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At the Nationalist Party of Canada, we're dancing as fast as we can

As white racists in Canada, the Nationalist Party of Canada has done as much as it can, and if you can do it better, you're welcome. and we will applaud you If you have common sense, good will and fair play as a starting point to all white racist thought and activity. Sometimes we read on these white nationalist chatroom sites that we're not doing much here in Canada. How disingenuous and naïve can you get? Certainly, we're not  demonstrating with a dozen or two pickets against the white race traitor regimes in this country, nor are we trying to advance our membership or recruiting violent skinheads or fielding a lot of candidates in elections because we've done all that before — it has proven to be of little avail or of significant success in spreading white racist ideology through Establishment-run elections, again, as we have done before when we were cheated by the ruling elites — like when I should have been Mayor of Toronto in 1978. Then, David Crombie, the elected mayor, had a heart attack and the Ontario ruling elites ran up to the Queen's Park legislature and inn an emergency meeting on a Friday night, changed the law to prevent  the distant second out of eleven candidates (yours truly) from becoming mayor of Toronto by enacting legislation, but City Council would choose the next mayor from their members, overturning the expected democratic process. I have run many times since for the same position and came in the Toronto 2014 Mayoralty Race seventh our of 65 candidates, along with other NPC members like Bob Smith, Jim Brookman and Chris Brosky, who carried the white racist standard for councilor in different wards.

Meanwhile, the Nationalist Party has kept operating the same sophisticated website, informing white nationalists across the globe of important news and ideology 24/7. Not only do we report the salient news, but are also condemn and expose media white race traitors through the annual Walter Duranty Ward for Obfuscating Propaganda Journalism, with one of greatest enemies being the media.

On top of hassling anti-racist journalists we also promote our nationalist Canadian flag, with our beautiful maple leaf on our white homeland background flag, a  loving interpretation of Canada's symbol. While others perpetuate the mistakes of the past, the NPC racists shun the Limey colonialist mentality who embraced and wrapped themselves with our future-independence symbol— once we get rid of the globalist race-mixers' deadly ersatz Commonwealth of Nations. We're always on guard as Canadian patriots and make sure that the Canadian flag is respected publicly when we contact foreign flag-flying insults an worn Canadian flags, after sending new ones, gratis to patriotic homeowners. And we always provide financial support to white racists in other organizations.

Our NPC site's Crime Page tries to continually inform the white public of the dangers of unnatural “race-mixing” while our Science page educates white racists on the planet's nature and the discoveries and dangers in it. I'm proud of our daily-researched War News page, which again familiarizes white racists with the armed conflicts in the world so they don't naively talk like Donald Trump on world affairs. The same goes for the editorials, and not only Bob's Beat and my own views, but other views, particularly anti-war stories from other sources and writers. This makes Canadian white racists smarter, elevating them above the bigot category to the natural racist level of common sense, good will and fair play, the standard of racists, always worth repeating. We also scour white self-loathers',  and other conspiratorial and anti-white sites for information on other racist groups and individual activities, usually unavailable on other pro-white sites which usually elevates our people and brings them up-to-date on everything going on in the movement, once we have checked allied groups and individuals' sites and blogs. We're not afraid to be compared to other white groups' activities and relish in informing the public of their works.

Besides all this activity behind the scenes on every page on our site, the NPC is quick to complain about the media anti-white activity on every front of life: entertainment, advertising and anti-white rhetoric from whatever source. We send hundreds of e-mails across the globe about our views and activities to every corner of the world daily. We also encourage our members whenever they can to participate in the same cyber war activity and information dissemination to our efforts from HQ. Keep it up folks, you're doing a great job.  Not a day goes by that we are not involved in some loving pro-white political activity, described by idiots and Orwellian nay-sayers as "hate" in their frustration, as the propagandized populace slowly realized that race is all.

I don't make any money from our political activity. For me, it's a personal fate and destiny lifestyle if you check the strange origins of my life in Canada, starting as "Villi Zlomislich" for ten years as a Sarajevo street kid, to a Red Cross "finding and kidnapping" me to be Canadianized in 1952. I've seen this country, orderly, white and beautiful in Toronto like the Emerald City of Oz, during the 1950's and 60's deteriorate to an unnatural multicult “race-mixed” downtrodden, criminalized Third World class city, when they didn't listen to my advice during the Edmund Burke Society, to the Western Guard to the Nationalist Party, and my comrades have not given up the struggle for racial integrity and identity, and we promise to carry on with our history-making words and activities for the coming year 2016. I salute all those who are trying to do nearly as much as we at the Nationalist Party of Canada have done, and wish you the best.

Good health and good luck for the New Year, and Bless you all.



Parenting — not Nazi nostalgia — will secure our white race future

The New World Order has been around for a while now, ever since the disastrous World War I bloodletting that destroyed uncooperative enemies. Unlike single involuntary ethnic nations, empires are built by forced integration of disparate people who tolerate the unnatural unions for a while before they break up into their original natural parts. Every empire will fail and fall, and one that is attempting to control the entire planet through a New World Order, is guaranteed to disintegrate.

All racists are opposed to multicult empires, no matter what their ethnicity or color. This separate situation is evident everywhere, and no racist, especially a white one in his right mind, will support or promote a multicult regime, no matter what economic or political crumbs are offered to them. Any war aid or propaganda supporting a race-mixed empire is treacherous to white race existence. Therefore, we are opposed to a unipolar world and opposed to support for a diversity of power structure throughout the Earth, which is the best guarantee for the recessive DNA of the dwindling white species on the planet. White racists must not participate in globalists' wars for New World Order supremacy or join in the propaganda clamor directed at the globalists' enemies against any new independent challenges to the New World Order apparatus, like ISIS or "Boko Haram's" African isolationists, whoever created them.

White racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past and while the pomp and circumstance of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy are interesting and fun to watch, keep in mind: they lost not only the war, but also the hearts and minds of the public through their imperialist aggression and brutality trying to incorporate other ethnicities into their multicult regimes. White nationalism is fine and necessary in North America and Australia, where all white immigrants should work together to establish a white culture in the new world. However, European nations must stay separate for social harmony, regardless of the merchants' appeals for better economic times through race-mixing and multiculturalism, which hardly every comes to fruition, except for a short period when they fill their pocketbooks and take the money and run to a lower-taxed Third World country hideaway.

White racists are more powerful when they don't participate in race-mixer/loser globalist schemes, whether it's a war on a country or climate change; it's all a dangerous diversion for what's happening on the ground as white culture and society goes down the drain. White racist voters should not be taken for granted just because of some billionaire, whether it's Donald Trump or the KGB's Putin pretending to care about their concerns with a few kinds words or hints toward white racist ideology. We are wasting our time chasing after globalist billionaires' approval, who will only be on the world stage for a short time, compared to natural racist ideology, which will be here forever in all animal life. Today's white racist leaders have an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past, without the loser negative Nazi nostalgia.

There is a tendency by some pro-white groups — and keep in mind, many of them, especially the most successful, are secretly-funded government organizations and false flag operations that are inimical to the common sense, good will and fair play concept of a white nationalist. These groups want to portray the white racist as an apologetic character — "No I'm not a racist, I'm a racialist." These established white groups hardly ever promote smaller organizations or individual efforts of awakened white racists, but still carry on the same old Nazi loser rhetoric that didn't inspire any armed struggle against their enemies after World War II. The same can be said of the Soviet Union's downfall and Mao Tse-Tung's Little Red Book communists' compromises with capitalism, showing that their ideology was all a sham. Today's white racists know that the religious cult racist Jews, with their delusional God's-Chosen-People belief, are the real rulers behind the globalist throne; going after them in the last war didn't work. What's the old saying: if you can't beat them, join them. Therefore, their religious cult racism, however naïve and narrow, must be applauded, something I'm sure they wouldn't want publicized today, even though they are under great stress and pressure — and the only path of salvation for the bigots is our natural racist ideology.

White racists must be resolute, confident and pro-creative. All should strive to make big families and to be good fathers and mothers, instead of imitating the barren lifestyles of effeminate modern whites; unlike Hitler and his entourage and other than Goebbels and Magda, who disgustingly killed their six children rather than give them a fair chance for a future. The Nazi leaders were all for big families, but failed to deliver themselves.

Parenting is a high calling, missing from most white dilettantes today. Our children are our future. Let's procreate today.




The media has lost the narrative to racists

The world's media is flabbergasted at its inability to reclaim their politically-correct supremacy that they have had for decades over the white public. They are losing their influence over many social and political fronts with the unintended aid of Donald Trump and jihadists. Politically-correct fact-checking is out the window nowadays as our enemy journalists run around and try to correct Trump's assertions on Muslims, guns and feminists. Traitor journalists' socially-engineered "facts" are lost in the shuffle as the controlled pundits try their best to demonize Donald Trump and his white racist supporters to no avail.

No sane person is listening to the media-supported anti-gun lobby, as black crime and lone-wolf desperate acts of terrorism hit the headlines, not made by commie pro-Cuban hijackers and screaming feminists. Protest activity is in the Islamists' and Christian reactionaries' hands now, which idiots and anti-fascists can only counter-protest while their anti-racism prevents them from demonstrating against Muslim fanatics — still. The activist ball is in ours and the jihadists' courts, both patriarchal enemies of the globalists' media. All of the commie feminists' future plans are on hold while the more natural racists take center stage, even at Donald Trump's podium and rallies. No one is listening to gun control proposals that can't get to first base, even with an American president's backing. The same can be said about new wars with boots on the ground, which gets everyone concerned after so many failed missions by Pentagon blowhards — Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia. Libya, and now Syria. The public will only tolerate limited air raids on foreign targets that only affect a few pilots — until one of them is captured and faces a beheading knife while wearing a Gitmo-style orange jumpsuit, created by globalist imperialist and now mockingly mimicked by their Islamist-armed opponents. Climate change skeptics have also undermined the globalists' one-world-over plans and the media is unable to convince white countries on the emergency, when they see the smog and pollution created in the greedy Orient and the manufacturing of the dollar store junk factories.

The plight of Syrian refugees and their arrival in white countries, with beggars and panhandlers on white countries' streets won't warm the economically-struggling to the media's feel-good stories changing our culture and traditions. The media is less loved, trusted and respected every day the sun comes up as the Internet offers more and new information unavailable on the scripted propaganda of the main TV networks and newspapers. White people won't be happy listening to and reading the media's support and open-arms welcome of economic refugees from the Middle East while poor whites are having a lousy Christmas; even their fixed pollsters will have to show some truth in their figures.

Natural racism is here to stay, no matter what the wimps, perverts and dilettantes of the media wish for this Christmas. "Post-racial" is a nonsense word, and they know it. Only those with good jobs or holding public office are still apologizing for their "I'm-not-a-racist" fools. The rest of the public is out of the reach of the media's flawed logic and unfair stance regarding racism. That's why the billionaire Donald Trump is still riding high in the polls in spite of all the invective and vitriol spewed at him by anti-racist idiots in the media's pay. Even the abortionists are scared after the Planned Parenthood outrage over harvesting dead babies' body parts for profit by an organization with a benign name like theirs. Sure the media can run around and present their facts, but it's all lost in the translation as people still consider them as greedy feminist baby-killers.

White people realize now that whenever you go over there to kill and maim, they will come over here to take your women and jobs and kill you. Therefore, the more the media concentrates on the lone-wold [sic] Islamist attacker here, with endless stories of how they were radicalized, etc., the more the public is sick of the meddling imperialists, and the more they will grow more nationalist and isolationist. Finally, the globalists' merchant-controlled media has been hailing every free trade deal which have pauperized the manufacturing industries of white countries — and the more the poor and unemployed of white nations will realize that it is the anti-white racist media that didn't warn the public of the dire economic consequences of these one-world-order deals.

Don't let them have a breath of fresh air. Now is the time for white racists to kick our merciless enemies while they're down, with every letter to the editor, poll or talk show encounter with these jerks, so that they may never rise again with respectability and to prominence, until they recognize God's natural racism on Earth.




Jews love “X-Mas”

God's self-chosen people love Christmas. Why shouldn't they? It's a wacky celebration of the servants' religion Christianity
, Judaism Lite, celebrating the birth of the Immaculate Conception of its founder Jesus Christ. It's similar to the Hercules story, when Zeus came down to Earth to impregnate a mortal. The whole Nativity Story is probably mocked by the majority of Jews; the birth of a Judaist reformer created by God impregnating a married woman whose cuckolded, unquestioning husband Joseph and his wife Mary running away as refugees from pestilence and war-ridden Egypt to the safety of a Bethlehem manger.

This modest beginning, supposedly noticed by wandering Middle East merchants (the Wise Men) with gifts, guided by a star. It all seems very innocuous until of course, the baby grows up to whip the money changers' merchants out of the Jews' temples and condemn their lack of faith. Jesus is to Judaism what Buddha is to Hinduism: a more liberal and feminist interpretation of the old religion. Judaism is a matriarchal religion, where you're not a Jew unless you come from a Jewish mother and even though you may convert to the religion, you are not fully accepted as a Jew unless you have kept the female religion's line going for seven generations
, 140 years. A gifting idea was already introduced by their merchant Wise Men, and we know women love frivolity and presents, so why not join the Christians in this happy holiday, when the merchant class can take advantage of the derogatory-termed "Goyim" holiday and sell the stuff they don't need, particularly to their women?

If it wasn't for the Jews we wouldn't have all the myriad supposedly Christmas stories on film and TV promoting the let's-be-nice-to-everyone/no-exclusivist policy Christmas cheer, from old classics like A Christmas Carol to Bad Santa to Frosty The Snowman that have little to do with Jesus Christ or Christian theology. Every angle of Christmas is explored and utilized by the media and entertainment industries except the religious angle; the closest we can come to Christ's beginnings is The Little Drummer Boy
, also in the gifting mode. Christmas began to be mocked with the omission of Christ's name and replaced with an 'X', as if one was too ignorant to know whose Mass it was "just put down an X". Christians showed their religious disbelief when they meekly accepted that denigration in public for fear of offending others obviously more powerful than themselves. You can see that weakness in the church's audiences nowadays, with very few virile men filling pews now filled mostly with old white women and nonwhite migrants in the congregations. Jews mock Christmas by omission and parody throughout their entertainment industry, which will be more accepted in the future since the Nativity Scene characters will remind Christians of Muslim terrorists making threats on YouTube.

Islam is another religion derived from the same Old Testament God that the Jews worship, except that it's a lot harder on women than on the whore (and pal of Christ's) Mary Magdalene's new religion. It would be hard to celebrate the Muslim holiday Eid, since Mohammed's animosity toward the Jew[ish] tribes in Arabia who fought him and female-worship is not the same among violent "race-mixed" people as it is among the white man and that animosity contours [sic] to this day.

There's little Christian religiosity in the merchant Jews' interpretation of Christmas, just commercialism and consumerism which fits nearly into the globalist merchants' hands. So don't worry: Christmas celebrations are not going anywhere soon, but are being upgraded with more anti-religious imagery sales pitches like Black Friday, even if the politically-correct anti-white racist media has it in for the Saint Nick Dutchman's "Black Pete
." Christians have generally shown themselves to be unbelievers paying lip service to a religion that basically does not exist aside from the Pope's pomp and circumstance during tours to non-white countries. None of them are ready to die for their beliefs willingly. Christianity has been effectively suborned to the nonbelievers' level, so it is little threat to the elites who don't have to battle any Christian state like the mythical Prester John's kingdom supposedly ruled by The Ten Commandments.

Osama bin Laden once said that the world is divided between
"God-believers" and non-believers. That's why the globalist non-believers are so intent on wiping out the islamic state. As for the Christian believers, the Jews say, Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas!




Natural racism will defeat religious extremism and imperialism

It makes no sense for white racists to support or fight for New World Order globalists and oppressive feminists to fight a war against primitive, patriarchal new-kid-on-the-block ISIS patriarchs. Any "white nationalists" in favor of such a war are repeating the white racists' mistakes of the past. Pandering to war-liberals and neocons to curry favor with our anti-racist opponents is sheer madness; praising the oligarch Russian Jews "Put-In" [sic] is sheer craziness— or a conspiratorial machination. Lauding a brutal now-communist multicult Syrian dictator of a French colonialist-created country is undermining and confusing for white racists everywhere. However, that's the situation foolish white nationalists are in now throughout white Western countries.

Racism is as natural as breathing, It is the essence of all ethnic groups on Earth. Even when aggressors' empires form, they only last a few hundred years, tops, before their various racial and ethnic components break away as nature intended, into new states. Forced, unnatural multiculturalism by the military merchants' one-size-fits-all complex is the bane of white race survival, as our recessive DNA was not meant to intermarry nonwhites — which never produces white people again. As the clever JB Stoner of the Thunderbolt once said, "Race mixing is forever." White nationalists must take confidence in their own natural ideology as racists and not continuously curry favor with the bigot cowards who are quick to apologize in the dumbest phrase in the English language: "I am not a racist." White racists are the bedrock of many politicians: Donald Trump, included. Without their base and backing, Trump would have apologized for his outbursts many, many times by now.

Racism is gaining ground everywhere that the anti-racist hypocrites rule. Now is the time to be unflinching and dedicated in our beliefs, connected directly with the natural order on Planet Earth. We have nothing to be ashamed of and no one to apologize to because we are in tune with nature. All of our supporters are childish dreamers and scallywags disconnected from nature's rules, which they unfortunately find out about many times, if you read our black-on-white Crime Page. The violence in a "race-mixed" society never ends, requiring a police state to keep the anxious "race-mixed" population "safe." Everyone wants to be liked, especially white racists, but to run up to cowardly bigots and feminist war whores to offer support in a fight against pumped-up "God-believers," with no God at your side, just "human rights" tribunals, is nuts. Unfortunately that's the case with many so-called pro-white advocates and their websites eager to get on the anti-Muslim bandwagon, pillorying their most chaste women from a fatherless, impotent white male society. Some have gone so far as to embrace the commies' anti-racist deadly word 'diversity' as if that can be explained away by some convoluted rationale that will make you not a racist, like former KKK Grand Dragon and media-acknowledged icon of scared whites, David Duke. When you have to start weaving and conniving and parsing words like Bill Clinton — " It all depends on what is, is" — you've lost the argument and your pride with your me-too anti-racist suck-holing.

