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DON SAYS...2015


December 31


Happy New Year to all white nationalists throughout the world,

from the Nationalist Party of Canada.

God bless you all.


Dubai fire bad omen for westernized Arabs: ISIS coming

The explosions in the burning skyscraper in Dubai on New Year's Eve, along with the foolish fireworks lit at midnight, are a bad omen for Westernized Arab nations.

Particularly, there was pathetic coverage on Al Jazeera from their headquarters in Doha, another globalists/Arabs' headquarters, censored by the Dubai regime showing pictures of this Earth-reminding event. This is the same regime that claimed that 90% of the fire was contained as explosions spread on-camera.

The puritanical Wahabbi Arabs are on the wane; who knows — they could have set the fire and the explosions.



December 29


White racists say: R.I. P, and good riddance to rock-and-rollers

Well, another rock-and -roller has died: Lemmy Kilmister of the band Motorhead. While it might be a private tragedy it's certainly no occasion for today's white racists to whine about. Rock and roll "stars" never did anything for the white race, except occasionally giving false hope, like the gun advocate Ted Nugent. However, keep in mind that music, defined as 'organized noise' and "the Jews' entertainment media" are all anti-white anti-racists who promoted it, just sex and mindless violence, as some women-lacking skinheads preferred.

Rock and Roll is a diversion for the white racist struggle for identity and integrity. There's no point following the enemy's pied piper, and it will be no sad day when the promotion of all this sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll and rap disappears from the white man's society.

R.I.P., but also, good riddance.  [ Related ]



December 22


Anti-racist mainstream media undermining Canadian white society

With every refugee bleeding-heart story, the anti-racists are shooting themselves in the foot in the Canadian public's mind, because billions of dollars are going to the new arrivals and to our idiotic war-meddling intrusion into Syria and Iraq while poor Canadians go without. That's the message to spread to all white Canadians. We are being screwed, cheated and replaced by Third World immigrants who are used to a lot less than our white culture provides to our people.

The only thing to do is to complain to every media outlet, print and on-air every chance you get, especially the talk shows, about the blatant unfairness and refusal of pretty boy Justin Trudeau to give us a whites' Christmas bonus of at least $1,000 for every economically-deprived Canadian, because of treacherous globalism and mercenary action for their interests abroad.

Tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau what you think.  [ Email ]


December 19


As commie-feminist Salon site admits, race is all

"Whites Against Trump" is a bunch of anti-racist commie bigots from that feminist Salon website where the reds have been forced to submit to natural racism by identifying their 'post-racial' world. Ha, ha! Let me get my breath, till I stop chuckling.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thanks, dilettantes — soon we will show you which end of the gun to hold when the race war comes. As JB Stoner of The Thunderbolt said, "Race Is All." [ Related ]


December 18


The bright and talented Donald Trump should know that praise from Putin sucks

Praise from a KGB killer is no praise at all, especially from Putin, who killed thousands of Chechens and Ukrainians, too, not to mention Syrians in his invasion of that country. Donald Trump was foolish to be grateful for praise from a killer — but then again, there's a lot of stupid people around: agent provocateurs and many bigots who think that globalist Jew oligarchs' "Put-in" Putin is on the white nationalists' side. Give me a break!

While some neo-commie Democrats and other pinkos might like the Red/Jew-installed dictator, real racists with a brain will shy away from such childish illusions that Putin will save us. To him we're all terrorists, just like the Russian white nationalist leader he has jailed. He's a schlep of the globalists and any future farcical 'Cold War' is just that: a puppet show to keep the public enthralled and terrorized of a World War III, which is already happening against the nascent Koran/sharia-based Islamic State that terrorizes the globalist elites with patriarchy and no-interest loans from the mosque for their new gold dinars.

Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, David Duke, and new-kid-on-the-block Andrew Anglin, have been fooled. Don't you be.



December 17


The Big Lie technique belongs to Jews in Mein Kampf

White racists can tell our bigot enemies, when they use terms like 'Gestapo' 'neo-Nazi' and racist language to protest the latest commie-feminist laws and social degenerate situations. These unnatural anti-racist self-loather cowards know that communists and their evil gulags, supported by the KGB's Putin, are the real and most recent enemies of freedom, yet they persist in their Big Lie technique, which Hitler condemned as a Jew tactic in Mein Kampf but now attributed to him by the ignorant and conspiratorial enemies of natural white racists. Correct them whenever you hear or see their Big Lie actions.



December 12


Keep asking for the whites' Christmas bonus — it's our due

A wag I know sneered at the NPC's recent request for a whites' Christmas bonus (WCB) of at least $1,000 from the Canadian federal government, who is spending over a billion to bring in Syrian refugees into Canada, giving them everything they need.

This is no joke, buddy — there are millions of poor Canadians this Christmas who need help and a boost into the new year. Just the very fact that you're asking for this needed gift from the government helps to advertise the whites' plight in the country, with beggars and panhandlers at every Tim Hortons and McDonald's being ignored by the arrogant race-mixing rich and their middle class feminist flunkies. Ask for the "Whites' Christmas Bonus" — how else can you be heard to get help?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Email/Contact:


December 10


Trump snubs Jews, now he must snub wars — tell him

Good news! Donald Trump is not going to Israel until he becomes President of the United States. Trump is just too controversial for the hypocrite racist Jews in Israel right now. He has decided, probably by verbal agreement with Netanyahu, that he will not go there for his homage pilgrimage to the money-masters of the world until he is president. I think that The Donald has listened to his supporters' complaints over his intended servitude appearance in the Zionist state. for fear of losing white nationalist supporters who have been oppressed by the Jewish world cabal for decades.

Now we must convince Trump that his saber-rattling warmongering policies have a support base. Let's all tell him to cool it with the war and aggression rhetoric if he hopes to win the presidency and the necessary Democrat crossover votes. Americans are sick of wars and foreign intervention. Let's get that across to Mr. Trump now and thank him for raising the white man's economic and social plight in idiot race-mixers' America. [ Email him ]


December 9


Toronto citizens suckered into doing elites' garbage and recycling labor

Torontonians will have to stop Mayor John Tory from his intended plan of getting rid of large garbage bins for residents so they have to recycle more in the already-overflowing recycle bins and costly stickers if you happen to have recycled garbage to push into extra bags.

This is another scam to get Toronto residents to do the recycling for the rich elitist recyclers and scrappers, saving millions in salaries that should have gone to Canadian workers doing their dirty work. Tell John Tory to lay off this sneaky plan and give us bigger and better bins with obvious different colors for the 'recycling and garbage' containers, rather than the stupid near-same-colored blue-grey hued ones, confusing many as to what kind of garbage collection day it is this week.

And tell John Tory No! To more globalist scams enriching the elites and unemploying the poor. :Email  Phone: 416-397-2489


December 4


Trump: Just another Zionist puppet

The honeymoon is over. We've always been skeptical of the "beeznessmen" Donald Trump. However, his candidacy has helped bring racial and feminist issues to the forefront, and that's good. However, The Donald has been married to a Jewess and consequently has Jewish children and probably a lot of Jewish business friends in order to soar to the billionaire level in one lifetime, so he owes a lot to that cabal. The first sign of his stupidity is his warmongering policies and outbursts and that's not good for anyone. Now he's following it up with a homage-trip to the homeland of his masters in Israel; an unnecessary excursion that will cost him thousands of white racist votes in America.

White nationalists know who's behind the anti-white rhetoric, "race-mixing" and globalist wars — the media which has reported his every move and utterance, saving him a lot of advertising money from his billions.

Unless Trump changes his warmongering tune and capitalist cheapskate austerity idea he has no chance with the ordinary white man in America by supporting Zionist aggressors and occupiers in Israel. Might as well have Hillary as president, rather than a dangerous stooge in the White House kowtowing to his puppet overseas.  [ Related ]


December 1


Treacherous white meddlers are the cause of climate change and Third World overpopulation

Global warming and climate change if here are definitely caused by greedy white merchant meddlers in the Third World. White traitors are responsible for exploding the non-white populations of the planet. There only an estimate thirteen million Indians in the subcontinent when the greedy Limey merchants arrived; they saw a useful and slavish population that didn't complain like their poor white brethren and were used to living like animals — hence, they employed them and made sure there were more of them by digging wells, expanding populations and offering white men's innovations and health care for their more manageable non-white serfs. This has been going on since colonial days, until the planet was exhausted with their feminist mercantilism and the "globalist economy's" pollution.

The best way to stop climate change, greenhouse gases and pollution, is to stop the traitor white meddlers destroying our race from without and within. Let's start by stopping all foreign aid and closing our borders to the Third World migrant invasion. Let them fend for themselves and God, nature and the planet will do the rest.

Tell Justin Trudeau and the traitor-meddler white scientists destroying our civilization.



November 27


Limeys' Commonwealth worst thing ever for white Canadians

Aside from the two mercenary service wars, where hundreds of thousands of Canadians lost their lives killing other whites, Canada's membership in the 66-year-old British-created Commonwealth of Nations has been the worst disaster for white Canadians when looked upon historically. This British empire "race-mixed" substitute organization has melded thirty million Canadians to two billion, mostly non-whites on five continents by sheer osmosis. We are bound to be outnumbered. Now the fop-haired feminist idiot Justin Trudeau is going to hand out $2 billion of Canadian tax dollars to make almost two billion non-whites in Third World countries to bring them up to our ever-lowering standard of living for uniformity in the globalist merchants' New World Order's one-size-fits-all level.

Protest this giveaway and demand at least $1,000 for the "Whites' Christmas Bonus" (WCB) instead. Have your tweets, letters and e-mails waiting for Justin Trudeau's return from his trip to Malta, naively celebrating the 66th anniversary and three generations of "race-mixing" of the debauched and dwindling, effeminate white race death-machine called the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Justin Trudeau's Contact Page



November 24

Stop Putin's war on Syria

Oligarch Russian Jews' KGB Putin got what he deserved with the downing of one of their bombers and the loss of two of their pilot raiders to Syrian Islamist rebel hands. Invader Russian jets flying as close as a kilometer from Turkish air space were attempting trouble. I never feel sorry for indiscriminate bombers in the air or on the ground.

The best thing the Russians could do is get the hell out of Syria and stop supporting that Alawite/Freemason cultist dictator Assad, trying to run an unnatural multicult country created by anti-racist French colonialists.

Tell Putin and his foreign minister Lavrov to stop the war on Syria and let the locals sort themselves out without monopolistic globalist meddlers trying to impose their anti-"ISIS" will with war meddling

Vladimir Putin's Contact/Email


November 19


Regarding Syrians: Ask Justin Trudeau for the poor Canadians' $1000 Christmas bonus

There's a lot of gnashing of teeth among poor white Canadians, especially those on social assistance who feel they're being treated like second class citizens and cheated out of their Canadian birthright while foreign nonwhite refugees get everything. Any way you cut it, the anti-racist anti-white ruling elites' explanations and excuses won't do.

If Justin Trudeau is going to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of this year, come hell or high water, then he should give even poorer Canadians a minimum $1,000 bonus for Christmas, which is a pittance compared to the tax dollars spent on the refugees all collected from all income groups. It always hits the poor the hardest

Never mind Santa.  Ask Justin Trudeau, who's caring for the true north strong and free, for a Christmas bonus if you're in need this Christmas.

The Rt. Hon Justin Trudeau,
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A2

Contact page: 



November 17


Whatever happens, white racism benefits

We in the Nationalist Party of Canada are opposed to any criminal activity, especially in the name of white racism. We always point out the anti-racist white race traitors who are to blame for the Third World takeover of Canada. You can't blame the non-white opportunists, kick-outs and runaways from their countries, if we're fools enough not to know the rules of nature, like ethnic identity and natural racism. All the merchants' and military's efforts are meant to form a merchants' and military state based on little bread and plenty of circuses. That's called multiculturalism.

Our supporters are smart: The hedonistic public is turning our way, now realizing that racial differences are real. We know that safety is more important than diversity. The more mayhem by others, the more common sense/good will/fair play racists on our side.

Keep the peace, and condemn the traitors. And write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to tell him to stop the Christmas 25,000 Syrian "refugee" invasion.

Justin Trudeau's Contact page:   Related Items:  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]


November 11


Globalists' mercenaries failed to stand on guard for Canada

If the veterans are really against war, as they always profess, this Remembrance Day, they should call for no more foreign mercenary missions for Canada's military, who have been used as cannon fodder since the Boer Wars, killing others for globalist purposes, while claiming that they fought for our freedom — like free speech, now non-existent in this country.

Billions of tax dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives have been wasted on these conflicts imposed by British imperialist and NATO/UN globalists who have further betrayed white Canadians with massive non-white immigration invasions. Where were the veterans who 'stand on guard for thee' during these decades, where the Western Guard and the Nationalist Party manned the ramparts against the foreigners and anti-racist white traitors in Canada?

