to him as "Joey Pants" continuously underlines the hypocrisy the multicult-lip service Anglos. It's just plain bigotry and snootiness calling a guy who's be elected for thirty years by Toronto citizens and served the globalists' interests of a race-mixed society. If little Joe "Pants" Pantalone was the size of Tony Soprano and connected to the Mafia, it's still doubtful the wimp media pundits would dare to be continuously disrespectful. What's wrong with saying "Pant-a-lon-e?" Is it mouthing too many syllables for a multicult schlep? After all, the last king of France's last name was Chapeau (hat), and only when facing the guillotine did the Freemason revolutionaries refer to him as "Monsieur Hat."

Oh sure, Joe Pantalone, with his shy smile, claimed it was no big deal, but everyone knows it's a slag on his ethnicity that he pretends not to notice. The Liberals' haute charity boy Rocco Rossi never faced any ridicule because he's a token ethnic with the Anglo elites. Instead of going after his multicult voting record and his leftist union contacts, the media settled on a personal downplay — and I haven't heard on fellow mayoralty candidate of the media clone choices say a word about this degrading mistreatment and asking them to stop it. Obviously, Joe Pantalone is the true representative of commie multicult and globalist consumerists with "world-class-city' crap that has poined [sic] Toronto with crime and strange behavior from the Third World.

And that is what he has to answer for, in which case, he stands embarrassed, without any pants. The Italians of Toronto have to wake up and smell the roses by siding with their white race genetic code, instead of "Mambo Italiano-ing" to extinction.

Rise up and vote for Don Andrews — through my ex-wife and daughter, I'm one of your paisanos.



Date: October 6

Don Andrews Appeals to East Europeans


The other day I was visiting our daughter's grave in a beautiful east end cemetery where spotted a Macedonian father who haunts the graveyard in mourning for his son's death. We've talked before; this time he told me briefly that I was running for Mayor of Toronto against a federally-foisted immigration invasion by "Pakis, niggers and chinks." Like most Greeks and other Balkans people, he didn't blink an eye, unlike a lot of wimpy Anglos and just nodded in agreement. They have a lot of common sense and historical perspective, unlike hedonistic Anglos. as he agreed to vote for me. With so many smart people from Eastern Europe, it's unfortunate that they bow and kowtow to most of the Anglo/ Jew Canadian shibboleths of 'diversity is our strength' idiocy.

However, many are waking up and are willing to vote for the antithesis of the globalist Toronto City Council by voting for Don Andrews for Mayor. It's time that the hard-working East European immigrants (who thought they were coming to a calm white country for social and economic benefit) woke up to the betrayal policies of the Establishment clone candidates. Stop your differential [sic] genuflecting to the idiots who have planted the seeds of our ruin for this nation with their anti-white agenda and have the courage to vote for someone who believes in something that will save your future and maintain a white culture and civilization in Toronto. Rob Ford is not the answer. Don Andrews is.

I'm with you!



Date: October 5

Vote for Don Andrews; at least you know what you're getting


Don't you just love the non-white immigrants' group " The Color of Poverty"
campaign, made up of the Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asia Legal Clinic, the African Legal Aid Clinic, the Canadian Arab Federation, and the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, wanting their cake and eating it too?

These are the people out to destroy with society in Toronto under the banner of anti-racism, including denouncing white nationalists, and who didn't have the courage to ask for an interview with me.

Of course, the neo-con penny pincher globalist white job-destroying Rob Ford couldn't be bothered with them as soon as he heard the word 'poverty,' which is plentiful among white Torontonians too. Hence, in spite of all his bending over with his black football team coaching and multicult lip service to minorities, these commies gave Ford an F in their assessment of how much groveling he was doing to them. Hopefully white Canadians won't be fooled by Ford's whiff of anti-racist over costly refugees and think he would lift a baby finger for their Canadian birthright. The gravy train is at the end of the line as far as Ford is concerned for any citizens' benefits of putting up with the asinine Toronto motto 'diversity is our strength' (a motto that I will rescind, and that led to this globalist sellout of our lifestyles.)

Tell your friends to vote for Don Andrews, who stands for the white people. At least you know what you're getting.



Date: September 29

Pantalone Should Pack It in


The union leaders supposedly backing Joe Pantalone for mayor have not only failed the white working class in Canada with their free trade job-loss globalist policies and acquiescence but they're betraying Joe, too. Pantalone was supposed to have the backing of the unions and hasn't had any public help from their multicult suborned leaders who are seeing their ranks drop and the influence of neo-cons denigrated by the media. They're keeping mum on the future union job cutbacks and promises of privatization when the unions will be lowered to the level of medieval guilds. vying for contracts with new cosmopolitan noblemen cheapskates. The rank-and-file is just as immobilized and mortified by politically-correct anti-racism to dare peep about our multiracial-deteriorated society, except maybe as a wasted vote for false-flag Ford.

Pantalone may as well pack it in and free his voters to vote for Don Andrews -- and the white society way.



Date: September 28

False flag Ford irks white self-loathers


The censored media candidate "clones for mayor" have dwindled down to four now with the fear mongering feminist/corporate globalist corporate Sarah Thomson throw[ing] her support behind George "Diaper Boy" Smitherman. That media spinmaster John Oakley of AM 640 Radio even pronounced to the general busy/zombified [sic] public "as a matter of fact.' Now there's four left in the race.

The kind of bottleneck constriction of the truth (there's 35 other candidates still left) is on the level of an Orwellian game show and totally undemocratic . The radio station is owned by Corus Entertainment (how the Jews transferred even the news to a form pay-for-fun operation.) I believe the liberal multicult elites and some of their coffee shop commie friends are on the level of insult that a bozo bigot son of Mike (the Knife) Harris is about to become the oafish mayor of their world class city that the bastards and bitches gave away to the Third World for their hedonistic dodo lives. Hence, the fear and charges against "anger" at City Hall: can hate be far behind for these little treacherous ways whose headstones will be used as cobblestones one day when the Chinese take over and make Toronto the next Singapore. Rob Ford won't change anything except his skin if he is confronted as a white man. Your best bet is still to cast a vote of pride an smartness for a candidate who believes racism is for everyone, based on common sense, good will and fair play when the first advance polls open on Tuesday October 5, Don Andrews.



Date: September 27

All we need is one marathon


I was caught in a 7 am Monday morning traffic jam along with thousands o others going to work or about their business. No, the corporate neocon bigwigs are putting on another marathon next week; coupled with the spring runs and other charity marathon street closures, it's getting to be a little too much. All we need is one big Toronto marathon showcasing the beautiful neighborhoods, parkways and lakefront (better than New York's). As an ex-runner, I'm all for it.

200 Wellesley Needs Our Help

The 1,500 people made homeless by a structural damage fire in an old high-rise need the city elites' and the citizens' help and a "200 Wellesley Fund." Here's another occasion where a permanent Toronto Crisis Fund, managed by a crisis team, with up-to-date services to immediately help victims in these situations. As for these leftists' modern metropolitan cold and dangerous bug-infested blights, let's tear them down and parcel out the land to private enterprise. Government shouldn't run housing -- just give the destitute enough bucks to get a roof; the market will do the rest.



Date: September 24

Don Andrews Will Help the Poor of Toronto


The reason for the leftists running for Mayor of Toronto can't stop Rob Ford and appeal to the angry white population is because they're for multiculturalism and more non-white immigrants coming to Toronto and Canada. They're sincere in their own politically-correct censorship that is often displayed with their hesitating commentary when it comes to immigrant refugees. Rob Ford, on the other hand, hinted that he's against more of the same, strictly because of his we-can't-afford-it excuse. Ford and his fellow neo-con globalists are out to denigrate and de-unionize white society on the level of a Third World "middle class." Ford's stopping the gravy train at City Hall can only affect three dozen councilors at best. The rest of the gravy train cutbacks will be of Torontonians' services through non-unionized buddy-buddy capitalists profiteers. Government is not a business, but security and services to live together in harmonious happiness for all, not just the privileged frequent-flier entrepreneurs like at the turn of the 1900's, when robber barons ran the roost and everyone genuflected to them.

Ford will do nothing for the welfare poor whose tax money is spent immediately in a Canadian neighborhood, and not on Mexican beaches or the Caribbean. None of the current five media clone candidates are out to help the Toronto's poor. Only I have pledged to increase the ridiculously low $520 survival stipend from a rich country that blows $175,000 on shells and missiles with impunity for mercenary globalist wars while begrudging their citizens barely enough to pay the rent. Every vote for Don Andrews is a vote for poor Canadians deprived of their birthright by a treacherous federal government beholden to the UN. Hey, Harper! Give Toronto our $22 billion to resurrect the city over two years, with no taxes or fees. It's our money.

I wish to extend congratulations and support to white nationalist Paul Fromm, who is running for mayor for Mississauga and Thomas Winnicki, who's running for Mayor of London, Ontario. Show them your support an October 25th and be noticed.



Date: September 23

The Greatest Generation "Moroons"


I have to laugh at the manure of the Toronto talk show hosts like Mike Stafford of AM 640 Radio and even some dummies from Newstalk 1010 CFRB calling their spoiled-brat, drugged, sex-sodden youth as "the greatest generation" — that's chutzpah.

The term used to be applied to World War One and Two participants, but they're almost all dead and the final rebellious usurping to their parents is the appropriation of that arrogant term for themselves, just like the house they received from their parents. Believe me, as an objective historical observer born on another continent and in another culture, the baby-boomers' generation and the childish Harry Potter weirdoes they spawned are the two death-knell generations of our race, tricked once again, as in World War Two, into bullshitting their birthrights to foreigners.

"Greatest Generation," my ass. What "Moroons."



Date: September 22

Gun control farce doomed to failure


I'm against the Canada Revenue Agency and their petty agitating retroactive demand for Toronto Police to pay for their parking privileges of $3,500 fort the last three years. The cost should be picked up by the employer. It's hard enough to tippy-toe around politically-correct rules and enforce the law in a race mixed city without adding anxiety and petty costs for the cops' private vehicles.

On a connected note any government which demands to know the number and location of their citizens' ultimate defense, doesn't trust their population and in fact is fearful of their fellow citizens and are not to control their defenses whether attacked by strangers or their own government. This is why I'll always rail against a potential police state democracy. Harper's globalists and his fellow traveler clone opposition (Liberals ands NDP) are playing a farcical charade with this gun registry-dismantling vote, only to come back to the frightened white suckers and fool them once again with freedom and individual rights/social conservative slogans in the next election. The debate route was purposely mishandled by the neo-cons with guaranteed failure 'I told you so' triumphism [sic] by the fiscal conservative phonies whom the Prime Minister never said a passionate word, or in defense of the final freedom to defend yourself. These Canadian three parties are worse than the clone-democrat Zionist elites, the U.S. Tea Parties.

Remember that in the next election.



Date: September 21

Only a sex scandal can stop the "pink-faced white guy"


Rocco Rossi, the joker in the Toronto mayoralty campaign, has proven his nickname with his adolescent ads depicting a wise-guy "Sopranos" killer criminal heroized [sic] by Hollywood Jews who are recommending Rossi for mayor. His obvious Italian-ness need not have been emphasized, particularly the evil side of their society. It's not elevating to be a fan of criminals, whatever their race or nationality and his dark side desire to be a tough guy (so much for the big "charity society" morality where he is so rubber-chicken-circuit prominent). If he really cared about his feared Italian roots he's drop out and put his support behind Joe Pantalone, the proven Italian politician-union bureaucrat, or George Smitherman's going-nowhere campaign, or Sarah Thomson's boring sale.

It's non-whites, liberals, libertines, globalists and Red Tories versus the "pink-faced white fat guy' libertarians, hockey fan bigots and we-can't-afford-it secret racists, while the smart and courageous vote for Don Andrews.

As for the Rob Ford juggernaut, only an odious sex scandal could shame away his frightened supporters.



Date: September 20

Ford is not the answer


Since Rob Ford's such a shoe-in for Mayor of the City of Toronto, there's even more reason to vote for Don Andrews for the $22 billion I'm asking from the federal government for no taxes and fees for two years and to pay off the city's debt, as an indicator of what Rob Ford should do after his anointment as the city's representative to the feds. Since Ford is rising on an anti-immigrant wave, he may as well do something for the hard-pressed white citizens by being encouraged to do the right thing by them when noting my vote, which will represents one of the racist ideologues rather than the ordinary surface bigot.

All other cheapskate service and employee-cutting machinations by Ford and his fiscal conservative neo-con supporters will further pauperize white society -- the globalists' intention for a one-world order. The obfuscator bigot excuse that "we just can't af-Ford it" is not the solution, or the long-term answer to the preservation of white civilization in Toronto. Only economic self sufficiency (along with a non-white immigration moratorium and a non-meddling deep defense people's militia to replace our costly globalist mercenaries, is the answer).

Think about it.



Date: September 17

Ford shoots foot with 'racist' overtone


The big news this week other than bedbugs in the Toronto mayor election is the apparent revolt of the globalist neocon "Red Tory" elites with thirty of them declaring support for George Smitherman; supposedly provincial Conservative Party leader Tim Hudak couldn't control the Rosedale multicult capitalists, nor their erstwhile public loser-leader Red John Tory (now playing possum and trying to pull the rug from under Rob Ford's feet by supporting a metrosexual failed Liberal party tax-waster Smitherman). Now why would they do that against poor Rob Ford, the Don Bosco black punk-helping coach and international in-family businessman and supposedly pro-multicultist anti-racist and anti-white nationalist?

Come on now, the elites know something about him personally, or it's that pro-white racist impression he gave to the beaten-down, had-enough whites that here's a potential kick-ass champion whom they're not going to abandon whatever "progressive" trend or scandal. They're getting desperate revealing their hand of even the slightest hint that Rob Ford's candidacy will be a reflection of his anti-Tamil refugee suggestions. The cosmopolitan elites are desperate not to give succor to an anti-white anti-immigrant advocate, especially when the guy looks close to taking the position. Everyone wants to be with a winner, even if their position isn't exactly exemplified. But Ford's guaranteed to disappoint with that "change" B.S.

Don't be as afraid of those like the arrogant cosmopolitan Ian Kagaden from B'nai Brith, who said, "Racists are like cockroaches, when you turn on the light, they scatter." Put your vote where it counts on the public service campaign — for Don Andrews on October 25th. Racism is for everyone.



Date: September 16

City Health Department Should Get On The Bedbugs


Now's the time for Toronto to stop the bedbug infestation of homes, apartments and businesses in a hurry.

I remember when I was an eager young health inspector, how disappointed I was when the Medical Officer of Health silently decided that a vigorous pursuit of before-almost-unseen cockroaches in the suburbs was not needed (because of East Indian sensibilities not to potentially kill their ancestors). I knew after that, the white community standards had been dropped for a new Third World toleration of disease-spreading pests.