Natural racism won't go away, just like the rain. Childish wishing and cumbaya moments won't change racial realities as long as Man is around. Racism is for everyone, and should not be criticized when non-whites (Black Lives Matter) use it. They're not afraid of their women like the dwindling white men are. Macho warmongering doesn't change the situation, but only elevates the importance of racism, the only ideology that can defeat and/or splinter any religion, as the schismatics and divisions in the "God-believers'" ranks show. White racists are the new anti-war proponents; they know that all foreign meddler incursions mean more "race-mixing," there and here. Anyone supporting such globalist-feminist wars is not a friend of the white race, but a me-too opportunist looking to get more enemy media coverage for their egos and shekels. That's not our style here at the Nationalist Party of Canada. Our mission is to guide white racists through the morass of controlled disinformation and false prophets, for white peoples' peace and prosperity — without traitors in the lead.

We are succeeding.




Racism and patriarchy better than feminist bigotry

Muslims are a popular target for white bigots afraid of their feminist women and the racist label of the police and media. It doesn't take much guts to swear at and assault a hijab (scarf)-wearing woman on the street and public transit.

But it's not the white man's way — only frightened feminist cowards would participate in these attacks to curry favor with their "wild white women." Probably somewhere underneath in the white bigots' psyche they are a little jealous of the confidence and "control" Muslim men exert over their females. all of whom were brought here by the anti-racist white feminist vote bloc which puts multicult white race traitors and their pets into power. This is the essence of the white race's downfall. Their females are against their identity and integrity as a people. The only time Caucasians are invoked as a distinct race is when they are accused of natural racism, period, never for anything positive, even though we have stupidly, with false egalitarianism, elevated most of the non-white Third World populations to our white society's poverty level, and over-populated the planet to exhaustion.

Bigotry is the surface-shallow, rude and crude, from ethnic jokes to public rudeness. I have little patience, but lots of condemnation, even though these activities put the spotlight on necessary natural white racism, which is preached by all other races, regardless of the public platitudes nonwhites profess in "cumbaya moments." Crudeness and rudeness don't win points with the thinking white public, even when they're directed at nonwhites, instead of mostly against the bitches and bastards who brought the nonwhites here.

When you check most of the non-white websites they're usually railing against nonwhites — as if that antagonism has to be proved to the cowed white masses under the police and press pressure of the treacherous anti-racist cabal which usually gets off scot-free during these "racemixer"-made refugee crises that come up against every generation. This time the flavors of the decade are the Syrians, the Yazidis and the Kurds. I was talking to a proud middle-aged man the other day who just finished a brand new house in the suburbs. I asked him if he was Italian or Portuguese; but he proudly corrected me and said he was a Kurd, s new immigrant and already a homeowner, while born-and bred-here Canadians have to panhandle and visit poorly-supplied food banks to survive.

From holding government jobs with hard-to-understand foreign accents to home ownership, nonwhites are lording it over poor Canadians. That's why I'm asking for everyone to demand a $1,000 White Christmas Bonus (WCB) from Justin Trudeau's traitor regime to give a boost to our white poor. This money will go quickly back into the economy, as all tax spending on the poor does anyway. So tell the cheapskate libertarian Tories to go to hell if any of them complain, since these traitors have done nothing for the for white man and his family. except to take away services and downgrade benefits for their meddling foreign war excursions. Write to him:

Don't complain if you don't try.

White bigot acts frighten nonwhites and arouse the anti-racist media. They are no panacea for what ails the fatherless white races whose treasonous media is against our survival. Pro-feminist machismo and gung-ho warmonger meddling only hides the true nature of white society's problems. White Canadians must stop this globalist mercenary services on behalf of nonwhites and women's rights if they want to survive as an identifiable group in North America with natural racism ads our political mainstay that even honest nonwhites admire. White racists, don't repeat the mistakes of the past that brought us to this dire situation with our situation on the edge of the abyss for ignoring nature's racial rules. The worst example for white society 's idea of procreation unions is on TV — called Modern Family — a guarantee to extinction.

It's that simple.




White racists must be anti-war

Even though there are hardly any membership organizations of whites racists in white Western numbers, there are still millions of white nationalists in their respective countries, especially in North America. The ruling Establishment fight against white racism is a never-ending struggle that the barren and dumb white anti-racists are frustratingly finding out every day with non-white attacks on white institutions and lone wolf white racist outbursts to the oppressive and unnatural anti-racist status quo.

The main voice for perpetual and enduring racist ideology are the Jew[ish] public white racist spokesmen and their sites. This is the future of white nationalism. Racists should not repeat the mistakes of the past that led white society down the drain to a Third World level through anti-racism, the globalists' economy and their wars. White society is degenerate and corrupt, falling under the sway of as matriarchal and first-past-the-post "democracy" with politically-correct political censorship rules always against white race identity and integrity. White racists must be isolationist, shunning all globalist merchants' foreign wars. Greedy sneaky merchants have been in cahoots since colonialist days. This military industrial complex has been churning out wars for profit since America's inception. They run the White House, no matter who is pretending to be in favor of peace sitting in it — Obama and Canada's Justin Trudeau included. Notice how the Canadian military kept on bombing in Iraq and Syria ISIS targets, even after Trudeau called Obama to announce that the dangerous and costly air raids against ISIS would stop the day after the Canadian election on October 20. So much for their pretty boy puppets.

No good comes from any foreign war but lots of bad does — we end up bringing back the foreign losers, camp followers, scallywags and economic refugees, whether it's Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya or Syria, with the resulting many crime waves and job losses for poor Canadians. And war is costly — only the rich profit from it. White racists must not be swayed by neo-cons, cheapskate selfish libertarians or gung-ho military war dogs, God knows there's plenty of them in the bigot conservative groups. But still they are a limited number when you consider the number of whites are against war, period. This is why white racists can be instrumental in pointing out to these so-called conservative organizations and their political aspirants, that they would get more votes by smartly being against war as those who do not profess or care about their white racial identity — until they are discriminated against by the system or become victims of non-white crime.

Whites racists are already against globalism; we see eye to eye with a lot of environmental activists. In fact, we're already ahead of them because we are prepared to stop the population-increasing white meddlers, to go into the lands of the primitives and jihadists and let parts of the Earth lay fallow to naturally recuperate from the ravages of the greedy globalist economy and the war machine; look how healthy Cuba is today, having been isolated from American economic rapine. Unfortunately that may all change soon.

In essence, it all boils down to whether the globalist Establishment and their mercantile media propagandists have to say about future wars. And, always remember, "I'm not a racist" is the stupidest thing anyone can say. To quote Groucho Marx in the film Horse Feathers, whatever it is, I'm against it.




Let's make sure that sex fiend Bill Cosby is charged

It's unbelievable that Bill Cosby gets away with sexual assaults after fifty women have accused him of drugging them, yet there are no charges. Anyone else, especially a white man, would have been charged a long time ago on the accusation of a single woman,. However, this icon of the "race mixers'" media gets away with assaulting women over and over again and politically correct cops and prosecutors still resist criminal charges against the "Jew-run Establishment" media's black darling.

Bill Cosby has created the false impression of dangerous black gangs as cuddly people in the cartoon Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. These future robbers and killers were portrayed ads helpful and sympathetic kid in their neighborhood, pretending they were against drugs and guns, while the opposite is true. Later on he portrayed the perfect black dad on The Cosby Show. where the hypocrite dispensed the usual moral pablum that naive anti-racist liberal whites love to hear to keep on pretending that racial attitudes and mores are all the same to the white man — until there's an opportunity for looting in a riot. These anti-white/anti-racist sentiments are common in the white self-loathers' mindset, who know and fear the real racial realities. This stupid attitude unfortunately permeates white society, from their rap heroes to their sports heroes, where white fears are the most naive in their anti-racist presumptions. They all know that blacks are dangerous and need to be avoided; it's the media's mantra that blacks are funny and sexy and wouldn't hurt a fly. When did you ever see a TV crime drama where the culprits were black, even though the overwhelming number of over two million incarcerated criminals in America are nonwhite? Only in true crime stories do you get some of the truth coming out.

The media and its white minions have done s great disservice to white society and put many young white women and men into dangerous situations with their Pollyanna depictions of black lives. Bill Cosby has been an important tool for their fabricated naïveté on racial realities. Now we find out that there's only one of the fifty sexual complaints against Cosby that's conceivable of a criminal charge because of the statute of limitations on sex crimes in America — and that one case expires on January 16th, unless the district attorney in that jurisdiction lays a charge against Cosby. The black false icon's lawyers area quick on the job to buy off complainants and discredit them with countersuits, and probably advised Cosby to donate to and support the re-election of the district attorney who could lay that charge. His name is Kevin Steele, and we are urging all our supporters to contact him at his website as well as the state attorney's office and the US Justice Department to see to it that that charges are laid.

Bringing down this hypocrite sex fiend is an important project for white nationalists who have been maligned by the likes of Bill Cosby and his protective media. Don't let them escape.




Globalist Putin won't save you

Putin's puppets are either naïve fools or obfuscating conspirators. This latest Russian dictator was put in by Jew[ish] oligarchs who put on Armani suits after dropping their "comrade" bullshit when Marxism failed or imploded, in the brutal Soviet Empire. Vladimir Putin was responsible for spying on and jailing and torturing anti-communists from his KGB office in East Germany until the globalists tapped him for their new czar/front man, bare chest, et al. Putin is not a man of the people, and from the people; his leadership was put on the people by Russian commies' new billionaires who made him reportedly the third-richest man in the world along with his little Jew[ish] patsy Dimitri Medvedev as president. To see them working together is like watching the two homosexual of Modern Family. He doesn't have any of his own kids, either, or girlfriends or wives than anyone could properly pin down.

Unfortunately, all kinds of conspiracy and lukewarm "racialist" sites are lauding Putin's persona and activities in the Orwellian "war on terror." I don't recall any such designations during the 1960s and 1970s, when passenger jets were routinely hijacked to red regimes like Cuba, Algeria and Syria — probably because they were all in the pro-commie New World Order that the Establishment was, and is, secretly planning for the planet to be run by Freemasons and other cults and secret societies for a "Jew mercantile-run" world. That's why they're all in unison against the anti-globalist new kid on the block — the territory-holding islamic state.

Putin won't save us, like conspiracy site Infowars, libertarians and every pro-diversity and human rights/David Duke supporters, particularly in the war in the red dictator's colonial construct Syria. We all know that Islamic terrorism is a sham In non-Muslim countries when the leaders of Western states, including the red Pope are never hugged by a suicide bomber (like Rajiv Gandhi was by a Tamil woman). There are lots of suicide bombers available, but they all seem to be on the front lines of wars in traditional Muslim countries to liberate them from greedy Western Jew merchants' control after centuries of their colonialism. Don't tell me that Western leaders' high security prevents the assassins and bombers, when an incident even close to a politician's public venue would scare the beejesus out of them and ruin any tour or political rally immediately. What are we to believe — that suicide bombers are too nice to strike the leaders of those who are bombing them? Not bloody likely.

Putin is just another tool of the New World Order manipulators with his Syrian adventure, which won't end up any different than the Soviets' or NATO's did in Afghanistan with the resilient and resurgent Taliban there. Of course Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union, which was never properly torn apart or justice dispensed to the commie killers in any Soviet satellite state — yet.

Putin's troubles in the Ukraine are racial: Russian-speakers versus Ukrainian women shoppers who want to open up the country to refugees. The Ukraine (translated as "the frontier") has always had big borders, definitely not set in stone. How can there be another new phony cold war when globalist Jews are running both sides of East and West? All of this military posturing is similar to that of the military-industrial complex's baloney to keep their tax funding and civilian fears as their necessary saviors, while no one in the West ever tried to liberate any Soviet captive nations with CIA-armed rebels. Even the Bay of Pigs fiasco against Castro was staged for a failure, to get rid of 1,200 pesky anti-communist fighters who were scaring the commie globalists' Cuban dictator, ninety miles from Florida. Castro got a big victory from that setup and tons of medical supplies, etc., in exchange for the prisoners upon their release two years later.

I understand people looking for powerful saviors, whether it's Donald Trump or some foreign potentate like Putin. But, let's not get stupid: nothing happens from the top, at least that can be trusted when it's imposed— like Putin, who was put in by globalist oligarchs who mean no good for the white race. whatever their bigot utterances are. Real change comes from the people, and a leader, from their ranks, unsullied by big bank connections and personal greed and ego.

With 100,000 Chechen lives on his bloody hands, Putin is a phony and a failure, however many jets he sends to Syria, propping up a multicult dictator — the very agenda of the elitist anti-white cabal that runs the world and can't truck any opposition to their New World Order agenda with the all-seeing eye of their bank notes.

Don't be fooled.




Hey dummies, no one gets up in the morning to “hate”


Sorry, this is not a "hate" site.


The best way to marginalize someone's political views is to declare them as hatemongers. It doesn't matter if they're running in an election. commenting on others' political views or presenting their own political agenda for life. Any anti-racist and any white opponents, will always call your politics "hate", thus minimizing your views a shallow reactionary emotion. This derogatory, smarmy practice was initiated by the powerful media and quickly adopted by their put-in stooge politicians and police under the Orwellian social engineering ruling clique of multicult race-mixers out to destroy white culture — a clique that's an evil caste system where the rich one-percenters have all the cheap labor servants they need for their hedonist lifestyles.


This kind of superficial thinking gas been eagerly adopted by selfish libertines, liberals and libertarians who consider racism restrictive for their pleasures. These purposely-conscientious dummies pretend that racial differences don't exist while living their personal bigot lives, pretending they're not racists. These "anti-hate" haters are the biggest hypocrites in their daily lives. I know —  I've met tons of them; they're the biggest snots going, putting their noses up at the ugly and disadvantaged, like homosexual dilettantes.  These anti-racist phonies are the real haters for their unfair and unbalanced views and policing against white racists and the poor while they consume their Eggs Bendict [sic] breakfasts, then walk by beggars and panhandlers, derisively after their expensive meals. These fools show no respect and genuine beliefs, because they have none themselves. They couldn't care less about the poor or oppressed like we do on this site; we always show the other side of an issue by going to commie, feminist and Jew websites to gather all the political information required to support and show our racist policies as viable, self-sustaining and natural. All that is ignored with a flip of their "royal hand" by describing our politics as "hate." That's why we have a criminalizing anti-hate bill in Canada, which, believe it or not, some of these dismissive anti-racist haters have fought in public only when their ox is gored and the same evil censorship laws are applied to their outbursts and bleating, especially if it's a Jew like Ezra Levant. caught in the crosshairs for their Muslim-hatred which would destroy their hedonistic lifestyles.


White nationalists should challenge these non-political thinkers at every turn, and utterance they make because they are the real malaise which is destroying the white man's identity and integrity with their cowardly utterances to protect themselves from public approbation and continue their childish lifestyles. How else would oxymoronic multiculturalism be foisted on a once-proud white populace and purposely-denigrated our race survival politics to a mad-nonsense level of hate by these phony lovers of themselves only? These are the products of a fatherless, feminist-dominated society where the dad is hardly ever mentioned, especially if they're Catholics, where the biological real father is fourth down on the totem pole after God, the Holy Father papal pope, and the local church's father that they confessed their sins to — not much left for Dear Old Dad, for those grown-up brats who seem never to mature, especially in the political arena when it comes to world affairs.


There's a lot of love on our site, especially for commons sense, good will and fair play— the model for any reasonable racist. We care about the environment. We care for correcting the injustices in our society. We are for, and promote, freedom of indigenous people in their own lands to maintain their centuries-old survivalist ways instead of bringing them here as servants for the anti-racists hedonists. We are for the freedom of others unfairly jailed and tortured in foreign lands. We care for the poor and underprivileged unlike the haters at "Hatewatch" and other anti-fascist and anti-racist sites which spew out bile against us all the time. We care about the victims of criminality from the anti-racist idiots' multiculturalism that is wreaking havoc on women, neighborhoods and cities. There is no convincing the unjust, except to make their lives miserable, like curling your top lip at their superficial arrogance, because they stand for nothing except their selfish selves. They should be condemned along with their fellow travelers of the internationalist Jews' multicult tyranny. They're the weak link in the enemy's chain of evil action against white nationalists with their empty heads and empty words.


Don't let them get away with it.





Jeb Bush: "Apologize to my wife!" sums up what's wrong with America


Jeb Bush is a brother in the Bush warmonger house which gave the USA two expensive interventionist presidents — the dummy George W. Bush and father George Herbert Walker Bush — and the 9/11 conspiracy. He has a Mexican wife who shills for Hispanics in Florida and elsewhere. Naturally, this is relevant to Donald Trump's anti-Mexican invasion agenda — and he called Jeb out on it some time back. Now, at the Republican Party's presidential candidates' debate, Jeb called upon Trump to apologize to his wife for bringing her into the illegal immigration debate: unbelievable! Can you imagine an African leader or an Oriental leader, or even an East European leader calling on one of his political opponents to apologize to his wife? It would never happen, let alone be thought of. Here we have the basic problem facing white society and its cuckold, war-dog "macho men": skirts rule the roost in the Western white man's world.

It's worse than when the Greeks launched one thousand ships to retrieve one errant runaway woman, the wife of a Greek king, Helen of Troy, and destroyed an entire city to bring her back to an unhappy household. The Asiatics thought it was madness, as the ancient historian Herodotus professed — and this madness has continued until today, where heterosexual reproductive unions and marriages have been debased to an anal level with gay marriage elevated as being equal. No wonder the white population is dwindling and the world is overpopulated. Similarly, Donald Trump did not apologize — when a woman enters the political arena, even if she's not running for office, she becomes fair game for political pundits and critics.

There is way too much apologizing in white society — and it's not initiated by the males, but by the powerful behind-the-scenes/anti-male women's bloc vote, especially in favor of cuckold conservatives and no-brains pretty boys. Occasionally, you get compassionate conservatives like Carly Fiorina, who denounced the Planned Parenthood baby body parts harvesters. But then, they come back with warmonger talk to please the Zionist lobby's globalist meddlers, as if there are millions and millions of Jews to pander to in America. Occasionally, and very rarely, war hawks like Ann Coulter get it right on non-white immigrants flooding in from race-mixed Latin America and her words "the few fucking Jews" that rule through their oligarchs' money.

However, let's not forget that 80% of world trade and commerce is directed towards women's needs by the matriarchal millionaire merchants — and most of the meddling and costly war interventions are predicated on women's rights that they espouse, foolishly attempting to initiate the white man's world, economically and socially. The only way to reverse this white race extinction path is to adopt isolationism and protectionism for white countries and to ignore the bleating of cuckold conservatives and their anti-racist white self-loather pals of both genders.

A little bit of Donald Trump's natural misogyny, even when crudely presented, can go a long way to reverse the course of white genocide started in the white woman's lap. Let's start now.