Let's also remember that today, which is much more important than the lives sacrificed for foreigners' causes, on November 11, 2015. And tell our new turbaned Sikh mercenary in charge of Canada's defense Harjit Sajjan: No more foreign wars!
Defense Minister's Email 



November 6


Race trumps religion — in Islam, too

Iran's Shiites have lost the Islamic limelight. It used to be that Iran's ayatollahs were the big bogeymen of Islam, with their long flowing robes, turbans and threatening grins. People didn't know there were other Muslims more extreme than the Iranian (Aryan) schismatics who tried to steal the stern Arabs religion after their early victories in Mecca and Medina over some minute point of who should be the next Caliph (Pope) of their religious empire, the descendants of Mohammed, members of a particular Arabian tribe or any devout Muslim in the world. The Shia (Party of Ali Hussein) claimed the first, while the Sunnis (from "suna", the path, who are 85% of all Muslims in the world, put the claim: "It's that specific tribe. Islam ("submission") is a hard religion, constructed for more violent black and race-mixed peoples (Arabs), which does not tolerate saints ans self-flagellations, like most Aryans do. It's the more simple, fundamentalist form of that seventh-century religion which utilizes the precepts of the traditional biblical Semitic god now in the limelight through Sunni jihadists in al-Qaeda.

Mohammed said there would be 73 various Muslim cults — actually there are hundreds, but only one would survive, presumably the Suna, who have taken over this Middle East religion and left the Shiites behind as neo-Western heretics. This divide will continue as the fight is really racial as to who will control the image of Islam, Aryan whites or Third World non-whites, proving again that race is all.


November 3


Luka Magnotta and his ilk should have been executed

It's just sickening to see the newspaper spread of stories by slime ball journalist Joe Warmington extol the interests, art and views of the sick sex killer Luka Magnotta for two days in that neo-con rag, the Toronto Sun.

Elevating disgusting creatures like Magnotta, even linking him to Nazis because he is reading a book on the Third Reich, is the epitome of anti-racist greedy conservatism today. It's sensationalism for the sick and might dangerously inspire others to these perversions, since many violent sex offenders that I've seen on real-life crime shows are mostly good-looking. Luka Magnotta, Paul Bernardo, Karla Holmoka and all other such creatures will be sent into the next dimension in future executions, instead of being elevated to celebrity status, looking for more evil fans.

May Joe Warmington not sleep well at night, disturbed by the spirits of the victims of these satanic "celebrities."


[ Related


November 2


White racists should stay out of the globalist Orwellian 'war on terror' — It's a farce and a fake

I don't know why it's so difficult for the globalist Russian commie regime under the KGB's Putin to admit that Islamists might be behind the downing of their jet over the Sinai. It's obvious that the Freemason army-run pro-globalist regime is in cahoots with oligarch Russian Jews and Americans to prevent the establishment, or even a seedling, of any armed competitor in the world, like the "jihadists," whose leader, Allah, cannot be destroyed. Those who believe "ISIS" is a fabrication of Mossad and the CIA are out to lunch.

I'm in favor of the Third World turning into natural primitivism, a good thing for over-commercialized Planet Earth. Let's concentrate on the economic well-being of our white citizens in our remaining homelands, instead of pursuing Third World natives who haven't attacked one globalist politician from the many aggressor Western countries dropping bombs on them. The whole Orwellian 'terrorist' fear is a fake. White nationalists should not take part in that dirty 'war on terror' which includes torture and extra-judicial assassinations across the planet; this doesn't show common sense, good will and fair play on behalf of the white man throughout the world.


Canadians, stay out of it.  EMAIL Justin Trudeau . . .



October 27


Second good result of Justin Trudeau's election

Here's a second good outcome of Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party victory in the Canadian federal election: The stupidly privatized Canada Post has stopped its cheapskate Stephen Harper austerity plan to curtail door-to-door mail delivery and replace it with idiotic mailbox stations, thus preserving a common white society standard in Canada. Whenever you privatize anything, everything goes to the profit margin and the taxpayer gets screwed by removing the complaints department to a profit-seeking entity and not your elected representative. All kinds of trickery and shenanigans that merchants pull regularly on the helpless public, is therefore instituted into expected services in a white community. First, Justin Trudeau stopped the idiotic and expensive anti-"ISIS" air raids and made all Canadians safer from the "Islamic State" supporters' lone wolf attacks. And now the Canada Post Corporation, headed by an East Indian, is halting their mailbox blitz, fearful of Justin's new regime.

And that's good for all of us, especially the old and handicapped trudging through the rain, ice and snow to get the mail service that their taxes pay for.



October 20


Forwarded to Canada's new Prime Minister-Elect, Justin Trudeau:

Dear Mr. Trudeau:

We congratulate you on your election victory, and wish you the best for Canada's sake.

You say you stand for all Canadians; it's a welcome sign from your regime. Don't forget to keep your promises to get rid of the ridiculous military expenditures like the F-35 jet and the dumb aggressors in Syria.

And don't forget the poor and hard-working in Canada.


Don Andrews, leader
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Ontario


October 19


Get out and vote

Vote for the candidate and the party who will give Canadians the most — and definitely, don't vote for those in favor of foreign aid, foreign wars and pro-foreign free trade giveaway deals.



October 15


Blue Jays make Toronto proud

Congratulations to the Toronto Blue Jays for their excellent win in spite of fixed officials who wanted an all-American World Series. Ands congratulations to the Toronto Jays fans for their boisterous disapproval of the baseball officials' calls.

However, the Rogers Center should smarten up and stop selling large cans of beer used as dangerous projectiles on the field. As for the few beer cans thrown, which were mostly empty during their flight, no big deal. Just don't bring your babies to baseball games. everybody sells cans, even the Air Canada Center. We're all very proud here in Toronto for our civic and hopefully civil support of our teams in future games. The beautiful city of Toronto is still number one in my eyes.

Go, Jays. go!



October 7


Putin's KGB Russians' regime will be sorry for Syria

The oligarch Jew KGB regime of the third richest man in the world — Vladimir Putin — is sowing the seeds of future war and destruction in the Russian-occupied Muslim Caucasus in Ingushetia, Dagestan and Chechnya. By attacking the Islamic State jihadists in their own sphere of influence on behalf of the New World Order globalists, Russia will reap foreign jihadists who will flock to the "Caucasus Emirate" and require a lot more Russian brutality than in the last two wars of Chechen separatists. Most people love revenge and it goes double for jihadists, who may even capture Russian soldiers in Syrian. and be head [sic] them on camera. When that happens you can blame Putin and the globalists who put him up to the idiotic invasion in the Middle East.

Tell the Russians to get out of this stupid adventure.


October 3


Netanyahu lays a big egg at the UN

I almost felt sorry for Benjamin Netanyahu and his moment of awkward silence at the UN General Assembly when he was asking the world not to remain silent with fears of a new Holocaust for the six million Jews living in Israel now. The seated General Assembly, mostly non-white, just stared back in an awesome silence without even one delegation applauding Netanyahu's warning. You can see that he was stunned by their silent reaction to the usual Jew whining about their past. He glared back at the assembly like an angry schoolteacher, but still "the class" was unresponsive. He shuffled around a little bit and tried to pretend the unexpected silence was part of his planned rhetoric, But that didn't work, either. It was so embarrassing when no one seemed to care about the plight of today's powerful and privileged Jews who had the pledge of total support from all the big powers, including mercenary Canada. The audience knew he wasn't fooling anyone with his sad tale. Finally he had to gather his papers and persona and get off the stage after he laid his big egg there.

"Doesn't anyone care?" Even the Jewish papers and pundits agreed that this was a low point for Jewish popularity on the world stage.



September 29


Conservatives, tell Harper to stop the costly meddling mercenary mission for the globalist elites

Stephen Harper says that his opposition can't give one good reason why Canadian tax dollars should be spent on another foreign mercenary mission, dropping bombs on the "Islamic State." I mean, is he nuts? If you stop bombing them and speak against foreign aggression in other peoples' lands they won't set their sights on Canadians, who are poking them in the eye with these deadly bombs, killing civilians, too.

I'm so sick of this country being a mercenary stooge for a myriad of wars since the killing of white Boers in 1900 in South Africa and participating in the first appearance of concentration camps where the Limey imperialists allowed thousands of white women and children die in disgusting conditions to keep their mercantile interests. Canadians have been paying taxes since then to kill people across the planet and bespectacled Harper's effeminate machoness [sic] has cost us billions from the last mission in Afghanistan, with the Taliban resurgent and the "Islamic State" in the Middle East.

If pro-globalist wimpy Conservatives have any brains, then thy should tell their mean mama's boy to stop the stupidity and let the people in their own sphere of interest decide their future without interference from gung-ho mindless mercenaries that always being their native populations back to repopulate Canada and destroy our white culture. Isn't that what Conservatives should be interested in?
Stephen Harper's email  



September 25


"Allah" Mad at The Muslims?

Right when the whole world is watching, devout Muslims were wiped out in a stampede of their own making at the annual Hajj in Saudi Arabia. Interestingly, it was at the stoning-of-the-devil ritual that the catastrophe started. Muslims today have shown their ugly side, with their crucifixions, drownings, roasting people alive, and throwing people from tall buildings — policies enacted for the slightest indiscretion to their sharia and Koran rules.

I once bough a coffee cup from a Muslim bookstore in Toronto's Little India for ten dollars after was watched suspiciously by the store owners. I like the beginning verse of the Koran inscribed on the cup: "In the Name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful." I haven't seen much of that in any of the Islamic State videos; now he's punishing the faithful for their cruel sins, I presume, just like the greedy Portuguese colonial torturers were punished in 1755 when Lisbon was destroyed by an earthquake, a tsunami and a fire on All Saints' Day when Portugal was at the peak of their imperial barbarity. I don't mind the Islamic State taking back Third World areas to medieval survivalist levels. It's good for the planet to lay fallow, like the back-forty acres of the 160 acres given to farmers in Ontario in pioneer days. But I do object to the Muslims' brutal behavior, from the "religion of peace" while they quietly take over effeminate white countries with their patriarchal birthrate populations.

Muslims follow the same Old Testament and as Jews and Christians, and their cruelty has undermined all religions of that fearsome, vindictive deity, causing a spiritual vacuum in whites' minds. Religion was meant to keep the people quiet, especially the more violent non-whites, with sharia, but this is not the white man's way. Race trumps religion, which should serve the people, not the unnatural other way around, that we're just stooges in some god's playground and need fear of a further imaginary Judgment Day to keep us in mind, where the torment of regular life are nothing compared to the miseries of hell. No wonder there are so many atheists around today. We need a nicer God.



September 24


Hail to Donald Trump and to hell with Fox News

Donald Trump is right to boycott Fox News [ Item ]. Bill O'Reilly thinks he's really something, along with the loudmouthed blonde Megyn Kelly who gave been demeaning Trump along with their anti-Trump guests for weeks now. They pretend they are conservatives and journalists, above personal; criticism. Yet these are the cuckolded cheapskates who only represent the big money and the military industrial complex, always on the warmongers' side, who should not be allowed to escape denunciations as white race traitors of America who should be made afraid of the white man's vote and anger and their anti-racist treachery. All the media are the enemies of the white race. None can be trusted to stand up for the beleaguered white man anywhere in the world.

Tell Donald Trump he's right. He knows his base support is the racially-aware white man who's sick of the hypocrites at Fox News.

Tell Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly what you think of their ignorant arrogance in cancelling Donald Trump's interview scheduled for Thursday September 24 on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor.
Bill O'Reilly email
The Kelly File Contact 


September 18


Canadian election parties' TV debate a total yawnfest

Speaking from a scripted format, the three clone parties of Canadian politics (NDP, Conservatives and Liberals) held a debate on Thursday night that was totally controlled by the county's Establishment newspaper The Globe and Mail, which ensured that the TV debate didn't have a chance to air the second political debate to Canadian voters. You didn't miss much — it was a boring yawnfest; no one said anything off their scripts, except the beleaguered Stephen Harper (who sold out white Canada to globalist bankers, merchants and non-white immigrants) and made who an off-handed appeal to the Canadian "old stock" voters — meaning his usual white base, who are abandoning him en masse for his cuck-servative' [sic] treachery in creating our no-jobs economy and criminal mad multiculturalism. Harper looks pathetic as he mulls an exit strategy for after the election, where he will surely lose his dictatorial majority in Parliament, with ll three parties at around 30% according to the polls.

Let's have no surprises on the October 19 election day, folks, as we oust this white society-wrecker, where even our mail won't be delivered daily because the cheapskate cuck-servatives [sic] farmed out our post office as another profit-making corporation under the leadership of an East Indian who knows nothing about "white community standards" and civilization. Tell NDP leader Thomas Mulcair to get rid of his dual French and Canadian citizenship and get us out of costly globalist military missions, job-stealing free trade deals and restore our daily mail delivery as he promised, if he wants to be the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Email Mulcair and the NDP.



September 15

Toronto universities hate students' union — Complain!

(Forwarded to the president of Ryerson University):

September 16, 2015

To: Sheldon Levy, President,
       Ryerson University

As an alumnus of Ryerson University, let me tell you, I am disgusted with your anti-white attitude toward your students by your removal of the 'White Students' Union' posters on your campus. Your evil discrimination against the white race will not go unnoticed. Please stop this ugly discriminatory practice and curtail the anger of Canadian white racists to your so-called institution of higher learning before we have to implement other means to atop your hatred of the white race, such as boycotts or an information war alerting white nationalists of your disgusting behavior toward white students.

You have been advised.