Let's not let that happen with the new bedbug infestation and allow it to be tolerated in lower economic levels, simply because it's cheaper and multiculturally intrusive. Upon discovering bloodsucking bedbugs, I recommend that the City Health Department finance efforts to eradicate this vampire bug for the community's health and for you to phone and/or e-mail the Health Department and the Medical Officer of Health (Dr. David McKeown) and insist upon the same.

Toronto Health Department E-mail:

Phone Number: 416-338-7600 (Mon.-Fri. 8:30 am- 4:30 pm)

Toronto Health Department information page on Bedbugs:



Date: September 15

Don't Waste Your Vote On the Media's Clone Bores


Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Rob Ford, George Smitherman, Rocco Rossi, Sarah Thomson, or even Joe Pantalone? Not much — just the nuances of how they're going to cut city services and their shell game of now-you-see-the-fees-now-you-don't. Notice that none of the media clone choices is willing to demand anything from the provincial or federal governments which suck our taxes away for social engineering missions while dumping hundreds of thousands of economic crap labor Third World economic refugees over the last 30 years on now-only-50% white Toronto.

Rob Ford is not the next big thing (no pun intended;) he's part and parcel of the globalist ruling elites which look on Canada as a revolving door workhouse with hewers of wood and drawers of water to replace the spoiled white Canadian-born by recruiting and showering non-white immigrants with largesse from our citizens' taxes.

If you want to make a big impression around globalism, and the open door immigration invasion, there's only one candidate on the October 25 ballot whose candidacy is radical enough to show the elites 'what-fer' and encourage the demand of Don Andrews for a $22 billion federal grant to pay off the city's debt and give our hard-pressed community a big break to resurrect and beautify Toronto with no taxes or fees for two years for a golden opportunity for our city. You'll never get anything unless you ask for it and no insider politician can be trusted or believed to follow through on his promise, unlike Don Andrews [who] will follow his word.

I promise.



Date: September 14

"Rocco Rossis," Spoilers and Meddlers Not Needed


It seems that in the Toronto mayoralty election, the controlled media and Freemason businessmen throw in a wild card joker, like (Liberal) Stepehen LeDrew, Howard Gomberg and this year, Rocco Rossi, to siphon off votes from serious-populace candidates with their media clowns. In this election, Rossi is the nicer version of McGuinty's metrosexual eHealth $2 billion tax-waster George Smitherman. To hear the media tell it, these characters are portrayed as almost viable contenders. The truth is, they're just spoilers for serious contenders concerned with the future social/racial state of Toronto. This election, I am not playing the media's crumb-bait game and am requiring the mountain to come to Mohammed, instead of vice versa. With the advent of the Internet blogs there is no need to kowtow to the media ringmasters because my message is out there for the racist ideologues and the concerned.

For another chance for a kick at the bucket by white people in Toronto to express their pride and dignity and to send an important message to the globalist traitors who have betrayed white society in Canada with their non-white immigration policies, don't waste your vote on the cheapskate penny-pinching and liberal/libertine meddlers. Record yourself historically with a ballot marked for Don Andrews for Mayor in Toronto 2010. It's never too late, and something's always better than nothing. You'll have your chance at posterity on October 25th.



Date: September 13

Stop the union-bashing, Rob Ford — You're ruining our city and ruining our white society


I'm so sick of the neo-con newspapers and radio, particularly John Oakley of AM 640 and Jerry Agar of Newstalk 1010 CFRB constantly campaigning for Rob Ford with their anti-union propaganda which will lead to the destruction of white Western society as we know it.

These people should register as lobbyists for the Rob Ford Campaign and they should declare themselves as part of his secret expenses for all the free publicity he garnered from the globalists, just to pauperize us all with their union-bashing and hating drive.

Unfortunately, most top union leaders, including their little mayoralty champion candidate Joe Pantalone are wishy-washy apologists, who have been suborned by the the multicultists [sic] to open our borders and ship our borders and ship our jobs out for cheap labor so that a few frequent flier cosmopolitans can enjoy their useless hedonism. If it wasn't for the unions and the sacrifices made by their ancestors, this would be not much better off than the dog-eat-dog Indian subcontinent and commie criminal China. (Smitherman, Rossi and Conrad Black's girlfriend Sarah Thomson are no better.)

Complain to the Rob Ford Campaign at
and tell the globalist meddler of non-whites where to get off with his cheapskate campaign denigrating our city now.

And on October 25th, vote for Don Andrews for Mayor.



Date: September 10
Title: A List of Toronto Mayoralty Candidates — Et Al


It's high time that all four Toronto media newspapers printed a list of all 42 Toronto Mayoralty candidates and Ward Councilor candidates for the October 25 election, and not two days before the ballot date. Come on, big shots, do the job that you're pretending to do — you owe it to Torontonians for all the globalist propaganda crap you have foisted on the citizens over the last four decades that has sold out our city to the world.

We're all waiting.  [ Current list of candidates ]



Date: September 9
Title: Rob Ford Destroying Toronto's Heritage


The media's leading five-clone choice mayoralty election candidate Rob Ford wants to get rid of Toronto's streetcars, a symbol of this city for almost a hundred years. This globalist corporate cheapskate doesn't care about tradition and the historical attachment of proud Torontonians top their ancestral surroundings.

The buck is the bottom line of civilization in Ford's vision of the giving away of a world-class city by Anglo to greed bags and communists. Toronto's streetcars are great, even if they are an inconvenience to hurried drivers on occasion. One streetcar transports three times what a cramped narrow bus can carry. You never feel trapped in a streetcar with all the push-out windows and big exits. It's a smooth and scenic ride, better than any subway car lurching in underground confinement. Plus, they run 24 hours a day.

Rob Ford's going to change all that with longer waits and confusing bus intervals for waiting streetcar passengers. Just imagine a beautiful picture of a Toronto streetcar plowing through a pre-Christmas snowstorm; corporate skinflint Ford will rob us of it. Show him your dissatisfaction and tell him what you think of his thoughtless plan — and vote for Don Andrews for Mayor on October 25th for heritage and tradition.

(Contact Rob Ford by EMAIL or by phone at 888-763-6482)



Date: September 8
Title: The Brothers Smitherman


I feel sorry for the Smitherman brothers, Toronto's version of the Brothers Karamazov, arguing in public over nothing. George's older brother truck driver brother Arthur is running for councilor in Ward 8/York West (wouldn't it be better if we named the wards after local neighborhood names, so that we knew where candidates were running, as I have suggested?). After looking tough and "ready" in a defensive straight-guy hick pose, with his tropical shirt tucked into his pants, Arthur's not supporting his brother George for Mayor; instead he is supporting metrosexual George's nemesis Rob Ford. No, he says, it's not personal, but in opposition to Smitherman's neocon waste cutting and his leftist policies, while Arthur intends to help the single-mother socialist "demographics" that he's familiar with from the Jane/Finch area, obviously confusing his left and right. Unless this is a clear ploy to get himself elected to Council on Rob Ford's tail by giving the anti-George Smitherman Ford voters two chances to kick George in the pants by voting for Arthur. It's a sad day for George Smitherman.

Compare that to the vision of the Rob Ford brothers' Aryan tag-team, with the older Ford brother Doug taking point, who's running for councilor in Ward 2/Etobicoke North. The family that plays together, stays together. But I'm still against Rob Ford's idea of spending $50 million on lit, paved bike trails throughout ravines, parks and hydro right-of-ways, which will bring more crime and activity into our green spaces and secluded areas. Plus, I thought we couldn't afford it, Mr. Ford. ( Related story )



Date: September 7
Title: Toronto Needs A Special Crisis Fund


Often-times, we have fires, gas explosions, floods, storm damage and inclement temperatures, when many Torontonians are placed in a crisis mode of survival, with little help other than under-funded charities and the welfare office next Monday morning at 8:30. This is not good enough for a caring community, the basis of white civilization.

I propose setting up a Toronto Special Crisis Fund, supported by taxes and private monies to look after our citizens in times of need and to set an example to other citizens that people, not profit, come first. This idea has been a long time coming, as one tragedy after another occasionally hits our city, such as the fire yesterday on College Street, displacing and depressing our fellow citizens in that neighborhood. Toronto Special Crisis Fund aid would help to alleviate that negativity.

Tell the other politicians what's needed for compassionate, proud city.



Date: September 3
Title: Term Limits are Not The Answer (Neither are Rossi or Smitherman)


I'm against Rocco Rossi's recall plan. It sounds too cumbersome and connected with organized political groups who could launch such a campaign to undermine a radical choice by the electors by the Establishment political monopolists. Why have elections if winning winning candidates can be destroyed by a continuing vendetta of the elites equipped with money and media? There's a lot to be said about knowing your local political champion with pride and connection to your neighborhood, where the Orwellian ward numbers should be replaced by community names for greater voter participation. I'd rather have local career politicians than parachuted Establishment generic gadflies, like the Liberal Rocco Rossi and his ilk.

The bigger question is, who the hell is supporting and intending to vote for Furious metrosexual George Smitherman, with his dirty past with the outgoing McGuinty crowd and their nanny-state shenanigans. Is it all the non-whites and their lispy downtowners, fearful of the I'm-not-a-racist Rob Ford bigots who don't care about Smitherman's busy political post and Toronto's future? Technically, there's very little difference among the now-five media clones who arrogantly ignore the 29 other campaigners for Mayor.

Vote for principles and real social concerns for Toronto.
Vote for Don Andrews.



Date: September 2
Title: Don Andrews is the Only Difference


It just makes you wonder what part of the media is making up these dinky Toronto mayoralty race polls. In this latest one, again from a sampling of 400 people in a city-population of 3 million people, again, Rob Ford is ahead with 34% of the decided vote and George Smitherman (the failed billion-dollar E-Health tax-waster) at 22%, Rocco Rossi at 15% ( a big jump from 5% because of his politician recall idea,) Sarah Thomson at 6% (that can't be right, with some radio stations reporting that she's dead last now of the five media choice) and again. 4% for other candidates.

This whole poll exercise seems to be an attempt to produce a farcical competition for the municipal voters to believe and decide on October 25th. Other than the different anti-white society attitude and anti-union globalist-cheapskate privatizing, all five candidates, including Rob Ford, are the multicult-consumer-dominated same for the future of Toronto. Only my candidacy contradicts their policies.



Date: September 1
Title: Why Waste Your Vote on Sarah Thomson?


The other day I was listening to Sarah Thomson on the radio, who sounded like a beauty pageant contestant answering what she would do for the world. I was really amazed at her obfuscating naïveté and lollipops-and-roses solutions, while answering her own questions.

On TV, she looked better. I forgot what she said, but why waste your vote on Sarah Thomson?



Date: August 31
Title: Why Don Andrews' Vote Still Matters


The wacky idea of Mr. Arrogant Bombast, Howard Moscoe running for mayor. He will still be a no-show. Who the hell will vote for him, except some spoiled North York Jews and people who want public toilets? The equally leftist entitlement politician, the leftist trendy Adam Vaughan running for mayor, is just about as stupid as Pantalone thinking he can get the Anglo vote while the sarcastic snot media calls him "Mr. Pants." I liked his father Colin Vaughan, the City-TV journalist and a real gentleman. As for his son, forget about it. Only the sneaky Red John Tory and Rob Ford's wife Renatta could put a stop to a Ford mayoralty as we approach the October 25 election date. Still, it is most important for the future complexion of Toronto and an anti-Third World immigrant statement for all of Canada for Torontonians to vote for that symbol called Don Andrews. The more the merrier for white race.

Today is garbage day in the east end of Toronto, the day that I particularly hate David McKeown. the doctor who runs the city's health department. They're the morons who recommended the stinking green slop buckets for putrid garbage to be spilled all over our sidewalks (Isn't McKeown the doctor who okayed "Torontonamo Bay" pigsty temporary prison facility for Torontonians and visiting protesters?). That whole department needs an overhaul and with my background in public health I'm just the candidate to do it.



Date: August 30
Title: Rocco Rossi Not So Nice


It's surprising to see the Liberal multicult machine Warren Kinsella recruited to help Mr. Nice Guy, Mr., Big Smile, Mr. Middle-of-the-Road-Rob Ford, Rocco Rossi. Kinsella is the Liberal Party's hatchet man whose anti-white nationalism and hatred for white racists was amply shown in his vaguely accurate book Unholy Alliances, making the connection between the Nationalist Party of Canada and Libya's Moammar Khadafy (because we had a couple of dozen members who journeyed to North Africa upon invitation to Khadafy's Green Revolution philosophy (hey, we got some T-shirts out of it). Warren Kinsella will test the mettle of Rob Ford's subtle bigotry by calling him to task in the same shrill manner as the coffee-shop communist white self-loathers. The idiot's already calling Ford a moron (I think imbecile is the lowest on the IQ scale along with a knuckle-dragging Beverly Hillbillies Clampett). White racists have been putting up with this inverse propaganda from the self-loathers for decades, ever since they were inundated with rock and roll.

Hopeless Rocco Rossi, who stands last in the media's polls, is obviously playing the hit man for George Smitherman — an unusual position for Mr. Amiable. Apparently the leftists, multicults and the diversity crowd are scared of Rob Ford's white racist undercurrent, prompted by his coded concerns about more refugees for Toronto. Now the Liberal goofs reveal themselves to the real initiator-architects of the race-mixing of Toronto and other urban centers of Canada, which will only prove that Ford is nothing more than another false-flag Glenn Beck disassembler (I'm still waiting for Ford to speak up specifically and condemn the black crime shootings raging in Toronto this summer, and the police solution to it).

Warren Kinsella's website


Date: August 27
Title: Speak out against black gang violence


I encourage people to tell Toronto Police and their City representatives (especially Rob Ford) to speak out on black gang crime shootings and infiltrate and dismantle these neighborhood menaces, starting with their ugly graffiti all over the city. Let's have less effort on the G20 "police show pronouncements and hype and more on stopping this cancerous slide to get all the criminality that has been allowed to develop in race-mixed U.S. cities.

I'm getting so bored with hearing how diversity-boy Rob Ford boasts about how he saved underprivileged youth (blacks) from crime with his sponsorship of the football team. Is this what we have to do — cater to their chip-on-the-shoulder threats? That's no way top form a cooperating community within our city walls. Hey, Rob, what have you got to say about the gangs (and be specific)?

I'm wondering when John Red Tory is on another innocent vacation, or plotting a comeback. This neo-con did say "never say never in politics." These corporate globalists flip-flop all the time; they'll pretend they're anything — except a white man.



Date: August 26
Title: Drop the Orwellian numbers — Only name the city's wards


To encourage greater voter participation in municipal elections and elevate neighborhood and community pride, I propose that all now Orwellian-numbered wards be given traditional local neighborhood names. This way, whenever a local politician is mentioned in the news, so will a neighborhood's vision and local pride enter the minds of citizens. It would teach Torontonians about the city.