You can’t blame the Jews for everything

Jews claim to have been on the planet for 5,575 years; their New Year and Yom Kippur are just coming up. That's a long time to cause trouble for other people, as most white nationalists, anti-Semites and neo-Nazis claim. But, they're not that lovable, to have ingratiated themselves with everyone along the way and cause their downfall, as historical anti-Semitism still continues to this day. Blaming matriarchal Jews for the white racists' downfall is a simplistic canard that doesn't hold water without the help of the host-bucket. I haven't seen the Jews run patriarchal Oriental or black societies in Asia or Africa, as in the feminist West where women rule the roost in spite of all the trappings of supposedly patriarchal Christianity, which has transferred the father's role to frocked priests and cuckolded reverends. Singly concentrating on Jews as the cause of all our social ills destroying the white race hides the unnatural feminist activities of that race which accommodates the globalist merchant Jews' activities that enrich themselves as "God's Chosen People". And that is done at the expense of cheap labor non-Jew servants who were promised 10,000 slaves each by their god.

The only other group among non-Jews that act like them is the greedy merchant class among us who instituted colonialism and the globalist economy at the expense of their racial compatriots. This avaricious element formed secret societies, such as Freemasonry, who further expanded world trade and constant economic growth, unsustainable on the limited resources of Planet Earth. These merchants' cults have created mercantile regimes throughout the white Western world that still control their populations ' for a few dollars more'. The Jews couldn't do diddly without these traitors' help, politically and militarily, and still serve globalist Jew mercantile interests with military and political alliances like NATO and the UN to ensure that no new anti-Jew establishment kid on the block (like ISIS or al-Qaeda, who also control territory). Hence the big Orwellian war on terror goes on to keep us all enthralled and distracted from the white traitors like globalist goof Stephen Harper and all the other G-7, G-8 or whatever leaders are in the globalists' pockets.

I know that Jews control or own anything worthwhile or important, from the mainstream media to academic, social and political institutions where again, mostly whites do the dirty work for their masters. This where the white man's problems really lie: Whites are burdened with an effeminate whiny religion that doesn't allow you to lift your eyes up, starting with a stupid guilt complex on a life that no one remembers asking for before their birth. How negative and stupid is that, to a thinking white man?

Personally, I'm for the underdog, having been an orphan for the first ten years of my life and been taken care of by kindly but scary old women in black and boarding house tenants as a mascot and a street kid in Bosnia, Sarajevo, when the Red Cross reunited me with a mother I had never seen and who dragged me to Canada at the age of ten, the first head-shaved kid from behind the Iron Curtain that Yugoslavia's Tito opened for a second. I was raised in wall-to-wall carpeting (at the time) in nice suburban Scarborough, Ontario and made to be a "Super-Canadian" by my grateful DP mother who forced me to watch Hockey Night In Canada on television every Saturday night, where I searched for the puck. Upon learning what the Germans did to the Jews, I beat up the next-door German immigrant kid ("Heinz") until his father pulled me off and told me how the communists tortured him in East Germany, which led me to read about and to hate them and to start The Edmund Burke Society, who fought the reds' anti-Vietnam War machinations on the streets of Toronto. Little did I understand the stupidity of that foreign war-meddling enterprise, as the complexion of Toronto changed through multicult open-door immigration ushered in by that anti-white dilettante, Justin Trudeau's father Pierre. The focus of the fight for the underdog shifted to white nationalism, an even more vital task than combating just communism, as Toronto changed from 98% white to just 48% white today. Sure, commie Jews were always in the background of our street enemies, and later, in the foreground, when they denied me employment even as a cab driver in the city of Toronto. But they couldn't do it all — they had to employ non-Jew informants, spies, infiltrators, agitators, police and courts to jail me for my anti-communist street activities and later my writings (the notorious Jew-inspired Canadian 'hate bill'), to wreck my organizations and economics. Without the anti-racist fellow-travelers, none of this could have been accomplished — even when they stole the Toronto Mayor's job, when Davis Crombie had a heart attack and the second-place candidate in the election should have been appointed mayor out of eleven candidates who ran that year.

The main point of this article is to point out that religious cult-racist Jews cannot be blamed for all the white man's problems, as our race dwindles to extinction, that nature intended, if we should race-mix with non-whites with our recessive DNA. Failure to recognize that is myopic hate. which I don't harbor toward anyone. Let's keep that in mind.

Oh yeah, and Mazel Tov for the Jews' Rosh Hashanah, because you know who they will turn to when the race war hits the fan.




White nationalism rising

It's all right to compromise when it's to your benefit as long as you keep your white nationalist goals in mind. That's the situation for white racists today who have few active members but millions of supporters after all the media, political and police harassment wars that have been waged against us for the last two generations of activity that I have seen in the white nationalist movement/. White nationalists have been left with a few spokesmen to guide the natural ideology of racism for all. That's only our Internet sites have become so important, even if they're not all ideologically in mind. We tolerate David Duke's dalliance with 'diversity' and slagging natural racism, as bad as any politically-correct commie's, because this political shape-shifter has a public name associated with KKK racism and the media's love of his ever-changing position on white racism. They love a white apologizer trying to talk his way out of being a racist, like every other 'cuck-servative' [sic] who's afraid  to look at himself in the mirror for his wimpy feminism. Like the greedy libertarians, Rand Paul, et al, they praise KGB's Putin as if this Jew oligarch-run dictator is going to save us here in race-mixed North America.

I don't know who Davis Duke is talking to, but it's not the ordinary white man with his 'Zio' this and 'Zio' that anti-Semitism that separates Jews from the equation. If there wasn't a Zionist Israel Jews would still be the same Seinfelds that you have to deal with. The situation  is similar to the Donald Trump candidacy for US president: Trump wants to 'make America great again' through more Jew wars and invasions and assassinations— just bring back the jobs from the Third World, and re-negotiate these terrible so-called free trade deals that have gutted manufacturing in white countries for cheap labor jobs in non-white parts of the planet and stop the immigration invasion from the Third World, raping and killing our women. We're all on board for that and remain the bedrock of Trump supporters that he would dare reject at his own peril. No one likes a turncoat. Trump's not perfect, but he'll do for our racial recognize necessities for now. Trump even signed a GOP pledge not to run as a third party candidate after he saw that he was on top of the polls, if he doesn't get the GOP nomination he couldn't win in a  third party candidacy.

In Canada we have a federal election coming up on October 19, where the only party that hasn't been in power  is the social New Democratic Party (NDP) that promises to raise and guarantee seniors' pensions and daily home mail delivery that the Harper 'cuck-servatives'
[sic] intend to end, forcing everyone to go to inconvenient mailbox stations— that's 'cuck-servative' [sic] compassion toward the elderly and disabled. Zionist war-dogs who spend taxpayers' billions on foreign wars while crying austerity and imposing cutbacks, destroying white community standards and services across Canada. The Harper Conservatives want to change the age of Old Age Security from 65 to 67— if you can live to be that age. Only one-third of Canadians have private pension plan. The rest depend on the government: that's what his globalism has done here.

The NDP is supposedly backed by unions. Surely they could be against further factory closures and more Canadian job outsourcing with rich man's free trade deals. Same goes for foreign wars: Sure the NDP is full of commie feminists, but they have to watch it before jumping into more NATO aggressions because of their state anti-militarism pronouncements. All Canada needs is as well-stocked and part-time paid militia with a small professional military training force to make it hell for any invader/occupier — definitely not the mercenary missions' costly F-35 jets and invader forces for NATO's dirty work that never ends. Thousands of Canadians could have part-time jobs planning and practicing against an occupier in a country too large to stop an invasion. I see nothing wrong with voting for the NDP, whom I'm sure are mindful of all our statements and pronouncements, and especially if our white racist bloc vote  edges them into governance.

The Muslims' "rec-conquista" of their traditional spheres of influence works good against New World Order globalism and the over-commercializing of the planet's environment and race-mixing. It's the globalist meddlers who created the desire of the Third World inhabitants to live just like the white man. That's why we have the refugee and migrant problem; wherever the Islamists rule, foreigners are out. If you're against globalism and in favor of  the world's natural environment, why bother to hammer ISIS unless you're a Jew oligarch's tool, like most Western leaders serving the race-mixing greedy merchants who want to sell more junk from China to your “wild white women” this time? I can remember in the 1960s when one job supported an entire family; where can you try that today?

White nationalists must be pragmatic under these new conditions, without losing our racist principles or apologizing to anyone for our natural common sense feelings on life and a harmonious society. It's easier now to sway followers as the criminal and economic chaos of multicult diversity shows its ugly face to the cowed white public who have finally had enough and are willing to reject the 'cuck-servative' [sic] rejecters and their disingenuous bigot reactions, like changing our age-old loser traditions and utilizing the opportunity offered to us in today's political arena and to continue our shining path to a white nationalist state. Let's continue our new methods, because white nationalists are more  important than you think.

Engage, vote and tell them what you think.



Donald Trump's racist supporters must stop his Zionist warmongering


Donald Trump is caught between a rock and a hard place. The media has recognized that white nationalists are supporting his presidential candidacy in a general way. “White Power” is being shouted Donald Trump rallies: Everyone knows what that means. Everyone knows that white racists are his bedrock supporters. As long as Trump keeps hammering away against the non-white invasion of the United States, especially through the Mexican border — that's Donald Trump's main appeal, including his isolationist economic policies and his vow to make the country great again by bringing jobs back to America from the globalists' Third World cheap labor factory countries. How could he reject our white racist support?

Donald Trump is still a wild-eyed war Zionist who claims he supports Israel 1,000% — an aberration for an America-First wannabe president; he plans to attends a pro-Zionist rally against the Iran nuke deal organized by Ted Cruz this weekend — as if that will get him the unnecessary minuscule Jew]ish] vote. Tell Trump not to attend it. Or, stop their anti-racist anti-white criticism of his strongest supporters, as if that will stop the criticism from the media. Trump is walking a tightrope right now. If he does reject the white man's vote, he's finished, as he will appear to be a two-faced liar, falling in line with other political hypocrites into a meaningless abyss.

When you look at the handsome faces at the Trump rallies, you quickly  realize this white man's movement, with a lot of intelligent white women in it too who are not dissuaded by The Donald's supposed misogyny against media bimbos and pundits. Endorsements by mild-mannered racialists like David Duke won't hurt The Donald today, as the racist cat is out of the bag. However, his wild warmongering statements. especially against Israel's enemies, won't help his cause and popularity to grow among the smarter non-interventionist white racists who know that every time you go to non-white countries, you end up bringing them back here — both very costly to the white tax payer's pocketbook. This is why all white nationalists should not be idolizing The Donald until he stops the costly foreign wars and concentrates tax dollars on America's poor and its infrastructure if he wants to wear the populist label. The Donald needs continuing advice from white racist advice supporters to counter his reactionary Seinfeld-Jew advisors. Otherwise, he won't be able to grow among the weary but numerous anti-war white voters at Bernie Sanders' rallies who know that their dalliance with the Sanders presidential campaign is nothing more than a "Weekend at Bernie's" — a dead end.

Hillary Clinton, the probable Democratic Party nominee, is the epitome of ugly anti-male feminism that many “natural” women reject. The Clintons' dirty record of wars and scandal certainly won't help her to victory, relying only on politically-aware blacks and Hispanics whose greedy votes The Donald can buy with his billionaire's promises. The more you watch and listen to Hillary's boring scripted talk, the less you like her, unlike The Donald, whose candor and off-the-cuff comments are highly entertaining and debate-inspiring. I particularly liked the way that he imitated an Oriental trade negotiator who barges into a room, squinty-eyed, "I want to make a deal!" Fu Manchu style. When could you ever get a commie feminist giving us a mocking show like that? Donald Trump says he's not politically correct, so he can't follow suit in the steps of his opponents by rejecting white nationalists and "white lives matter" supporters.

It's going to be a long campaign between now and November 2016, but the word is out. Racially-conscious whites are for Trump, as long as he stays the course on immigration and political correctness. All he has to do is get 66% of the white American vote or less with greedy non-white supporters and he's president. The only thing that can stop him now is an assassination, and don't think his Establishment weren't thinking of that.

Tell the Donald: Stay the course and stop the Zionist warmongering.




Phony war on women ironically necessary


Let's get it straight: The imaginary "war on women" has all do to with white females; the Orientals, the race-mixed Arabs, and even the blacks, especially in Africa, have their women in their natural place.

Only the white race, encumbered with their Elizabeth Barrett Browning Victorian romance fantasies and consequential sexual control over their bewildered male mates has put the white race at a great disadvantage. White women are in the vanguard of overpopulating the planet with their constant commercial desires, leading to brutal imperialist colonization of the Third World's peoples for more cheap products that the internationalist matriarchal Jew[ish] merchants love to sell them. It's a nice little relationship of constant economic struggle to make it to the capitalist Jews' divisive middle class status that allows women's vanities to rule men's lifespans in the white world.

White women are in the forefront of everything against the white man's dignity and integrity by being the foremost of “race-mixers,” having achieved the power in a demoralized, greedy, merchant-run male society of having the exclusive right, now claimed by any sex. What other matriarchal society of any other non-white race can boast of that unnatural strangeness — or as William Shatner would say, weird or what?. There's [sic] a lot of white men who would love to pout an end to this topsy-turvy world, the antithesis to the natural order. God must be vanity; otherwise, no species or breed would ever survive without thinking of themselves first and foremost for a living future.

It's said that every women's middle names are vanity and security. Well, not the white dames — they're against their own vanity and security by jeopardizing their very existence with race-mixing societies that their weak recessive DNA and genes always losing to. Whites were generally made to isolate themselves from these groups; otherwise they would be washed out in a flood of sperm from non-whites amongst them. It's like nature's punishment for being stupid, Bye, bye, whitey, that's the refrain heard in most white Caucasian countries inundated with non-whites at the behest of dumb white broads. That's the basis and the crux of the white nationalists challenge: control your back-stabbing wild white women first in your own lives and encourage your friends and neighbors — and anyone else who will listen. That's the bottom line of the social problems of the dwindling white civilization everywhere.

Every time some commie, feminist, liberal or dilettante "cuck-servative" [sic] mouths off about women's rights and anti-racism, don't be silent. Today we have the help of billionaire Donald Trump who has fortunately put his foot in his mouth with his anti-feminism that even many natural women love. Trump's capitalist claptrap about taking ISIS' oil fields win him even more frightened feminists — not that the American public will go for any more boots on the ground in the Middle East after Iraq's debacle, and when they see what's happening in Syria today (See the "Bob's Beat" column of August 16).

It's better for the white cause to let the media publicly propagandize and to pretend there's a phony war on women, which will only further irritate natural white male sufferers in internationalist matriarchal Jew regimes, while we carry on the grassroots real one to save our breed.

Do your part, if you're proud of your sperm.





Everything's coming up roses for white nationalists

Everything's coming up roses for white nationalists. The more the white race dwindles, the greater white racism grows. It's a story of desperation and natural necessity. white nationalist organizations have been under attack for decades by Establishment ruling regimes, police, spies, courts and prisons, making normal membership in such organizations a dangerous activity for most law-abiding whites, with hate laws, police raids and job losses. However, that burden has not stopped our influence or the body politic and the ordinary public's perceptions on the strength of our natural ideology or the determination and insight of white nationalist leaders in race-mixed North America. That's why we need white nationalism here, not German, French, English or Slavic racism, but white nationalism, where all elements of the Caucasian race who have a general common moral attitude towards daily life. It's a new concept that the media hardly ever mentions and generally wants to avoid because of its matriarchal attraction and lure for thinking white men and women facing impossible multiculturalism on this greedy continent.

Even though membership in white nationalist organizations has generally dropped, their supporters have increased, through the Internet's quick communications from white nationalist leaders and ideologues to their eager audience. Occasional mailings and door-to-door delivery of white nationalist literature are only useful to hype up and outrage our enemies for more publicity to white nationalist websites which have become more popular than any anti-racist blogs or trolls — and the Establishment is powerless to stop it without injuring their own white self-loathers who are trying to censor their reporting of white nationalist activities and idea, but end up only hurting themselves with their free speech hypocrisies.

Donald Trump's entering the US presidential campaign has done us a lot of good when the stupid anti-racist media accused him of being one of us. Trump's misogynist quips against media whore Megyn Kelly only brought him further into the anti-feminist white nationalist camp. a status that he cannot run away from, just like the Southern heritage Confederate flag bigots who have been roped into the white racist side by the arrogant media's critics forever and a day.

The criticism and ridicule of the effeminate cuckold conservatives with the new "Cuck-servative" meme is a big step for white nationalist independence from these white traitors who have been playing white racists for generations with their Bill Buckley meaningless snake tongues that ushered in greedy anti-social Jewess loving Ayn Rand libertarianism that selfish silent racism has been chucked out along with the Rand and Ron Paul-ism. Good riddance to these cowards too, who never said anything in support of the white race in America and couched their words in libertine drivel that no ordinary man can understand. Thank you, Donald Trump.

There's only one bone of contention left in white nationalist circles and that is war, which some naïve white racists still support, with dumb "Nuke'em" comments and further meddling overtures for the Middle East to fight the all-male islamic state. Who Cares how the "islamic state" started. The fact is, they are here as an extremist reaction to years of white merchants' colonialism in Muslim lands.

Knowing history, all I can say is, it's about time. Remember, when we go there, non-whites end up here, all on our tax dollars. So the military grunts and war aficionados must be challenged with isolationism if we are to get our white homelands in order. It's not our business to break up their fights that they will, especially without our interference as the useful Satan for these jihadists. Religious "schismatism" and race and ethnicity will do them in, as it has in the past without our bombs and meddlers. Just look at the mess they made of Syria in their ruined cities akin to post-war Germany now.

The majority of white nationalists may not be running in elections or hold membership cards to any group, but every white racist leader has a dedicated following and loyal supporters in his bailiwick, as the Nationalist Party of Canada has proven in every Toronto Municipal Election and surrounding areas. In my forty-eight years of political activity, I have never seen such solid support for white nationalism than I do today, as I smile here with a confident grin and you should, too.