Don Andrews, leader
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto, Ontario



September 9


Feminists dig their own grave

White feminist self-loather "humanitarians" are going to suffer the most when the Middle East patriarchal mob descends on their libertine/sex-ed/short-skirt society.

Already German girls are being advised to lower their hemlines for fear of arousing horny Muslims who haven't seen so much skin since the last church was blown up in Syria. These men aren't Christian-cuckold types, and no loud-mouthed butch feminist nor paid police mercenaries can keep this horde down. After all, sixth-century Islam was a reaction to the Christian matriarchy in more violent race-mixer Arab lands — Berbers, Arabs, Moors, Turks, etc. That's why it was closed to 'women-liberated' Europe. We can't fight the patriarchy with a matriarchy — the latter always loses. And please don't tell me Germany was ever a 'Fatherland' run by either no-children Hitler or Mama Merkel regimes. That's why all the white colonialist countries are being invaded by the population explosions they created in non-white lands for merchandise meant for their women, with the aid of international Jew merchants. Globalism and the globalist economy must go — anyone who speaks in favor of it is against white race survival. Idiots who want to equalize the world economically and socially, are the bane of white race civilization.

White racists cannot and should not try to save a suicidal multicult Establishment, but stay firm in their beliefs and principles and give voice and action to them in every possible occasion. You will be remembered, because you are our future.



September 7


White nationalist ideology is no laughing matter but the future of the white race

Sometimes our page illustrations may puzzle people regarding our serious message, which occasionally seems to feature illustrations that try to be funny to the point of trivialization of our concerns. Let me assure you that we are dead serious about our white nationalist philosophy, for which we have been charges, convicted and imprisoned under the odious anti-free speech "hate laws" orchestrated by Jews and white self-loathers in Canada; the illustrations only discombobulate the censors and watchers looking to shut down and imprison us again. This is not the situation in the United States, where freedom of speech is sacrosanct under its constitution. Therefore, self-debasing humor is only confusing and unnecessary for white nationalists, and unproductive in that country. American white nationalists groups and sites should be praising white racists, not slagging, denigrating or demeaning them, as The Daily Stormer's Andrew Anglin was outed in his anti-white chat room, even though he described neo-Nazis and racists as "clowns" — the very words that dumb police state censor cops could use regarding our movement members.

Instead of "making fun" of our ideology, I'm asking Andrews Anglin (who seems to cooperate with David Duke's pro-diversity-mastheaded website) to correct that glaring idiocy first and leave the white self-loather joking to Jew comedians.

Email him  


September 1


Media to blame for cop killings

All the police shootings can be blamed on the anti-white/anti-racist media for taking up the cause of black criminals shot in the line of police duty in an anxious race-mixed multicult society. Not only does the mainstream media support these insane open-door immigration policies but it gives tons of publicity to a few hundred black professional agitators in Ferguson Missouri and elsewhere with their exclusivist "Black Lives Matter" anti-white campaign. All that I can see are these mindless black criminal revenge acts, not "ISIS" /caliphate recruits, that billions are being spent on to fight with trumped-up fear and hysteria way over there, while criminals run amok way beyond their proportional numbers in an impossible race-mixed United States. That's why we all have to suffer under a police state, to satisfy the anti-racists' mad mindset for now, while racial separation, and ethnic cleansing to come in the future to correct the unnatural policy of white self-loathers and their oligarch globalist puppet-masters. Meanwhile, don't let the mainstream media get away with their propaganda and chaos they created.

Tell them what you think; they're feeling the pressure, too for their idiocy.
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August 28


Enough already with the reporter's murder coverage

Certainly it was a horror movie moment when the beautiful young naοve blonde girl reporter at the face of the angry homosexual black shooter who just passed a bullet into her body. That should be the perfect poster-child picture of the dangers of race-mixed society, hell-bent on turning nature's racist laws upside down. But to go on and on for days whining about the common incident, just because it happened to the media's propagandists, is really showing them fear, that all colors of the public are fed up wand angry with their anti-white warmongering propaganda.

Tell them we're heard enough and we still hate their anti-white racism.



August 25


There's no such thing as propagandists' terms "gang busters" and "gunplay": Correct It immediately

I'm asking all our supporters to complain to complain to the media and the police whenever they use the words 'gunplay' and 'gang bangers' to describe black crime in Toronto. Using these 'fun' words desensitizes the situation of continuous criminal black violence in our city. These stupid terms, used by mostly politically-correct anti-white morons, belittle their seriousness. Whenever you hear these anti-racist propaganda words being used, bitch and complain immediately, with tweets, emails, letters and phone calls to the offending propagandists.

Let's call a spade a spade, instead of using Disney-terms for murder and mayhem in our dwindling white society, starting now.


August 22


Let's stay out of the "Second Korean War"

North Korea's at it again, threatening to start a war over propaganda broadcasts from South Korea at the demilitarized zone. This red regime has made more false threats than all the jihadists put together with less results and consequences. However, on August 22, around 5 pm depending on whose clock you go by, Japan's or Korea's, is the end of the ultimatum to stop the loudspeakers. The best thing for the world's for the Koreans is to unite under one regime and become an economic and military bulwark against the Chinese and Japanese who they still have a bone to peck with for their World War Two brutal occupation.

Remember it was the Koreans' resolute resistance some 400 years ago when Japan had their own Vietnam defeat by the Koreans turtle bombs and drove the Japanese to isolation for 300 years until the Americans under Admiral Perry blew their ports up to open trade with the globalists. This resulted in an aggressive Japanese militarism, terrible wars in Russia and China before the World War II rampage and the development of globalist factory islands, now self-radiated through their greed. Next time the Koreas go to war with each other let's let them settle it without propping up experience military commitment and an economy that stole our jobs, just like Japan did, whatever happens on August 22nd.



August 18


White nationalists, curse the enemy instead of public racists

A lot of white racists are using more action on a street level— participating in elections with candidate rallies and demonstrations. I'm hearing whining on the Canadian version of Stormfront, operated by Davis Duke's big pal Don Black, all the time. Well, what are they doing? Are they encouraging others to come out from their keyboards' anonymity and pseudonyms instead of their real names? That's where we should start.

Let's have more real people, with real names, if you want street action and public respect. But if your too afraid for economic, social or physical reasons, then at least respect those who are out there, publicly, that you fear so. And start using your computers for more than just whining and launch some verbal attacks on our white anti-racist enemies. It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness when it comes to white nationalist activities.


August 14


Bring Stephen Harper To Court

No one can lie better than 'cuck-servative' [sic] traitors and Nigel Wright, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's personal aide, demonstrated it in true dilettante fashion. We're supposed to believe this rich guy gave $90,000 of his personal money to the government to repay media fat boy/Harper-appointed Senator Mike Duffy's improper expenses to make things look good — and his boss Harper knows nothing about it.

Nigel Wright should be charged with perjury and Harper should be brought to the dock to answer the court's questions on this obvious financial conspiracy to protect his "reputation" of a globalist give-away artist and traitor to the Canadian economy and people. Otherwise, this whole case and story is a farce and a faηade to protect the sneaky anti-white 'cuck-servative' [sic] in Canada; maybe then we can get some answers.



August 10


Don't vote for Harper's  police state

Police state Stephen Harper's proposing more Draconian laws for Canadians. Bill C-51 was not enough. It allows trickery and deceit by Canadian police forces to make more "terror plots" while bombing Islamists overseas with our tax dollars. Harper makes these problems, then comes up with anti-freedom laws to continue the police state with anti-hate bills and human (women's) rights commissions that scare all white racists into silence, except us. Now the effeminate bespectacled jerk wants to ban travel to a myriad of countries that may have terrorist problems and restrict our freedoms further is this globalists' goof is elected for a fourth term.

I know the NDP is commie/feminist-run and no pal of white racists. However they don't like foreign wars and intend to maintain daily postal delivery against Harper's cheapskate capitalist cuts to a vital white community standard service. Plus, the NDP will be afraid to ship out more jobs to their non-white Third World pets worth their union supporter pets watching.



August 5


Big Mistake; globalist stooge Harper blames Greeks for woes in latest ad

The latest ad by the Conservatives against that inexperienced multicult boy of Pierre Trudeau's, Justin, shoots the globalist Conservative Harper in the foot by stupidly blaming the Greeks in the European Union for not balancing their budget. Thousands of proud Greek Canadians just turned their backs on Harper; they're not going to vote to take the blame for Greece's economy in the EU with bankers' tyranny with whom Harper is joined at the hip.

Any white nationalist Canadian who votes for Harper's internationalist traitors is a fool. Let's keep that in mind on election day, October 19th.



July 31


No inheritance rights for whites in cuckold Conservatives' Canada

If you're a Nazi, white nationalist or white racist in Canada you can't inherit ant money or goods according to the judicial bastards in the Harry McCorkill case, where the white nationalist had left money to the National Alliance and a politically-correct anti-white traitor rescinded the will for the man's greedy family.

This is a very dangerous precedent where you can say that total economic war has been declared on white nationalists, from jobs to inheritances in this blighted commie feminists and pro-diversity 'cuck-servatives' [sic] are destroying white society from cutting door-to-door mail delivery and undermining marriage with homosexuality. Good riddance to all traitors, the sooner the better. Tell Harper, and the New Brunswick Minister of Justice Stephen Horsman, and the stupid New Brunswick Court of Appeal, what you think.

New Brunswick Minister of Justice Stephen Horsman contact page


July 28


Good news, Donald Trump captured by white racists

Just like the Confederate Flag, Donald Trump can't back away from the white racist label, even though the billionaire blowhard's "Jew advisors" like Michael Cohen rail against rape and racism, the two things he most dislikes. The dirty dog has chutzpah, showing his phoniness and hypocrisy, when his big mouth's comments on the Mexican invasion got him the white racist label. Nothing sticks better than racism, because it's so natural and all those who deny it, whatever homo sapien breed they are; they are two faced liars, like Trump's candidacy, when faced with that common sense attitude, and Trump bellows, "I love Latinos!"

By now, I'm sure many white racists have contributed to and attended Trump rallies and public appearances. Hopefully, the crowd will lead this ersatz individualist. His candidacy is certainly good for impossible race-mixers' North America. Donald Trump has been captured by white racists; what can his "Jew advisors" say? The people have spoken.



July 27


Toronto whites don't want Pan Am games

Toronto doesn't need the Summer Olympics. We don't need more tax costs, crime. disease, defectors and traffic congestion. We already have enough from the open-borders pro-non-white immigration policies of the Liberal and Conservative Ottawa regimes of the past five decades which have ruined our cities and exasperated and depressed white Canadians across the country.

Tell Toronto Mayor John Tory: “No Olympics for Toronto.” We've had enough of the aforementioned problems with the lousy, costly Pan Am Games that only benefit internationalists and greedy merchants.

No more Pan Am Games in Toronto. End of story.

Reach John Tory at:
Toronto City Hall, 2nd Floor, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto Ontario M5H 2N2


July 24


Wimpy Hulk Hogan makes racists look good

What a joke Hulk Hogan apologizing for his racist remarks calling blacks 'niggers' in reference to his wild daughter's dating habits. Hulk Hogan may be strong physically but not mentally or morally to stand up for what he really believes in. His belated apology does him no good with the never forgive/never forget anti-white "Jew bosses" of the wrestling business, like the commies these commies these capitalists love. Look how easy the reds became billionaires in Russia and China. The WWE organization has purged all mention of Hulk Hogan and his career in one fell swoop on its website — and he is still apologizing? What a joke! 



July 23


After Dylann Roof, Jews and anti-racist traitors afraid to report white nationalist activities

I've told you here that one of the best info on white nationalist activities comes from our anti-racist white self-loather enemies, and after the Dylann Roof killings, done to spark a race war by killing the nicest blacks in a church, failed, but still sparked great interest in white racist politics, and now Jews and their white traitor minions have stopped reporting on white nationalist activities. Yes, that's the scene at Hatewatch, which has stalled since July 13th and the "Jew-run" SITE Intelligence site cut out its white supremacist threat page altogether. Same goes for the flaccid white self-loathing Anti-Racist Canada site still moaning about Canadian white nationalist Paul Fromm way back on July 14th.

Coincidence? I don't think so.



July 20


Donald Trump is right: John McCain is a Zionist war dog

I agree with Donald Trump's accusation against war-dog John McCain, more because of his continual war-mongering after having spent a torturous time in North Vietnamese communist prisons and seeing the suffering of war of both sides, that he would still be promoting such idiocy for no good reason, whether it's Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan — they're all loser missions predicated to bring more anti-white globalism and race-mixing to white homelands. Every time we go there, we bring them back here. McCain also voted against aiding the wounded fools who went over there to kill others for nothing, so he's a two-faced lying coward for not standing up for higher principles than war.

White racists must always remember their motto of common sense, good will and fair play, that John McCain chooses to disrespect. To hell with him and all globalist mercenaries fighting for the white man's extinction.



July 12


Race-mixed Latino crime — Send info to Donald Trump

I'm asking everyone to send any news or information of race-mixed Latino crime against whites in North America and send it Donald Trump immediately.

Inundate his presidential headquarters with info on Mexican, Central American, South American and Puerto Rican (Latino) crime against all Americans of whatever color and e-mail it to him. Don't let the Trump campaign run away from this most important racial issue in the 2016 Presidential Election.