Everyone likes their hometown area in the news; it's safer than your name. Torontonians can't get an image or impression from this corporate cheapskate attitude to citizen representation; fewer councilors and numbered wards bring out a lackadaisical interest in voting effectiveness and neighborhood pride and simple overall non-descriptive vague names like "York South" just to match the federal riding names only compounds the problem. Many neighborhood names of great heritage value to breed civic pride are being ignored through non-usage. This only undermines our civilization. Naming wards could give some historical credit to our city's forefathers and descendants. I encourage all visitors to write to their favorite municipal politicians and make this suggestion for the city's tradition and betterment.

Every vote for me as mayor is also a vote for this heritage idea.



Date: August 25
Title: Cold Orientals Irritate Me


Yesterday I told myself to write about my unpleasant multicult 'diversity' experience at a No Frills supermarket, giving myself 24 hours to cool down from the insidious arrogance of an Oriental stranger in the neighborhood. Of course, to me they're all strange; the inscrutable Charlie Chan "Chinaman" who happened to be staring at every item of my quick-trip's groceries with an ex-military interrogator's observation of the bananas, eggs, bread, peaches, etc. So, I looked at him, but the big guy wouldn't give me any eye contact. I'm older than him, but in my black 'wife-beater' T-shirt, having neglectfully left my other shirt behind (I remember thinking, always bring one — you never know what cold jail cell you may end up in on any outing.) But I ignored my own subconscious advice.

Well, then, there was a snotty Chinese cashier, usually shorter and darker who starts yelling at a drunken white "Barnardo" who has entered the store through the express cashier's side instead of the turnstiles with the recorded welcome and the who-knows what info-gathering detectors have been activated. Well, he just ignored her, waving her off. She was outraged, yelling and giving him orders on how to enter the store. Now this fifty-something Asiatic for some reason is bugging me with his arrogance as he was still inspecting my food. So I pointed to a metal hook, which I aimlessly wondered what it was for and aloud to him " I wonder what that's for?" He just ignored me, and I thought of the Oriental Vince Li, who decapitated the head of Tim McLean (the picture of white Canadian youth) mutilated him and ate his lip in an unprovoked attack on a trans-Canada bus.

So I baited him a second time and repeated the question fairly close to his face, but he didn't flinch, just carried on as is this barbarian didn't exist. Well, I wasn't going to touch him to attract his forced attention now, but for sure, I wasn't going to move an inch out of courtesy for this character, causing anger with his discourteous insolence. Even if he just came off the plane, this takeover artist attitude/snobbery toward any whites without money or power is the underlying sentiment of the hordes of Asiatics who are leaving their trampled, exhausted country to found a new China in North America. I think the military-supremacist mandarin got the 'Don't-Tread-On-Me' flag aura and cautiously stayed just on the line, like the 38th parallel, like it's the only thing they understand (if we only had one...) As soon as I left, the two Chinese (customer and cashier) started caterwauling away in Chinese, like big friends. The silence is only for the "big noses."

Could you imagine if the Tamil boats were filled with Chinese from Taiwan, when the province returns to China? The Rob Fords and the penny-pinching neo-cons and I'm-not-a-racist crows wouldn't dare be so loud. I'll tell you, if I became mayor of this city, ethnic elements (no matter what their origin or color) would be quickly lectured on the white man's way in public society — do you get it? (Check the book Massacre in Shansi and see how the Chinese deal with foreigners)



Date: August 24
Title: White racist vote more important than cheapskate-vs.-metrosexual show


The Ipso-Reid poll, after only 400 contacts, has decided for the zombie political crowd that Rob Ford's ahead with 32%, George Smitherman at 21%, Sarah Thomson at 10%, Joe Pantalone at 9% and Rocco Rossi at 7%. So much for the long-form census arguments when you simple-sample 400 Torontonians giving the mindset-marching orders for the next mayor of Canada's top metropolis in the media-run "election" candidate choices.

There are 29 other candidates who purportedly received 4%, equivalent to 16,000 votes to be split, if the usual around-400,000 vote in the municipal election. Of course, a lot of Rob Ford's votes would be better placed beside my name, as they would be more effectively noticed, instead of the false-flag Ford, with his globalist dealings. Sarah Thomson, Joe Pantalone and Rocco Rossi might as well pack it in and put their weight behind metrosexual Smitherman. After all, there isn't a dime's worth of difference between any of the four, hence their unified attacks against their bigot whipping-boy Ford. The North Toronto cheapskates and the long-suffering had-it-to-here Anglos are lining up behind Ford as their reactionary champion. But look out -- Rob Ford will hurt the very whites who vote for him with his service cuts and pro-globalist anti-union policies that he has never renounced. Consumerist globalism is out to denigrate and pauperize white society to a Third World level, which fat cat white traitors couldn't care less about.

Let them have their Toronto Idol shell game election — make your vote count, for Don Andrews for Mayor.



Date: August 23
Title: Go Easy On The Frenchies


I think Toronto Police should go easier and not harder, as they appear to be doing, with the extra charges against the G20 protesters from Quebec.

Toronto and Montreal have always been rivals in the past; what the once-front-runner Montrealers could be enthused about (in their Leftist neighborhoods) is the harsh treatment of the one hundred G20 protesters of the accused three hundred, stoking resentment and neo-commie fire in Quebec. Better to show grace and mercy, or the Anglo police force at the service of the globalists will be under more pressure from an inquiry from a developing new cause célèbre in Quebec. After a couple of days in "Torontonamo Bay" the Frenchies can now remember ("Je me souviens") how the Limeys ran them for generations.



Date: August 20
Title: Racial Awareness Takes Courage in Toronto


All of you must know of course, is that I'm having a great time listening and watching the racially-tinged immigration debate brought on by the Tamil boats and Rob Ford's comments. Ford. like the character Brent Leroy of TV's "Corner Gas," venturing into a controversial concern, and has energized a whole bunch of Canadiana-type Hank Yarbos (another CG character) stewing in their coffee shops for the past three decades, especially on the talk shows. The media's minion mouthpieces are having a hell of a time shutting down the racial basis of the debate: "Immigration isn't a municipal concern, it's federal!" That's why I'm asking for $22 billion from them now for the City of Toronto to offset taxes and fees for two years and to pay off our debt. And they've got the money --just take it out of their immigration and UN activity (including wars.) That's one of the things you are voting for when you mark your ballot on October 25 beside my name.

On another note, Rob Ford and his two blonde British-bulldog brothers towering behind him on each side certainly look like an Aryan tag team match, with their big-mouthed manager in front.

He's a great showman and the best part of it is the elitists' anxiety over his continuing high polls (of which there are suspiciously none in the mayoralty race itself, just on the immigration issue.) Even the other media clone candidates have been mildly critical of Ford's "refugee-free city" idea, fearful of which way the racial-awareness wind is blowing: against the Leftist bleeding hearts and their multicult policies that are threatening the city. It's like all my issues are coming to the fore.

Have a happy weekend!



Date: August 19
Title: Obfuscation's Okay With Rob Ford's Supporters


The fiscal conservatives, penny-pinchers, libertarian, cheapskates and I'm-not-a-racist bigots are reflective of the mores of the 60s, 70s and 80s TV fans: if you can get away with it and if it feels good, do it. That's what happens with no racial awareness and religious respect -- when caught in a pinch, lie first, then try to weave out of it.

We all know a drunk bullshit artist, but if they can get things done, who cares? However, Rob Ford and his supporters took a public morality hit, one where they have to stutter and stammer over in explanation for, always hiding their latent racial awareness. This can make a group shrink in fear, even though their champion has more notoriety. This straight shooter is equivalent to the "Loan Arranger."

I just can't trust anything he says. And that is not a leadership quality.



Date: August 18
Title: Rob Ford's Shortsighted Bigotry Will Lose in the End


Rob Ford is a very selective bigot, especially if it comes down to dollars and
cents. He, along with 5,000 Jews is against the Lawrence Heights public housing project, which would no doubt concentrate a lot of non-white welfare types and lower the housing values in the Jewish district. Ford's also against the Tamil refugees' boatloads, mostly heading to Toronto eventually. He wants to make Toronto a refugee-free zone, which his multicult pal candidate Joe Pantalone tried to cover by saying. "Frankly, I don't [think] he meant it."

These clone media choices are all playing a duplicious [sic] charade because they are not appealing to the Jews to significantly cut down non-white immigration into Canada. These clone candidates are not demanding $22 billion from the federal government as I am, to offset Toronto's debt and give a two-year relief period from fees and taxes for Torontonians, instead of wasting $9 billion for mercenary mission fighter jets and $40 million on the Afghanistan war. Ford is just playing to the I'm-not-a-racist bigot-cowards who will eventually have to get some cojones or follow the dodo's path to extinction for stupidity. Racism is for everyone and if Canada had encouraged, instead of fighting the Tamil mini-state in Sri Lanka (Tamil Eelam) and anyone else who has an aspiration for an ethnic state, most of the crisis would not exist.

Being a racist with common sense, good will and fair play means never having to say you're sorry -- which Rob Ford will be saying soon. Time to wake up, Toronto and vote for Don Andrews for Mayor.



Date: August 17
Title: Toronto's Orwellian Motto "Diversity Is Our Strength" Will Ruin the City


I wonder what Rob Ford and his supporters think of the dumbest globalist Toronto city motto, that unnatural Orwellian oxymoron from Big Brother himself -- Diversity is Our Strength -- while the Tamil boats are landing on Canadian shores. These 500 are just the tip of the iceberg of what's in store for this city under that communist Internationale motto.

It took us a millennia to separate into the best-case scenario: peaceful, family, ethnic- language and religious communities, and now these consumerist greed bags are going to slam it all together for a madhouse of anxiety with a globalist police force to keep everyone down. I notice Rob Ford's label company is internationalist, too -- he's such an all-Canadian that his family-company's employees are mostly in the States (so much for his Canadian nationalism).

As Mayor of Toronto I guarantee that I will do everything to change and/or give discredit to that open-door Third World immigration policy of the cheapskate neo-cons and their commie partners.



Date: August 16
Title: Vote For Your Race, Vote for Don Andrews


If the Toronto election was held today, Rob Ford looks like a shoo-in, provided that no odious personal scandal is revealed by October 25th. The cheapskates and penny-pinchers will have their way on election day, as city services are cut back in the neo-cons' anti-union drive in favor of privatization in a white man's society.

However, voter still have a chance to make a major insightful statement by voting for Don Andrews and the $22 billion demanded from the federal globalist neo-cons and liberals in protest against the Third World immigration invasion, This is much more important than Rob Ford getting rid of the plant waterer at City Hall and any other mean streak cutbacks.

Vote for your race. Vote for Don Andrews.



Date: August 13
Title: Report Unsynchronized Lights; Plant More Mountain Ash Trees


In Toronto, you know Back-to-School is just around the corner when you see the beautiful bright orange berries on the sturdy Mountain Ash trees that thoughtful gardeners have planted. Fortunately for me. one spring up in front of my old maple tree and is already over 20 foot tall, with clumps of bird-used berries ready to take over when the maple expires.
As mayor of Toronto, I will encourage a wider variety of trees to be planted on our streets, including the Mountain Ash.

John Tory's indignant outrage at Rob Ford's accusation that City Hall incumbents are corrupt, flies in the face of his shaky vow that he would not run for Toronto mayor (nominations close on September 10.) Red Tory's love-in CFRB 1010 radio love-in interview with outgoing liberal mayor Miller over Ford's accusation makes one wonder whether he's currying votes with the middle-Left and neo-con supporters for a plunge into the mayoralty race. Tory claims a number of people have publicly berated him for not running, supposedly to save the city from Rob Ford's bombast. Tory's infamous quote of "never say never in politics" shows that his flip-flop attitude (as in the past) is the last thing we need as a contender in a a metropolis fast becoming a Third World city.

I encourage all City residents to report all irritating and costly unsynchronized traffic lights on major thoroughfares to the city's transportation department at 3-1-1, or go to this page on the City's website.



Date: August 12
Title: Global Meddling Brings Tamils Here


Rob Ford's service service cutbacks are not the answer to Toronto's financial problems; the federal and provincial governments are -- they're holding the City's tax monies and blowing it on globalist economic efforts instead of Torontonians. I'm upping my demand to $22 billion from the federal government to cover the $3 billion debt that the City's in and the nine-and-a-half billion dollars per year budget to cover two years for a tax and fee moratorium for Toronto's hard-pressed citizens due to Canada's open-door immigration policy and meddling in foreign wars.

Wars like the one in Sri Lanka, where Canada sided against the Tamil Eelam state-builders and helping to defeat the Tigers' state through Zionist boogeyman anti-feminism laws that no Irishman or East European anti-communist freedom fighters would have tolerated along with Israel, commie-capitalist China and that globalist stooge India (who are all responsible for the Tamil Diaspora now hitting Canada's Western shores.) They're heading here in boatloads of refugees for the multicult and anti-nationalist meddlers to process.

That's the price of globalist stupidity for a world-class city which only gets more Third World refugees dumped on its infrastructure, while billions are spent on mercenary missions and foreign aid.



Date: August 11
Title: Omar Khadr Commie Show-trial Supported by Cowardly Bigots


I'm so sick of that radio talk show host John Oakley on AM 640, with his constant Omar Khadr complaints and defending that Alice In Wonderland kangaroo court; it makes me ashamed of the neo-con bigots aligned with the feminist whores who are denigrating Canadian citizenship for their women's rights bigotry that has destroyed this nation through multiculturalism.

Anyone on the anti-Islam bandwagon, political or religious, are Zionist stooges and cowards to multicult immigration policies that have brought black gang warfare to our whorehouse country run by non-breeding bitches. These bigots take the easy road by kicking the lowest common denominator terrorists, just like the anti-racist commies and anarchists who like to demonstrate against white nationalists. The biggest joke is that tortured Omar Khadr is being tried by a jury of his "peers" -- American soldiers while still denying him a combatant's prisoner-of-war status.

Hey, you old fart war vets, where are your voices, and how would you like it if the Nazis tried you as just plain criminals as they dragged you out from the Stalags? Cowardice, two-facedness and hypocrisy are the hallmarks of bigots like Oakley and anyone else who supports this kangaroo court trial.

Little wonder that white nationalism never makes it, relying on these "I'm-not-a-racist" wimps.



Date: August 10
Title: I'd Take The Raise and Demand $20 Billion For Toronto from the Feds


Those who think that the $16,000 raise for the Mayor of Canada's greatest city is too much are in the penny-pinching Rob Ford camp. Personally, I'd take the money and lobby through embarrassment as loudly as possible about the tawdry treatment the federal neo-con globalists have towards Canadians while blowing billions on foreign mercenary wars in Afghanistan and UN meddler intrusions into Third World countries. Toronto needs $20 billion from the federal coffers of our money to give the city a two-year respite from onerous fees and taxes, through which (through shame and badgering) the globalist goofs would finally pay up.

None of the other mayoralty candidates are willing to speak up against the Harper/Ignatieff internationalists, due to the smallness of their vision for Toronto. Take a chance for hope, and vote for Don Andrews for Mayor of Toronto.



Date: August 9
Title: Vote For Don Andrews and Show The World


Well. the media's controlled campaign for Mayor of Toronto through the top five clone candidates is floundering and totally boring. What do you expect when they're all the same in their policies and multicult attitude toward our great city?