Women should not vote

Someone has to say it, and I've been thinking it for a long time, and knowing my history, the whole white race has gone down the tubes ever since Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 to search for and get more stuff for European Jew[ish] merchants to sell to "milady." Jews and white women have something in common: they both want to have their cake and eat it too. They both want to be considered special, chosen while enjoying equality with white men. It was hard to see the rot of mercantile "race-mixing" colonialism without the great adventures, explorations and discoveries. But the undermining of white countries' economics had already started with the shifting of labor to slaves and non-white workers in their lands. destroying millions of jobs in imperialist colonialist Europe, right up to this day. That's why the planet Earth is overpopulated, because of the overly-romantic white man's and Jews' greed to usher in the unnatural oxymoron multiculturalism of feminists' favorite Pierre Trudeau who brought in that evil policy still advocated by all four mail political party leaders in Canada, including Trudeau's mop-haired darling of the anti-white bitches, Justin. Here in the province of Ontario, we are run by a lesbian premier Kathleen Wynne, who certainly doesn't have white men's interests in mind. Even though this dame has tons of scandals and has wasted billions on cancelled power plants. she was still re-elected, and certainly not by the men.

Everything had been turned topsy-turvy with feminist political correctness and matriarchal "Jew censors," so much so, that there's no freedom of speech in Canada with its hate bills and human rights commissions that give none to white nationalists. It's the same all over in most English-speaking white countries and European states like France and Germany: if you don't have the women's vote in these unrepresentative democracies, then you have nothing. White men have become second-class citizens in their homelands, where everyone bows down to women's opinions, as if they were deities. Even some racist leaders have fallen under their sway by supporting feminist/race-mixing catchphrases like deadly "diversity" which may get you a few shekels more in donations, but destroy men's independence and manliness. These are the last guys I want to hear from on how to be a man, because they already have been cuckolded, a word that now describes conservatives, as "cuck-servatives" [sic], after they failed to protect white traditions in favor of their pocketbooks and women's votes.

Did the majority of white women do anything about the legislated equalization of heterosexual and homosexual marriage? No, in fact they were in the forefront of desecrating the life-bond to have children by looking upon it the same as sodomy and dildo usage. That's how much they care about culture, society, and racial preservation with their pro-open door immigration policies to the Third World. That's a major betrayal. No sir, I don't like it!

White racists who blather on about patriarchal Muslims and want to bomb them out of existence are naïve and short-sighted, if not conspiratal [sic], when they don't recognize the attraction of the new islamic state where not only men, but women, live in an all-male state where men rule and their women support them. Of course, none of the feminist media wants to discuss this fact, either, since they may end up attracting more males to the Islamists/race-mixers' state. White racists should work to remove all feminist anti-white politicians and elevate those who are not politically correct, like the imperfect Donald Trump, who foolishly whined in a national debate about a woman reporter from Fox News, Megyn Kelly, not treating him nicely. He received the appropriate boos on that occasion and hopefully won't cry no more to dizzy dames who are dead set against them, even though they enjoy the show, but not at the ballot box; don't worry, they'll still have plenty to say, especially from the sex-starved bedrooms of the white man's world. White women have misplaced altruism for all animals, non-whites and have shown no compassion for male white racists. That should be enough for any white nationalists to oppose their franchise which will one day be withdrawn, mark my words, because that is the essence of the white race's downfall that needs to be changed. You know the old adage: Whatever Man has done before, he can do again.

I'm in favor of our white women becoming feminine again, the sooner the better. Are you with me?




Whites' enemies: In retreat or on the run?

Enemies of the white racists are in disarray, staring with having to deal with supposedly defeated racism in an imaginary post-racial world. Instead the opposite is true: people worldwide are defining themselves by race, ethnicity and nationalism. from the Greeks in the EU to Boko Haram in Nigeria, from the Muslim Uighurs in China, to Zulu racists in multicult South Africa. Even the Latinos and blacks of North America are clamoring in La Raza and 'Black Lives Matter' politics. The UN Cumbaya of Star Trek/one world government is over, with its multiculturalism and diversity, enforced race-mixing and busing with the resulting non-white crime wave. Most smart whites are acquainted with these terms (I wish David Duke would take his dangerous 'diversity' word from his masthead. However he can explain it, like the historic Confederate Flag that's now out of the gamers' and collectors' hands ands in the vanguard of white racists, no matter what any egghead says. Race-mixing is not so popular anymore, especially with the black baby father syndrome (with single white mothers left to tend to the unknown). Mothers can't raise sons, especially from another race, where is the connection in their eyes? I always feel sorry for the little white kids in the strollers being taken care of by their African and Asian nannies. Fortunately even this practice is dwindling with neighbors' and the public's approbation.

The feminist/Marxist/anti-white abortionists of Planned Parenthood — what a devious name — were caught casually selling baby body parts and fetuses. I hope they were all dead, but who knows with these sickos and dilettantes who dismissively call women with children "breeders" while they try to hide their immoral dirty deeds with court orders to stop publishing video revelations of their nefarious activities. It's good to see them go down and be revealed for their evil, considering all the deaths they have caused for a few body parts more.

Donald Trump has kept the racists' flag flying with his candid comments about Mexicans and feminists. The more the media complains, the more racist retorts he has, the higher his standings go with the Republican Party and the public polls. The feminists even threw the wife-for-sec story, one time claimed by Ivana Trump and since denied. Nothing is sticking to the racist-roped Trump, leaving our enemies flustered and frustrated.

The neo-con globalist warmongers are also lately quiet as public opinion forces Jews to accept the Iran nuclear deal for ten years of peace. Saber-rattling war Jews are out of vogue as pundits are on their own media. The public is sick of the costs and the veterans are sick of their regimes' poor treatment. Canadians are in an election cycle; therefore their poor and seniors aren't worried about Zionist stooge Harper's ISIS problems. They want a raise. All the non-white crime filling the tabloid newspapers and the gruesome stuff on TV's Forensic Files and other such programs, have brought fear and anxiety into every sane person's head. That's the real rot that has taken over white society and petrified them like a rodent in front of a snake from acting racially in unison.

Things could go two ways: either the race-mixers' ruling regimes recognize white rights and recognize that white lives matter as an identity and an entity and slowly dismantle their commie Human Rights tribunals and Orwellian hate laws, and the white people will gain confidence to be themselves again and live in some kind of different neighborhood harmony where white community standards prevail. Or we could have globalist satrapy regimes laying a heavy hand on white nationalists, racists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, militias, et al. Then whites will be forced to have their own neighborhoods, counties and states, which would be a bigger challenge to any anti-white regime.

The long-time feminist cuckold conservatives, which I'm against, have been given a new name: Now they're called "Cuck-servatives." That'll be a hard one to come back from, to appeal to patriarchal white racists. Don't forget to reject the pansy patsy of globalists here in Canada—the Zionist warmonger Stephen Harper in Canada's upcoming election. We're better off with the National Socialist NDP than the back-stabbing 'cuck-servatives', since they have to answer to Canada's' unemployed and poor more than any other national party.

Finally, anti-Semitism is such the bogeyman that it used to be — it's in vogue in Europe again. Even though "the Jews" rule everything, mostly from behind the scenes, with their banks and billionaire oligarchs. Didn't they put in Putin? However, for all the media's propaganda, anti-Semitism is on the rise everywhere; with so many reasons to hate the masters, this poor polluted, overpopulated planet, it should be no surprise, as millions of impoverished Greeks know today. "The Jews" have already shouted, "Look ma! Top of the world!" as Jimmy Cagney did in the film White Heat. But there's only one direction to go. In the final analysis, they'll be asking white racists to protect them on the way down, like Ukraine's Jew[ish] head Proshenko, and the neo-Nazis' Azov battalion.

Man's historical cycle is like a sitcom: everything goes back to where it was from race-mixing to racism and back. The plot's the same — only the characters change, with new names and credits.

Whites are on the verge of one.




When blacks imitate whites, both lose

What's the fastest way to make a black gangsta pull his gun? Say, "Yo' mama!" and out comes the Glock. There's a big difference between African blacks and American blacks. The latter are mama's boys and the former are their fathers' sons. Knowing this is very important to white nationalist separatists. We're not dealing with real men on the black Americans' side, but a bunch of lippy, aggressive and spoiled Aunt Jemima offspring.

Africa is ruled by black males, from "Boko Haram" leader Shekau to Robert Mugabe's communists. They sell women and keep them under their thumb whether they're Africanized or Westernized. There are no wild African youth gangs in any indigenous tribal societies. Their fathers would clip their heads; only in race-mixed or war-torn areas do these criminals exist, like "al-Shabaab," the youth, in Somalia. or the horrific criminality going on in race-mixed South African cities. African culture is traditional and conservative unlike the Gay Pride marches which blacks attend in the feminist-ruled white man's world. You won't find very many African blacks pushing for gay marriage, but you'll find many African politicians advocating imprisonment or death for homosexuals, to the embarrassment of their effeminate ex-colonial white masters.

Blacks in America seem to have no desire for their own separate state or homelands. The only territory they want to hold is their place in a queue for more stuff from the white regime state. Perhaps their former slave status has brought a mental dependency of the white slave master into the genetic code's makeup over generations. Their ancestors, using Donald Trump's simple logic — "We're not a heroic people" — since they were captured, like Zionist war-dog John McCain). There's something to be said for that, whatever the suffering. With the whole world aflame with jihadist fervor, you would think that some fiery Elijah Mohamed or Malcolm X followers would have joined the fray: all those thousands of neatly-dressed stern-faced Black Muslims in black suits, passing the donation plate around at their mass rallies haven't been heard from, silent, in spite of the abundance of their opportunities and resources wile opposition groups in Africa start out with just machetes. Marcus Garvey, where are you?

African blacks are working for their survival. Everyone seems happy in their jobs, whether they're farming, tending cattle or managing a wild game preserve. Blacks in America are always angry and dissatisfied and don't seem to be proud of any labor activity unless they've been hired as public servants through anti-white affirmative action. North American blacks' main goal is to be Jews' entertainment media darlings. Then you can really diss the whites for bringing their DNA code here to enjoy the fruits of white civilization and their "wild white women's" ruling bloc votes. You know a society is on the verge of the abyss when their own males are no longer the symbols of manhood; the ex-slavers' matriarchs replacing them with the "house negro." This all leads to the single mothers syndrome, with black babies in the strollers. Perhaps it's nature's karma, where the tables have been turned and the slaves' males are now copulating with the cuckold masters' females. Being spoiled seems to go with being duplicitous and hypocritical: On one hand, the American blacks bitch about white racism while at the same time promote themselves as a race, while denying that to whites, in particular. How can you talk about racial identity without being a racist?

The major point of these characteristic differences of the two black racial groups is that we have a moral and sustenance living standard for blacks, with organized African blacks, and disorganized North American blacks who are white-dependent and immoral compared to their "kith and kin" — patriarchy versus matriarchy. Keep in mind that when blacks imitate whites, both lose, because race-mixing ensues.

White nationalists need not be concerned with blacks in America — only with their criminality. Our main enemy and opponents are the same color as us.




Iran, no big deal

Everyone's talking about the Iran nuclear deal, as if the country is aspiring to be a world power. But in essence, the Iranians (or Indo-Aryans, as they really are) have been running a localized empire for over 2,500 years in the same area and haven't expanded much from their borders since the Persian days. Iranians are a very proud people, citing not only their Aryan pedigree but their proud Persian past, where their empire extended from Egypt to India coming out of the Middle East. Even though Iranians have an imperial past, holding down other ethnic entities through fear or favor, they never went much further than their general area of influence. Iranians have flirted with different gods and religions from Zoarastrianism to Islam, who put them under the race-mixed Arabs' rule for a while after Mohammed. However, since we know that race trumps all (including religion) that didn't last long as the more white population established their own brand of less-aesthetic brand of racism, creating the first schism in the religion over dynastic disputes over who should head their religion. The descendants of Mohammed and his family, or any pious Muslim to be Caliph. The Arabs chose the latter while the Iranians chose the first, dividing the religion into the majority 85% Sunni Arabs and the 15% Shia version of Islam as advocated by the 'Aryans'. The two sides have gone their separate ways for centuries; while both Shia and Sunni are multicultural in theory, it's obvious that Shi'ites are the whiter element of Islam in spite of some darker recruits in Yemen, North Africa and elsewhere.

Independent Iran has pretty well been on its own for two millennia, since its Russian empire glory days in spite of quick invasions by Huns, Mongols, Turks and Russians. However, they're not empires—they can crumble in a flash when minority populations revolt and side with invaders. Iran has always been under pressure from imperialists and colonialists, especially Russia and Britain, whose merchants supposedly created the liberal B'hai religion to trade with the "peacock throne" Shahs who refused to trade with Christians. We all know how rich the B'hai sect is from those endeavors. After World War One, a Cossack mounted the Peacock Throne with the help of the Bolsheviks until World War II, when the Russians and the British occupied the country until the end of the war, with the English bringing in the Americans to spy on and help administrate the country because the Limey imperialists were so hated there they occupied the country without much opposition. When the British left, the American spies stayed and helped the Shah of Iran set up his secret service (SAVAK) and jail and torture his political opponents until the Shiite Mullahs took over and established some kind of perfunctory democratic regime still run by their supreme Mullah's rules.

Iran may like to side with the white Western world, even if they don't respect their libertine ideals. as they are very proud of their Aryan heritage as they are surrounded by Eurasian Turks, Semitic "race-mixed" Arabs and the overpopulated Indian masses on three sides. Forays into the Slavs' north have frightened than ever since their great Emperor Cyrus was defeated by a Messangate tribe led by their queen, Tomyris.

I trust a people in a country with nukes and a history of their own country for almost 3,000 years, much more than any imposed upstart nation like Israel or colonialist construct Pakistan. It only makes sense that they won't commit suicide after such a long and proud history of civilization and independence without the aid of foreign forces; and so should you, The ten-year nuclear treaty deal with globalists won't stop Iran from eventually getting the nuclear bomb, even though the whiter humanitarian version of Islam claims that they don't want to. Iranians can stand steadfast in protracted wars, as their conflict with Saddam Hussein's Arabs showed in the desert trenches, where thousands died while the world looked on. However, the modern shopping world beckons to their more liberated Muslim women.

The main reason for the latest deal is to keep their people happy. Iran will become a useful proxy tool for globalists' interests to subdue any fundamentalist Sunni Muslims down along their borders whom both Israel and their Zionist white stooge countries fear.

Zionist warmonger rhetoric to the contrary, fear of Iran and their nukes? No big deal.

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Pope Francis: Enemy of the white race


We've had Francis the Talking Mule, now we have Pope Francis the Talking Fool, who's embracing every politically-correct unnatural idiocy he can find, from supporting global warming to hugging homosexuals, all far removed from traditional Catholic Church dogma. This latest South American Pope, from an area where 40% of the world's Catholics reside, is the latest in a long line of weirdos and perverts who have ruled multicultural Catholics for centuries.

I don't like religion, but I consider it a necessary evil to maintain a peaceful society where you can count on the morality of your neighbors for a secure life/ Religion keeps the people quiet and curbs their inner evil and violence, but unfortunately it does not work in a multicultural society where everyone is doing their own thing without anyone checking on their morality, and where criminal mayhem prevails because no one is watching in a morally-dismembered culture. The whole idea of worshiping some holy man like a movie star seems unmanly. Hence, we see lots of women in their audiences into Pope ("papa")-worship. I've written before about how this worship undermines the real biological fathers at home who receives respect and adoration after the Father of heaven is representative by the Pope on Earth, and all the many celibate fathers in churches who have confessed their sins to Christianity — definitely a women's religion with the trappings of fatherhood stolen from the natural father as a front-piece religion. Religion should serve the people, not vice versa, especially when it is unfriendly to the racial survival of any group participating in it, like most anti-racist Christian denominations who ignore their God-made nature's rules by denying identity to whites and promoting community/one-world order race-mixing which Francis the Fool advocates when he calls for a one-world-order planet. The Muslims are no different, with "ISIS" declaring itself against racism and nationalism, trying to institute a world caliphate with their harsh solutions for an impossible one-world order that neither side will ever achieve, because they are ignoring the basic rules of God-created nature's racism so that like-minded people can live together in harmony.

Pope Francis is big on helping the poor but I haven't seen him hold one auction to sell off the poor of centuries from the Pope's opulent cathedrals and treasures. The hypocrite Pope calls for peace but never condemns any wars like the Prince of Peace he worships called for. Instead he supports the bombing and killing of "ISIS" Islamists who worship the same Old Testament God in a different way than Christians and appear to be more devout to their Allah than any conservative and dedicated Christian parishioner. It was the same story with Catholics when the northern European adherents rebelled and called themselves "Protestants." The Pope's solution at the time? Burn them at the stake and start a brutal inquisition for centuries. The Protestants of the religion of love did the same to the Catholics, because they were kneeling, not standing at their Sunday services or some other stupid thing. Christians have nothing to say about jihadist violence because their history is the same for non-believers, heretics and apostates, so spare me your pontifications.

Today's pope has become an entertainment media sensation that some Third World greed bags and naïve women like but his political opinions and relevance to white nationalists is negligible and should be dismissed since he is part of the globalist scheme for a one-world order where there will be no white countries, just race-mixed mobs pretending to be religious and spiritual while hailing their Hollywood hero, the Pope, now about as important as the Dalai Lama, who doesn't know whether or not he wants to be reincarnated, a must for his followers.

Today, organized religion represents the Third World, where their numbers are large thanks to the race-mixer colonialist Christians who created this multicult mess that white racists will have to sort out in the future. God, and nature knows and they're on our side, because we're a part of it.

God bless the racists, of all races.




Persuade your white woman to vote for the “real white man”


The white man is on the path to entire extinction with the unnatural topsy-turvy model of male-female relationships. No other breed of mankind on this crowded plant elevates their females to such a level hat they get to choose their male companions, resulting in a myriad of marriages and/or single mother with confused and disobedient children from multiple male partners.

The white Western world was a fatherless feminist society with little backing from any religious institutions for the male, until the race-mixed Muslims arrived and shocked their wimpy white neighbors with their anti-feminist religion and male choice participation in the choosing of their female mates. Male-dominated females stay together longer. proven in the entire not-so-stupid increasing Third World populations. Men were meant to rule over the glass-jawed female population as nature intended in the final analysis.

The white race cannot survive the dominant DNA sperm poll of all non-whites; whites were forced to isolate themselves as they have in far-off corners of Fortress Europe, only occasionally invaded by non-whites from the race-mixed northern African Arabs and Middle Eastern Turks to the one-time great Asiatic invasion of the Mongols' Golden Horde. Now the invasions have been traitor regime-approved for the greedy globalists for their planet-wrecking globalist economy operated by the effeminate West, where 80% of all world trade is geared toward spoiled Western women.

The present situation looks even more dire than in colonialist days, since women have obtained the franchise and continually vote in internationalist warmongers and miserly merchants for more non-white immigration and cheap goods from the Orient while white men sit around unemployed in their homelands, supposedly because they don't want to do these jobs at the globalists' low wages, from Bangladesh to Mexico, Females voters just don't seem to care about their heritage or their future and know very little about it.