His campaign website:


July 9


Irrepressible Sinai jihadists: Israel's worst worry

Egypt's Freemason-run war on Sinai "jihadists" is not going very well in spite of the claims of over 250 jihadists killed so far in over a week's offensive, started by "Islamic State" militants who entered Sinai towns and villages and raised their black flag with guns blazing. Naοve conspiracy fools who imagine that all "jihadists" are CIA and Mossad operatives are looking more stupid every day as ISIS challenges the European Union's stooge Hamas in the Jews' besieged Gaza strip for supremacy, backed up by a thousand fighters in the Sinai peninsula. Hamas' rule in Gaza is weak and is ripe for the picking once the "ISIS" fighters establish themselves in the Sinai towns where 30,000 Egyptian troops can't dislodge them yet, if ever.

That's why Israel's putting the pressure on the Hamas regime to kill the "Islamic State's" "jihadists" now, before they take over the desperate people of the Gaza strip, eager for liberation. This is the big battle to watch on our "War News" page.



July 6


Greeks, bring back the drachma


Congratulations to the Greeks for their anti-EU tyranny stance by voting No to more "Jew banker" bailouts that put their future generations into debt and serfdom to globalists. The sooner the Greeks get rid of their present commie regime and turn to the white nationalist policies of Golden Dawn, the better for all concerned and the future of Greek independence so hard-fought from Turkish domination.

Interestingly, there are no get-out-of-the-EU rules and regulations. showing that their globalist masters are dead set against any racial or ethnic nationalism, just like ISIS. Greeks should make their own rules for their own land and should sever all ties with the EU tyranny and its Euro. Bring back the drachma.



June 30


White nationalists stand on guard for Canada — Happy Birthday, beautiful country

On Canada's 148th birthday, we're all proud of being Canadian as we advocate maintaining white community standards, not opening our borders and letting our population be changed dramatically every second that you read this by white race traitors. That's why I consider all white racists part of the "White Nationalist State and Society" (WNNS). We pledge to work for white people's rights and the promotion of white civilization in this country.

Join us and Happy Birthday to all Canadian patriots who stand with us. God bless you. And be sure to fly and display our beautiful red maple leaf on our white background homeland's flag.



June 27


Greeks, get out of the European Union tyranny

If Greeks have any ethnic pride, they'll get out of the European Union's tyranny immediately, because the globalists intend to race-mix all white countries out of existence, with their anti-white refugee and immigration policies. The EU "Jew bankers'" demands are outrageous. Greeks will be much better off with their own currency, the drachma, or they will perish as an ethnic entity with greedy globalist policies engineered for a one world order dictatorship by Jew elitist oligarchs who care nothing for nationalism and natural racism.

Get some guts, Greeks and stop pandering to your women shoppers. Race is more important than money for your dignity and survival.



June 23


A white nationalist state (WNS) is declared in Toronto

In the so-called post-racial society, old white racists are no so irrelevant now, when anti-racist liars have been proved wrong by the South Carolina killings of nine church-going blacks by a 21-year-old new recruit to our natural ideology who wanted to start a race war with his outrageous act. White nationalists are praising the "good blacks" who are offering Christian forgiveness to the perpetrator Dylann Roof, who targeted them specifically because they were considered to be innocent types in the black gangsta/rap world permeating lost, racial identity-lacking white youth with their buggy, boring "music."

Did you ever consider that blacks are more intimidated by white nationalists than any politically-correct anti-racist police force that's willing to bend over backwards for them unlike in Africa; blacks'/mama-ruled feminist societies just want more goodies from sucker whites and not a black country of their own, like patriarchal "Boko Haram" want. Hopefully, Black Panther leader Chawn Kweli is honest with his desire to set up such a territory as white racists should, too by declaring a white nationalist shadow government state, wherever they are, as I am declaring in Toronto and asking for the allegiance of all white racists in their declared districts. That's the only way to thwart the ruling regimes' white traitors, as "ISIS" did in the Middle East with all kinds of "jihadists" pledging their allegiance to their religious ideology across the globe; the Taliban does the same thing in Afghanistan and as the Ku Klux Klan, once known as the Invisible Empire, did in the past.

I'm looking to your allegiance to the White Nationalist State (WNS), with Toronto as its capitol [sic]. Wherever you are, you now have a chance to belong and be an ideological citizen of the White Nationalist State in Toronto.



June 18


Jeremy Cook: Anti-racist media tries to cover it up

I'm encouraging everyone to complain to the lying media failing to tell the truth about the killing of 18-year old Jeremy Cook. It's the color of his three assailants that they're afraid to admit. They're black. This is the legacy of the anti-racists' evil diversity and multiculturalism that they are trying to cover up.

Complain and challenge the white self-loathers at every turn every chance you get. Otherwise, your life is a zero in a time of our white racial crisis of survival. And especially complain to the Sun Media liars for their cowardly treachery. [ Related ]



June 17


Let's get rap off the radio

If we all complain every time some dumb, violent rap "song" is played on radio stations, not only to the broadcasters, but also to their sponsors and the CRTC for a lack of white music on the airwaves, you would soon see rap disappear. It's dangerous, from damaging our ears to our psyches with nonsense-rhyming. Every little complaint helps; Tweet them, write them a letter, email and phone them. It's all effective to influence the minds of the greedy merchants who are not providing entertainment to the white population.

"Race-mixing" rap is ruinous to white race existence. It's as simple as that.

Contact CRTC


June 15


Treacherous journalists afraid of Bilderberger conspirators

By now, anyone with half a brain knows there's a world conspiracy going ion to unite all the planet's peoples on some kind of One World Order government. It's the natural tendency of the greedy merchants responsible for looting the planet and ruining white societies with cheap Third World labor, overpopulating Earth and putting us all in jeopardy for a few dollars more. With such grandiose plans and important personalities, makers and shakers of the military industrial complex all gathering together secretly in the Austrian village of Tyrol, you'd think the mainstream media and all their hypocrite journalists would be swarming the place with drones, cameras and infiltrators. Oh, but I forgot, they control the mainstream media too; hence the secrecy of the Bilderbergers that no 'free speech' journalist will touch in the land of the free and the home of the brave, and in every other Jew-controlled country including KGB/"Jew oligarch run/'Put-in'-installed" Russia).

"They" say, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." But what good is it to know, to be a slave and not do anything about it? Related> [ The Guardian ][ Press TV  ]



June 12


Tell saber-rattling Stephen Harper to shut up

Canada is a pushing its weight down in world politics with globalist goof Stephen Harper representing a country of 35 million by lecturing and admonishing oligarch "Jew-put-in puppet" Vladimir Putin for "aggression" extra. It's all a hand-puppet fight from characters who are stooges of a Jewish elite pretending they're at loggerheads to keep the industrial military complex humming with our tax dollars, similar to the farcical cold war where "the Jews" ran both sides, keeping us all fearful and anxious in a Dr. Strangelove/The Russians are Coming scenario micro-managed by the globalists like the Cuban Missile Crisis and the US Gary Powers spy case. Now it's the war on "ISIS," local natives re-asserting themselves over colonialist globalists after centuries of conquest and occupation by merchants' armies, exploiting their land and population, then bringing them here for cheap labor. Canada's claim to fame is its' globalists' mercenary military services; where the ruling elite have problem. send in the Canadian suckers and let their taxpayers pay for it. Then, they have an excuse to being nonwhites here [sic] after every failed mission, from Somalia to Afghanistan. Canadian prime ministers are total toadies for UN globalists that all white racists should oppose, otherwise you're not paying attention. Harper must be challenged at all public appearances for evil warmongering that costs us all in lives and fortunes>

Tell him to shut the hell up and take care of poor Canadians first before mouthing off like a phony big shot and a total tool of foreign globalists.

Why wit for the next venue — write to Harper at The House of Commons, Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A6. Or e-mail him at



June 8


Tell Toronto Mayor John Tory that we need carding and racial profiling to fight crime in a race-mixed city

Toronto's new "nicer" austerity Mayor John Tory is publicly worse than the former miser mayor Rob Ford, who did nothing to alleviate traffic congestion in the city, starting with synchronizing the traffic lights, like in New York City. Tory never responds to E-mails or complaints in this matter.

Instead the feminist conservative wants to stop police access to citizens in high crime areas by banning "carding" where cops collect information on anything odd or suspicious, mostly for non-white neighborhoods plagued with drugs and violence no taking over the city. Stephen Harper's arrogant pall John Tory didn't even bother to consult with the police union and its rank and file members before announcing his opposition to carding, which he supported before in public utterances to set up the scared white bigot vote.

Crime in Toronto will rise if the practice of carding is abandoned. I encourage all to write, phone, and text Mayor Tory at the contact points below, and tell him to cease and desist hampering dangerous police work in a race-mixed city by allowing carding and racial profiling — all necessary tools to fight crime in a crazy and unstable multicult society.

City Hall Address: 100 Queen Street West Toronto Ontario M5H 2N2
Phone: 416-397-CITY


June 7


Here's what's really important on this site

Unless the sky is falling, the mainstream media news headlines are unimportant. These are the anti-white distractions to keep you busy and ignore the multicult race-mixers' rotten society seething underneath; you cab mostly see it on the News and Crime pages. Just because something is popular doesn't mean it's popular, like all the Royals stories, Obamacare, government budgets and the transformer Bruce Jenner, they mean nothing in the long run, like horseracing's Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh — unless you had money on it.

There's a lot of bread-and-circuses crap passed off as important headline stories. Don't be fooled. We always post the main news headlines, knowing what's really important on this site. If you don't know what's going on, what the thinking is in the white nationalist movement by checking the Activities page, or who's willing to risk life and limb to achieve their goals violently on the War page, you don't know diddly. You might as well just stay tuned to Fox' News" for the same repetitious stories, or the rest of the mainstream media channels. where they all seem to agree on what's important tell the rubes, while the destruction of the white race continues, resulting in no exclusively white societies and countries at all. Anyone who mocks racism belittles it, undermines it or tries to make light of it is a snake in the grass in the white man's world that should be challenged and confronted with their every word and action — that should be the task of every white racist, no matter what.

Don't let the naysayers and unbelievers of Nature's laws rule the day, or you will rue it for a lifetime.


June 5


Here are the real enemies of white Canadians

It's so sickening to see the newscast caption yesterday under warmonger Stephen Harper, "Protecting Canadians." They're more Conservative lies from the gutless bag of wonders of a political party which is supposed to "conserve" our white Canadian society, traditions and lifestyles. That's why white nationalism isn't going anywhere in North America. With continuous neo-con lies on free trade and meddling foreign wars that entices radicals to attack the Zionist Ottawa regime, from Somalia to Afghanistan and now "ISIS," these war dogs waste our tax dollars every day while skimping on health care and pensions and welfare. And they are bringing more nonwhites into Canada every day, endangering us all with their criminality and mayhem. It makes me want to spit on their brand. Don't worry about the useless Senators' petty expenses while billions, I say, billions, are being wasted on foreign aid and military intervention, destroying our country, economically and socially.

These traitors are the real enemies of the white man in North America. Keep that in mind when, and tell Stephen Harper what your think.



June 1


Look Out, Gaza ready to become an "Islamic State" province

Wherever people are oppressed the most, they'll turn to extreme measures, and that's the case coming up in Gaza and the West Bank, besieged, bombarded and occupied by the Zionist state. Already this second set of fundamentalist "God-believers." The first were wiped out by the European Union-run Hamas regime is threatening to attack the Israeli port of Eliat on the Red Sea, while simultaneously attacking the Hamas infrastructure and taking over Gaza as a province of the new male "Islamic State."  [ Item ]

Now how can I believe anti-racist conspiracy theorists that Israel set up "ISIS"? It's as stupid as siding with the Freemason Alawite multicultist dictator in Syria who no globalist wants to do anything about except shadow-box, unlike what they did to Slobodan Milsosevic. I say let the locals sort things out there in their sphere of influence. Anyone who wants to go fight them, like they did in the Spanish Civil War, that's their business. But it shouldn't be a one-way street, like the Harper regime in Ottawa is allowing. [ Item ]
If you commit a crime in Canada, you'll face the consequences, especially when white nationalists restore the rope.



May 26


Help Tim McLean's family, whose son was decapitated by a Chinese immigrant

I'm asking everyone to help the family of Tim McLean, who was decapitated and cannibalized on a cross-Canada bus by a crazy Chinese immigrant named Vincent Lee, now walking free, while Tim's family struggles to maintain their heads above water in idiotic multicult Canada [ Related

Tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper, an architect of open nonwhite immigration to Canada, to help this beleaguered family suffering because of the Ottawa regime's anti-white policies, instead of wasting tax dollars on useless, costly foreign missions in the Middle East. There is no excuse for this injustice and misery brought to us by consecutive non-white regimes in Canada.

Speak up, white Canadians and help your "kith and kin."



May 23


The shameful Azov Battalion should be disbanded

The reason the Nazis lost was because they lacked the milk of human kindness. Any future successful racist movement should not repeat the mistakes of the past, like the neo-Nazi nationalist Azov Battalion, whose ancestors required Germany's Nazis to liberate them from communist Jew[ish] rule. Their followers hung a pregnant woman and her husband in a captured cell phone video.