"Me-too" makes for a boring election that the elitists will not be able to elevate unless they have the participation of the real opponents to their globalist suicidal policies for Toronto and that's me, the total antithesis to the clone candidates (Rob Ford, George Smitherman, Joe Panatalone, Sarah Thomson and Rocco Rossi). There's not a dime's worth of difference among them, just like the Harper neo-cons and Ignatieff internationalists, Zionist democrats and Republican warmongers.

I am encouraging Torontonians to break away from the same-old / same-old controlled opposition shell games, to vote against all incumbents and elevate the media's silenced voices standing up for tradition and all-around racial pride for all citizens.

It's a new millennium. Let's do something different on October 25th. Vote for Don Andrews and show the world.



Date: August 6
Title: Neo-Cons Not The Answer


Well that's it — like I told you, John Tory's not going to run and this time it's definite, I mean really definite, especially with the enemies he's made, not only on the Left but on the Right with his Red globalist policies of pauperizing white societies and cheap trade policies. Had he won Toronto for the neo-cons, he could have delivered them an urban centre that they'll never get now for Harper's giveaway globalists. That's good news. not that the Liberal/NDP multicults are much better, but sovereignty-undermining is always easier under the guise of conservatism which has evolved into fiscal penny-pinching under the likes of Rob Ford and the Black mayoralty contender Rev. Wendell Brereton, who threw in the towel in favor of Ford's fiscal conservatism. What kind of a reverend is he anyways, who claims that cheapskate penny-pinching is more important than the social conservatism Rev. Brereton supposedly preaches from his anti-gay marriage church? I think this ex-cop (now reverend) has his priorities skewed in his latest Rob Ford-backed candidacy for councilor in Etobicoke's Ward 6, far from his inner-city Regent Park flock.

I smell hypocrisy.



Date: August 5
Title: Forget About It, John Tory


I'm all in favor of the funeral parlors in Toronto getting more money from the City to bury poor Torontonians with dignity, added to the funeral costs. I would also be in favor of a marker [for] deceased citizens, which is not provided now. I feel sorry for the funeral parlor workers who have to endure looking at the pain and suffering, and being close to death on a daily basis (it's pretty hard on the psyche, especially with their poor pay).

I remember as a health inspector, that I used to inspect their embalming rooms, and once I got roped into helping the understaffed operator lift a body from a freezer gurney onto a table for a hermetically-sealed shipment to be buried in Italy. I've been a required presence at 200 disinterments for various reasons and different burial lengths. These cemetery workers didn't have a pleasant job in scent or practically; one time, they fished out some bones in muddy waters by hand. Fortunately, the grinning Portuguese said, "Lucky he was wearing nylon socks," which kept the bones tighter.

Yes, our poor people living and in death deserve better treatment, and it can be easily accomplished if the Federals in Ottawa gave Toronto $20 billion for a two-year respite on taxes and fees; just take it out of the globalist mercenary wars and defense spending (they've got lots; I will embarrass the feds and get that $20 billion.)

Do you think Rob Ford gives a damn, or is he joined at the hip with Harper?

(Toronto Star story)



Date: August 4
Title: Forget About It, John Tory


The beautiful painter-stroked goldenrods flowering signals the coming end of summer in Toronto. Still, John Red Tory is playing games with the Toronto electorate by refusing to answer any queries allowed regarding media-powered rumors of his mayoral candidacy; the same man who complains about the decency of callers to stay on subject when they question his candidacy hasn't got much for his word that he gave to Rob Ford that he wouldn't run. This neo-con is the consummate politician that means no change if he should oust a supposed opposition incumbent and their regime. John Tory was even testy with callers, revealing that Rosedale arrogance of the old Family Compact days, who are still trying to pull the strings in the Province of Ontario.

I'd say that if he keeps up this charade and obfuscating nastiness, it's a sure sign that he won't run, having already engineered a small-c conservative backlash for his oh-so-moral actions. Forget about it, John; just pretend you're shaping public opinion on the media's CFRB Newstalk 1010 instead.



Date: August 3
Title: Rob Ford's Vote Not Important


Rob Ford says, even today, that he couldn't have run for Toronto mayor if John Red Tory was planning to enter the race way back at the beginning of this year. Even though he could "taste the mayor's job" in his mouth today, eager to stop the gravy train at City Hall, he was prepared to lower his mayoralty desires and let some three-time loser elitists' schlep potentially become Mayor of Toronto (who now considers too weak of a waffling insider to stop that same gravy train in his campaign ads in August, barely two months away from the October 25th election day.)

Rob Ford must have had an epiphany of a thundering realization that John Red Tory is not the man for the Toronto Mayor's job. Otherwise, the whole media neo-con cheapskate candidate's pitch to Toronto's taxpayers doesn't wash. Rob Ford can't have it both ways, as he often preaches on various issues that he likes to avoid debating over — except on the media stations whose hosts fawn over him like the second coming of Christ with all kinds of miracle-testimonial callers of Rob's excellent work.

All right, so he knows where some petty tax money is missing, but ignores the billions and billions of tax money literally blown away on a useless foreign military mercenary mission for globalists in Afghanistan. Ford would never dare ask for a minimum of $20 billion in a federal grant from his multicult Harper pals or condemn the G-20 pauperization of Ontario's industries by outsourcing neo-cons like himself. Rob Ford is nothing more than a pea in a media shell game that will accomplish about as much as the police-financed Heritage Front with their "equal rights for whites." This is the new millennium. It's time to get rid of all the incumbent puppets that have brought Canada and Toronto down to a Third World level.

Send a message of greater importance than political penny-pinching. Vote for Don Andrews and a white Canada nationalism.



Date: July 30
Title: Something's Rotten in the Neo-Cons' Mayoralty Camp


It just doesn't make any sense for the Establishment elites to be undermining one of their own -- Rob Ford, whose father was certainly in the political and business "in crowd" — unless the John 'Red' Tory insiders know something about Rob Ford's personal life, which makes them scandalously support the obvious media's people's candidate for Mayor of Toronto, even at the risk of making one of their favorite boys (Tory) look like an untrustworthy word-keeper in politics and a backstabbing rat in the minds of many small-'c' conservatives who naively support the multicult Ford.

Ford, for his part, has been very restrained to Tory rumors of a mayoralty candidacy. amid wimpily announcing "The more the merrier," strangely walking on egg shells in reference to a man who gave him his word that he wasn't running -- the very raison d'être decision of Ford's candidacy. And now he can't count on Ford's word. Ford's staff put out a YouTube video complete with a Tory cartoon shadowy character unable to stop the City Hall gravy train, when the guy isn't even running for Mayor. This ad's only good to September 10th. when the sneaky Tory will have to shit or get off the pot.

Whatever the outcome, John Tory's son (Sarah 'Toll Road' Thompson's campaign manager) doesn't even know and can't count on Tory Sr.'s statements or words. When things are looking so good for Rob Ford with his pro-police-state/penny-pinching servile crowd, with metrosexual Smitherman on the run, Rocco Rossi, Joe Pantalone and Sarah Thompson way behind, why have John Tory and his elitist globalists. who have pauperized and killed White Canadians through free trade and UN mercenary wars, now tried to shaft one of their own (Mad Rob Ford) now?

However, I'm still the white people's candidate, asking for $20 billion from the federal warmongers to aid Canada's greatest city and give a break to taxpayers for two years. It's our money -- they can do it if we put enough pressure on them.

Vote for Don Andrews.



Date: July 29
Title: Eyesore Strip Malls Need a Clean-up


Strip malls may have been modern at one time. However, many have become eyesores throughout suburban Toronto, where the diversity-driven demographics of the traitor globalist Tories and Liberals have changed the complexion of entire neighborhoods. prompting traditional Canadian businesses' closures for the cruddy abandoned storefronts and pot-holed parking lots of numerous little strip malls.

These eyesores depress the community and need public assistance and refurbishing, and aesthetic clean-ups. As Mayor of Toronto, I would institute such a city-beautifying policy for Toronto.


Date: July 28
Title: The Tory and Ford Follies

The hand-puppet George Smitherman was wise when he challenged Rob Ford to a one-on-one debate on media CFRB radio 1010 Jerry Agar Show. He knows people are just sick of the metrosexual nanny state/tax-waster/gay-married candidate. So, he tried to equate himself to the pluralistic penny-pincher reactionary Rob Ford wave sweeping the city, particularly the ethnics of all races including the Punjabi NHL.

It's a hard act to follow of the puppet masters' other hand; it was equally wise for Ford to reject him and not get smeared in any confrontation with the liberal libertine skunk. The so-called straight-laced guy decided through his big brother Doug Ford. Persistent rumors of a last-minute John Tory candidacy is a continuing insult and threat from the elitist neo-cons running the show, whose entry might split the conservative reactionary vote between bigots and globalists sailing the new star-puppet's campaign to victory. Or, to another red Tory scuttle to the globalist nanny state McGuintyite who denuded Ontario of its industrial base. with the aid of the cheapskate neo-cons like Mike Harris, Stephen Harper and the Ignatieff internationalists' occasional musical-chairs election switcheroos, so that things get "progressively" worse for Canadians.

It's just a pointless game. Make your vote count -- vote for Don Andrews.



Date: July 27
Title: Flowers Along the Danforth

Everyone needs to take a walk or drive along the Danforth, particularly between Coxwell and Victoria Park and see and enjoy for themselves the beauty of the concrete flower boxes placed along the sidewalks. Aside from a few gaps for either corporate or poor merchant sections, the wide-open flower box panorama on both sides of Danforth Avenue, particularly at sunset and sunrise, is a sight to behold.

As mayor of Toronto, I will endeavor to do the same for the rest of our commercial streets.


Date: July 26
Title: Fireworks With Don Andrews For Mayor

It's just amazing how similarly boring the so-called five media top choices for mayor are. There isn't a dime's worth of difference in their multicult/diversity-is-our-bane "world class city" in these clone candidates' sound.

Each one is out to out-multicult the other: Rocco Rossi sounds just like one of those trendy dilettante "Everything is beautiful" schoolteachers, with his over-emphasized pronunciations of nothingness, complete with an inspirational speaker /salesman's excitement. You can put him on mute -- you won't miss anything -- and watch the dramatics. George Smitherman, who looks like a bigger version of Rossi, mouths Coutts Hallmark platitudes that can be easily missed for a washroom break during a rubber chicken featured speaker's drone. Again, you won't miss anything ("Huh? What did he say?") Joe Pantalone reads off his grandiose commie Four Year Plan with earnest, but it's the same old globalist crap that John "Red Tory" could agree to — little wonder. since they both have the same campaign manager. Sarah Thompson is supposedly the feminist conscience bait a la Conrad Black's capitalism. Other than toll roads, it's hard to remember anything else she stands for. Rob Ford of course, is trying to keep his big mouth shut for his handlers who fear that he'll say something stupid and reveal his real feelings in his carefully-orchestrated, say-as-little-as-possible-me-too campaign. All this killjoy ever says is "The party's over when I'm elected." I feel sorry for the poor people and the service cuts that the taxpayers will have to endure while this two-faced meekling [SIC] is in lock-step with Harper and the cheapskate neo-con globalists and their Canadian military mercenary wars.

It's a boring lot of more-of-the-same, disguised as an "Obama Change (change that never comes). Vote for Don Andrews and you'll get some fireworks.



Date: July 23
Title: Your Vote Means A Lot

I could get more votes if the media mentioned my platform, probably because some fed-up people who are too busy to know about my candidacy would be alerted to the opportunity of presenting a white man's point of view. However, the public institutions and school system have done a very good job of preaching a hedonistic racially-unaware non-entity lifestyle on white voters. So, it's a big uphill movement for white nationalism. Therefore, my votes will represent the most racially-aware ideologies in Toronto, which should give great succor and hope for the future white civilization in Canada.

The rest of the media's five clone candidates' yawn-fest can go on for the brainwashed, frightened proletariat in a Soviet-style democracy election — and we know how much we remember those apparatchiks and their 'Pravda' stooges.



Date: July 22
Title: The Toronto G20 Vendetta Is On

Well, the fix is in and the vendetta is on for these pesky, skinny shrimps who made the mercenary military police state of Canada look bad during the Toronto G20 protest weekend. First, the Toronto cops put out a "Ten Most Wanted" list for cruiser-burning vandals (Ooooooh). Then, we get an additional 21 coffee shop communists on a new most-wanted list, and yesterday, a Liberal Party office takeover by some OCAP members. protesting the cheapskate food allowance for Ontario's poor on the dole. The police arrested ten of them, including one of their leaders, John Clarke, in a big flurry, all against the social justice political activists in our city.

When you look at the billions spend on a stupid, lost foreign military adventure (one fired shell costs $150,000,) this is peanuts compared to giving dignity to Canadians who have to put up with a globalist invasion. It's interesting to note that the media is planning to play down social justice activism and denigrate them to the status of opportunistic vandals who were allowed to burn police property in front of the world's cameras, while the black-clad gladiators meekly stepped back from the skinny squirts. Most of these protesters are racially misguided, even if their intentions are good.

In the end, it's a conspiratal [sic] big show for the cheapskate middle class, fearfully relying on the police for their rights and protection in a globalist multicult new world. Only racist nationalism can correct that deadly course.



Date: July 21
Title: Sometimes the Truth Hurts

Like Shakespeare said, 'Methinks thou doth protest too much,' in reference to any Toronto politician who is upset with Niagara Falls' "dirty city" view of diverse Toronto.

When it comes to graffiti, gun crime and congestion, they should blame it all on the multicult self-interested police state and the bureaucratic nerd "experts" on traffic control. However, the Anglo-Saxon and European founders and builders can still be proud of the citizens' private gardens at the apex of summer, with the beautiful Roses of Sharon in bloom all over Toronto. Kudos to our gardeners, even if our politicians are in denial.



Date: July 20
Title: Let's Get Rid of the Green Slop Buckets

The stench from the green slop buckets, on hot Toronto garbage days in particular, is all-pervasive across Toronto. This so-called eco-friendly Health Department idea needs to go down the drain — or into a landfill, a conclusive end that I as mayor intend to work to achieve.

The Toronto Medical Officer of Health. Dr. David McKeown and the schleps around him have done a great disservice to the quality of life in our city with the the introduction of these green containers filled with unimaginable rotten salmonella-diseased slop that permeates in infinite molecules onto your tongue and nostrils for you to "smell" like a long filthy fart. Who would dare use this offal substance as fertilizer or anything else and damage their health?

The Toronto Health Department has to wake up and tackle this obnoxiousness, unlike the dirty G20 "Torontonamo" temporary kennel detention centre on Eastern Avenue, which the unconcerned Dr. McKeown allowed to be set up without a whimper. Garbage collection is already an overly-complicated takeout ordeal relying on busy city residents to do the sorting and recycling labor for the fat cat garbage companies and the emptying of the green bin slop buckets only adds to our olfactory and health concerns.