The white man is saddled with another feminist problem called "love and romance" trying to keep up with their fickle female counterparts, looking for mates, usually  the wrong types: prey boys, brain-empty studs and shysters. With the exception of a few, hardly any of these love stories lasts for more than a few years, leaving all kinds of mentally-scarred children behind who couldn't give a hoot about the love fantasy but only requiring succor and direction from their nettling parents. That's how most of these love stories end, with the matriarchal media pumping out more and more failures and feigned successes that hardly ever correspond to the realities of paying the mortgage and feeding the kids.

The white man can whine all he likes about non-white patriarchal Muslims who never seem to worry over their women's loyalty whether it's an election or jihad. I remember one East Indian  racist cabbie who complimented me on my honest platform for Mayor of Toronto and kept assuring me, before and after the tip, that he would vote for me, "And my wife will vote for you, too!" What trendy white guy from Rosedale or the Beaches could say that, no matter how many romantic vacations he has taken his partner on to cement their bond? It's a lonely existence for the white man, pursuing ethereal romance as his partner sees it. Entire TV sitcoms have been based on that vague premise, starting with  I Love Lucy, then on to later ones like that poor sap of Everybody Loves Raymond, Modern Family, The King of Queens and The Middle; I'm sure you can name a few dozen more.

The whole method of choosing your mates in white countries must change to the smarter non-whites' way, whose populations were increased by race-mixer white traitors with their meddling colonialism for white women's needs. White racists must take a patriarchal approach for their future survival, and all requests for women's rights: Globalist-concocted wars must be rejected, especially in the Muslims "reconquista" of the Third World areas they held prior to European greed bags' occupation and consequent deadly race-mixing under the banner of "diversity."  The fractious race-mixed Muslims will self-implode along ethnic and racial lines because race always trumps religion.

Let us straighten out our own white household, just by removing all of the race traitors from power: That's our main message to our female companions now on a suicidal run with their anti-racist ballots. Let's try persuasion first and forgive them for "they know not what they do."




Ironically, Dylann Roof’s murders a boon to white nationalists

It's terrible to take advantage of a tragedy but that's the case in the massacre of the most innocent blacks in a church by a naïve young white nationalist who hoped to start a race war by this outrageous act of brutality which elevates the ranks of racists in the white public's mind: All the bigots gave been roped in who were cowardly cowards, hiding behind "heritage" lines when the Confederate flag was foolishly singled out by the media as Dylann Roof's favorite symbol. Conning conservatives, too have been brought into the racist ranks kicking and screaming when the white killer of innocent blacks was shown to have been influenced by the Council of Conservative Citizens (COCC), whose site we carry on out Links Page, along with other frequent-flyer anti-racist white nationalists: Canada's Paul Fromm and pro-'human rights and diversity' advocate David Duke and greed bag libertarian Jared Taylor, are now considered to be part of the racist cabal whether are racists or not, from the public's/enemies' point of view. These racist obfuscators have nowhere to go and nothing to hide behind anymore, with weasel words and politically-correct pronouncements, trying to justify their existence to our enemies, the journalists.

I say that the 21-year-old Dylann Roof was naïve because he didn't understand that the blacks in America are run by their mammas. It's an Aunt Jemima matriarchy, unlike in Africa, where a "Boko Haram" leader yells, "I sell women!" and ugly genital mutilation is punished across the continent. The black church-going mothers "forgave" Dylann Roof with "hot coals on his head" as one white nationalist wrote, which the media bellowed out as a goodness coup, plain and simple. The black matriarchy just wants more stuff, looted or not and feats a white racist backlash with the rednecks. That's why there were no riots after this failed attempt at outrage for a race war; but Dylann Roof still got the over-publicity from the media and sealed the fate of conservative coward I'm-not-a-racist whiners.

Another positive point from this massacre is the fact that white racism and most white racist organizations are not passé in the media liars' so-called post-racist society. Not only that — white racists are dangerous, more than any "ISIS," al-Qaeda or Taliban — and there's no way of reaching out to this angry natural movement without the Establishment's compromise. On top of that, white nationalists are not just a bunch of old geezers that white self-loathers are waiting for to die off. There are young recruits like the 21-year-old shooter and other young white whose interests have been perked, with nothing to believe in nowadays except anti-white propagandists and their race-mixing crap. Even if conspiracy theorists conclude there was some kind of government set-up job to hurt nice, anti-racist conservatives and Confederate flag/civil war re creationists and aficionados, the deed is done. The Confederate flag is now equated with the swastika, irrevocably and in perpetuity, thanks to the white self-loathers and the media.

Another boon to the white nationalists is the hated media's condemnation and hypocritical approbation of white racists' ideology; they're spreading our ideas further than we could. As the old saying goes, I don't care what you say about me, just spell my name right and no publicity is bad publicity. Usually these reporter bastards try to prevent telling news of our activities but these murders were too horrific to ignore. On top of that, any anti-racist conservative who might be a police or Jew[ish] agent, has been drafted into the racist right, undermining their politically-correct credentials for world travel and Establishment acceptance in their controlled political parties, reaching as far as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative PAC, closed down just last week [ Related ].

It's become a bad brand name after the COCC's white nationalism. Today's economic conservatives have only the feminist fight against ISIS to bite on as white people ponder their secret racism.

Here in Toronto, Canada, I have declared a constitutional "White Nationalist State," whose acronym "WNS" foretells our future. Anyone who wishes to join our white nationalist state or establish their own racist shadow society, is more than welcome.

Don't let making history slip by.



Racists rise as multiculturalism falls apart

The 'post-racial society' is a lie. Whatever the natural instinct of put-down peoples, you can expect some unnatural reactions. That's what happens in the white racist violent outbursts in the white world, where unnatural or anti-nature multiculturalism is being forced down the throats of breeds of Mankind who took millennia to develop as a method of living in peace and harmony in different ethnic groups.

White nationalists are the most oppressed minority in the Western World, yet are the most correct and in harmony with nature's roles of peaceful living with your own kind. Unfortunately, they're living in a Christian matriarchal society, with the trappings and philosophical manhood with gowned fathers. That's why it's taking so long for the white men to rebel in a crazy commie/feminist society based on an effeminate religion. But they are. No blacks can trust a white man sitting in their matriarchal churches after the South Carolina massacre.

Black risk and over-reaction are driving the white man into suburban strongholds; examples of race-mixing on the Jews' entertainment media a la the Kardashians are looked upon as debased and dangerous behaviors while whites watch as high black crime stats and their rapist/murderers that even their media can't hide.

All of multiculturalism, globalism and international meddling is generally stunned by most whites where the term "diversity" gas become a dirty word equal to white society destruction. White racists have had enough and basically, they're going to strike out in desperation or hope of making a statement or starting a revolution. Each outburst undermines the anti-white dictatorial system as racial groups pull away from each other, reassessing and realizing their identity and bring down the multicult Tower of Babel in the next natural result of ethnic realities.

Our task in the Nationalist Party of Canada is to steer natural racist energies to a positive direction with common sense, good will and fair play in mind for all intended actions. Now is the time to put the pressure on the anti-racist white traitors who continue to pursue this civilization-lulling course with their open-door immigration and anti-free speech policies. Let the traitors cry, but demand that outright white racist points of view be brought forth in their endless discussions of the natural white nationalist phenomenon. Without our words and ideas the multicult pundits are just spewing useless propaganda falling on deaf ears with every reaction and incident against their culture-wrecking madness.

Now is the time to speak up, make history and be counted. You owe it to your white community and civilization.




Ideological unity required for a white racist revival

There are a number of issues dividing the white nationalist movement now coming into prominence, when everything else fails, even al Jazeera is taking an interest in the growing natural philosophy-based racism

[ Related ] that is never going away in spite of all the wishful thinking of commies, feminists and white self-loathers. The first issue is how to deal with the growing Muslim population, mostly nonwhite, in our midst and brought here by white race traitors whose code-word is 'diversity' that no respectful white nationalist should ever adopt, especially on their main site's page. You may say "don't worry about it, it's just some naive kosher conservatives trying to play up to their liberal/libertine females by being in favor of diversity and human rights.

However, when David Duke, one of the top representatives of white nationalism, according to the media does it, it's a different matter, particularly when he was once a Grand Dragon of the totally racist Ku Klux Klan. You have to listen and be concerned about the confusion that's spread among white racist ranks when commie code words are adopted as official policy on David Duke's site and his political partner Don Black who operates the Stromfront gossip line. They undermine all white racists with their support for diversity while claiming to be white nationalists. This must stop if they are not to be shunned on back-tacker traitors to the white man's cause.

The second contentious situation deals with their neo-Nazi support of globalist Jew regime in the Ukraine, also given credence by the naive neo-Nazis and ex-racists like David Duke who continue to support the new brutes of the "Jew regime" using the same methods which lost them World War II. This must stop because it makes us all look evil and bad again and attracts monsters who utilize politics to cover their crimes, much like at Iraq's Abu Ghraib.

A third point is the latest running-away-from-racism phenomenon where a supposedly white nationalist site like equates natural racism with religious cult Zionism, throwing another monkey wrench into the white nationalist philosophy to the point of softening the word 'racism' by calling it 'racialism' and describing themselves as a 'racialists.' Stop trying to please the wimps and the women—please! It's not when our recruits live, nor do we need their unreliable support. You never hear of patriarchal Muslims trying to suck up to their women before they advance their cause. So you know these are unnatural feminist-based policies.

The war in multi- religious cult dictator-run Syria is another point of contention. Just because you visited Syria or got an honorary doctorate degree from some university in the Ukraine doesn't mean you should support a multicult or a "Jew regime." Anyone who understands the greedy merchants' evil colonialism and how they race mixed all white countries for a few dollars more would be in favor of Third World going primitive again, tearing off the shackles of globalism and race-mixing whites out of existence. Let the natives determine their future and level existence without white meddlers for a wimpy feminist world, elevating their nonwhite natural patriarchal populations.

The fifth point of controversy in our white revival is the lack of anger and approbation against our own white race traitors. Instead some groups are always attacking trhe tip of the iceberg, the Jews. The 'Chosen People' wouldn't get anywhere without the active aid of the Gentile traitors to their race and nation. The international warmongers and globalist politicians should be our targets to get our white house in order before stepping out against "ISIS" or suck-holing to the oligarch Jews' 'put-in' Putin. He won't save you as he's just a globalists' hand puppet/false flag leader leading you straight down the race-mixers' drain. The Establishment knows that he's a seething mass of proud white racists who hate them with a passion and are the true opponents of their agenda, with nature on their side. That's they they come with SWAT teams and battering rams to any racist's home as they did in Canada. [ Related ]

White nationalists must get together on all of these issues and present a united front, disregarding all others as apostates to natural racism for a united ideological front that takes in the concept of common sense, good will and fair play — the mantra of our inevitable white racist revival. Let's do it.




A constitutional racist state necessary for white survival

From the cradle to the grave, lazy or greedy feminists and hedonistic race-mixers are destroying white civilization, from non-white nannies at childbirth to non-white nurses at your death bed, they're always there because of a snooty Seinfeld philosophy of getting the most for your buck, everything and everyone else be damned. That's why Jews need so many non-Jew servants, not just the shabboz goy on a Saturday but worker-humans of any color or description for the Chosen People, imitated by the naïve goyim, which will head to their destruction as well as their self-chosen masters. If you can't do your own dirty work, you're finished as a people, and so is your country.

The only time I've seen Jews live in a self-sustaining manner was when they were living in the Czar-imposed "pale" relegated there by Russian law. It's refreshing to see the shtetl life in a village displayed in movies like Fiddler On the Roof. You can hardly find that in Israel today, probably not even a kibbutz, a country filled with cheap labor Arab and African workers doing the dirty jobs for the privileged Jews in a temporary impossible state on other peoples' land, with millions of Arabs ready to strike back — unlike the beaten natives of North America who lost their land, too.

The South African privileged whites who were using black labor for their enrichment lost their power, land and liberty because they too were addicted to a large pool of nonwhites, even bringing in East Asians to do their bureaucracy and overlordship over the blacks. Now the dwindling whites want out, thanks to the mistakes of their greedy ancestors who did not respect their own kind laborers, or pay the correct wages commiserate to a white society. The same is happening in Canada with so-called temporary foreign worker programs to pick crops her at low wages for a few rich owners while wreaking havoc on the fabric of white society, with crime and tax-paid public service payouts earmarked for white Canadians. The anti-racist multiculturalism has created a great anxiety in the public spaces for everyone, especially whites who fought they were in their own homeland; no one knows what these Gobi Desert or bloodshot Congo eyes are thinking because you might need your diaper changed.

From the baby stroller to the old age nursing home's bed, it's humiliating, not just for blond, blue-eyed children in their prams, but also the watery-eyed elderly, always looking for compassion and understanding in the eyes of the nonwhite care givers that they rarely find. These anti-racist egalitarian liberals will learn the hard way about the meaning of racial "kith and kin" at the end of their lives — unless they're lucky enough to die suddenly. This is the big evil the race traitors have brought to everyone's life, from toddler to doddler. Disrespect and condemnation is what they deserve at every turn and opportunity. Don't be silent — you might regret it later in a hospital bed.

Thank you, Stephen Harper, and all your rich acolytes. You have ruined Canada with your massive non-white immigration recruitment policies and set the stage for ethnic conflicts and enclaves in the not-to-distant future, that our grandchildren will face — under multiculturalism, anything goes and the worst is comes out in everyone because there's no moral imperatives in a race-mixers' society other than the police. When they step back, madness and chaos ensues as Baltimore, Chicago and New Orleans have shown. The future is bleak: either a police state or ethnic cleansing in constitutional racist state that white nationalists propose, where all work is equally appreciated from the top to the bottom with no greedy middle-class aspirations to look down your nose at properly-paid white labor. That's what we in the NPC want.

A constitutional racist state is necessary for white race survival. Nothing else will do.

The choice is yours.



Anti-racist women's vote guarantees more of the same in 2016 presidential elections

Jews have a lock on American politics. You can tell that by the Zionist presidential candidates running to rule and ruin America in 2016, too. Without a program of who's who, provided by the omnipotent media, the American voter doesn't know what they stand for, certainly not by the candidates' promises. They're all the same — vague promises to fix the southern border immigration crisis or how they're going to support Israel, right or wrong, to the hilt.

The Republicans (GOP) and the Democrats sound all the same, from Ben Carson to Ted Cruz to Marco Rubio to Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee. There's little difference, except in their nuances or weasel-word pronouncements All have change their positions a number of timed, whether on Iraq or the National Security Agency's spying: It's hard to pin them down while they play the blame game. I don't remember any of them being against the wars. That wishy-washy libertarian Rand Paul is quick to publicly disagree with his father on war and security issues, showing little respect for the trailblazer Republican. This is similar to Marine LePen of the French National Front, who publicly disagreed with her father Jean Marie on Zionism and non-white immigration to France. This can hardly raise the morale of their followers, while undermining their ideas in the public forum, demoralizing the entire movement.

GOP 2016 presidential candidates sniping at each other over minute attitudes and issues only undermines that white people's party's name. further to the point of confusion and distrust. Who cares who's going to be the GOP nominee in 2016? After all, if it's fake, the fix is in and the public doesn't really know what they stand for, other than more of the same Washington war regime like under the arrogant Bushes and now Jeb wants to give it a try, as if they were a royal family of America. Try to pin this guy down on any issue, especially the disastrous Iraq invasion led by the family dummy George W, Bush.

The Democrats are not better off with the Jew Bernie Sanders, promising to take on the one-percenter Jew oligarchs ruling the world. He's appealing to the savvy Internet voters who know all about big government and the military industrial complex war economy. Sanders hasn't got a chance against Hillary Clinton, the darling of the women's bloc voters in the USA. She's a shoe-in, regardless of Benghazi emails and Obamacare that proved to be a false flag of rebellion instituted by the neo-con war dog misers. The United States is a country without health care for its citizens, but has billions and billions of dollars for Zionist wars and globalists' meddling and expansion into every corner of the Third World. They look at the planet as a giant plantation with favored techies and bean counters with the rest of the us are relegated to a serf state existence, kept buoyed and entertained by the media's bread and circuses.

Nothing seems to stick to Hillary, who's kept a low profile nowadays, when you consider that she's going to be the next and first female President of the United States, regardless of any controlled media scandals that may surface — prefect for entertainment value, like husband Bill Clinton's useless impeachment that didn't hurt Hillary a bit, but garnered her great sympathy in a feminist-dominated country run by matriarchal mama's boy Jews. It should be openly run by millionaires like Marvin Adelson and others of his matriarchal religious multicult "racists."

Multiculturalism only for others works in practice when you consider the natural bigotry and racism in Israel against Africans and race-mixed Arabs who are getting the boot for one reason or another every day there. There are a number of other neo-cons and Zionist stooges ready to enter the presidential candidacy but the fix is in, so they're strictly extras. The only way this farce can is when anti-racist women don't vote or when proportional representation is instituted — something every white racist who wants to preserve our species has to consider, without becoming a jihadist who have set up their own all-male "islamic state" that is expanding every day. Or eventually, we won't even have the dawn of day.

Think about it.




White racists, leave the Muslims alone

White racists are in a quandary as how to respond to anti-Zionist jihadists in their own lands, in Muslim lands and in white homelands. Religion has failed white nationalists, especially effeminate Christianity and to a certain degree, patriarchal Islam, where fundamentalists are always praising black rioters in white countries. It's really hypocritical of them to do so, since the Arabs are all racists, as proven by their past slavery activity and today's Haj, where all blacks are housed together regardless of their country's origin. Natural racism always trumps man-made religion.

They're quick to take advantage of a female-dominated society based on shopping; they just want more stuff and privilege to alter our society to their Third World level, culture and morality. The very liberal and libertine attitudes of Western feminist society are the tools to bring it down. And now the feminists want all white men to die in battle against the patriarchal Muslims they brought to our lands under their anti-racism agenda, keeping the white man down. Of course, now-reactionary whites are ready to commit our lives and fortunes to losing that Orwellian war on terror farce. There is no doubt that Muslims' Umma (worldwide community) acts in unison and separately with deceptive smiling faces in opposition to secular society. They march to their own drums, whatever the ecumenical liberals think. Their way is the only and thoughts of Zionist conspiracy believers, that supposedly al-Qaeda and “ISIS,” Muslim believers are their own bosses, with a handy Koran as their Mao's Little Red Book of Communism, which faded into history.