Not so long ago I was disgusted with a similar Azov thug video where these Ukrainian super-nationalists shamed all white men by crucifying a Russian-speaking separatist to a makeshift cross, then clumsily burning him alive. [ Related ]

Racists who don't have common sense, good will and fair play are domed by letting history repeat itself in a new makeshift country populated by runaways, "the Frontier," the Ukraine. What irony. All this is happening under a globalists' "Jew regime" in Kiev.



May 22


NDP right to maintain white community standards home mail delivery

It was really clever of federal NDP to declare that they will guarantee home mail delivery which is being cut in Canada for the sake of a few dollars more when government services representing white community values are auctioned off to the lowest bidder by the privatized Crown Corporation known as Canada Post. Whatever other stupid anti-white/pro-diversity/multicult policies they have for white racists it's a big step in maintaining what's left of white civilization's values right now, they're the best choice of the worst three party lot.

Tell Thomas Mulcair at that we agree — then shock him with why.



May 21


Climate change is a scam

First they tried to scare us with 'global warming'; when Earth's temperatures and weather failed to support the globalist contentions for a New World Order with long winters, cold summers the New World Order snakes with the aid of the media changed the 'sky is falling' concept to simple "climate change." Wow, how clever and simplistic can you get? Every time the weather changes it can be attributed to climate change now that any simpleton can follow and pretend to know what he's talking about. The weather on Earth has been changing for millennia, and we're supposed to worry about a few years of climate change in our lives? Please!

The best way to stop worldwide pollution is to stop the global economy/world trade concept instead of relying on your own local resources for natural survival. I'm sick of the techies and egghead advisers who can't even synchronize the traffic lights in Toronto for traffic flow instead of wasting time and millions on idling cars in an overpopulated planet, no thanks to the white man's meddling in the Third World. Of course, that's natural climate change, bit let's curtail the unnatural free trade agreements which ensure the destruction of the white race and planet through the 'world economy' shibboleth, 80% of which serves white women's "needs." Our world will be populated on a sustainable level for human habitation.

Don't be fooled.



May 19


Toronto's new neo-Nazi stirs the pot of anti-Semitism

There's a new neo-Nazi in Toronto's leafy mostly-Anglo-Saxon Beach area, known for having a Swastika Club. Decades ago there was a riot at a baseball game in Christie Pits in West Toronto for an entire day. His name is James Spears, a good-looking tall guy with a especially-complimentary wife. Spears is the editor of Your Ward News, owned by a French Canadian named Leroy St. Germaine. He's also known as "Dimitri the Lover" who teaches how to be a "pick-up artist."

It's hard to describe this hand-out, now postal-delivered little paper, but it's full of criticism of Jews and their practices, which has garnered the eye of the local media, the Toronto Sun and the Toronto Star with recent articles: One thing's for sure — James Sears has caused a controversy and discussion of odious Jew-inspired hare [sic] bill that jailed myself and Bob Smith a few years back, and lost us thousands in court costs all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, which rubber stamps anything against white nationalists in its Zionist police state that is considered a dictatorship by one-third of America's youth in a recent poll.

I welcome all fighters for truth, freedom whatever their symbols, and their political commitment. We've had "pretty boys" before pretending to run white nationalist organizations in Canada, like the erstwhile James McQuirter, who ran a Ku Klux Klan group here just for the media; He appeared as a Toronto Sun 'Sunshine Boy' in a picture in that paper and don't forget the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service project, the Heritage Front under the leadership of German immigrant Wolfgang Droege. I just hope that Mr. Sears is sincere. He offered a light of hope when he was asked by the Star reporter "Are you a Nazi?"; he replied with the sneaky Seinfeld shibboleth promoting homosexuals, "Not that there's anything wrong with it."  The Jerusalem Post gave him international coverage by publishing an article on their site.



May 14


Challenge the journalists

I don't know any journalists, male or female who have been on the white man's side. While I disagree with rude behavior for the sake of rudeness, I don't have any pity for the news reporters or pundits. They're all enemies of the white man's natural racism.

Tough titty, said the kitty; when oafs and blowhards are the first front line of giving white traitor journalists a hard time, even if it's not on political grounds. White nationalists should be out there each and every time, pointing out their slanted, biased, anti-white treachery that continues unabated to this very day. As I wrote in this column some time back, I have no pity for the media journalists who have been spreading lies and misinformation for decades against the white man and for foreign wars.

Let's challenge them on a political basis, not the buffoonery of crude idiots who should not have lost their jobs without due recourse. To hell with the traitors. Tell them, every time you can, in print or on the airwaves.  [ Related ]


May 12


Sports fans waste their lives — What a yawn

The all-American hero Tom Brady of the NFL's New England Patriots is a perfect example of America's heroes: They're all phony and corrupt. He cheated in the last Super Bowl by having an easy-to-catch deflated football in his hands. And yes, this "Jew-owned" sports enterprise is giving him a slap-on the- wrist four game suspension and given a $1-million fine for the team — no big deal when it comes to the billions these people possess. A shame and a pox on all white professional sports fans who never seem to grow up, ignoring their society's and their race's downfall. These useless adult children deserve no respect in their childish lives of non-entity.


May 8


Don't worry about Omar Khadr — stop Canada's military missions first

Hateful bigotry is useless in the long run — that's what I see with the Canadians who object to child soldier Omar Khadr's release after thirteen years in prisons, including torture at Gitmo. Compared to how these same feminist and Jew[ish] whiners responded to the young murderer-torturer accomplice Karla Holmoka's sweetheart deal that she received — now she's out, married and vacationing in the Caribbean — these hypocrite complaints against Khadr look and sound stupid in Zionist/feminist Canada. Traitor Ottawa regimes created the multicult problem in this country, not Omar Khadr.

The entire battleground incident involving Khadr happened in Afghanistan where was dragged to by his jihadist father and where foreign invaders had no business being to begin with — especially faraway Americans and Canadians. In the fog of war, everything is a haze, and who can trust the Pentagon liars and torturers? Canadians should be discussing their continual globalist mercenary service for other people's causes, instead of the fate of a boy who's been through hell already; that would be much more productive and sane.

Tell Stephen Harper to stop the latest Iraq/Syria mercenary military mission that endangers all Canadians for our involvement— that's a lot more important.



May 6


Good news from Alberta: anti-racist traitor Tories out

The people who can do the worst damage are the ones who pretend they're on your side, and that's the case with anti-racist/multicult so-called "conservatives" only interested in conserving their pocketbooks. Today there's good news from Alberta.

Their greedy capitalists' reign of 45 years is over with the election of a woman-led New Democratic Party majority that purportedly represents the common working man and the poor. Sure we'll have more feminist policies but at least globalist big business is out, even if their new populists want to stay in power and the stronghold of the Canadian West. The Stephen Harper Brokeback Mountain cowboys' rule is over on his home turf, which looks really bad for his re-election. It's better the enemy you know than the enemy you don't know in any conflict.

Hooray for the smart voters of Alberta! [ Related ]



May 2


Baltimore shows that race is all

The Baltimore protests and all the other black crime and anti-police rioters' activities are being exaggerated, embellished and ginned up by the media. A few hundred protesters, sometimes, even a couple of dozen, is enough for the anti-white mainstream media to broadcast it across the world, as if it were an Earth-shattering demonstration: The real life of Negroes in North America has been exposed as neo-criminal whiners who always want more stuff and privileges in a[n] economically and morally deflated white society.

"Race-mixing" never works and the greedy morons who brought the cheap black labor slaves to North America are to blame for the social destruction of a formerly harmonious white society. Globalist mercantile greed is driving white civilization down the drain, all for the benefit of a few frequent-traveler rich elites chasing the dollar for more hedonism. I have no pity for any of them and look forward to the daily destruction of unnatural multicultural countries slated for the dustbin of history. Right now, only white racists with common sense, good will and fair play are telling the truth about today's news events; the real truth, and nothing but the truth, that race is all.



May 1


Arrogant slimy Limey Jeff Goodall undermines white racism in Canada

You are known by the company you keep.

Jeff Goodall didn't officially join the pro-white Western Guard during the Edmund Burke Society's transformation from just battling commies to protecting white Canada's heritage when the massive nonwhite immigration was opened in the 1970's. That's when he ran away. He was the first agitator to try to break up a coalition Anglos and East Europeans, adults and students' organization at what became to be known as The Edgewater Conspiracy — referring to a grungy hotel at Toronto's Queen Street and Roncesvailles Avenue — where Goodall tried and failed to steal EBS members for his own miser-bookkeeper reasons. Soon after he became big drinking pals with the big and now dead half-aboriginal Al Overfield, who became an Ontario Provincial Police informant and asset. Al received a bailiff's license to make easy money for the rest of his life and employing the Canadian Security Intelligence Service/Heritage Front asset Wolfgang Droege later, when he came back from a California federal prison for his failed attempt to take over the government of Dominica with his drugger pals.

Of course, present-day frequent flyer and border-crosser Paul Fromm led a successful Western Guard disruption campaign and breakup with his "Countdown (to nothing)" organization, now defunct. Interestingly, and to everyone's shock and suspense, the scruffy unkempt Jeff Goodall was hired by the City of Toronto in a paymaster capacity. You can connect the dots. Arrogant Jeff Goodall carries on to this day still whining the same as he did in the 1970's, while trying to put down public white nationalists — or hiding from them in Oshawa. White nationalism doesn't need any criticism from a cowardly peanut gallery with questionable motives.

At least the 'Don Andrews Circus' made it to Wikipedia, Mr. Goodall.



April 30


Privatization kills citizens and white society

See, I told you that privatization of the public service is so terrible, bot only with less service but also deaths, which can only be attributed to cheapskate greedy private operators. Not putting enough salt on Ontario highways leads to dozens of deaths, injuries and misery for the common taxpayer.

Only greedy bigots and cowardly, politically-correct anti-racists are in favor of public service cutbacks that unionized workers and human rights activists have fought to stop for our race. Next time you hear the media propagandists knocking the white man's idea of unions and lauding greedy, 'happy capitalists' to wreak havoc on our society, speak up with your emails, tweets and texts, phone calls and give them 'what-for'. [ Related ]



April 28


Globalists' Egyptian forces massing for another mess

The Freemason army junta in Egypt is cruising for a bruising with their intended invasion of East Libya to take it out of Islamic State militants' hands for globalist interests. The dictatorial regime is already on shaky ground with the ouster of the democratically-elected Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi (arrested and imprisoned for twenty years on trumped-up charges). Not only that, but the Islamic State Sinai Province jihadists are giving the traitorous Egyptian mercenary a hard time in the inhospitable, arid peninsula. Foreign jihadists are being rushed in to Cyrenaica — counter the despot Sisi's troops massing on Libya's border. Even though the Egyptians claim they won't stay in Libya long, just until the ISIS fighters are destroyed. You can expect Egyptian soldiers' heads to roll on Libya's north African shores once the jihadists get hold of them, which will further demoralize the tyrannical army's collapse when Egypt will be broken up into two countries again, as in ancient times, into the Christian north, lower Egypt, and the rest as Upper Egypt, as the Nile Rivers flows — the way it should be.  [ Related ]


April 25


Purported evil Ukrainian neo-Nazi horror makes me sick

If the video on showing Neo-Nazi Ukrainian nationalists of Azov's Jew[ish] regime troops crucifying and burning alive an East Ukrainian Russian speaking rebel is true, it sickens me that these creatures would elevate themselves as white men. These evil idiots undermines [sic] the white man's cause, and I would fight against them any day in any dimension.

Canadians should ask the Harper government why they are funding and training the Kiev globalist merchants' Jew[ish] regime which perpetrates such horror, showing all proud white racists. Let's see what white rights hypocritical bastards support this level of brutality, which should never be the white man's way. Canada and NATO should have nothing to do with this Ukrainian horror. Tell the Harper regime, and any decent white nationalist leader and organization that this is sick, and nothing to build a nation upon, and certainly not common sense, good will and fair play.



April 22


Treacherous Tory budget won't help ordinary Canadians

More garbage promises from Finance Minister Joe Oliver in their proposed budget , extending over years after the next general election when their globalist goof will hopefully be turfed out in the 2015 vote.

Over $13.5 more is to be spent on Canada's foreign service military, the RCMP. CSIS and the idiotic feminist war on the Islamic State. All this goes on while ordinary Canadians can't afford beef on their tables or pay their student loan debts incurred for trying to get non-existent jobs shipped out to cheap-labor foreign countries as part of the greedy businessmen's free trade sell-offs that hurt everyone except the frequent-flyer rich. Any white man with and praise for these anti-white society policies is a traitor to our civilization, end of story.



April 21


In a once-lily white orange lodge city race-mixed Toronto has a New black police chief

Our city, which used to be 98% white only three generations ago, and once known as Toronto The Good, is now 51% nonwhite with the crime rate way up there, like most race-mixed countries thanks to all the "I'm-not-a-racist" bastards and bitches of all political stripes, has chosen a black Toronto career officer, Mark Saunders, as its new Chief of Police. I think I met the guy when I was in solitary confinement in one of my many arrests for political activity in our city. I remember him looking at me curiously, in a well-mannered way, just like a Paki officer who wouldn't give me the time of day when I was arrested one afternoon on the street by another politically-correct cop for scratching "white power" into a traffic guard post. He looked at me from his cruiser because he wanted to see what a real white racist looked like, and strangely described me as "He's a good-looking one."