Time to get rid of the ugly slop bins. Contact the Medical Officer of Health at



Date: July 19
Title: One-Fifth of Torontonians Reject Media Mayoralty Choices

Well, it looks like it's too late for John Tory to enter the Toronto mayoralty race, shattering the hopes of elitist neo-con multicultists, according to an unscientific Toronto Sun poll conducted yesterday. Otherwise, most Sun readers are penny-pincher Rob Ford followers, unconcerned with the bigger picture of Toronto's dwindling white population. But it's still significant to note that George Smitherman (the failed McGuinty Liberal tax-waster) was on the bottom of the pile, with an only 5% endorsement, half that of Rocco Rossi.

John Tory received 22%, while Ford got 45% with a full 18% rejecting all the media's choice candidates, declared and otherwise. That's the good news; remember, the only vote that matters for the future of Toronto is the pro-white, anti-Third World immigrant invasion vote for yours truly, Don Andrews -- whom the controlled media never mentions.



Date: July 16
Title: Crappy Toronto Radio Stations

I've said it before and I'll say it again, that Toronto is ill serviced by its news and talk show radio stations.

First of all there's that phony all news/all the time 680 CFTR is the most repetitious boring pablum dished out by the most dishonest dummies and so-called news stories, with 1000 stories a day across the world these boring peddlers highlight about three per morning over and over again. Their reporting on the G20's unprecedented arrests and protests was like getting your news from the CIA or the Pentagon. I've complained about them before to the CRTC and will again. The two radio talk show (Zionist Propaganda) stations AM 640 and Newstalk 1010 CFRB are populated with adolescent-brained know-it-alls, even though some of them boast of being from the 'greatest generation' hedonistic no-talent hypocrite hippies which, like Mike Stafford perpetually mantras. If it weren't for the "all-Canadian" bigot John Oakley and his mean-spirited views the whole station would be unknown in spite of the bombastic anti-white Zionist propaganda of the new Ignatieff Canadian Charlie Adler.

The rest of the staff , including Bill Wattrers, isn't as funny as Don Cherry or Corner Gas (yawn). John Moore in the morning's laid back metrosexual fluff and sophisticate's banter is just too slow for a morning ride. Only John Tory brings some serious neo-con agitation in the afternoon, while Jerry Agar in the mornings is a typical neo-con shill for the Establishment and anti-union/police state apologist who is well-hated on Google according to the search terms that have landed on our site. The rest of the staff like Ryan Doyle are strictly adolescents. The greatest nerve of these arrogant anti-white Zionist propagandist warmongers is that they're too cheap to have anyone for a live 24-hour broadcast and repeat their morning shows every bloody night. They're not that good. Variety of opinion and news and real live broadcasts are what the over 5-million listeners of the Greater Toronto Area deserve, not this same-old/same-old schlock.

Tell them to get with it.
CRTC website
AM 640
CFRB 1010 



Date: July 15
Title: Hey, Rob, Stop Adding Fuel to Their Fire

We all know how much damage the Toronto Red Star newspaper has done to Canada with its pro-multicult open door immigration policies and anti-white race communism. These race traitors are so doctrinaire that they won't even put up with the public choosing a penny-pinching white racist bigot as a mayor of the city. That's why they're after the kosher neo-con Rob Ford character, who bobs and weaves at every politically incorrect accusation, but ends up looking like an unprincipled opportunist who claims that the Marxist paper is after him only because his election would be a penny-pincher's end to the leftists' party at City Hall.

The dirty dogs at the Star reach back to 2001 for an example of Rob Ford's bully tactics as volunteer coach for a high school football team. Unfortunately for Rob and his female spokesperson, their denials of him not laying a hand on a student go a long way to advance the Marxist accusations of impropriety with kids now. First it was Rob's wife and his domestic troubles, then, Rob's over-fearful relations with a queer AIDS couple, now, students. If Rob could only learn to keep his mouth shut and reject these accusations with the same political silence of a Harper or a McGuinty, perhaps he could make it past the post on October 25th as a reactionary mayor of Toronto of the reluctant elites in their new five-clone dog-and-pony show election. But in the end, it means nothing for Toronto's white citizens too naive and scared to vote for the future — by voting for Don Andrews.



Date: July 14
Title: Let's Catch the Pine Hills Cemetery Rapist

Everyone should be checking on their friends, acquaintances and male neighbors who might have had a recent haircut from their long hair ponytail style, in order to catch the despicable creature who attacked and raped a grieving 61-year old woman in Scarborough's Pine Hills Cemetery.

Anyone who is laying low for awhile and then appears with a new haircut should be scrutinized, too, as the evil culprit who committed the dastardly deed is described as white, and between 20-30 years old. Pine Hills is a beautiful cemetery, where my daughter and some of my friends are buried. Its reputation needs to be elevated from the human garbage that perpetrated this crime, the second one in the last year (the first was of a homeless man by a black couple).

Stop, look and listen, and help our Toronto Police in apprehending this mad dog. You can call information in to Toronto Police Crimestoppers at 222-TIPS or contact them at the Toronto Police Services website


Date: July 13
Title: Smitherman Stinks

I just received George Smitherman's glossy purple brochure. it looks like an advertisement for a funeral parlor; the ideas inside are about as deadpan as such an establishment. There's a hodgepodge of transit suggestions and a slight touch on the perennial promise of eradicating graffiti and a "pron-TO" city services pledge (yeah, sure.) Nowhere does Smitherman mention the black and Oriental rising crime rate, our disappearing street trees or the purposely-unsynchronized stoplights, or any effort to obtain relief and funding to offset the immigration invasion foisted on Toronto by globalist federal governments (I'm asking for $20 billion to offset taxes and fees for two years in the city).

Smitherman wants to prematurely destroy your tires and front-end alignment and perpetrate more accidents with curbs for bike lanes, just like the dumb speed bumps installed by trendies. There is no help for poor Canadians struggling under a cheap Mike Harris welfare regime and nothing for senior citizens to enjoy the city that they paid for, except for free TTC service for a measly four hours a day from 10 am to 2 pm in the midday sun.

This media's favorite is no choice for Torontonians.



Date: July 12
Title: Toronto's Streets Need Benches

Aside from occasionally attracting the homeless, benches are a very calming community symbol. They give the pedestrian a chance to contemplate his neighborhood and to be an observer for any improprieties in the community. Benches invite the denizens out to enjoy their city. "Keep-on-moving-there's-nothing-to-see-here" stingy Torontonians have undermined their own safety and sense of community by isolating themselves in their homes. Apartment dwellers and the old and disabled would love to sit on a bench in a safe location on a main street. There's nothing wrong with it. Even our parks and walking trails don't have enough benches to satisfy lollygagging around; we have to take back our neighborhoods from strangers and fear. Benches are the beginning. Wouldn't they just look great beside the giant flower boxes on Danforth Avenue and Roncesvalles, or for people-watching on Yonge Street?

We have to trust our citizens.



Date: July 9
Title: I'm Against All Gun Laws!

You gotta trust people, and not the lying politicians and their armed cronies. Who wouldn't dare mistreat and humiliate en masse whole neighborhoods in Toronto if there were no gun laws? The criminals too, would be fearful, as has been proven since time immemorial, that an armed citizenry is the final and last guarantee of individual civil rights.

Common sense should prevail, not dictatorial idiocy; (See "Companies That Make Guns for Movies, TV Shows Exempt From Bylaw" )



Date: July 8
Title: Baa, Baa, City Council

It's obvious that Toronto City Council members are little cogs in a big elitist machine. worth their unanimous 36-0 support of the way Toronto cops "Marvelously" handled the situation of the G20 protests, where 1,070 Torontonians and their guests were peasant-brutalized by the black-visored and shielded goon squads of the globalist government. Only outgoing media-chosen politicians like Michael Walker and Brian Ashton dared to whisper any criticism of Cop Power Canada.

I hope none of these sheep get into office on October 25th; it could be Toronto's modern-day 1837 revolt without guns. As they say, history repeats itself — only people and gadgets change. Even if they win, I'd love to be the "anti-council" Mayor of this Council.



Date: July 7
Title: I'm Going to Petition The Queen Over the G20 Arrests

The Queen of Canada, Elizabeth II, seems to have become just another media tool for the globalist aspirations of a New World Order.

I wasn't too impressed when she failed to show any sadness or concern when an unprecedented 1,070 Torontonians were arrested during the G20 summit.

I'm going to send this comment and a petition to our Queen to comment on her subjects' situation, I know that once before, when I corresponded with Buckingham Palace, they gave Queen Elizabeth's approval and encouragement for my launching in 1994 of European Heritage Week — even though they hedged about it over its creator, being "ancillary to the idea."

I'll keep you posted.



Date: July 6
Title: Looking Forward To Your Vote

The why-bother attitude of Giorgio Mammoliti's reasoning for quitting the mayoralty race shows a lack of conviction of any particular ideas.

What's good for the long term of the public is not always well-perceived by the popularity polls. Common sense cannot be predicated by a majority idol-fan vote. Important ideas like the racial and cultural White future of a city are more important than popular media selection. Crime, non-White immigration and ghettoes, are issues that would be highlighted by someone who stands for something — like myself, right up to the October 25th Election Day, when you'll have a chance to demonstrate your concerns by marking an X in a SECRET ballot.

Looking forward to your vote!


Date: July 5
Title: Can Slitherman Slide In?

Well, the media's choices for Toronto mayor have become even more boring, if that's possible. Their six clone clown candidates have dropped down to five, with George Mammoliti calling it quits by running back into his ward councilor's race. Mammoliti, running lowest in the Toronto Idol contest, had been carrying on where Rob Ford left off upon becoming a mayoralty candidate for his "Left, Right, and Centre" new moderate position. Giorgio promoted the police state line while championing their Zionist masters over anti-Israel gay parade floats. Of course, all of the media clone candidates avoided and didn't give a peep of criticism over the 1,000 arrests of innocent Torontonians during the G20 dragnet following the warnings of the outgoing goofball globalist schlep Mayor Miller. These are the sheep that the mainstream politicians want all the servile sucker Canadians to emulate.

Now Ford will have to speak up on the issues, and John Tory's got until the end of July to put up or shut up on entering the mayoralty race, before it gets too ugly and divisive on the Right for a successful neo-con outcome, and Slitherman slides in.

More tomorrow.


Date: June 30
Title: Stuttering sputtering media

It's not just the police who have shown to have removed themselves from the ordinary common man by treating him with indignity in the 1,000 mostly-pointless arrests over the G20 street police sweep, but the lickspittle media, especially the Zionist radio talk show hosts and pundits. These globalist apologists are sputtering and stuttering excuses and digressive cover stories for the lying Chief of Police Bill Blair, who told Torontonians that he had been given special powers of arrest when none were issued in the G20 neighborhood. Chief Blair admitted with a sly smile that he exaggerated his arrest powers to frighten some anarchist kids away from his precious globalist fence line. Foolishly, the police even tried to slip in a chainsaw and a crossbow from a mentally ill homeless man living in his car, who was stopped with great CNN fanfare who wandered into the G20 area 3 days before it began. Even Blair, when caught, again apologized for it.

AM 640's John Oakley, Jerry Agar and CFRB's John Tory and Ryan Doyle are the worst lickspittle Establishment defenders of the police state. Those on CTV and CBC-TV (like Evan Solomon and Suhena Meharchand are not better. scoffing at the human rights abuses and indignities foisted on Torontonians. And where were the six media clone candidates (Rossi, Pantalone, Mammoliti, Thompson, Smitherman and Ford)? Keeping totally silent on the outrageous abuse of civil rights in our city.

The media has been outed, appropriately, for Pride Week.


Date: June 29
Title: I'm Proud of Torontonians

Today I'm pleasantly surprised and proud of the thousands of Torontonians who turned out on very short notice to demonstrate in front of the office of Chief Bill Blair's College Street Police Headquarters and march to the City Hall office window of the liberal lickspittle David Miller, and finally to the other globalist goof Dalton McGuinty's Ontario Legislature pink palace, peacefully.

The pro-cop see-no-evil media's downgrading and minimizing of the numbers of the large crowd doesn't change the fact that the white politically actors Torontonians demand a gentler, more responsive police force in our white society and will not stand for the bullying, denigrating arrests detention tactics of a punishing police state. Even though I don't agree with the no-borders anti-racist political aims of the G 20 demonstrators who could very well be at my door, I am still more against a police state which treats government opponents as second class citizens, in some cases worse than dogs, particularly at that Torontonamo Bay temporary prison, thankfully closed today. Is this what we can expect from our cops and neighbors in an emergency? The arrogant cops will have to eat some crow and back-pedal on their everyone's-a-criminal-when-they're-on-the-street attitude during demonstrations.

This is still a white people's society and dumb suggestions by idiots who compare our police "softness" to that of North Korea or China are about as stupid, naive and wimpy as Toronto Maple Leafs fans. Kudos to the social justice spirit of Torontonians; we're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore.

Let's have a public inquiry.


Date: June 28
Title: No Dignity in Police State Toronto

Watching hundreds of people corralled into a light crowd surrounded by riot-geared police at Spadina and Queen in a continuing downpour with wind and lightning for five hours reminded me of communist countries, where the cops were making street sweeps of potential dissidents: It was comparable to Stalag 17 prisoners of war, forced to parade in the rain as the commandant's punishment.

Police State Canada was revealed not only by the secret powers given to police by the Liberal McGuinty government, unannounced just prior to the G20 Summit to prevent its court challenge, but also by the massive presence of 20,000 police deployed to protect the elitist globalist leaders in Toronto, making 900 arrests. The pathetic, inhumane and degrading temporary detention facilities equipped with Guantanamo cages on Eastern Avenue, which I had complained about to Medical Officer of Health David McKeown, all came true. Racists and white nationalists have pointed out the inordinate police state powers that have imposed multiculturalism and as massive non-white invasion of Canada for years.

Fortunately for us, a few hundred anarchists who broke a few windows and burned three police cars conveniently left for some idiots to burn while the cops watched metres away and did nothing, was probably orchestrated by the bigwigs to justify the $2 billion cost of this latest sovereignty sellout summit. Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair and outgoing mayor David Miller need to apologize to Canadian citizen protesters and foreign visitors for their degrading brutal arrests, and stop treating globalist opponents inhumanely, The Medical Officer of Health should resign for allowing that dirty, dark makeshift detention centre to exist. Mannequin Harper won't be getting any neo-con votes in Toronto next election, that's for sure — but at least Toronto can honestly claim that we are now the world-class city that the "diversity" jerks always boast about, filled with the same problems as other cosmopolitan centers who didn't look after their cultures and nationalism.



Date: June 25
Title: I Fear for The Future

I feared for the future while I attended my youngest-of-my-six-kids' Grade 8 graduation, where the girls, except for the Pakis, were dressed like tarts and the emasculated Harry Potter boys were dressed like slobs. The macho female teachers ran the show with their wimpy male counterparts trendily following behind.