Islam is basically a racist religion in practice. If whites joined with all its weird prayer rituals they wouldn't be any anti-racist movement in that religion as each ethnicity is very proud of their heritage and fight in ethnic groups when successful as in Syria: Uzbeks, Chechens, European foreigners, Arabs, etc. when there's enough of them. Muslims are anti-homosexual with a vengeance. throwing queers off roof tops and when they survive, stoning them. It's ma [sic] real big deal for a Muslim to see a naked man, since the Christians have gone gay and the homosexual bigots support anti-racism publicly, so that they can get their share of the diversity pie. Natural white racists are the only ones left along with the Muslims against gay marriage, equating all sexual unions doesn't do much to make families. Marriage all of a sudden has become just a sexual act with no special recognition for those dedicated to the existence of Mankind's future. It's very demoralizing in an already female-dominated Caucasian breed of Man.

The Establishment is a globalist merchants' war machine, ready to put down any native uprisings — Afghanistan, Somalia, Chechnya, Africa, you name it. Now why would you want to kill the opponents of your enemies, who would jail you for speaking your mind on your home turf? White racists should be pacificists [sic] for all foreign wars, aggressions and interventions. If we hadn't gone there, their losers wouldn't be here. It's on the home turf that we need to set our sights. The conspiracy-fan, naive and idiotic white morons are too smart for their own good, ignoring racial realities like that idiot Bill Nye The Science Guy who shamed all the "Big Bang Theory" wimps by declaring that races didn't exist. I keep telling you, we are our own worst enemies, along with any idiot who blames the “niggers, Pakis or Chinks” for the open door and legs welcome we give them with our unnatural self-loathing, for such a great race? Now that's irony; When you become so high-faluting and snotty, like an old spinster giving marriage advice, I've seen trendies swoon if you say the N-word.

If we can stop these characters from utilizing their authority in this deluded anti-racist way, then we can stop the cull of the white race and deal with the religious fantasies then, because race trumps religion, and ours is going down the drain. Challenge the race traitors' authority — the majority is not always right, as the dead Roman Empire's Coliseum showed. If you know history, all foolishness comes to an end, so be optimistic — you're right, the mob is wrong.




There is no "white man's burden" for others

The effeminate meddling concept, the 'white man's burden' right from colonialists' days, to take care of primitives, and other nonwhites and bring them up to the white man's standard of living, is an unnatural erroneous idea that is killing our race.

This undermining philosophy of unnatural altruism to the point of self-destruction, has plagued white civilization since the mercantile explorers "discovered" the Third World and continues today with ridiculous foreign aid, interventionist wars, human right organizations and aid agencies and charities. Billions have been wasted on foreigners, mostly nonwhites, that could have been used to uplift white workers living in squalor in their home countries while reproducing the nonwhite populations at a fantastic rate in their lands. Overpopulation is the result of the foolish ideas of the so-called responsibility of technologically-advanced whites to elevate all primitives to their level.

The internationalist multicultist Christian religion of Catholicism and their religious fanatics have endangered the whole planet with superfluous humanity that is unsustainable, even in a global economy that requires massive traffic pollution to shunt goods around while cheap-labor nonwhite populations rise to the point of redundancy, resulting in human trafficking and massive migrations, flooding from the Third World into our white homelands. It's all for a few dollars more for greedy merchants: Most of this trade (80%) is directed towards the white females who are by nature arrogant meddlers across the globe, eager to raise their nonwhite sisters to their maids' level.

There were an estimated 13 million people in India when the merchant white meddlers arrived — but they saw a gold mine in the obedient native population, unlike our unionized white workers that they dislike. Even some White Nationalists, mostly bigots, like to lord it over conquered nonwhites and agree to meddler foreign wars to strut their stuff, via vacations with whores and cabin boys, which always proves deadly in the long run when the servants want to come here — all you have to do is look around and see the black and Oriental nannies raising the white meddlers' children. What can these kids think of nonwhites in the future, except the desire to copulate or take care of the nannies' kith and kin and being them here?

Those who throw their hands up or gleefully yell "It's a world economy!" are at the base of the problem for white race survival. These anti-racist idiots couldn't give a damn about their poor until they're set upon or raped in the future. The last thing that white meddlers want is an isolated, self-sustained, localized economy that would infringe on their mindless hedonism while the country's population turns brown. White racists must oppose all destructive free trade deals that always benefit Third World countries. No prices have ever gone down, products improved, or life made 'easier' with these destructive 'deals' that impoverish white families and make everyone wonder what the moral standards are in a multicult society bereft of natural white racist opinion. That 's why criminality is rife in every race-mixed nation when there is no ethnic moral gague on them anymore, usually the worst comes out, including whites, because no one is watching and no one gives a damn if you're behaving correctly as that ethnic entity you once were. People only group together to get more stuff nowadays — except occasionally, when conservative Muslims happen to agree with fundamentalist Christians on things like sex education being forced down third-graders' throats for the new secular and immoral multicult state, even taking over your children's lives from parents.

There is no Nature's Onus on any race, as nonwhites have shown, to change the behavior of other breeds of Mankind, unless you have an agenda for a New World Order, propagated by rich men's secret societies to rule the world. That's the only white man's burden — to stop this march of madness to extinction that we all carry.

Carry on.




Racism is in the blood; either you have it or you don't

Racism is Nature's ideology — either you have it or you don't. It's a natural feeling for self-preservation and group survival necessary for the individual's rights through the group's recognition, identity and integrity.

Racism reminds me of the old Prem Luncheon Meat commercial, where the Prem tin says to the other one "Say Moo". The other tin says, "Oink." The Prem tin says, "No, say, moo." Again, the reply is "oink." The Prem tin says, "Why can't you say moo?" The other tin says, "It just isn't in me." And that's the case with anti-racists and other self-destructive white people, it's just not in them: Their blood-connection, their feelings of amity toward their kith and kin, their respect for our white race's characters and contributions to history and science and technology. They have no respect — and no care, it's just not in them.

I try never to allow people to say "I don't care" around me; it's a Party policy. If you don't care, just get the hell away from me, or I from you, is my thinking. People who don't care about the most natural element of their makeup and persona might not care about your safety or others', either, in any situation. Not to care is unnatural in a harmonious society — they're a danger ready to pop off or snap, threatening your own safety.

You can't convince anyone to be a racist, either, if you don't have common sense, good will or fair play as a starter. Daily bigotry is a sign of cowardly racists who are quick to deny their racism or sometimes hide it behind conniving words like 'racialist' which just doesn't cut it, especially in debates with racists from other races. The dumbest thing is to try to convert or indoctrinate someone who doesn't care about their race, usually involved in their own personal hedonism. They would certainly be the worst recruits as white nationalists, guaranteed to apologize on the stand or at a podium for their dalliance into Nature's ideology which created all the tribes, nations, alphabets cultures and civilizations, always based on one particular ethnic group, viable until the fools go for a multicult empire guaranteed to collapse. This is why we in the NPC mostly cater to the convinced natural white racists and place many of our opinions and news stories on the site's Activities Page for the true believers, where policies and agendas really matter for the resurrection of natural white racism which was generally believed only three generations ago, especially before the two dumb globalist capitalist-generated white fratricidal world wars. The only good that came out of these global conflicts was the demise of the race-mixed merchants' economic empires that denigrated white men into abusive race-mixers and brought the Third World to white homelands for a few dollars more.

Racism is as natural as breathing, and anyone who needs to be converted is already dead to that race and can never be trusted to flip-flop in the future. Racists will be the first people who the public will turn to when the race wars' fires start. That's why your continuing activity in your neighborhoods and your community is always important. Nonpolitical whites know once a racist, always a racist. We give the public comfort and stability, that we're still out there, ready to lead us in the right direction when the chips are down, because we are tough and determined that no regime, police, or media propagandist, can sway. That's why I go after any noted pro-white leader who claims to "stay the course" without pandering to the cowardly hoi polloi too afraid of the government big stick, particularly now in the secret police state of Canada, with its Bill C-51's new powers to destroy white Canadian activists' lives with trickery and neo-criminality worse than that of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and its phony Heritage Front sandbox.

Don't be afraid when you stand up for your racial integrity. It's the natural thing to do and to hell with traitors and cowards going into the dustbin of history. You will survive.



Individualism is dangerous to your health

Individualism is overrated.

Rugged individualism is killing the white race. Ironically, the modern concept that whites hold dear will be the end of them. The driving force which catapulted the warlike, inquisitive breed will be the cause of their demise. Whites' DNA is recessive to all nonwhites, as if it was a punishment for race-mixing.

As JB Stoner of The Thunderbolt says, race-mixing is forever when every Caucasian is acting as their own kingdom; there's little cooperation with this race's 'Game of Thrones', and each one will be picked off individually by the various nonwhite hordes on Playboard Earth, thanks to the Statue of Liberty's description “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” and the desire for riches, accumulated wealth has become their lifeline. Unfortunately for the white world which foolishly invited the renegades back to Europe for World Wars I and II, and now the old countries' raison d'être is the same as get-rich-quick America run  by the world's merchants. Individual whites are the only ones apologizing for their racial identity and recognizing the differences in other races as individuals. They pretend they're part of a race or a long familiar family, while publicly denying the existence of such feelings: it's all unsaid, the feeling of belonging to a similar-thinking group that the individuals aren't even willing to each other in case someone might think they're original — or propagandizing other to get together on a white racist basis. Official government policy, anti-white hate laws and the idea of "You're going to make it after all" Mary Tyler Moore individualism has led to the implosion of a that's-mighty white of-you community, leading to extinction (white women have over-prized and over-priced themselves out of marriage unions and family life). They're all part of the libertarians who worship Ayn Rand whose real name was . . .  Alisa Rosenbaum!

The promotion of individualism and every man and women for themselves by the entertainment industry and media has led to the disrespect of parents and grandparents, cutting off the individual from family pride and its past. Many intelligent whites are racially aware, but greed and individualism prevents them from cooperating together in anything but racial politics. They think their money can protect them; they hide their bigotry behind anti-tax and anti-government service issues that might get the nonwhite welfare mob off their tax bills, dividing the races along economic grounds for middle- and upper-classes. This kins of individualism can't preserve a people.

Whites are further burdened by feminine individualism, which definitely can't be counted on to raise two-parent families, judging by all the women-caused divisions among whites — and who do you think is leaving whom in the nonwhite races? The single man's spawn has developed a lot of weirdo individuals, further frightening hard-pressed whites to trust working with other individuals. Who knows who's the nut in an individualists' society, where everyone is minding their own business and white people are locked up in suburban (middle class) homes?

The only way to avert this individualistic extinction process is to start cooperating and talking to each other, starting with your family members and see who's the natural racist and who's a coward. Keep the rational, reasonable group together while bringing their friends into a little group for entertainment. In particular, hold out a hand to the friendless and never be ashamed of using people for whatever their particular contributions are to the group. I always say, 'if you're of no use, what good are you?' and without all these useful people, where would I be?

Individualism must be brought to heel when it comes to our community's survival. It only makes sense. Start today.




Natural Racism is best  don't be fooled by the rest

The Nationalist Party is the largest pro-white/white activist organization in Canada, with our site reaching thousands over the last fifteen years. The NPC is friendly to all groups and individuals who support the white nationalism and are friendly to our party. However, a word to the wise, since the police and courts have clamped down on white racist activity in Canada. We should know: Bob Smith and I have been jailed a number of times for espousing white racist views under “the Jews'” infamous anti-free speech censor-law effeminately dubbed as the 'Hate Bill'. Anyone who has worked with the Heritage Front and claims to be a white nationalist today without condemning the fraud is suspect in our eyes; especially if they are antagonistic toward the NPC ideology and its leadership.

Anyone who crosses borders to attend useless pro-white conferences in Europe and the United States during this Orwellian 'War on Terror' dragnet must be regarded as suspicious, too. White racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past and buy into the race-mixed situation today. These redundant meet-and-greet conferences have proven their worthlessness — they're only playing to the compliant media, which loves apologizing "I'm Not A Racist" while having bigots as leaders, just like the CSIS/Heritage Front's wimpy 'Equal Rights for Whites' slogan shows the failure of that cowardly policy. 

It's difficult to be pals with people who turn their backs on common sense, good will/ and fair play by denigrating natural racism and equating it to a multicult religious Zionist state. On top of that, embracing the commies' deadly word "Diversity" on their site's masthead, like David Duke did. It's hard to be an ally of Stormfront, run by David Duke pal Don Black. He's against racism, like his wife, the former Mrs. Duke. The media of course, loves to elevate these confused, obfuscating white nationalists with their reactionary policies, while hating natural racists. All allies of such leaders and groups are suspect, too, as in the case of Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer, who posted on “the Jews'” Hatewatch site a commentary under his own name criticizing "neo-Nazis clowns" before he was spotted as a cyber-army troll — you can't have your cake and eat it, too, rhyming off World War II Nazis speeches on Stormfront radio while ridiculing your supporters on a Jew website. The main result is always confusion and demoralization for white racists, just like the Heritage Front achieved, with millions of federal tax dollars. Is that what we need?

The Establishment always tries to isolate the true believers and elevate the police agents' mantra. That's how the bigot groups and leaders work in Canada and elsewhere. Cowards are always ready to compromise their principles with their powerful enemies while playing the latest bigot card, which these days is patriarchal Muslims. Jumping on that bandwagon will be a short ride to oblivion  because you're fighting for anti-racist feminists while trying to be their anti-Muslim heroes. You'll be dumped, absorbed or coerced into silence just like the neo-Nazi Ukrainian nationalists working for the Kiev Jew regime, bought and paid for by North American and European regimes. The white racist NPC is not falling for that carrot, or the libertarian misers' concerns of public service and health care costs while never condemning or questioning every failed globalist foreign military missions that end up bringing nonwhites to our lands from every invaded country.

We have done important ideological work for white racism, different from the failed past which relied on effeminate anti-racist Christianity as a base of thought. Instead, we have turned to nature's laws, more powerful than any man-made idea, including religion (the basis of all communities; in-the-blood racism, the first word that white traitors hate. You'll know them by their apologies. We are not in opposition to any other race's racists, as long as they are in their own sphere of influence. We will continue to support, financially and morally, these individuals and organizations are on the right track to preserving the white race for the future.

Natural racism is best; don't be fooled by the rest. That's what makes the world go 'round.




Greedy privatization killing white society

When was the last the time you heard a merchant giving a damn about white society standards?

Privatizing government services to greedy profit-seeking merchants is one of the worst white society-undermining tools. It's reminiscent of a Third World countries where the ruling elite run the show and the citizenry is left to fend for themselves unless they have money. I thought that the collection of taxes was for the improvement  standards and services for ordinary people; however, the greedy globalists' race-mixing schemes of moving cheap labor around for the benefit of the rich has caused criminality and poverty in formerly rich white countries requiring massive police budgets white foreign mercenary meddling costs that rise to billions of tax dollars, leaving our infrastructure in decay and tatters.

Unfortunately, many bigot whites are too cowardly to speak up publicly for fear of their females' approbation, and have opted for the cheapskates' policies of trying to deny services to new nonwhite immigrants or residents brought to North America as cheap labor slaves — again. Hence, the Fox News faux pas campaign against minimum Obama health care. Hiding behind the dollar is the libertarian way, founded by Jewess Ayn Rand, who wrote The Virtue of Selfishness, of expressing their individualistic private racism — and it's very prevalent in Canada, where government unionized employees are constantly under attack for having secure jobs — until their departments and ministries are privatized; as soon as you privatize something that's publicly owned, you remove the citizen from the complaints department with your local legislator, who can simply shrug his shoulders in helplessness because the services are now in corporate hands, unanswerable to the ordinary citizen who never gets a straight answer from the highly-overpaid CEOs. As soon as you hear the word 'corporation' in government services, you know prices are going to rise and services will be lowered unless you have really big bucks like foreign travelers who blow their money in foreign lands abusing natives there.

Canada Post is a good example — after becoming a Crown Corporation, now the nonwhite head of that essential expected white community services is discontinuing daily door-to-door mail delivery, forcing elderly and handicapped whites to try to pick up their mail at some inconvenient spot. What do the nonwhites care? They never had this service in Bangladesh, India, Nigeria or South America to begin with. If this what the morons mean when counting our Toronto as a (Third) "World Class City," they're truly achieving it. The lesbian Liberal Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne is selling off our necessary service Hydro One (first incorporated, of course) to private rich globalists, just like those dirty oxymoron-termed "Progressive Conservatives" did in the previous interchangeable regime of traitors did with Highway 407, sold to a Spanish corporation, which hounds users and non-users with exorbitant bills that destroy peoples' lives — and the money goes out of Canada to foreigners, again. No wonder there's such a rise in CEO salaries beyond the realm of reason, sometimes a hundred times that of the ordinary worker's. The rich robber barons of the early twentieth century have returned.

Aside from a few comments on radio talk shows against there miserable capitalist manifestations, usually by callers; the compliant media corporations are in league with the neo-con bigots by constantly attacking unionized workers with full-time jobs on the slightest infraction (sleeping bus drivers, lazy employees, etc.), as if it was widespread and rampant, instead of appreciating and understanding such incidents as simple human foibles, especially in an angst-ridden impossible race-mixed society. White racists have to rise above such criticism and stand shoulder to shoulder with white society-created unions, which have evened out the economic playing field with their hard-won bargaining with the bosses, sometimes paid in blood on the picket line in the past.

Getting back at nonwhites by denying them white society benefits is the cowardly bigots' way of showing their natural racism. Instead, we should be demanding that our regime's elites stop squandering our hard-earned tax dollars on foreign nonwhite cheap labor recruitment for globalist mercenary missions. Let's spend the billions being wasted on these anti-racist projects on services to our citizens, especially the old and the young, with barely livable pensions and costly pauperizing student loans destroying the hopes and dreams of our taxpaying citizens for years. Education and health care should be free if you have the marks or ill health or a handicap. They money's here — let's go after the greedy traitors who are giving it away under the guise of free trade deals that never brought anything other than high prices and unemployment to the populace — the bigots' cheapskate quick-fix.

Whites racists can see beyond the dollars and cents of narrow-minded misers who support these cutbacks and sell-offs that undermine white society standards. White racists know better.

Confront the white traitors.