Mark Saunders has a hard row to hoe to crack down on the black gangsters' violence, stupidly described by local cops as 'gunplay' and the perpetrators as 'gang-bangers.' This cute coziness must end, or else Chief Saunders will look like he's soft on crime. He can start by cleaning up the Toronto Community Housing projects sprinkled around the city and fast-becoming no-go area for ordinary citizens, while leaving the housing's innocent terrorized.

Mark Saunders knows his own people. Let's see what he does; One thing's for sure — he can't show bias. However, as white racists, we expect to be treated with common sense, good will and fair play — the white racist motto that should be inscribed in their Freemason foyer of Toronto Police headquarters, somewhere near their ridiculous big statue of a little boy pulling a giant stone obelisk in his little red wagon at 40 College Street at College and Bay. What's that all about?



April 14


Tell Harper: Keep Canadian military home to rebuild and protect our country
and stop nonwhite immigration

The old comedy line of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, who said "This is another fine mess you've gotten us into" can be attributed to Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper by sending Canadian globalists' military mercenaries to the Ukraine to train the new Jew regime's troops to kill Russian-speaking Slav separatists in the eastern part of the made-up country called the Ukraine ("The Frontier"). This is typical pandering to naive feminist Ukrainian-background voters in Canada about whom "Holocaust denier" Ernst Zόndel once remarked, "The Ukraine? Isn't that where the wives beat their husbands?".

This meddling for feminists is as bad as the idiotic anti-ISIS bombing mission in Iraq and Syria, where God Forbid, Canadian heads will roll if one of these professional foreign killers gets shot down and captured by jihadist medieval nut bars that has nothing to do with Canada's insecurity if the three traitor parties in Ottawa would stop importing more and more of their cultish kind into our once-white homeland.

I say keep Canadian troops at home and serve the Canadian people by rebuilding our infrastructure and training a part-time paid militia to make any easy invasion and occupation of Canada hell on Earth for foreign aggressors.



April 9


Conservatives killing white society

Any white person who supports the cheapskate kosher conservatives in Canada is deluded self-loathing idiot. Miserly fiscal conservatives have ruined the quality of life in Canada, including daily door-to-door mail service here, and stopping a lot of people from getting health care in the US — a white society concept being eroded by these greedy divisive middle-class-designated goofs. It's nothing but hardships that conservatives offer the poor and elderly with their continuous cutbacks, as sneaky as any globalist merchants looking for tax breaks and free trade deals to jack up consumer prices. So don't look to them to save the white race through selfish libertarian Jewess Ayn Rand policies of 'The Virtue of Selfishness'. No wonder our white society is scattered in their opposition to the Third World invasion for a few dollars more from opportunist nonwhite customers flooding into our white homelands.

I tell you, your worst enemy is the one standing beside you — the apologizing conservative bigot lying for your vote to stab you in the back when elected. Don't let them win again. As the saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. [ Related ]


April 7


Mike Duffy case no big deal

Sure, Mike Duffy's big, but the case against him and other senators for overspending in budgets is just another petty distraction from the millions spent on a useless war paid by Canadian taxpayers in Iraq and now Syria. Millions more are being wasted on foreign aid that Canada can ill afford — people lining up in food banks and with the job prospects for students saddled with loans looking dim. There's no dental or eye care from the government, but there's plenty of money for war — ask about the $50 billion they spent in Afghanistan over thirteen years on a wasted mission, with the Taliban still there and a new biography of their one-eyed reclusive "leader" Mullah Omar just making the rounds.

The pettiness over the hounding of Canada's senators over expenses makes us all look cheap and stupid, And it won't do austerity PM Stephen Harper any good since he appointed these liberal media stooges to Canada's Upper House to begin with.

Now, watch the farce.  [ Related ]


April 1

White society at stake in Canada's 2015 federal election

The price of food in Canada has risen astronomically, especially in the last ten years. The problem probably started earlier with the same old white race traitors signing Canada to free trade deals so the rest of the world can exploit our vast resources and pauperize our population. Nationalism, isolationism and sustenance will stop it in its tracks, especially if we brought our armed forces back to guard our Canadian borders and help needy civilians to help in storms and urban renewal. They'd be a lot more useful there than bombing ISIS vehicles in the desert like children playing video games in a conflict that only endangers all Canadians by Harper's mercenary participation in it.

Beef, in a country full of cattle, is out of the reach of most working class Canadians—and I'm not talking about jerks blowing dollars on foreign vacations once a year in Third World countries. They make me sick! After bringing the nonwhite Third World here, they now run away from the mess they made in Canada and blow their money overseas? Who can respect that?

There's talk that the New Democratic Party, a neo-commie feminist group supported by big labor unions, might have a chance in the upcoming federal election. They would be no better for the economy or guarantee lower prices and real jobs if they follow the same politically-correct globalist road with open-door immigration and anti-white-racism rhetoric— unless the public demands a more populist policies from this bought group of traitors in our national capital of Ottawa.

Fed up Canadians must demand more from their politicians and complain without fear of censure to the candidates if we are to have any change in the destructive policies of the apologizing bigot Conservatives and their mealy-mouthed "lite" clones, the Liberals, under empty-headed pretty boy Justin Trudeau, son of that bastard who started this whole multiculturalism mess, Pierre (may he spin in his grave for his betrayal of a once-proud white civilization gone down the drain, perpetrated by his successors.


March 30


Women's rights dividing white racists

Many white nationalists are only gung-ho for women's rights which created this multicult morass in Canada and the United States with their women's anti-racist voting blocs. Now there are idiots who want to expand Canada's mercenary military missions into Syria fighting for feminist causes. Wake up, you naive fools, and stop supporting feminist "humanitarian wars" just because you think some matriarchal anti-patriarchal Muslim causes are our fight. They are not.

Some "mild racists," bigots like David Duke, will go so far as to accept the divisive word 'diversity' on their website just to curry favor with white women. other than a few shekels more in donations. It's all a waste of time and a lost cause, as continental moderation and compromise by whites have shown.


March 27


Warmonger Harper threatens all Canadians

It's natural to hate anyone able to bomb and destroy you from above with airplanes, especially when you don't have any air force or sufficient missiles and artillery ton defend yourself. I'm sure the jihadists of the "Islamic State" feel the same way. And if they ever get their hands on one of these technologically advanced cowardly pilots they can be sure they won't give them up that easily and will treat him even worse than any on-the-ground combatant.

Canada's Zionist Conservative Stephen Harper has put Canadian heads on the block for "ISIS'" knives with his warmonger expansion of this country's continued mercenary service for foreigners' caucus with Canada's involvement in first Iraq and now Syrian war zones. Canada's contribution won't o much if anything at all to stop the advance of Muslims "reconquista" of their traditional lands under globalist dictators' control. This stupid new anti-Islamist war, like our thirteen -year engagement in Afghanistan, puts all Canadians in danger in public places from home-grown Muslim zealot-converts and others recruited by the anti-racist bastards brought in by our treacherous regimes. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's and NDP Leader's Thomas Mulcair's weak opposition to this new Canadian aggression is based on their feminist bloc vote support of anything that smacks of male chauvinism, like the new male mini-Islamic State.

Only white racists have the proper perspective in reject all foreign war and trade involvements and anti-white immigration policies that destroy white Canada every day. Send your comments and opposition to Stephen Harper and his war caucus to stop this stupidity, and concentrate on Canada's poor unemployed and indebted students, and close the open door immigration policy to all until we can; solve our own problems here first.

No more costly, useless wars and foreign tax-dollar giveaways. Canadians must come first, not fear mongering.



March 24


How about Ted Cruz? Americans need a bland break

Calgary-born US GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz is a boring guy, full of old bromides and modern vagaries. He was wrong when he alluded to a ten-year old Nigeria girl speaking Swahili to some meddling missionaries and they don't speak Swahili in Nigeria— that's an east African language, not from West Africa's Nigeria. Another piece of chutzpah I heard was the term 'courageous conservatives. That's a joke. They're the most apologizing bigots on the planet, especially for necessary white racism.

Ted Cruz has big hands, who he uses like a preacher, basically in a dramatic 'Elmer Gantry' style; instead of praising the great people of Virginia and talking to the entire fifty American states with a triumphal flourish-ending of his US presidency bid, he did it an oh-by-the-way-I'm-running-for-president style. He'll appeal to the suburban white bread boring and Latino middle class wannabes because of his name, and to cowardly crusader Christians with a certain bland meanness demonstrated by his beautiful wife in a middle-class pink suit and his two little girls who were denied their vanity, dresses in the same red dresses and forced to wave flags like props for the GOP's early Obama-style candidate, a political freshman winning the presidency. If he only could sway some more women's bloc voters to his squeaky-clean American imperialism, with a Canadian citizenship now renounced, US immigrants will already be on his side — that even Hillary Clinton could use.

If Ted Cruz cuts down his Zionist warmonger foreign meddling, most Americans will be ready for a more quiet and secure, even bland, presidency after all the Obama excitement of the past eight years, he has a good chance of being the next US president.



March 23


Killing white racists on the streets is no big deal in Canada

The media, the cops and the anti-white race traitors are dying to hide and bury the evil killing of a white nationalist in Calgary, Alberta by cops who followed him into a laneway and shot him dead after he yelled "White power!" in protest against a white self-loathers' rally in that city. Don't expect the East Indian mayor of that city to give a damn, either.

I'm asking all white nationalists groups in Canada and the United States to put the pressure on the Calgary cops and the mayor and the media to get justice for the white nationalist killed by these anti-racist bastards in Calgary. I'm not buying any of the 'cooked-up' stories of the cops that claimed that the poor white racist killed because he was holding a 14-15-inch pipe. The media jerks in the National Post won't mention his name — Morgan Thompson, whose soul is calling out for justice. Instead the media is just giving the generic term "a man" When it's all right to kill people on the streets by police, the next step will be to ignore when we are attacked and killed by anti-racist morons.

The time to act is now; Enough gibberish on the chat sites like "where do you live?" Let's get some action against the anti-racist white perpetrators who starting to kill us for our natural beliefs.


March 22


Canadian cops Unfair to white racist citizens

The following letter is being forwarded to Mayor Naheed Nenshi and to its police chief, Rick Hanson:

March 22, 2015

We are sick and tired of cops treating white racists as less than human in the shooting of a white man who shouted "White Power" at a white self-loathers' treacherous anti-racist rally in the city of Calgary. This is not the first time in Canada.

For every action, there is a reaction, and you're not making white nationalists feel safe and comfortable by hounding them with your politically correct stooge recruits. We recommend that you review your killer policies against white supremacists before we have to review our policies of supporting local police.

We're waiting for a public response from you and the Mayor of Calgary in this important matter for harmonious relationships with all Canadian citizens — which includes white racists in Canada. [ Related ]

Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto, Ontario


March 19


Bigot Canadian icon Don Cherry goes canine

I'm disappointed with Canadian Don Cherry, the white bigots' icon who at 81, on the off-ramp of life with little to lose, has decided to help a charity for dogs, instead of his poor and homeless fans who dare to tingle at any natural racist concept if one of their own Canadians is suggesting it.

"Grapes" says, "I knew I had to give back something after all they have given me. " — and he's not talking about his fans, he's talking about dogs. This more-famous macho Rob Ford Canadian character has gone to the feminists picking up dog poop to make a few dollars more for the Simply Pets company's vegetarian treats. Sports fan/life-diversion cowards are also to blame for Canada's nonwhite immigration takeover by globalist traitor regimes in Ottawa. What did all the sports fans do, if anything, about that?

This la-la-land life sideshow existence deserves the same approbation as their Mr. Tough Guy Don Cherry and his lookalike dog. Speak up, cowards, on the racist issues facing Canada and stop apologizing like Rob Ford lookalike Larry Miller.   [ Related ]



March 18


White conservative traitors are gutless wonders

I've told you before, Conservatives are our worst traitors because they come up with necessary truths, like MP Larry Miller, about race and country, then slink away with unnecessary and undermining apologies to the anti-racist globalists who run Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabal in Canada.

Every time a Conservative apologizes for natural racism, he hurts us all with such anti-natural cowardice, which guarantees our extinction. Anyone pushing diversity, multiculturalism, or any other catch-word for whites' demise is an enemy of the white people.


March 16


Blacks and Arabs/"Boko Haram" and "ISIS," working together? We'll see

Race-mixed Arabs have treated blacks terribly for centuries, even as Muslims and blacks are still generally looked down upon, attacked and exploited by Arabs, a Caucasian, black and Dravidian mix, with their hairy bodies, tanned skin and big eyes.

The Janjaweed in Darfur are particularly nasty to black slaves and to Jewish shipping entrepreneurs for greedy whites labor in the New World. All blacks are looked upon the same way by haughty Arabs, even the Muslim pilgrims coming from the United States — they've lumped in with the African sections of Mexico, much to the US wimps' dismay.
Now Islamic State Arabs will be sent to black "Boko Haram" to advise and decide for the natives. Aside from getting new expertise and possibly even European jihadists as a benefit, as long as you're at war, it will be on the social scene where natural racism will have an opportunity to prove its supremacy over an ideological delusion going by the banner of multicult religion.