I live in the Upper Beaches, which appears to be 80% white on the streets, but only 50% in the schoolrooms where the curriculum highlights are neatly concentrated in music, robotics and school trips. These are the results of five decades of diversity propaganda and our history and heritage betrayal by feminists who couldn't give a hoot about race or white people's culture. Unlike other years, though, at least the parents and audience know the words to our national anthem, O Canada.

"O Canada," indeed!


Date: June 24
Title: Hat Trick Troubles For Our Enemies

Oh, the universe is unfolding as it should.

Elitist racist Zionist Jews are having a hard time keeping up with their exclusivist duplicity with thirty queers. These cosmopolitan overlords who are opposed to white nationalism have fallen afoul of their naive true believer race-mixing queers by the way they treat their dispossessed Arabs in Palestine with the Gay Pride Parade organizers' reversal of their ban of anti-Israeli apartheid neo-commie queer demonstrations. Shabbas goy mayoralty wannabe Giogio Mammoliti, their Zionist point man, is outraged on behalf of Zionist Jews in Toronto, threatening to cancel Toronto City Council financial support for the annual Gay Pride Parade (which I'm against supporting to begin with, on principle.) It seems that only the queers have the guts to publicly stand up against "ZOG power" in Canada, which white nationalists have been fighting against for years.

General Stanley McChrystal's "planned" loose-lips interview with Rolling Stone against the 'wimps' in the White House (just in time to get out of the Afghan quagmire / lost mission) is being blamed on him. These are the kinds of victories for nationalist causes that happen when the enemy stabs itself. Now, let's make a hat trick of three victories with the embarrassment of the globalist pluralistic police state by the G8/20 demonstrators over the coming weekend. Now that's progress for white racists.

Questions: Why aren't the G8/20 protesters going after the  mouthpiece globalists and their continual detractors with their demo? Are the demonstrating freaks and geeks that naive?


Date: June 23
Title: Toronto Blooms

Day Lilies announce the beginning of summer in Toronto. These easy-to-grow orange lilies are another spectacular mark of our city. Supposedly, one flower of the plant lasts for one day, but with our cloudy weather and constantly changing temperatures in one of the most beautiful locations on the Planet Earth the Day Lilies last a lot longer and continue flowering through most of July. And they're everywhere in our metropolis.

Another beautiful flowering scented tree thoughtfully planted by Toronto residents and the City on occasion is the Little-leafed Linden. The hot evening aroma of this Paris-perfumed tree and its beautiful giant bonsai shapes make driving around Toronto an aromatic pleasure. More of these sturdy trees need to be planted on City properties and boulevards — something that I as Mayor would definitely do to keep Toronto the Beautiful.


Date: June 22
Title: Toronto: Police State Lite

While I don't support anything the cosmopolitan internationalist meddlers that the G8/20 protesters represent, (other than their anti-war stance) I don't mind at all seeing Harper and the sovereignist sellout summits embarrassed by the raucous rowdies. I've noticed they've already been wandering around different locations and protests that have befuddled the police following them around; they're harder to restrain than the Tamils on the Gardiner Expressway.

It's also sad to see our community police further and further removed from the citizens in their SWAT fascination, now equipped with a double-fenced mini-concentration camp down on Eastern Avenue. As you drive by you can feel a little creepy about what could be going on behind the barrier-protected narrow entrance that's missing "Albreit Macht Frei" (Work Will Make You Free) for the street denizens who will be dragged there with rubber hoses for water supplies, that our willing medical officer Dr. David McKeown has acquiesced to as a first-aid Dr. Mengele Free Aid Clinic for Injured Rioters.)

Globalist traitors have nothing to be proud of during this fiasco meeting of the suborned leaders of the New World Order's elites and their banks. Next time, take it elsewhere -- preferably, out of Canada.


Date: June 21
Title: Ford, Smitherman Attend Black Racists' Meeting

Wimp-asssed whites like Rob Ford and George Smitherman are chicken-shit hypocrite politicians when it comes to blacks: they'll only attend non-white ones, genuflecting and apologizing at every turn. particularly at the Canadian Black Caucus meeting asking for more handouts for their developing ghetto neighborhoods. Could you imagine Ford and Smitherman attending a 'Canadian White Caucus' meeting? No, these white self-loathers are a pathetic example of the "elites' " puppet hands operating on the Toronto political scene; Special recognition and rights for non-whites, is their motto.

My candidacy is the only one representing white peoples' needs and desires in the Toronto mayoralty election. Think about it when you vote on October 25th -- when you reject the hypocrites. Remember, guys, racism is for everyone.


Date: June 18
Title: The No-One Wants-To-Get-Hurt Charade

I don't think our Toronto cops would purposely agitate or provoke G8 /G20 pro-Third World protesters, but I was a little surprised to hear the police union boss calling for a top unionist to resign, defending the inner sanctums of police plans, as if a union brother would be "in the know."

Union head Sid Ryan and Council of Canada Chairwoman Maude Barlow are the elites' media puppets who lack any real racial/nationalistic racial concept, but are still paraded about as if they're the globalists' opposition, playing in a farce without that concept. The Shaggys and Velmas of the Marxist-Anarchist mob are wasting their breath in a feel-good protest -- and our government spending $2 billion for this charade to give away more of our sovereignty?

Racist separatism is the only answer. 


Date: June 17
Title: Rob Ford Quips Criminality, Undermines Mayoralty Office

I spoke too soon on Rob Ford Yesterday, after predicting problems for the loose-cannon candidate of the media six-pack of clones it looks like he fell for the bait to get Slitherman's queers of his back when he rushed over to hug and cry with the gay married AIDS couple.

After this private gushing, the politically-experienced gay couple were all cheerleading to Rob's mayoralty bid. One of them, interestingly, said something to the effect that, if the public knew what they heard about Rob Ford, they'd change their minds about him, too. The new secret-keepers (who could bring the whole Ford family down) somewhere along the way became dangerous bugs with nervy perverts for Oxycontin (to quell one of the partners' AIDS pain) and this is where Ford made his moral mistake — by advising them to get it on the street criminally.

Come on, Rob, you're running for Mayor of the City of Toronto, no matter how gratefully close you feel to your new-found "friends," you don't suggest predator immorality to weak druggies to get rid of your pesky problem. Your thoughtless suggestion to illegalities belies your law-and-order facade.

And that's wrong, Rob.


Date: June 16
Title: Tory's Shadow Haunts Rob Ford

I hate to remind you, but the only vote that really matters for the future of white civilization in Toronto is my vote, whose every ballot would signify to the world (don't kid yourself, there's a lot of people watching) that this city has had enough of Third World immigration. They know my unabashed appeal to white nationalism and racism for everyone. However, there's another entertainment puppet show advertised by the media to pick a window-dressing stooge to front the elites' affairs in our metropolis.

So far, the reactionary cheapskate Rob Ford appears to be ahead with some of the Canadian Idol media fans. However, he is continually shadowed by elitist John Tory, whose bland compromising credentials and moveable morality might be a safer bet by the cabal in charge.

Rob Ford's former genuflections to a potential second Tory run at the mayor's job showed his servitude, coupled with his meek "welcome" of a John Tory candidacy in this election. It still isn't enough for the elites to have confidence in this suspected loose cannon and/or further skeletons-in-the-closet knowledge.

John Tory went so far as to even criticize his former acolyte by innuendo on his CFRB radio program on Tuesday, that Ford's positions are extreme. Of course, this is all a big insult to Rob Ford, even as he happily tries to shrug it off. But for some reason he is not willing to publicly say to Tory, "either join the race or shut up." Still, the six clone media choices offered to the Toronto public are nothing more than six choices of chocolate ice cream (basically they're all the same:) Rob Ford, chocolate fudge; George Smitherman, chocolate ripple; Joe Panatalone, chocolate spumoni; Sarah Thompson, plain chocolate; Rocco Rossi, Neopolitan chocolate and Giorgio Mammoliti, chocolate chip.


Date: June 15
Title: I'm Flying The English Flag!

I'm flying the English flag, even though I'm always dissing the Limeys for one thing or another; when it comes to the crunch, I Speak ENGLISH!

I like the red cross of St. George flag of England, whose red and white matches the Canadian flag on the other side of my car. After all, this is Canada's heritage and historical origin; unlike other teams' exuberance. the English fans are more staid and only honk upon a victory when passing fellow fans. It's unique, seeing all the different countries' flags in this cosmopolitan city, but the flying red cross still garners quizzical and sometimes apprehensive looks from Muslims and non-whites. It's amazing how many white people know that this is the English flag and base of the more complicated Union Jack's Welsh and Scottish criss-crosses. But, it's still great to be involved in the ethnic, racial and national simple sports competition with the peoples of the world.

Although I have sympathies for other nations' teams (including the stressed and frightened players of North Korea,) I'll stick with the English. 'til their bitter end, or victory in this tournament and with Canadian nationalism.



Date: June 14
Title: Rob Ford Candidacy Means Nothing

So far, Rob Ford's on top in the media polls. Well. no doubt: After five years on 640 AM radio's talk shows in the morning crying about tax waste at City Hall and the backing of three Toronto daily newspapers (Sun, Star and Globe and Mail,) and the pundits of CFRB 1010 radio. Yet he only gets 19% of the decided voters over failed gay married politician George Smitherman. About 40% of the citizenry is still undecided after six weeks of media propaganda for their six clone candidates — not very good, Rob.

This neo-con multicult apologist and backtracking one-trick pony penny-pincher will have little effect on the high cost of living and taxes in multi-racial Toronto, where whites are dwindling percentage-wise below the 50% mark. Rob Ford promises to clean up the graffiti with bylaw enforcement officers at night to catch the 'gangsta' perpetrators — as if that'll really work. No, Rob Ford is just a feel-good candidate for the petty bureaucrats who will do nothing for the city in the long run, other than embarrass his supporters, because he is too afraid to tackle the police budget (and their lack of success in stopping graffiti vandals,) and too afraid to rock the boat by asking his federal neo-con pals for $20 billion to give a two-year breather to Toronto residents in fees and taxes because of the non-white immigration invasion foisted on our city by Ford's globalist pals in power.

The only true anti-politician among the 28 mayoralty candidates, and the antithesis to the anti-white morons in Toronto City Council, is still yours truly, Don Andrews.
(Related story: Ford Edges Ahead: )
Don Andrews Still the Politicians' Antithesis


Date: June 11
Title: June Roses Inspire In Our Beautiful Toronto

June is Rose Month in Toronto. All kinds of roses are in bloom across our beautiful city, placed there by thoughtful citizens for everyone to enjoy. All kinds of plantings and arrangements can be seen throughout the city, from the smallest homes to bigger efforts planted by institutions and companies. Even Toronto cops have a beautiful display surrounding their 55 Division building at Dundas Street and Coxwell Avenue.

This kind of gardening should be encouraged by the "City Fathers", with unique and specific prizes and compliments paid to homeowners who have made an effort to please us all, something that I encourage in my mayoralty campaign.

To all of you rose lovers out there, congratulations for your natural shows and displays.


Date: June 10
Title: Resign, Dr. McKeown

Toronto's nanny state Medical Officer of Health Dr. David McKeown should resign after the latest token tax-grab scam of Toronto City Council, passing a 60-second (one minute) idling limit law, with a $125 fine, on the good doctor's recommendations.

The doctor is quite willing to allow the police to set up a makeshift medical station in an abandoned studio warehouse for the protesters injured by police. with a rubber hose as the water facility. But McKeown claims that 440 people in Toronto died as a result of car fumed and 1,700 were hospitalized. It's just a statistical projection; he hasn't got the names or the the case files. He's the same doctor who pushed the swine flu vaccine hysteria which ended up being less than the yearly flu season numbers. Everyone's for less pollution, but let's be reasonable. It sometimes take three minutes or more to clear car windshields and back windows in Toronto's winter. What do we have to do — keep an eye out for the Green Hornet parking enforcement officers on a quota or drive half-blind on the doctor's orders?

Another stupid thing are those dumb green cards giving the Health Department's official approval, which makes people think of medical safety or illness — the last thing you want to think about before you sit down to enjoy a meal. There's no thought or discretion here and they're only there to satisfy the hypochondriacs and busybodies like Dr. McKeown. As a former fourteen-year experienced health inspector I have a slight insight into the arrogance and empire building of the title and office of health, at one time considered the repose of lazy doctors who didn't know much, but love to gadfly haughtily around with the movers and shakers. I find most doctors jerks anyways. smug bigshots with superiority complexes who in real life end up no different than the old doddering bug in front of you at Tim Hortons.

This mentally-agitating pro-climategate scam law will cause more consternation, argument, anxiety, anger and money, than its worth in a race-mixed city where we're trying to keep the peace and trust our neighbor. As mayor, I would do everything possible to cancel it. And the fools who voted for it should be voted out of office.


Date: June 9
Title: Smitherman Goes Chinese

Keeping in mind that the vote for a white nationalist candidate like myself will be the most noteworthy, still, there is Punch and Judy media's six clone candidate charade whose winner will only screw up the city more through multiculturalism and globalization. If George Smitherman, the supposed failed tax-wasting politician, is the frontrunner, he'll lose to slash-and-burn penny-pincher Rob Ford, if he takes that Chinese communist/capitalist globalist regime's free trip to a mayor's conference, when our election isn't until October 25th.

Remember George, when you presume, you make an ass of yourself.


Date: June 8
Title: Media Radio Stooges Flustered Over Israeli Brutality

The Zionist talk show hosts and white self-loathing multicult-backers can't get anyone to agree with them lately, as their hypocrisy is revealed with their every utterance on the Israeli Gaza Flotilla Massacre and the retirement-censorship against free speech and opinion of truth-teller journalist Helen Thomas. It's extending to their hateful denunciations of the G8/G20 protesters, while at the same time, they're having to condemn the massive security taxpayer costs and the high-on-the-hog globalist attendees of the summits with their Potemkin village setting (the fake Lake Illuminati included, to be drained and to disappear after three days) included.

640 AM jock John Oakley must have tired-sighed a dozen times an hour, fielding anti-Israel, pro-free speech, and anti-summit callers. Jerry Agar at CFRB, feeling persecuted by callers' complaints that he's just a Zionist shill (Oy vey, they found me out!) as he holds his head like the figure in the painting The Scream). Charlie Adler's (AM 640 in the afternoon) bombastic boom can't squelch the 'common sense and fair play' of the Israeli Gaza pirates. Useful Zionist schlep John Tory is utilizing every miniscule item and issue to avoid the "anti-Semitic" topics (he pretends he's too nice and proper to discuss reality like all Canadian elites.) It's all fluff with the dilettante John Moore (mornings on CFRB) barely a cross word is spoken on his yawn-fest, while all others are just clones of these characters, including the few Jewish callers who end up shooting themselves even further in the foot by demonstrating their sanguine temperaments, even worse than do the frustrated hosts.

One thing is certain: they all need a dose of humility, to get off their high horses and to put some good will and fair play into action — by talking to all their enemies.