Racists spread the bile


Without hatred and bitterness, the white race is finished. Love won't save the day, arrayed against nonwhites' hate and bitterness for past and present real and perceived offenses or greedy colonialist whites and their globalist merchants trying to make a new one world order across the planet. These mercantile imperialists know that hate is a necessary human emotion to stop their unnatural multicult crap or "one size fits all". Otherwise, they wouldn't have instituted anti-hate laws in most white countries to stop any protests from getting off the ground with their media propagandists leading the war on whites from within our very own homelands. That's when anger and bitterness sets in — another very natural feeling for humankind.

Generic love is way overrated and useless in the natural arena of contested living space for any peoples. A society burdened by a twisted Semitic religion, supposedly based on love, has no chance in the real world, but only demoralizes the victims of dwindling demographics of any race on the precipice of extinction. The last thing you need to do is open your arms to your invaders in the name of love while you disappear into a miniscule minority status in your neighborhood: that's a sheer final-lemming dive over a cliff in the name of God.

You should be proud to hate the misery visited upon you and the bitterness you hold against your own kind who have wrought havoc upon your community, and wear your feelings like a badge whenever you're called upon or the opportunity arises to express your hatred and bitterness to the dangerous status quo the white traitors have brought upon you; don't be shy, you will regret it later when things get worse — and they will.

Dumb women don't respect and approve of hate and bitterness. They just want the hedonistic society-party to thoughtlessly go on, like whores. Sexual, narrow-focused love can't save the white race burdened with feminist laws denying fatherhood rights; like most of today's love-dedicated "modern" music. it's a farce. No large white families come from these needy unions, either. The only place hatred is allowed in a feminist world is against the patriarchal jihadist head-choppers who threaten to make sections of the Earth unavailable to greedy globalists abusers and curtail women from becoming shoppers for their crappy goods with 80% of all world consumer trade geared toward them.

Without hate and bitterness, you might as well be Alfred E. Neuman, Mad Magazine's 'What-me worry' character. Crime by nonwhites has soared in white homelands beyond belief. Yet, their is no outcry of hate and bitterness at the absolute failure of unnatural multicultists by the conspiring media; instead they preach more love bullshit philosophy engineered by rich eggheads and merchants able to get away from the hell they have created, on  foreign holidays and in gated communities with guards, instead of compromising their principles by going against natural racism and suck-holing to the multicultists with pro-diversity and human rights sites.

Major recognized so-called white leaders should be concentrating on hating and piling bitterness on our white traitors working in cahoots with the globalist "Jew merchants" agenda of white genocide taking place right in your neighborhood. No stone should be left unturned inn opposing this unnatural scum that pervades the white race like no other on the planet. Every epithet of scorn should be applied to these snakes whatever gender (particularly if they are white and pretend to be on our side; without racism, that's your first enemy. It's better than fear and self-loathing.

Our enemies have made the word hate a watchword for white racists to besmirch our noble intentions of preserving our kind. That's why the bastards on the airwaves are always talking about 'hate sites' and even have their own 'Hatewatch' as if they're a bunch of loners while gnashing their teeth in evil, crude and rude epithets and lies against white racists who receive more hatred than all the pro-white sites eschew.

We're dealing with private bigots and snooty slimebags called trendies who pretend to be shocked when they hear the words "Pakis, niggers and chinks," while carefully avoiding their criminal and smelly districts. White self-loathers have no morals or compassion — otherwise they wouldn't be so hateful and angry and bitter towards those of us who respect all other nonwhite racists with common sense, good will and fair play as their mantra. I look upon anti-racist hypocrites with disdain and contempt as all white nationalists should, instead of pandering to them with disingenuous compromises by calling themselves  "racialists" and knocking national racism by equating it to anti-racist Zionism, promoted nowadays by David Duke. Suck-holing to your enemy never works — it only loses you respect. Same goes for self-pedaling France's National Front leader Marnie [sic] Le Pen and her smarter hardline father who knows that compromise is weakness when the white race is going down, led by similar white traitors across Europe.

Hate, anger and bitterness is valorous when it comes to your survival. Practice it, use it. It's your right.




Feminism divides racist right


If you didn't have your women behind you, you can't move forward. There's only two ways you can have your women behind you: one, because they want to be, and two, you told them to back you and keep the home fires burning obediently — a word only used in the criminal justice system today unfortunately; it's been shown by the takeover of white nations by Third World nonwhite immigration instituted by traitorous voted-in regimes by the women's bloc vote for unnatural multiculturalism and  miscegenation.

That's what happens when flighty women are in charge of a democratic society's direction, manipulated by globalist overlords of the merchants' Freemason elders run by the their superiors, the oligarch Jews. But it's still the white peoples' fault for latching onto a miserable, effeminate religion and relegating the earthly genetic father to a fourth-head-down-the-totem-pole importance — God, pope, priest, dad. Elevating a woman pregnant with "the holy ghost's baby" while the husband,
Mary's Joseph, stands idly, doesn't do much for men, either making him more useless than a drone on an anthill. Colonialist commercialism gave a respite to this downward  spiral of an interesting Caucasian breed, but it only upped the natural  male-dominated nonwhite world's population with white interventions, putting this whole planet in jeopardy for a few trinkets more  for "milady" and the white race on the extinction conveyer belt.

White racists are trying to reverse this deadly course and have been warning their kith and kin for decades, always appealing to their womenfolk for support without success — up until now, when some racist patriots have seen the writing on the wall. We have failed. All old organizations purporting to speak for the white man should re-examine themselves in the mirror and consider whether they are addicted to PayPal or the white people. Pandering to the feminists  for acceptance has caused a rift among White Nationalists who have been outdone by the patriarchal Islamists in power and action, whether you call them 'ragheads' or not; they don't have to answer to their women in their war on the globalists who some dummies want to volunteer as mercenary cannon dodder, fighting to impose "women's rights" on others, like the broken families they live under back home.

"Everyone" knows "the Jews" are behind much of the anti-white racism they are stupidly imposing on white society while practicing natural racism in Israel to preserve their matriarchal cultish race in Israel under the ideology of Zionism. That's their public banned country that they're going down with as anti-Semitism grows around this world. However, to elevate a religious race-mixed cult to natural racism that produced two hundred thousand ethnicities, is beyond the pale. The Pale was a large area of Czarist Russia where Jews lived among themselves in shtetls, like in Fiddler on the Roof, and were forbidden to go beyond and prey on others with severe penalties. That's what David Duke, the great leader of the whites  popular with the media, was saying  "Zionism-equals-racism." I mean, who is he pandering to? No wonder every statement he makes, when this ex- Grand Dragon of the feared KKK denies and vilifies natural racism, that means all the Jew[ish] TV producers and feminists were right, from Maude to Rosanne — Jewesses' proclamations and propaganda fed to us daily on their airwaves — that and others new on the block, some who are splitting with old comrades still bent on the feminist path of 'diversity' and anti-racism, all championed  now on David Duke's site and that of his haughty pal  Don Black's Stormfront. In Stormfront's case, it doesn't help them when Don Black's wife is against natural racism (wasn't she Davis Duke's wife before?) Even the skinheads are divided over their women whom they outnumber by five-to-one, always fighting over them as if they were the only thing in life and posing at concerts instead of doing some white racist political activity.

No real racists are not anti-women. We know their importance; there's plenty of sperm around, but only so many eggs to fertilize. We must protect our wellspring of life, or perish  without becoming useless slave drones to them. What's it going to be, pal? The choice is simple and natural, as it was in ancient India that led to their present race-mixed society: "Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races, out of the confusion of races, proceeds the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding, and out of that, all troubles."




White women off balance with nature


Females are the Achilles' heel of the white race. A cynical wag pointed out to me that it doesn't matter what we do if the white race was going down, that it just natural progression, that it happened and nothing could be done to reverse the course.

No other race on the planet is so dedicated to their 'weaker sex' than whites. Most of white society is matriarchal in Nature, with the public trappings of male-overlordship that answers to their women's needs first and foremost. Even Herodotus pointed out that slovenly loyalty of the Greek Europeans, who Asiatics looked upon as somewhat strange when they launched an armada of a thousands ships to recover a woman (Helen) stolen from them and taken to the Middle Eastern city of Troy. 2,500 years ago Herodotus wrote "Now, as the carrying off of a woman, it is the deed, they say, of a rogue. Nut to make a stir about such as are carried off argues a man a fool. Men of sense care nothing for such women since women since it is plain that without their own consent they would never be forced away."

It's been the same ever since. Although restricted, women were very powerful on the Roman Empire and the Byzantine, especially with the introduction of Jesus' Christianity, friendly to whores and the consequent adoration of His mother Nary, impregnated by the Holy Spirit, while Joseph just toiled away for her and got very little recognition as the Earthly male father usurped by the Big Guy in "heaven." The race-mixed Middle East Asiatics chased out this feminist religion into the willing hands of white women, who of course, needed more "stuff." So, these Europeans set off on voyages of plunder and colonization to bring more women's styles and goods into their castles where "m'lady" really ran the show. It's the white man who keeps international commercialism going, making life easier for their women. It's this very materialism that resulted in white race-mixing — and to extinction when you consider that our DNA is four-to-one overwhelmed when we mate with nonwhites. Globalism has been the bane of the white man, with innumerable wars and the destruction of other societies for a few trinkets more, with the last laugh being on the international white man, dwindling to disappearance, even in their own countries for the sake of cheap nonwhites' labor for a few dollars more. to spend on white females' vanity and entertainment.

Even today, vast amount of public treasure are spent on putting down any opposition to this merchants' world serving white women and the loud Jewish princesses of the matriarch invaders' cut of 'Yahweh' god from the Middle East — the Semitic founding father of all three main religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

White Christians are still meddling on behalf of women's rights all across the globe, which only leads to more materialist desires of Third World Women, more like their white sisters who have abandoned their racial loyalty for a fun life, unlike nonwhites. You don't need a Black or Asiatic racist organizations in their home countries; their whole population is in agreement on their origins and their importance— plus they have the dominant DNA genes. Still, even in Japan, their latest beauty queen winner was chastised for not being Japanese enough. They are an isolated pirate-people, kickouts [sic] and runaways from their Asiatic continent, much the same as the British people from Europe.

White racists who know all this must be opposed to foreign involvements and ridiculous free trade commerce that makes us dependent on nonwhite foreign nations like China. Globalist trinket trade must be curtailed to give us our jobs and make our nations self-sufficient in food and water— our racist ingenuity will do the rest. I'm only talking of the converted; the rest can go to Nature's cull. White men must again lead their nations, the way that Nature intended, not blubbering feminist sycophants. All other white nations and cities will go down in flames like Troy, whose refugees are reputed to have founded their second failure (Rome).

Our future, white nationalists, begins at home. Let's not make or curry to the same mistake. Nature is merciless, unlike our fabricated god.




“We’re Number One!” explained


Since white racists are the ruling regimes' only opposition, it's important for us to keep our eye on the ball of what's important and what doesn't matter in current events. I know I joked about it mockingly, saying, 'We're number one, we're number one!' on the Don Says page (a shorter version of my weekly diatribe) as I see life through a common sense/good will/fair play racist view. However, everyone did get a good laugh and a feeling of worthiness when the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service — Canada's combined CIA and FBI — said that we beat fanatical Islamists out by two percent in reactionary rage attacks at just seventeen percent of all such incidents, making the white supremacist/separatist and white nationalist/white racist ideologies the top motivators of reaction to the ruling regimes and their virulent anti-white-nationalism. Now that's saying something — that's the public perception where I read in a poll the other day that "natural racists" were the most disliked and feared in America, thanks to all the commie-feminist propaganda against the white father image.

Just because people are scared of or don't like you in general doesn't mean you're not right; wouldn't the powerful Jews tell you that, too? Right is right and no public censors can change it. And don't tell me that different races are not connected to Nature, whatever that Establishment Jew flunky Bill Nye The Science Guy says there's no such thing as race and races and different breeds of Man. He should change his name to Bill Naive The Science Guy. Anyways, back to the racist think tank, it's obvious that the original malaise of the dwindling white guy is his loudmouthed women's voting bloc — his Achilles' heel, much like the matriarchal Indian tribes who took vanity beads for their land and succumbed a few last stands later. Let's not let that happen to us, supposedly a patriarchal society, unfortunately betrayed by a feminist religion where vanity triumphed again. There are many diversions, some even directed at white racists. Don't worry, the white public's all that way in the final analysis. Racists should oppose all foreign wars, entanglements and free-trade deals. Isolation should be our watchword when it comes to foreigners. You don't need more of them swelling their ranks as we tried to put our white homeland in order. All this multiculturalism and diversity crap should be opposed for what it is — an undermining effort against white society's rules and expectations in a quiet, harmonious world.

Anti-union, pro-privatization and public service-cutting efforts should all be opposed. You know they lead to a dog-eat-dog world of a race-mixed society. How many health care ads do they have in Africa and Brazil, and how clean are their streets? With billions being spent on wars and foreign aid and higher-priced free trade deals could easily pay for everyone's health care and education and housing for the poor and homeless. It's only bricks and mortar — the land and ingredients are there. The same should for the discount domestic goods and products which our country is bountiful in, like bread, gasoline, wood and water minerals. White Canadians are being shafted by the ruling regimes ever since Confederation. This was not supposed to be a big northern plantation of hewers of wood and drawers of water according to the Talmud. The white racist Americans are in the same position — we're a little too timid, the population of Canada having been chosen by bureaucrats for their yes sir/no sir/three bags full, sir attitude while in America a lot of wild people from the rest of the world got in — kick-outs and mercenary with more moxie in reaction to unnatural commie/feminist anti-white. These white patriots' fed-up attacks made them the number one enemy of the anti-white ruling elites. White racists in America have more diversions to ignore with the women's bloc vote; Hillary's in if she wants to be president, even if they caught here in a lesbian act after what Bill did to her (all is forgiven). Racists in America should be opposed to the gung-ho war rhetoric and their and their conservative white traitors trying to embroil them in more useless foreign bloodletting that brings more nonwhites to America as their mission deteriorates.

Concentrate on the elitist home-grown white race traitors, not the isolationist primitive foreigners over there for some feminist religion's ministers' sake. Name-calling and putting down ordinary nonwhites is a waste of time and breath with anti-racist bureaucrats bringing more in and hailing your racist kith and kin. The main point is not to run away from racism — it's as natural as breathing. We are what we are. Birds of a feather flock together. People say that opposites attract, but they never stay together. All the racists' common sense will come back. You see it all the time. Right now, the cowards are apologizing for their natural racism but soon they will be seeking our advice as they pander to our vote already.

Congratulations to the true believers of common sense, good will and fair play in Earth.




There is no culture in “multiculturalism”

The oxymoron term 'multiculturalism' is not a culture, and it makes no sense to claim that's the culture, especially that it's working in Canada. The ruling elitist Limeys started this 'big lie' with their impossible Commonwealth of Nations. Then, a rich commie French Canadian, Pierre Trudeau, imposed it on all of Canada, already softened up with official bilingualism (French and English), which none of us speak correctly, according to the French and English over there, as I found out when corrected by London barmaids.

The burden of bilingualism, and the price, are astronomical, in print and on the airwaves, in both costs and time. Never mind the irritating idiocy of Canadian telephone operators and other switchboards asking you whether you want to communicate in French or English. The mandatory audio response is: "ENNG-LISH!" that I always yell, as if the taped voice gives a damn. Don’t forget the anxious seconds, sometimes minutes, it takes to find the English translation on printed directions and information, from application forms to over-the-counter medicine bottles; Help! And then, the globalist traitors brought this multiculturalism during the degenerate hippie days dedicated to youth by the media, which has never looked back or given a damn about the adult audiences over 35  unless of course, they're “slagging” the old folks as usual in their sitcoms.

Multiculturalism has brought confusion, despair and destruction in white communities, from North America to Europe. Official or not, multiculturalism goes hand in hand with anti-white racism the only racism that's forbidden is white racism, since self-loathers like to equate all nonwhites with themselves in a patronizing way, so much that they refuse to see the obvious. Racism is as natural as breathing and it belongs to everyone in Nature, including differently-colored squirrels. Anti-racist morons like to pretend that Koreans are not racists when they held off the “Chinks” coming down on their peninsula:
The Chinese aren't racist when they look upon all others as inferior, especially the brutal pirates of Japan, who think the Chinese as degenerate and an inferior civilization. All races and ethnic groups develop separately and either grow or perish over time, developing their own cultures because of different natural attitudes.

They say opposites attract, but the same people stick together, and that's Nature's trial cut. Even race-mixed multicult Tower of Babel societies will eventually disintegrate and the various elements of multiculturalism will go off on their own directions. We are seeing this as Canada's and the United States' ethnic ghettos develop into no-go zones, like Manchester in the United Kingdom. These are facts that no mealy-mouthed obfuscating apologist for multiculturalism can deny as civilization falls around his ears as cops and soldiers are being killed on the streets of the multiculturalists in North America who create this crisis. Failed multicult sociologists are now imposing police state laws on all to stop the crime wave that they made with Third World immigration and unnecessary military involvements. We're all suffering because of these anti-racist bastards and their man-child fairy tale lies to appeal to these harsh liberated women, like the emasculated lead characters on TV's
Everybody Loves Raymond. The race traitors depend on the feminists and the women's bloc vote to keep the crap going while the smarter white nationalists grind their teeth. If people had listened to them, none of these problems would be around.

The situation is so bad in Canada because of multiculturalism that one-quarter of all Canadians believe that Canada has no particular culture in other words, it's up for grabs. The one thing we know for sure is that there is so much land on this planet of water and there are billions of landless Orientals, especially from China, waiting to colonize it. China is already ready to explode with new, violent spiritual revolution; judging by its history of upheavals they're now due, with millions of Chinese joining Islam and Christianity after Marxist banal brutal hypocrisy, where comrades are billionaires, just like ex-KGB's Putin in the oligarchs' Moscow. These reds have the inside track. It's amazing that anyone intelligent person can still believe in Marxist ideology  the root of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism, in all its forms, sometimes masquerading under the idiots' banner of 'diversity' must be confronted at every occasion, big or small. Racists hate it all. As soon as you bite into a bit of it, your foot is in it.

Don't be swayed by so-called reasonable arguments that don't make common sense and don't engender good will toward whites, and are certainly not fair to our culture, the mantra of all white racists, common sense, good will and fair play. Stinky multiculturalism doesn't pass the smell test, any of it.

White men and women, oppose multiculturalism, whenever and wherever you can.