Remember, race trumps all.



March 15


Respect the old or else

I was watching Archie Bunker the other day, where in one episode he had a chance to appear on TV to rebut an editorial by a media station advocating gun control and the policy of gun confiscation in America. Archie got on TV, slumped in a chair like an old angry white man and told the audience that the first thing the communists did in Russia was to confiscate the peoples' guns to impose their order. How prophetic of today; Anyone attempting to make fun of old white guys is part of the same plot, in Archie Bunker's time and today.

There's no respect for the older experienced senior white guys. Soon, there will be no culture left of that society. Whatever the foibles of the old, respect is the best path, if any of us are going to have a worthwhile and safe, long life — the basis of all successful cultures. Seniors are the guarantee of a continuing civilization. When you see propaganda, oppose it.


March 15


We're Number 1! We're Number 1!

Natural racism always trumps religious belief based on a self-delusion. White racism is real. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) says that right-wing extremists (read; racists) are a more likely source of solo attacks than radical Islamists in Canada (well, duh!). Racism is as natural as breathing and as you see your own community go down the drain in front of you, kosher conservative globalists pretend that they care about white Canadians. With religion, you have to ask, "are you a Muslim?" while with race, your senses tell you all, without speaking a word. Race is all. and will be for the future, as unnatural multiculturalism self-destructs and the population re-coalesces around the most common natural phenomenon — racism. [ Related ]

We're trying to guide the ideology here at the natparty site. Join us!



March 12


Criminally immoral media fanning the flames in police shootings

I'm blaming the media for the shooting of the police officers by random black criminals across the United States. The multicultural anti-white media is responsible for all the hatred hurled at cops by black protesters by broadcasting their antics, even if it's just a couple of dozen of them with signs. Now some criminal individuals are trying to be heroes in their ghettos' bailiwicks. That too, they're pumping up with breaking headline news stories encouraging others to get in on the act. All race-mixed societies require a neo-police state to keep order in a no-holds-barred immoral multicult society. Attacking the police in such an environment will only bring more mayhem to a demoralized police force and community, especially for dwindling whites.

I say, challenge the propagandist pundits and reporters on all the news channels and newspapers when they peddle their big anti-white racist lies destroying our society. To do less for your race and culture is criminally immoral.



March 10


National Post's John Ivison is A disgusting white race traitor — stinks to high heaven

The other day I saw a stupid heading on the Jews' jihadi war at "SITE Intelligence" where they have a page on 'dreaded' white nationalist threats. That's all they are now in anti-racist traitors' minds, just threats. The Jew misinformation SITE Intelligence claims that white racists are debating whether 'white elites' should be under attack (well, duh!). Just look at the venomous drivel the Zionist National Post puts out by the elitist race traitor pundit John Ivison article "Racist bozo eruption hits Tories." Is there any question that white elites are far more dangerous than any far-off ISIS jihadis that Harper wants to fight?

The problem and animosity toward white racists is right here in our own white Western countries. Confront and fight them here — and tell John Ivison  to go to hell where he came from.


March 9


Canada's cowardly Conservatives betray whites again

Every day there seems to be a new cowardly act by the so-called misnamed conservatives in the Western world who have been disappointing white nationalist traditionalists for decades now. The latest is a text message blurb from Tory MP from Newfoundland, John Williamson, apologizing for complaining about "brown people" being brought in by the Harper regime to do the labor of whites in Canada while they stay on unemployment insurance benefits. It's true — so what's to apologize for, you fool? Is it because you looked at your Newfoundland constituents, and they're still mostly white, unlike crime-ridden multicultural Toronto?

Send John Williamson your views on his cowardly apology. His e-mail is .



March 8


Harper to blame for all anti-"ISIS" Canadian war casualties

All useless anti-ISIS Canadian war casualties can be blamed on Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He's the guy who started this "Crazy Middle Eastern War" that no one except commie feminists and capitalist globalists want, including the deaths of two Canadian soldiers, for the first time killed on Canadian soil by Muslim religious fanatic converts in retribution for the dumb NATO Afghanistan invasion and the latest Iraq deployment.

Let's hope there isn't [sic] more. Tell Stephen Harper  to get out of Iraq and Syria before we lose more naive Canadians "fighting them over there" — then bringing them over here to wreak havoc on our white society's standards and civilization.



March 5


Hypocrite Harper ignores the real crime and terror he brought to Canada

Prime Minister Harper thinks that murderers should stay in longer in his continuing police-state bills. Personally I think murderers should be executed . But Harper's hypocrisy shows up again when he doesn't say anything about Vince Li, the newly-released, after getting five years, Chinese bus killer/decapitator and cannibal immigrant killer of poor, innocent Canadian born Tim McLean sitting beside him across Canada. There's your real terror, the nonwhite immigrants that have skyrocketed Canadian crime and anxiety — Oh yeah, now pushed even higher by terrorist backlash fears because of Canada's historical foreign mercenary services killing for other people's interests. Ask the politically-correct anti-white racist doughboy Harper, if he has anything to say about this. Don't hold your breath — they hardly ever respond. 



March 4


Netanyahu had nothing new to say in US Congress speech

Benjamin Netanyahu's speech for the controlled white faces of both houses of the Congress of America did him more harm than good. The whole worlds now sees that Washington is nothing but a "Jew regime" where a foreign country's leader has the power to summon all his political stooges, without an invite or approval of a presiding American president. Barack Obama looked pathetic and powerless, pooh-poohing his foreign master Bibi Netanyahu's concerns over Iran's nuclear plans.

Bibi had nothing new to say, just the same old shibboleths about how you can't trust a country with 4,000 years of civilization, compared to his ersatz Israel nuclear state of 67 years, with a history of persecuting the Arab inhabitants, which still goes on in Gaza. I read the Jews' letters to editors, and not one came up with a valid reason why Israel should possess atomic bombs — but not anyone else — in the Middle East.

Common sense, good will and fair play, is the white racists' mantra; I don't see any of it operating here from the supposedly-smart Jews.



March 3


Ask John Tory to get to the bottom of the Toronto tunnel mystery

I'm asking everyone to tweet, email, phone and write to Toronto Mayor John Tory and ask him to get to the bottom of the Toronto tunnel mystery that the cops are obviously hiding to protect someone obviously associated with them — CSIS, RCMP, OPP? — in order to scare the pants off Torontonians as a terror plot of the upcoming Pan Am games in our city.

The Toronto Police Chief William Blair should be roundly condemned for hiding these facts and names of the perpetrators of these "unauthorized" construction delays done by Christians and sycophants of veterans of foreign mercenary wars.

Don't be afraid to ask, What's Up, John? We pay our taxes to know, and he's supposed to be our servant.

Mayor Tory's Contact Webpage:



March 2


Cops covering up for Toronto tunnel diggers

Isn't it interesting how Toronto cops are quick to decide that there was no criminal intent apparently by two characters, one who loved the Catholic rosary and one respectful of the Canadian mercenary Remembrance Day veterans' poppy, both found in the surreptitious tunnel. They were digging for someone higher up.

Obviously, others were involved in this new police-promoted plot construction, or they wouldn't be doing it so privately and confidentially outside the public's gaze — "Nothing to see here, just keep moving."

Do you trust that they're telling the truth? I don't. [ Related ]


March 1


The Toronto Tunnel

On a separate issue, the mystery Toronto tunnel is obviously an Establishment ploy for a future "discovered plot," only it was discovered prematurely by a city employee and kept secret for an entire month, during which it was filled in to protect the culprit creators who ordered it to be built with Italian or Portuguese labor, popular on Toronto construction sites. Why else would there be a rosary and crucifix hanging from a nail put up by worried tunnel diggers to protect them. Definitely, the crucifix was not nailed to the wall, as the anti-terror-bought media initially claimed, as an angry dig-motivator for jihadist plotters. The cops filling in the tunnel before an independent observer could assess the site shows that the fix was in to save somebody's accidentally-exposed ass. We all know that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the RCMP are eager to promote the need for Harper's anti-freedom Bill C-51 against terrorism. This honey trap has failed the conspiracy culprits.



February 28


Controlled Russian "Opposition" leader's assassination no big deal

The death of that drunken Jew oligarch Yeltsin pal Boris Nemtsov is no big deal. Boris Nemtsov was just another pawn of the criminal comrades who put on Armani suits to run Moscow for the globalists. Don't forget that the whole Cold War was a farce by the military-industrial complex bogeymen, stoking communism as a threat when the elitists were running both sides. Even Vladimir Putin's Russian nationalism is only genuine among ordinary Russians while world oligarchs fight over the riches of the Ukraine. [ Related ]


February 24


Hollywood whores going down the drain

"Hollywood Jews" have spewed a lot of anti-white propaganda and deserve to be condemned and ignored — that's just what's happening with their crappy movies and poor actors. People are getting sick of them, and rightly so. They are the worst examples of white man's culture and breeding, and hypocrisy throughout the world, especially in criminals' America. Every dirty act and inhumane treatment, from murderers to torturers, can be blamed on these perverts' influence in our fatherless feminist society run by bitches and bastards who preen themselves on our screens.

The sooner this cabal of evil disappears, the better for all humanity, and I couldn't give a damn about their named and so-called talent any more than a suicide bomber, who at least believes in something more than the self-gratification and degeneracy that they eschew.



February 19


Canadian flag makes a comeback with patriots' help

Congratulations to CARA Foods for their restoring the policy of flying the Canadian flag at their commercial outlets (Harvey's, Swiss Chalet, Milestones, etc.), with a little prod and reminder from the Canadian Flag Perpetual Pride Campaign.

You know that white racists love our beautiful red maple leaf on our white homeland background. Canadian patriotism is very important nowadays, with globalist conservatives pretending that they care about our Canadian nationalism. I encourage everyone to fly the Canadian flag to show our pride.

God Bless Canada



February 17


Tweeters bug me

I hate when people text around me. They are so off on a tangent, in the middle conversations, questions, responding to other people's texts simian-like with their thumbs. Some even remind me of trained chimps pressing buttons fast with their thumbs on a gadget, glaring at it with their chins in their chests. You never know when they're going to jump up like a monkey from one of these silent conversant exchanges, because you don't hear them talking with their rapid tweet-responses. It's so irritating; now you don't know what's on the person's immediate mind, not having been privy to some mystical conversation with any stranger. Probing with "who was that?" makes you sound nosy an the tweeter in an awkward position to precis [sic] minutes of rapid thumbing in a single sentence.

Some people probably lie. Whatever the case, texting should be done privately. It's distracting a human-exchange confining and everything's recorded. So unless it's an emergency, talk to people. It's a lot better and more human.



February 14


Good news for Canadians: Sun News war propaganda off the air

Kosher conservatives — anti-racist war Zionists — have been the biggest drawback for white nationalists in the Western World. They always back-stab the white racists with hypocritical opprobrium, that the bigots are good at.

Good news! One of their lying institutions has shut down: the Sun News Network, which trumpeted Zionist causes and promoted Canadian military interventions wherever the enemies of Jews arose. They just didn't have the audience and the consequent sponsor support to keep the propaganda enterprise going, showing that Canadians are getting sick and tired of foreign military missions and the great taxpayers' costs associated with them.

The supposedly "truly Canadian Other Voice" for wars and invasions has been silenced — and that's good for Canadians.



February 12


No sorrow for anti-white journalists

I have no pity for the media journalists who have been spreading lies and misinformation for decades against the white man and for foreign wars. All of them are enemies of the white race; I hear that another one, Bob Simon, bit the dust yesterday in a freak car accident.

Good riddance to liars and all anti-white race traitors.


February 10


Tell Harper: Butt out of the Ukraine

Globalist war-dog Prime Minister Stephen Harper is out to lunch with his bellicose baying for war in the Middle East and now the Ukraine. Canada arming the Jew regime in Kiev is totally out of line with the peaceful nature of its citizens — with the exception of a few mercenary morons willing to enter every military fray the world because they're unhappy in their feminist home lives, just like the ISIS recruits to the first male state since mercantile colonialism started.

Harper needs more text messages, emails, phone calls, etc., from intelligent Canadians who are sick and tired of paying for fighting and dying in other peoples' causes for over a century now. Tell Harper: Hell no, we won't go — before more fortune and lives are lost m like in his idiotic loser mission in Afghanistan that cost $30 million at lest, all wasted taxpayer money that could have fed and housed thousands of poor in our land.

And tell him to butt out and stop acting like a nosy old mean woman who delights in stoking trouble and crises.  [ Related Item ]



February 6


Economic stats: All regimes' hooey

Today's employment statistics mean absolutely nothing. We're supposed to believe that 6.6% of the population is not working. Everyone known it's a lot more and everyone knows at least a couple of people looking for work all the time. And everyone knows there isn't a big employment office sending people to jobs like they did in the old days, regularly. Nowadays, you're left on your own. All the good jobs have been shipped overseas or taken by greedy foreign immigrants mostly from the Third World. There's no special consideration for being a Canadian when it comes to job priorities. Why would they ship in foreign workers, house and feed them and pay them to save a few dollars and race-mix the country more to a Third World level for a few dollars more, if the Harper regime wasn't against the Canadian people? We always hear of hundreds of millions in foreign giveaways and foreign aid, from Ukraine to Africa, but we hardly ever hear of million dollar contributions for Canadian city infrastructure, especially transit, from the federal regime paid for by the peons in Toronto and across the land. They always have the bureaucratic escape clause about the three divisions of government. as if they're the Trinity and can't be usurped to help the worshipers.