Date: June 7
Title: Highway of Heroes? Hmmmm

One of the reasons Canada has been invaded by non-whites from the Third World is our continual mercenary involvement in the machinations of others. and also the globalist UN and our unnecessary membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

This country can be invaded or blown up at whim by any nuke nuts. Its only defense is a well-armed citizens' militia, well-paid in part time patriotic service, with lots and lots of food, weapons and ammo caches throughout the land to retire any alien occupation, just like in Afghanistan.

The rest are well-paid professional mercenaries plying their trade across the planet for convoluted foreign policy reasons of 'national security' and 'protecting our rights.'

Yeah, right. Just ask the 100% conviction rate victims of Soviet human rights tribunal operating on the home soil while our military is traipsing off on UN globalist orders to far-flung Afghanistan, kicking down refugees' doors in the middle of the night to drag their captured victims to the torture chambers, Or they're digging wells to make more Afghans while recruiting more refugees and slovenly traitor-collaborator interpreters and their families' immigration to Canada, to further replace the white home population and their heritage and culture back home. Oh, yeah, they're real heroes. Over 115,000 Canadians are dead over there defending the dominion from engineered phantom enemies. But, I'm still sorry for the latest loss of life and the broken families. All of them should get the $250,000 military insurance money to restart their lives because of those deaths for no good reason.

Stop all mercenary military missions!


Date: June 4
Title: Toronto Health Department Needs a Wake-Up Call

The boring six-clone candidate show continues, with yet another all-candidates' meeting of those six Jews' choices of the 28 Torontonians running for Mayor the city and with the same old /same old results. Neo-con Rob Ford of course, wants to cover the multicultists' asses by promising to put more frontline police to stem the criminal tide of the Diversity-Is-Our-Strength lie City's motto, while Slitherman slides to the middle. Mammoliti has been out-dictatored by Ford and instead, goes after the unioned garbage collectors. No-chance Rocco Rossi and Toll-Road Sarah Thomson are "me-too lite" contenders. But Joe Panatalone is the biggest disappointment, failing to raise the issue of a studio warehouse becoming a second-class secretive cattle-treatment pen citizens policy, for sovereignty-eating G8 conferences — over $1 billion for their lousy security, and cheapskate herd-treatment policies for the rest of us.

Joe Pantalone may call himself a "progressive's" candidate, but he certainly isn't acting like it, by failing to raise the issue with the City's Chief Medical Health Officer, the city busybody who appears "inhumanitarianly" inactive on this shameful medical service for protesters who possibly may be injured by our police to protect the globalists.

Hey, Dr. David McKeown, wake up!

(Contact Dr. McKeown: Email,, or phone (TTY) 416-392-0658 )


Date: June 3
Title: Two-Tiered Treatment in Canada

In hypocritical Canadian ruling-class elitist fashion, little dignity is offered to the ordinary schlep, whether it's wasting thousands of lives on foreign battlefields, whacking the hell out of workers in a general strike or corralling injured G/20 (planned for Toronto June 26 and 27) workers protesters into a warehouse to be given medical attention by doctors using hoses for their water supply. This is the Canadian Orwellian human rights police state, where truth is not a defense at human rights tribunals, and you automatically become a second-class citizen as soon as you protest. Even though there are a few 'Cool Hand Lukes' in "schleppy" Canada, the bully totalitarian facilitators have to have their fun: four sound cannons, et al, thanks to some of these police and military security-guard wannabes (this is all so cool).

But in the long run, this arrogant display of police state power will further remove the once- neighborhood cop and elevate him to the Imperial Trooper level. Not a good sign for a cohesive, trusting society. Tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper (email: ) to cancel this foolish and costly photo-op that aims to hand Canadian sovereignty over to the globalists whose immigration policies we're already suffering from.

Toronto Medical Officer of Health Dr. David McKeown (email: , phone number 416-338-7600) should be told to correct this glaring health concern.


Date: June 2
Title: "Diversity Is Our Strength" Motto Has to Go

Other than the infuriatingly uncoordinated Toronto traffic lights by the nerd idiots at City Hall, one of my major pet peeves is the "Diversity Is Our Strength" big-lie technique motto right from George Orwell; it's the other biggest idiocy facing the future of Toronto. Every day we record horrific, previously unheard-of crimes. thanks to the globalists' re-population work force efforts against white Canadians:
A 99-year old woman is sexually assaulted by a young black, a Vietnamese man pulls a10-year old into his apartment for sexual assault; drive-by shootings, home invasions, no-go areas and projects for whites are some of more rotten results of Diversity-is-Our-Strength (puke). Diversity has made Canadian whites into a flock of frightened sheep, always looking over their shoulders, then bleating when the coast is clear. I'm ashamed to belong to the political class populated by anti-white self-loathers and other opportunist reprobates to suck-hole to them, or any other neo-con think tank that has never stood up for free speech or the white race -- particularly the media.

I repeat again: I am running as a history-making public service for proud and racially-aware white people and their ideologues, to record their opposition to the "Diversity Is Our Strength" madness.


Date: June 1
Title: Elitist Globalist "Snotbags" Beg for Red Tory

Oh, don't you just love it — all the globalist elitists who are losing influence, having betrayed Canada repeatedly with Third World immigration invasions, and now concerned that bigot Rob Ford just might make Mayor — EEEEWWWW! The nerve of that compromising Mulroney-Light John Tory for not squelching the rumors of his candidacy from his vacation in Ireland shows what a neo-con opportunist he really is (definitely not a man of his word.) If the arrogant dummy did run, he'd be the spoiler to usher in a Smitherman queer "world class" city.

Still, my votes are ten times more important for the future of the city than this suborned "buffon-light."


Date: May 31
Title: Disgusting Display of State Arrogance by Israel

Lucky for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the Israeli navy killed the 20 Gaza Aid Flotilla workers the day after he marched with Toronto's "Walk With Israel," with pro-Palestinian demonstrators dogging them. They'd be doing more than that if the march was held after the latest Jew state murders that the Zionist-controlled Americans picked up with their own drone murders — just like young and learning Al Capones from the Jew-run Murder Incorporated of the 1920's. I'm waiting for kosher conservative neo-cons like Jason Kenney and that big-nosed Peter Mackay to start defending the blame-the-victim murder-state that instituted the unfair prison code morality on Western society: Kill first and ask questions later. Watch the media now to either avoid, ignore or deflect criticism of their Hollywood principles. Here come the excuses, maudlin apologies and blame-the-victim hypocrisy for their dastardly deeds.

Hey, George!

Nothing to do with the above, and I know he can't help it, but I'm just not impressed with big lug Furious George Smitherman's voice droning whiningly on about his vague transit plans and soccer moms' convenience.

Come on, George, there's meatier problems in the city that that -- try some of the Rob Ford style (who's trying to imitate you, and poorly).


Date: May 29
Title: Better Ballots for Toronto

Better Ballots T.O. is at least trying to do a better job of getting citizens to vote in the Municipal Election. A commendable effort considering how there was less than 30% of the vote in some wards. Better ballots is also trying to rectify the media's narrow selection of the 6 clone candidates presented to the electorate by giving the other 22 mayoralty candidates for Mayor of Toronto more exposure with a one-minute presentation of their platform in front of a stage-mike and a group picture of all 28 candidates running for Toronto — both inadequate and a bit high-schoolish.

I could see the wimp clone six trying to avoid standing anywhere near me (that could be a laugh.) Anyways, their site is at . Perhaps they'll put everyone running who has a website or page on their blog, to get a full story of their views and hopes for Toronto.


Date: May 28
Title: Feds Could Easily Give Toronto $20 Billion

Just think of it... $1 Billion for a three-day photo-op in Toronto and Huntsville (the G8 and G20 sovereignty sellout globalists meeting) while $20 billion would take care of Toronto's budget for two years, giving everyone in this hard-pressed, Third World-taken-over a two-year break on taxes and fees burying business and sending personal lives into despair.

The feds won't reveal the cost of the failed Afghan mercenary mission for IMF imperialists. A year ago it was estimated at $20 billion; it's probably $60 billion by now, if the truth is ever told to the public of the real cost of the projects and policies which are always double and triple, or twenty-fold, like the $2 billion long gun registry for the police state to disarm any potentially rebellious population. Anyone who thinks it's ridiculous to press for this $20 billion to compensate for the culturally and racially disruptive policies, is a schlep card who needs to be dealt with now.


Date: May 27
Title: Police Pain Machine For Democratic Protesters: Punishment Without Trial

If you want to see the denigration of white societal manners and the stupidity of those who boast and boost the idiotic oxymoron City of Toronto "Diversity-is-Our-Strength" big lie, just go to the Toronto Ferry Dock and jostle with your globalist citizens that the multicultist councilors at City Hall and the six clone media candidates support, along with the Little Dock of Horror stories, city bureaucrats' ineptitude and dumb modern robot machines that don't work.

Let's put more real people concerned with real taxpayers' issues in the forefront instead of this gawd-awful intended police terror of our citizens with sound-pain trucks brought with our tax money. Who gave the police the right to cause pain to protesters via mad science, without charges and convictions? I haven't heard one mayoralty candidate complain about this advance injustice and further wastage of our big police budget for our multicult city.

Shame on them all!


Date: May 26
Title: The Terrible Cost of Globalism

It's almost at one billion bucks, probably double that when the real truth is known, of the cost for security for the G8 and G20 summits, where white people will be signing their death warrants to the Third World trade and aid deals that will further pauperize the white standard of living to a notch above Mexico's, as their new world order plans continue. And, they have the nerve to smile about it.

It's too bad that the protesters will be demonstrating for non-white rights, which will further erode ours'. White nationalists should be encouraged to do their own bit to participate in opposition to the G8 and G20 agenda, by flooding the airwaves. the Internet and chat rooms with timely rhetoric against our politicians' suicidal plans for our society.

There's still time to cancel these treacherous idiots' meetings.
Let's give 'em "what-fer."


Date: May 25
Title: Stay Out of the Korean Conflict

Even though it's not a municipal issue, all community leaders should be aghast at neo-con Stephen Harper's announcement that he is imposing sanctions against North Korea. Look, I'm no friend of communists who I have been fighting in our society all my adult life with their anti-white globalism.

But it's none of Canada's business to meddle in other countries' problems by aggressively and pro-actively picking sides, potentially putting us in the useless war in the Korean peninsula, where we've lost over 500 Canadians already in the early 1950's for no good reason — similar to the Afghanistan meddler mission, which could cost us another 200 young Canadian lives for globalists' approval. Canada must stop acting as a mercenary fleshpot resource for foreign wars that have nothing to do with our own sovereignty and independence and freedom. In fact I would lower relations with North Korea, the resource of more non-white immigration to Canada and the manufacturing job and wealth thief of Canadian workers.

White nationalists must be isolationists and non-interventionists when it comes to dealing with our planet's neighbors'' problems. Tell Harper to stay our of it and to rescind any aggression against non-interfering states and cultures of Earth, and tell the neo-cons that this is not a conservative way. No wonder I'm asking for $20 billion from the federal government to take from the military and foreign aid spending to assist Toronto residents with no loans and fees for two years, to give the city a break.


Date: May 21
Title: Poll and Potemkin: Questions and Suggestions

If they're going to clean up the G8 and G20 sections of the city to create a Potemkin Village (the ministry responsible for prefab facade villages for the haughty brutal German Empress Catharine of Russia to tolerate going through, with smiling peasants included,) then let's clean up the entire city of ugly graffiti and close strip malls and store-eyesores and re-green the city with a plethora of flower boxes, new bushes and trees. Let's do the job right, since the globalists will not listen to my advice to cancel it.

On second thought, what happened to that mysterious unnamed Toronto mayoralty election poll from last week that was rumored to have "Back-off" Rob Ford in the lead? The short, controlled media flurry (In print and on the air) said it would be released this past Wednesday (May 19th). We're still waiting. I wonder what they don't like about it?


Date: May 20
Title: Mayoralty Debates Useless

The media Six clone-choice mayoralty candidate debates are a dead drag. Nothing of consequence comes out of any the six multicult anti-white racist globalists, especially since they're tippy-toeing around each other's personal lives.

"Back-off" Ford figures he can slide on taxpayer dissatisfaction, keeping his mouth shut (except his for maudlin mantra.) Slitherman is pretending to be a nice gay, knowing that McGuinty's days will soon be over, if he doesn't win. The three Italians (Mammoliti, Pantalone and Rossi) can split the Mediterranean vote, and Sarah "Toll-Road'"Thompson can get the NOW readers' vote. They're all the same multicult bugs from different neighborhoods, while I am representing a universal survivalist idea for the voters to choose the future of Toronto.

Debates? Forget about 'em!


Date: May 19
Title: Cancel the G8 and G20

The globalist media didn't need any more enemies from the pro-Palestinian, etc., self-loathing Marxist anarchists. when a group with no police help, or experts' advice, can give any information on the FFFC-acroymed home-grown globalist street rebels who firebombed a bank.

The anarchists' boasting of the bombing in Ottawa, the national capital. is getting no comment from the globalist-sellout three party leaders, who are pretending that the protesters' propositions are being taken care of.

Without the infusion of white racial pride and nationalism in their midst, the whole thing is a waste of time that the globalist leaders will have to spank their brats for with a few police batons and horse-charges later. Too bad it's all going to take place in Toronto, but the politicians who turned our town into a Third World Class city are just as responsible for bringing the New World Order Illuminate elites here. They can still change their minds for "national security reasons."

As Mayor, I would have recommended it.


Date: May 18
Title: Diversity Kills

Just look at the horror that 'diversity' has brought to Toronto: A knock on a door by a 15-year-old is met with a gun blast to the face. How did that come about? With a morality that can make an execution a normal thing in a black neighborhood.

The Toronto whites sufferings from a pervasive fear that young blacks walking downtown streets and riding the TTC are all potential killers or silent protectors of such. Diversity is divisive.

Remember the old Chinese proverb from the kung-fu movie "Dreadnaught: " "You can't protect a criminal and expect to get away with it."

Whites and blacks who are silent on these crimes, nota bene.


Date: May 17
Title: Stop All Road Closings!

That's right...stop all road closings during traffic and daylight hours. Don't tell me that they don't have the technology to floodlight night repairs on the Gardiner and the Don Valley Parkway. The amount of extra idling and anxious congestion caused by the latest Gardiner shutdown for G-20 resurfacing should have been a concern to the Medical Officer of Health David McKeown, since he's so concerned about ordinary idling pollution, but we didn't hear a word from him.

Business and tourist traffic lost because of constant media announcements. I'm sure, put a strain on storekeepers throughout the downtown and the entire Danforth Avenue because of a trendy hockey game which shut down one small section around the Broadview entry to the business streets.

Let's cut out the foolishness and let's keep our roads open.


Date: May 14
Title: Media ... Serve The People

Yesterday, Royson James, the Belafonte-bitter columnist for the Toronto (Red) Star pretended to bemoan the lack of media interest in the twenty other mayoralty candidates, besides the six media choices, from his proletarian pulpit. But the only guy who Royson mentioned is his fellow racist Rocco Achampong, formerly from Ghana. He doesn't even list the entire ballot (available at the Toronto Election website.