There are all kinds of college students with impossible debts to repay, with no job offers other than at coffee shop counters. Whenever the economic eggheads boast of jobs created and unemployment numbers in the most convenient ways for the "right results" you know that lying and obfuscating economic realities are nearing neo-Depression levels. The same situation exists in both the US and in Canada and the same contempt exists for the federal regimes.


February 4

ISIS brutality not the white man's way

Burning someone else is not the white man's way. I don't care what your cause is; that's why the Semites' Middle East religions are no good for white racists, They're not acting white, they're acting like all the other wild and crazy nonwhites who have perpetrated modern-day evil crimes, from "Boko Haram" to "ISIS." Suggestions by 'Happy Capitalism Jew' Lou Schizas on Toronto's AM640 Radio's John Oakley Show that we should napalm/carpet-bomb all ISIS territory shows his Semitic inclination towards inhuman brutality, like they did on Japanese and German cities in World War II.

That's why we're in this pickle today — because whites are behaving like omnipotent gods in nonwhites' territories. If the Semites and other nonwhites want to horrendously brutalize each other, like the "Japs" did to the Christians and Filipinos in World War II, that's their nature, and one reason we don't want them here to outbreed and rule us in the future. sharia rules are necessary to keep them in check in their own lands; white racial identity, integrity and dignity should rule white homelands undermined by globalists. All whites should get out of nonwhite wars now and not meddle in their blighted lands for a few dollars more that the Lou Schizas of the world want for another vacation and pampered Seinfeld lifestyles. White racists have never looked so attractive and natural before, compared to these savages.

Tell Stephen Harper and Barack Obama: Stay out of the brutes' foreign wars. We don't need them or their oil, which they need to sell to whoever's ruling their lands.



January 30


White racists, don't be duped by globalist liars

Regarding foreign meddler Stephen Harper and his anti-white hate and security laws to prop up his evil, unnatural multicult state in Canada: Before our Zionist prime Minister makes it illegal to even suggest to approve of jihadist attacks on anti-white One World Order globalist mercenaries across the world, let me say that white racists should stay out of this anti-isolationist Islamic fight overseas. This is not our struggle on our home fronts, where white race traitors, especially women voters, are pushing for anti-racist/pro-diversity multiculturalism, driving our people to extinction; only narrow-minded bigots and loser haters can benefit from anti-jihadist jingoism. The only armed force standing against commie-globalist Imperialists, including Russia, China and NATO's schleps. Why would fundamentalist Christians in a godless, fatherless society be against any "God-believer" patriarchs, unless they're opportunist bigot shysters. Look at the disarray in the anti-racist/anti-Muslim Pegida and their feminist fear of racist nationalism. Same goes in America where guys like David Duke and other fundamentalist Christian groups are claiming the foolish flag of diversity to hide their natural white racism. It makes us all look confused, stupid and obfuscating.

I'm not for the head-choppers, but neither am I for the tongue-cutters who like the hypocrite reds still bleat about 'freedom of speech' etc. while taking more and more away every day under the guise of 'security.' And you want to stand with them? Globalists, feminists and communists are sill the biggest threats to white racists, not the puny lone-wolf attackers from Islamic states in far-flung corners of arid places. Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and they are us." Now, stop acting like Miss Prissys in the hen house like foreign meddler Stephen Harper.



January 23


Globalists Out — "Boko Haram" methods working for an African "caliphate"

The "Boko Haram" method of taking territory seems to be working in northern Nigeria: They attack a town, try to grab the airport so that reinforcements won't get in, as in Maiduguri, and they're repulsed, as they were last weekend: they retreat and come back again a few weeks later, That's how they captured the town of Mungo, with a population of 100,000, also last weekend, with their brutality; anyone who isn't with them must be against them — then they're dead.

This is the only other caliphate/Islamic State in Africa that's growing every month, and becoming a no-go area to globalist exploitation, a natural- sustenance state without our tax dollar foreign aid and white meddlers to prop up the populations beyond local resources. And that's good for the planet — after all, if they want to live in the twelfth century, when whites never meddled and life went on with strict "sharia" law for their volatile people, that's their business.



January 23


White racists can't trust the conservatives

One of the reasons today's conservatives are looked upon as mean, unprincipled creatures is their continual lying. They're never straightforward on anything, except cutbacks of public services and privatizing of those same services, removing them from politicians' and the public's scrutiny. and control. Public services are not for profit — that's why we pay taxes, as soon as the word 'profit' is inserted, quality and frequency of public services go down, or disappear, like home mail delivery and restricted garbage pickup, where the homeowner is required to sort it out for the recycling merchants' pockets, hiring less of us in the community. For what? More dumb Third World holidays to get melanoma or sexual diseases?

Everywhere else, conservatives are ready to outright lie obfuscate, especially in all costly and useless military missions, with engagement rules changing all the time we'll never know how many billions are blown on these idiocies — billions that could have paid off student loans for so many struggling Canadians, or built a subway in Toronto. When I see that smarmy smiling Stephen Harper's face, I think of these lies, injustices and treachery, coddling up to naive whites.

White racists' enemies are not the far-off primitive patriarchal Islamists in their Muslim anti-colonialist "pre-conquista" jihad. No, it's the white guy next door supporting any multicult conservative destined to destroy our race for a few dollars more. No one can do you as much harm as those close to you who pretend they are your friends.

Next election, vote white.



January 20


Nasty "Japs" face compassion crisis with ISIS

The brutal World War II Japanese have a chance to show care and compassion for their meddlers, two of whom face beheadings under ISIS knives by paying a $200 million ransom required to free their hostages within 3 days or else. Japan has made trillions as a factory island for globalists, undermining the countries' economies.

Let's see what they will do.



January 19


Globalists' Harper puts beef off Canadians' menus

"Where's the beef?"

Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada has taken beef off the ordinary and poor citizens' menus in a country full of cattle, all because of free trade scams and his tolerance to a global economy run by the one-percent rich that he always caters to. I'm so sick of the greedy Conservatives and their anti-white self-loather policies that fail to protect white community standards in naturally-rich Canada, whose precious raw products are given away to the rich of other countries from an abundant land. Staples like bread, wood, oil, and beef are sold by to the highest bidder, so that the greedy rich hiding behind a non-existent middle class label that has ruined the Canadian economy with loss jobs, higher food prices.

Canada needs to put the boots to the compliant, childish, feminist opposition Liberals and the New Democrat leader to demand accessibility to our country's resources, and to stop all free trade deals ruining our sovereignty with ridiculous and costly military missions and foreign aid giveaways. Canadians should come first, or it's not worth being a nation that can control its own destiny and feed its people reasonably.

Tell the idiots, no more free trade deals. Nationalist isolationism is better for all.

Email the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair


January 15


Tell Harper to save 17,000 Target jobs — or go to hell

17,000 Canadian jobs to be lost, 17,000 households under economic threat in Canada and our globalist free-trade Prime Minister has nothing to say and no solutions to the closure of the giant corporate overpriced Target stores in our country. This is where the real rot is in the Ottawa regime — total unconcern for Canadians' jobs while Stephen Harper gallivants around the world touting his free-trade treachery that results in Canadian poverty for a few dollars more for his unhappy capitalism that only benefits the greedy few for more vacations wasting our dollars abroad.

Now's the time to put the boot to the multicult traitors that have ruined Canada's culture and economy. Let's see what the supposedly pro-labor/commie/feminist leader of the NDP Thomas Mulcair has to say and what that young scion of multiculturalism, Justin Trudeau, proposes to save these jobs. As for Stephen Harper, just tell him at  what you think of his treachery to Canada's citizenry, because he won't do anything to fix the problems he created with his slovenly mercenary warmongering for the corporate elites that he never criticizes.

And don't forget to ignore him, like you did his predecessor Brian Mulroney, who started this anti-white "progressive" crap.



January 13


Stop Canadian Conservatives' attack on whites' freedoms

So much for the Conservative liars in their hypocritical bleating over 'free speech'. Now the Harper Tory government is considering "preventative detention" — that's right; you haven't been convicted of a crime but just in case, the jerks will jail you. Just in case, if they don't like your political views. Oh sure, now it's only the Islamists who are threatened by the new proposed legislation, so these hypocrites claim. But watch — it will be used to stifle any real opposition to their globalist race-mixer rule that has brought the police state to Canada to begin with.

They've already jailed real opponents of multiculturalism under the Orwellian anti-hate laws in Canada. Now they'll have the right to jail you if they think you might be a danger to their treacherous multiculturalist rule. White racists should demand that all kosher conservative organizations and leaders be opposed to these anti-white tyrannical laws or be judged to be part of the race-mixers' dictatorial regime. To do less would be an acquiescence to their hypocrisy. Don't let the kosher conservatives off the hook in this attack on white men's freedom and values. Tell Harper, now, and his party.


January 12


There is no unity in the Paris march against Islamist patriarchy

What a joke — the supposed 'unity march' in Paris, without the participation of the proud, patriotic racist French National Front, who were not invited, or welcome to the anti-Islamic rally by globalists, commies and feminists. The other irony is the fact that the city name, "Paris" comes from the ancient Roman times. It was the location of a huge temple to the female goddess "Isis" ("Par-Isis" near Isis), now fighting a patriarchal Jihadist enemy with the acronym of "ISIS."

Sorry, I have no respect for hypocrites.



January 9


Let's stop the disrespect to teen girls on TV

I'm sick of "Hollywood queers" and "casting couch Jews" putting down white teenage girls in their sitcom and stupid man-child cartoons, like The Middle, Family Guy, Married with Children and Modern Family. They're either pictured as harebrained Lolita[s] or ugly dummies who can be easily criticized or ignored. They're treated as nobodies, especially on The Middle.

When are the feminists going to stand up for teenage girls being portrayed badly on these shows? This attitude leads to an even more negative policy when in comes to child-bearing looked upon derisively by the in-crowd as "breeders." It's little wonder there's [sic] so many assaults and rapes, when women are not treated as the 'gentle sex' that still needs to be protected by men, if you can find any around, looking at the oversexed wimps on TV shows. White nationalists have an obligation to stand up for their women. The next time you see this kind of disrespect and abuse, complain to the producers and sponsors of the show immediately.

Without our women, we are nothing.



January 7


12 dead in Paris, anti-white racists pay the price for their hypocrisy

What did the race-mixers colonial French expect with their constant invasions in Iraq, Africa and Afghanistan? To fall dead in Paris — definite payback from Islamic militants seeking revenge on a commie newspaper in the vanguard of irreverence toward Muslim "God-believers" and I don't mean the mercantile opportunists repopulating the West.

This hypocritical talk of "freedom of speech" only for the politically correct is a big farce when you consider how long white racists have been censored, threatened and jailed by multicult globalist regimes in Canada (including myself and Bob Smith) and other supposed bastions of free expression in Britain, France and Germany. I have no sympathy for the murderers and the hypocrite victims who have been harassing white nationalists for decades with their Orwellian anti-hate laws that should all be abolished. Until then, you reap what you have sown: Hatred and hypocrisy, ironically avenged by nonwhites who have had enough of this tyranny here and abroad. Until then, there will be no peace until the scales of justice have been balanced.



January 5


White racists, support your local police in a murderous country

There's nothing funny about murder, especially on the North American continent, where murders are awash from Mexico to Canada. Minimizing and trivializing murder by irreverent modern-day comedians and the "Hollywood Jews'" entertainment industry allows acceptance of this evil practice, elevating murderers to pop star heroes, even in rap songs; Mentioning that homosexual monster Jeffrey Dahmer only normalizes the practice.

White nationalists are advised to complain and protest to the insensitive media any time it happens. There's a real killer plague going on in North American society that must be addressed and dealt with by all white racists. Outrage, condemnation and public repugnance is what is required to stem this immoral practice. Let's do our part in helping police solve cold case and present-day murder cases in a fatherless civilization with a weak libertine feminist religion that's little help in catching the culprits doing this evil.

Cops are the only line of defense in a violent race-mixers' society that eventually needs to separate. Let's support them.



January 2


2015 resolution — white racists must clean up evil whorehouse America

 — let's start now

All American white nationalists should be pushing for stronger action against the numerous killers and criminals in their country. There's no pint yapping about Jews when you live in a fatherless charnel house of murder and mayhem, with light prison sentences when the perpetrator should have been executed. The whole country needs the whips of the Taliban, white-man's style, to get rid of the twisted criminals and perverts roaming your land.

American white nationalists have nothing to teach the rest of us white racists, when they're speaking from a murderous race-mixed whorehouse, where you're not safe going to school and going to the store. It's time to stop the rot in America, instead of meddling in other people's business. Clean your own hell-hole house up first. Go after all criminals, no matter what their racial background. White nationalists should be in thee forefront of law and order in their communities and not be part of any commie/feminist/anarchist/anti-police movement that the politically correct conspiracy theorists are into. They're part of the problem, not the solution for peace, security and tenuous harmony in a race-mixed state that needs a future breakup along ethnic lines.

It's our duty to help. Start with your neighborhood.


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