Later in the day, Royson intoned sonoriously to the CFRB radio 1010 new Jew host Jerry Agar how the so-called media-designated 'fringe' candidates should be suckholing up to their media selves...which of course, big-shot Agar dittoed. giving further proof that the media is out to peddle their own cosmopolitan masters' crap -- and anyone else can go to their casting couch. Bug off, you phony propagandists! Fortunately, I'm appealing to the racially-aware vote, and if you don't know who I am, you're in Ignorance Limbo.

But, these stations and newspapers are supposed to serve the people, not the other way around, so do your work -- check the websites and report to the public their democratic choices.

( Read the Royson James May 12 Column )


Date: May 13
Title: My Vote Is Above All This

Well, it's finally happened: In a poll to be released next Wednesday, Councilor Rob Ford is in the lead to be Toronto's next Mayor. People always like to try a compromise reactionary approach to problems facing them and "Back-off" Ford's all that. As a Don Cherry Canadian, he'd be perfect as a first step (that doesn't work) to convince thousands in the future that sterner racist measures are required to stop the City's slide to a black-on-the-outside/white on the inside "Jos, E. Louis" city.

The future is why every one of my voters count. Now, let's watch Ford do the kosher conservative multicult dance and hope his closet's really cleaned out. Or, is he just another Slitherman politician? Or a Rossi hustler? or a Toll-Road Thompson Conrad Black tool? Or a proletarian Pantalone? Or a Mammoliti Maximus?

My vote is above all this.


Date: May 12
Title: Maudlin Ford Does More Backtracking

Yesterday the poor queer guy who had AIDS (among other ailments), and who researched mayoralty candidate Rob Ford and found out about his I'm-Not-Gay boasting and negative voting against AIDS health care. was on the radio. His minor bitch that George Slitherman (of E-Health infamy) resulted in AIDS research funding and Johnny-come-lately concern (Slitherman did not put money into AIDS research, nor did he give him credit by name for the "anti-gay Rob research." )

However, the guy's big epiphany is the impromptu brothers Ford's (Rob and Doug) reconciliation visit after listening to the gay guy and his husband's hectoring silently for 30 whole minutes; "Now where do you get a politician who will sit and listen?," chimed in the new Ford follower. Apparently everyone had tears in their eyes, especially the new improved 2010 Fords. And now we're all back to the middle-of-the-mush on the once-strongly held policies of a Ford, going in reverse.

When will the maudlin show end? October 25th?


Date: May 11
Title: If Cyclists Were Only Nicer

For people who utilize the gas-guzzlers-paid highways and don't have to go through any instructions or pay for a license, the Toronto cyclists certainly have a lot to say. Cyclists, to the ordinary person's eye, are like a one-grade-down physically-fit joggers. They're already intimidating, and their surly, haughty runner-like faces don't help ingratiate them in any driver's eyes as he's trying to avoid clipping them to a potential death and life-changing situations for the driver. They need some humility and less arrogant frequent-flyer tempers, just because they have strong legs to kick you (another scary thought.) What driver hasn't gotten a dirty look from one of these poorer propelled-forward punks? I hate to have to look at their asses, sometimes drooping over their seats or lifted up in defiant sprints; It's a long-distance escalator look. A dame who leads a Toronto cyclists group said on the radio today that "propulsion forward" was a human right, like walking.

Come on, now! But the cyclists will get their comeuppance for their wacky demands and ideas when the public sees how unused, dangerous and driver-frustrating any Toronto City Council bike lane approval on the boulevard side of University Avenue is. There, they'll be trapped between three tight lanes of cars from any sidewalk safety, and fearing to go headlong into the concrete flower beds on University Avenue's boulevard. This time, the whole city will be watching to observe their snotty folly; maybe then. they'll get some humility — unheard of in the last two brat generations.


Date: May 10
Title: We're All Punished for Black Crime

Mayoralty candidate Giorgio Mammoliti wants to institute a midnight curfew for teens under 16, like the one imposed in Essex County, Ontario, to keep the punks down. It's too bad that every time the blacks act up in the schools and on our streets and other venues all youth have to suffer, with more Draconian laws and police presence to cover up black crime. All these multicult politicians are afraid to name names and point fingers at the culprits, aided and abetted by the cosmopolitan media and supine police (check the Bob's Beat column this week.) My mayoralty candidate bid will never do that, as I do not believe in collective punishment instituted by hypocrite lying politicians.

Hey, Giorgio, forget about it. Let's get the cops to do their jobs and concentrate on the developing black ghettoes in Toronto, instead of politically-correct drag racing and traffic details, and stop the non-white Immigration invasion into the city.


Date: May 7
Title: Toronto Should Control It's Own Liquor Laws

Instead of a small-town Ontario outlook (not that there's anything wrong with that) this metropolis has a different view on tourism and entertainment. Bars should be allowed to open earlier and particularly during the World Cup soccer tournament in June, being held in a South African time zone that is contrary to our 11 a.m. bar openings. Let the fans have a beer while cheering their ethnic pride preferences. There won't be riots, just a bit of car-horn boasting congrats to Joe Pantalone for his thoughtful suggestion now going to City Council for a vote, and finally begging to Queen's Park for approval.

Forget about it! Let's lobby the provincial government to control our own social community. We know best, not the farmers in Owen Sound.

We're mature enough.


Date: May 6
Title: Rob Ford Runs Away

Rob Ford is not against the "diversity-is-our-strength" City of Toronto's bullshit oxymoron motto. When George Smitherman (of failed provincial Liberal E-Health taxpayer boondoggle fame) asked him about his comments from 2006 on Rob's reluctance to support AIDS research grants (ten times more available than funds to fight cancer,) Rob just took off, leaving unanswered Smitherman's claim that he doesn't support Toronto 'diversity' enough.

Why didn't he turn around and tell him that he doesn't support it at all, and that it's Smitherman and his ilk which have ruined the once Toronto the Good, a white city where you could once relax and call home? Why didn't he bring up gangs and ask Smitherman, Is this what he means by diversity? What about the graffiti, what about the black school violence, what about the ruined public housing conditions? What about the terror in some already-ghettoized neighborhoods? How did that happen, George? These weren't newly-liberated Canadian slaves, but jet-set refugees making the same ghettoes (eventually) as in Soweto (featuring no-go areas and "necklacing") But I digress.

Rob Ford just took off and said diddly about Smitherman's uncommon-voter public lifestyle. And that's the way he's probably going to be as a candidate or a mayor: a neo-con kosher conservative. parsing words and spinning multiculturalism as good as any Harperite globalist stooge. Oh yeah, and what's this crap about Ford not wanting the campaign to be personal? He said his closet was empty, so let's get personal, especially with characters like that multicult little commie Joe Pantalone, who just nods his head and gleefully smiles me-too, to every politically-correct shibboleth the Canadian sovereigntist sellouts are peddling from the UN at the moment. Shut up, already (although he still affectionately reminds me of my dear deceased father-in-law when he used to lecture me every Sunday dinner).


Date: May 5
Title: Hiding Diversity's Evil

So I wake up one morning in Toronto and find that 1,000 cops have raided a hundred homes and arrested hundreds of black suspects from a myriad of unheard-of Caribbean gangs, and Police Chief Bill Blair is as happy as punch because the raids will reduce criminal violence in neighborhoods I didn't know about. Well, that's all great, but could the police chief and the politicians and the media please appraise us about this evil activity while we're blithely going about town?

I don't care whether George Smitherman's campaign manager says that Smitherman isn't going to sell Toronto Hydro if he got elected Mayor. I want the foreign newspapers of Toronto, the repetitiously boring radio stations and the American news-filled Canadian TV stations to tell the truth about the criminal cost of diversity, and for the 44 Toronto councilors and Mayor Miller to reconsider the city's dumb motto praising this multicult idiocy and to start telling the truth, straightforward and unvarnished, like Rob Ford pretends to he's doing ( but only on penny-pinching.) That's the best way the Toronto citizens will feel safer, if the God-awful truth is spoken and made public knowledge, instead of hiding behind feel-good globalist big-lie shibboleths like "diversity is our strength."

This is my challenge to the wimps.


Date: May 4
Title: Segregate The Don Jail

Black crime has done one good thing for the white citizens of Toronto: it scared the pants off our criminal element. for fear of going to jail with black and other non-white criminals and has cut down on white violent crime substantially. Every year, a couple of whites get murdered in the dirty old Toronto Don Jail by non-whites from "The Jungle" ranges in that facility. Just to look at some of these prison ranges reminds you of the worst Third World prisons from movies. It's scary in there.

The guards can't seem to keep a lid on the "barrel of monkeys" running the ranges, so much so that they threaten white prisoners with throwing them in to a "Jungle" range. It's high time a policy was developed to separate the accused criminals (as it is basically a remand centre on a racial basis,) as they already do with some outrageous criminals. That's the only short term solution in a diversity-weakened world that the multicult anti-white racist traitors have foisted upon our once-fair city. As Toronto mayor, this is what I will lobby for.


Date: May 3
Title: Jail Graffiti Vandals

It's nice to see Toronto councilors showing concern about the depressing lawless graffiti that plagues our neighborhoods in Toronto every election year, as the problem persists because the cops think they have something more important to do. Rival mayoralty candidate George Mammoliti is right when he points out that the onus of the law should be out on the graffiti vandal perpetrators. But councilor Sandra Bussin (from my Beaches) is wrong on her silly unworkable solution of prohibiting spray paint can sales to minors, already peddling the idea that it's just some crazy kids doing this stuff instead of gangsters. That's the answer to all multicult state problems: More police, laws and prisons.

Let's get Toronto police chief Bill Blair on board this perennial election year concern and get rid of Toronto to graffiti once and for all by capturing, publicly shaming and imprisoning the culprits. whoever they are. That's my policy.


Date: May 1
Title: Ward 32 News Reviews Andrews

Thanks to 'a little paper that could,' the Ward 32 News, who gave me a nice little write-up for my Toronto mayoralty campaign.

But don't forget, a vote for me is a vote asking for $20 billion from the federal government, a one-time grant for no taxes and fees for Toronto taxpayers for two years, to resurrect Toronto in response to the hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the Third World that have been dumped on our city. It's caused all manner of ensuing social and financial costs, not mention the costs of mental health, and the quality of life of our citizens.

The more people who vote for me, the more chance there is of getting this money.

Good luck to your paper!


Date: April 30
Title: Mayoralty Interview on CP24

I gave a CP24 interview today, where I had to repeat my different policies and viewpoints and gave staged 'entrances' a number of times.

Look. everybody knows that I'm running as a public service to represent the white man's viewpoint at City Hall. so it's not about how I'd love to have the job, like Rob Ford, George Smitherman, et al, or even Rocco Rossi. It looks like a lot of work and I hate public speaking, especially to white self-loathing idiots. But I do it anyway, for the white peoples' future. And that kind of candidacy is a lot more important than the ones in which the six clone candidates continue with the same diversity-is-our-weakness leadership of our increasingly de-civilized city. Nature abhors a vacuum, and someone's got to do it.

CP24 is a well-viewed background entertainment active-screen station known for its cosmopolitan, Jew-owned, politically-correct crapola. But I wish they would update and vary their hundred news stories more than the NPC News site changes its stories every day, and get more accurate meteorological information to warrant their news station's image. The beautiful dame and friendly photographer team did a comprehensive, quick interview, which gives credit to the station.

Now let's see how they chop it up.


Date: April 29
Title:  6 Clone Candidates Show "Schleppers" for "ZOG" Masters

If anything shows more clearly how the six Toronto mayoralty candidates are the media power elite's choices, it is their concern over the Palestinian Rights float in the Toronto Gay Pride Parade.

First of all, I'm against this City-funded parade for a particular sexual deviation celebration; but in this libertine promiscuous society it would be hard to put the queer genies back in the bottle, particularly in their own Church-Wellesley neighborhood. However it's significant to notice that all six media clone candidates are supporting the Zionist occupiers' position, including the so-called progressive feminist Sarah (Toll Road) Thompson and charity exec-gadfly Rocco Rossi. George Mammoliti, who I thought was a more maverick candidate, is in lock-step with neo-con blowhard Rob Ford on this divisive issue of freedom of speech. They're all out to shut down the compassion queers.

Tough gay guy George Smitherman is ditto, in line with Ford, showing that there isn't much difference with their views, but only in style. Only Joe Pantalone danced around the freedom issue. Like the rest of them, he was still too chicken shit to take on "ZOG" (Zionist Occupation Government).
Toronto Sun article


Date: April 28
Title:  Disc Jockeys Deride Defense Debate

The Toronto radio jocks are an infuriating bunch of torturer slime bags peddling the Zionist media's propaganda. The Afghan detainee issue is a prime example of these creeps' immorality, which degenerates the Canadian character and world image when it comes to the issue of our mercenary military's participation for globalist police state actions across the planet and their war criminal violations.

The pundits have been told by the big Jews in power to look the other way when the "ZOG" CIA and military torturers are doing their dirty work, treatment that Hollywood Jews ascribe to Nazis in a million movies are now approved of as "enhanced interrogation" methods by the same schleps when dealing with any resistance. The media apologists, particularly the talk show barkers, know the duplicity and evil of their masters' perpetrators. Worried that the public might sympathize with humane morality, they promote the lazy-eye morality that no one really cares about — it's unimportant, compared to recycling problems. The whole bunch of them deserve the Walter Duranty Broadcasting Award for Obfuscating Propaganda Journalism, particularly that sleaze ball "all-Canadian" John Oakley and the haughty morality-parsing John Tory, the beastie-boy wimp Ryan Doyle and the hypocritical moralists like John Moore. None of these characters would have deserved to mouth off in once-named Toronto the Good, putting it to shame. They're a disgrace to our better hearts.


Date: April 27
Title:  Rein in The Commie Toronto Health Board

I hate the health boards, the snotty medical officers of health who run those health boards are always commie-culture meddling in white society. These jerks are always pushing the "have-sex" vaccines, abortion, condoms and elementary school pervert sex instructions, time-consuming useless recycling, and now a car-idling cash grab that will cost you $125 for over one minute of idling. They're like little Soviets with the snotty doctors heading bunch of busybody nurses shoveling in hundreds of thousands of non-white immigrants into our European culture.

This is where the progressive reds hide and lollygag around, coming up with new social construct agendas for their globalist utopia that will wipe out the white race. Most of these goofs are white self-loathers genuflecting to non-whites, like guilt-ridden wimps, while participating in the latest flu scare. Dr. David McKeown and his health board neo-con/commie flunkies must be reined in and told to concern themselves with bedbugs and cockroaches (which the Health Department has all but accepted in public housing, fearful of a Hindu "don't-kill-the-creatures" backlash.) I was a health inspector for 14 years, and believe me, I know how this B.S. bureaucracy runs, having enjoyed 14 years of holidays with the health board.

I recommend that everyone tells them what-for.

The City Board of Health's e-mail address is  .


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