Israel must make a deal or die

Never mind the Ukraine. That's a sideshow with both sides controlled by the same bunch so there will be no nuclear war over the resources of Ukraine, with billionaires on both sides. However, the Middle East is a different story, where states are either at war or a state of flux, starting with Egypt. They are ruled by a globalist Freemason army junta; not unusual for a long race-mixed state once ruled by Caucasian Mamalukes for 300 years, until Napoleon put and to them. Western oligarch-ruled Egypt is protecting Israel from the Western side by declaring besieged Gaza opponents as terrorists, satisfying the New World Order code. However, the empty, arid Sinai Peninsula has declared itself an Islamic State province whose fighters parade openly in the area in spite of Egyptian army sweeps. One day the jihadists there will close the Suez Canal ad connect with their Libyan pals on Egypt's Western and southern borders. The Islamic State provinces must grow or perish without new recruits, just like "Boko Haram" in Nigeria or they'll go the way of Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army into oblivion. Egypt should be two countries, anyways, like it was in ancient days, Upper Christian and Lower Muslim.

At the other end of the Middle east Freemason army-run Turkey protects Israel, keeping all Iran's Shi'ites in check from Lebanon to Syria. The mostly-Sunni Turks are looking the other way as a small fanatical groups establishes an expanding caliphate, probably dreaming of usurping it back to Istanbul to repent the heady days of the Eurasians' Ottoman Empire over Arabs, et al.

The mini-male fundamentalist "Islamic State" is a new contender in the area already, destroying the colonialist borders of Iraq and Syria with an eye to Lebanon next. Four million souls are not enough to drive the needs of an expanding war state based on a religion. It will need more adherents, coerced or otherwise; lonely Game Boy nerds will not be enough for those head-choppers bent on administering brutal, medieval justice that whites have evolved out of. Race will trump any religion.

The "little king" Abdullah II's Jordan, is a great place of it were not for all of the refugees flocking from the war zones. This American satrapy is the desert southern border-zone for Israel. Jordan is not much different than the ones run by the lazy rich sheiks who have to import foreign labor and whip them into line to live their lavish lifestyles.

Iraq today is hardly a country; there's no such thing as an 'Iraqi'. It's an acronym country of the first letters of four major tribes — I.R.A.Q. — same as Pakistan — P.A.K.I. -"stan"/state. The Shi'ite section of Iran's Islamic schismatics is effectively ruled by Iran, where generals are in charge, against the Sunni Islamic state. You can write off Sunni Iraq to the jihadists as Americans look helplessly on.

Iranian civilization has been around for long time — they love their Persian past, now held back by religious fanatics. They go back and forth (imperialist and isolationist)—Israel's lucky they're in that mood because they have the territory to absorb nuclear bombs while the Jewish state doesn't But they've always been good to the Jews in the past, like all Middle Easterners, and are willing to make a deal even they have the bomb and you've got it, too.

Lebanon's future is uncertain: it's another colonialist made-up multicult country that will probably disintegrate into Christian Druze and Muslim mini-states, as it should. People are happiest when they live among their own kind. That's called natural racism.

Then there's Syria: It's just amazing how the Alawite cultist Assad survives when half of his country has gone to various groups like the ancient Kurds, still trying to make a state since the time of Alexander The Great (Xenophon). Iran and Russia are supporting this red regime friendly to Freemasons and globalists, all the way back to the Crusades. Whole cities are like World War II ruins, but this dictator gets away with murder, unlike Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia, when he tried to push the NATO-backed gangsters in Kosovo down, now a failed narco-state. Anywhere NATO goes, shit remains and is brought back to the member countries.

Finally we come to Israel, where an elected [sic] is to take place on March 17th. To tell you the truth, I can't see any differences in their Israeli political leaders, similar to their puppet USA. Unless you read the TV captions, you don't know what to think about them because they all sound the same. Israel can't survive forever with American and European help. They'll need local friends and moderate fundamentalist Saudi Arabia is their best bet — after all, the religious nuts worship the terrifying/loving Old Testament God. They're only arguing over how to worship Him, which again comes down to racial reasons.

No one wants war in the Middle East other than those who need it to stay alive. Let's hope Israel's new politicians don't feel that way. Tell them.

Israel's Major Political Party Websites:
Labor Party
The Jewish Home (Facebook page)
Yisrael Beiteinu




War on mini-male state "ISIS" just stupid

Globalists know that natural racism is their greatest threat. Like-minded people want to rule themselves; that's why we have so many ethnicities and nations. Hence, white nationalism has been considered to be the greatest threat to globalist American traitors and that goes for Canada as well, by their own think tanks and security analysts. Racists don't write drivel — It's the real truth; it's like holy water to multicult mercantile fanatics, fairy tale dreamers and greedy merchants. How could an ideology with hardly any public numbers — on their chat sites they say "Is anyone in Vancouver?" — be such a threat to national security, unless it was the underlying malaise of anti-white racism that's waiting to explode against the globalist warmonger traitors, because it's real?

It's important for spokesmen of public white nationalism to not repeat the mistakes of the past by jumping onto the first reactionary bandwagon, like the Dresden murders — or worse, still, fighting for the globalist “Jew regime” in Ukraine over globalist oligarchs for the riches of the Ukraine, "the frontier." In an era of debauchery and degeneracy with the spirituality or traditionalism, white nationalists are asked to fight against isolationism as a conservative Islamic backlash in white-made-up colonialist states. There's not enough evil here to fight, but you want to go over there and fight those pro-backward guys, so they'll keep staying modern, buy Reeboks and basketball players and take you and your wife with scams. Is that why they're killing those "backward" people, because they don't want to race-mix and come over here to do cheap nanny work and bring their females over and take over the barren whites' empty churches to bomb the natives? I'm always impressed when I see the natives in Papua, New Guinea with their stone age civilization right here at the edge of time with me on the same planet.

Consumerism is destroying Mother Earth. This mad rush to buy and sell the whole world as a market to be exploited in every nook and cranny by the merchant owners. There has to be a less anxious way to live and that's what sharia offers in the Islamic state. White nationalists have to think on a more survivalist level and bide their time before acting when the social and economic collapse comes, or martial law.

Let's not fall for the same gung-ho war jingoism and let the people who created the problems in the Third World fail in their efforts in yet another vague globalist war on a mini-Islamic state of four million people.

Let's stay out of this fight.



Our enemies are here, not there

Racists are the anchormen of the whites in any natural tug-of-war with others, with such importance that it is necessary not to repeat the mistakes of the past and stay away from foreign engagements, military, economic or social. The white man has to try some isolationism, no matter what their loudmouthed white women want.

Aside from so-called cultural exchanges, I'm sure that we've imported lots of foreign students and their sperm and eggs while sending barren dilettantes over there to set up offices and bring more in, including Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, etc. Whites brought them here, just like they brought the slaves from Africa, 'for a few dollars more.' These movie-title words describe the nature of the beast—selfish individuals willing to sell out a continent to others for the same reason. Now I know that not all white North Americans are greedy that way — that they are willing to change their community to keep their jobs. You couldn't have pulled off this race-mixing importation stuff and consequent silence in the future in Russia.

Still there are enough white nationalists in North America to put [t]hings right when push comes to shove. But now is not the time to jump on any warmongers' bandwagon led by the same wagon masters' that created the multicult mess that can only be properly fixed in isolation and separation of the already dis-United States, causing trouble everywhere.

White racists do not support Islamists or any of their brutal methods. However, that doesn't mean we should join any coalitions or crusades to save the international Jews and globalist pals into bringing their new world order. If Muslims want to turn their clocks back to the seventh century and let the Earth lay fallow to recover in their new primitive lands, that's fine with me. At least there won't be an Immigration Canada office in this new caliphate.

The maleness of this new no-go zone territory called the Islamic State, sprouting up from North Africa to Iraq and down to the Sinai Peninsula, makes fools of the "angry white man" back home living back under feminism to be fighting a state that would give him a house, a wife and a concubine. So, you're taking bullets for women's rights? I presume your original misery, that also brought on the "whites-in-a-minority" status society; you just can't be doing that, or make any sense of your life.

You'll notice that all the media pundits avoid the male-state allure of "ISIS" where a guy's rights are supreme under sharia. Even some women are seeking male domination by men are conspiring to join and mate in the all-male state, compared to the rest of the world. Muslims are a natural target in their get-ups and mosque attendance and yes, it's true: you are not one of them, no matter how much they smile. Exclusiveness, particularly controlling their women, they will out-populate us and develop their own areas of total neighborhood control, leading to territory, next. We will share this continent with other races and religions. Jews are even more condescending towards or Gentiles of any race. Expulsion is difficult, but separate we must — that's the task of white nationalists to be the anchors anywhere we live to preserve it for our homelands, just like the Eastern Ukrainian Russian-speaking Slavs fighting the globalist bankers' Jew Kiev regime trying to expand their new world order.

Don't be fooled; don't fight for your enemies over there. Fight against them here.




Psst! Aarni Polli is dead

My friend, Urmas Aarni Polli, is dead. He died in a mysterious fire in a cabin set back from a road in the Owen Sound area of rural Ontario, with a female companion, Denise Kelly. The situation is still being investigated.

Aarni Polli was a political and international gadfly who fancied himself some kind of secret service agent, always employed by one agency or another, working against communists in Third World countries.  Once he claimed he single-handedly with an emergency axe and a fire extinguishers, and killed five communist agents returning to Castro's Havana in small plane, then parachuting out over a small island taken care of by nuns in a monastery clinic and making it back to North America. I do remember reading something in the news about a plane that landed in Cuba with some dead bodies on it — but who knows — Aarni did boast a lot (I told him this was nothing to brag about if it was true.

I think he claimed to have worked for the CIA at that time. However, I will attest to the fact that during Aarni Polli's friendship I once met a certain "Mr. Lambert" in a fancy Toronto hotel room who displayed samples of beautiful pieces of wood that could be sold for a song on the Black Sea volcano island-country of Dominica. That land has just endured a hurricane, which laid this King Kong island's trees down. The wood was there, almost for the taking, if we could bring it to North America. I flew down to Dominica to find our for myself, but my real intention was to scout out the island as a possible launching pad for a mercenary group working with locals on the island of Grenada to stage a counter-coup and overthrow the initial nineteen or so armed New Jewel Movement reds who kicked out the rightful regime. I also figured that if we failed in the attack from Dominica to Grenada, we could always return with confidence to leave Dominica, as we would be armed and dangerous in an island country that has no army and only a few cops. But others, like the CSIS-created and criminally-motivated Heritage front recruits ran off in a nut-case plan to take over Dominica, which also had a coup against its former corrupt prime minister Patrick John, whose loyal followers were to join with Wolfgang Droege's "white supremacists" and establish a "gangsta" island for grass and cocaine transfers.

Getting back to my Aarni Polli contact trip, I soon learned at the only bar on the blacked-out island that two CIA or ex-CIA agents were casing the upper tip of this jungle paradise, looking to make it a private preserve for the kicked-out Shah of Iran and his torture entourage looking for a home and temporary citizenship while residing in Egypt to their discomfort. Their plan was to get citizenships at $50,000 a pop and open a deal with the new anti-corruption interim government so they could set up offices and sell Dominican citizenships all over the world. I don't like torture, so I told the whole story to a conservative opposition leader, Eugenia Charles (who went to the University of Toronto) In her pitch-black mansion over a candle. She promised to hold off in the Parliament until I got off the island. Her accusations brought down the interim government and she won the next election as the first black female prime minister of a Caribbean nation and neighbor of Grenada. She gave her backing and stood by the side of Ronald Reagan when he invaded, starting the whole idea that Americans can invade anyone, anytime they please. That's how important one of Aarni's escapades turned out to be. Reagan was also able to use the black lady as a fig leaf for future invasions , like in Panama, against Noriega. See what I mean about what Aarni started?

Aarni Polli was a catalyst for parties; he was a jolly drunk who became more friendly the drunker he got. The women loved him: he always had one or two around, a brought more around here, e.g., the beautiful Angela and "Eileen the Queen."

I met Aarni when he was fourteen, when we operated and East End Toronto boys' club of anti-communist fighters from a Gerrard Street “bookstore.” Aarni had a big mouth an d one day he came into the store red-faced, saying one of the Oriental thugs hanging around a corner slapped him for saying something or other; we couldn't have that. So, ten of us went out, five down an laneway, five on a sidewalk and physically confronted the six or seven Orientals who picked up two-by-fours from a  local construction site. We did the same, and it was all over after they packed in a Toyota and sped off with almost every one of their windows busted. Once, his mother came and dragged him out of the EBS bookstore by his ear; the next day, he was back again. Aarni definitely was a catalyst, as a judge once described me in a trial. He was responsible for recruiting a lot of Estonians into the Western Guard (the forerunner of the Nationalist Party).

Aarni was very proud of his heritage and rightly so, when you consider what few numbers the Baltic tribe nations in Canada — Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia — and how they can still hold their territory against the vast Slavs.

Aarni Polli was involved in so many hijinks that any conspiracy theory can be given some credence when it comes to his death. Arnie was a big drinker but could hold it, and I've been told by some who visited the couple at that cabin that his female companion was a non-drinker. He was generous and he loved to sing when he got into his cups. He was a big man, and very strong: He'd be hard to put down. He was generous and approachable. He lived a full life that others would envy. More can be read about him in the books
Unholy Alliances and Bayou of Pigs.

He even made it into print.




Smart racists say Canadians need a total regime change

More power to CISIS? — the stupidest thing I've ever heard. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is run by a bunch of slime-bags, and overseen by criminals like Arthur Porter of the Security Intelligence Review Committee. It's more Conservative trickery from greedy jerks pretending to conserve our white Western society by bringing in hordes of nonwhites, religions and cultures which can out-breed us and barbarize us than can any sane white man's mind. Then, with a slip of the hand, they boast of creating special police and spy agencies to combat the terrorism from afar by baiting expatriates to commit crimes. We've heard it all before — the FBI and the CIA are infamous for it.


Anglos love to play spy games and then run around and rave like chickens without heads how the sky is falling, with the goaded plots that never materialize. If CSIS can't do that, then they'll set up a phony front-group, like they did with Canadian white racists, with their equal-rights-for-whites Heritage Front, run by a treacherous German immigrant "pal of mine," Wolfgang Droege and his CSIS lackey Grant Bristow. With hundreds of thousands of dollars to blow, all kinds of opportunists joined the phony Heritage Front, whose leaders hung around with and fooled David Duke and Tom Metzger. Some bikers still think they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Of curse, they were happy to supply Wolfgang with pounds of cocaine, which the cops allowed him to sell openly to the strippers in Toronto's Yonge Street bars. Then the cops have the nerve to have an anti-drug squad with Toronto? What a joke, especially when they take themselves seriously while the Canadian government sends troops to Afghanistan to protect warlords' poppy fields now in bloom more than ever since rotten NATO's intervention.


Police agents love the good life and thuggery, both provided by CSIS during the Heritage Front years, when they attacked legitimate white racist groups like the Nationalist Party of Canada (from whose membership Wolfgang Droege lured with a lot of Canadian tax dollars). This treachery and dissembling is the CSIS motto; lying comes easy to them, because they themselves stand for nothing — except  another drink and a vacation. CSIS agents have caused a lot of misery and their karma will come in subtle little ways. Nature abhors imbalance. "Low-life high-livers to be given more power in Canada" should have been Prime Minister Stephen Harper's announcement / headline when he proposed the new anti-free speech authoritarian Bill C-51 before Parliament, where he has the majority to ram it through as is. Even if the feminist opposition objected, both the Liberal Party headed by the mop-topped man-child Justin Trudeau, the son of  crazy, rich, spoiled-brat hippie mother and  an androgynous commie globalist father of multiculturalism, Pierre Trudeau. May his name live in infamy and become a curse word for future white racists in Canada. Don't expect this wimp Justin, or his clucking feminist supporters to be opposed to any, even if it trampling and taking away our basic freedoms, if it's against patriarchy or white racist opponents. Don't forget they vote in a bloc for the dilettantes, and probably nothing much will change until they lose that franchise for their anti-racist treachery.


The other opposition party might as well be totally nonwhite, with its open-door immigration policies for the Third World, their New Democratic Party. However there's nothing new about their commie Bolshevik globalism, except that fact that they have fooled Canadian workers into believing that they represent them while selling them out with every globalist  free trade deal that the other switcheroo regimes of the Tories make. Yes, it's the same as in the United States: you can't tell the political players by their words and agendas, without media captions of 'Republican' and 'Democrat'. Here, there's [sic] three clone parties to deal with and “the Jews” have bought them all, just as in America.


Canadian white nationalists must keep their eye on the ball of protectionism, non-intervention and economic isolationism. We have everything we need in Canada to be self-sufficient and if something is lacking, there are willing sellers everywhere, instead of giveaway free-trade deals. Canada must stay out of foreign ears, whatever the latest commie/UN rhetoric is — police action, rescue mission, humanitarian aid, or any other rubric designed for lowbrow thinking cannon-fodder fools to go "give 'em hell" over there. You can't wait for today's feminist females to be opposed to wars and destruction if its politically correct. They're certainly at today's weaker sex when it comes to violence and m ale imprisonment.


None of these new laws would be necessary if Canada was a pacifist nation, instead of a mercenary one, which we've been since the Boer Wars (1880-1902). Commie feminist philosophy and globalist Jew bakers created this dangerous multicult mess in Canada, where cops are further hampered with anti-racist profiling rules to fight crime in the streets brought in by that traitor Trudeau and his ilk, whatever clone party regime they're going under these days. Canada needs a hell-no-we-won't-go movement that shuns all foreign wars and free trade deals, if we are to have any chance of resurrecting a white race culture here; pacifism, ridicule and contempt must be shown to all warmonger politicians. like the New York cops did to their pro-criminal commie mayor DeBlasio.


Let's turn our backs on foreign wars and police-state law opponents, for a brighter future.




Screwed-up modern family anomalies not good enough for white race survival

The media has presented the word 'family' like the word 'gay' — it doesn't mean what it used to. Normal isn't interesting when it comes to those guys; they're not with the Ozzie and Harriet morality. The TV show Modern Family is an abomination of a natural required family for survival. Yet, these wacko anomalies are presented as the epitome of a modern family. Even if the sarcastic Jews are titling the program sarcastically, the masses take their cues from it on how to behave in a with-it way — never mind the disastrous results.

Modern Family presents three unions presented as families. The first is Ed O'Neil (Jay), the guy from Married With Children who as Al Bundy, had his hand down his pants. Here, he has aged badly, even though he has bulked up, and married to a fiery Latina Beyonce, Gloria, (Sofia Veragra) from Colombia, Gloria; that's her excuse for any wild, crazy or stupid thing she does. But on this show, O'Neill is rich and acquiesces to all of her trophy wife idiosyncrasies. And there's her pubescent son Manny (Rico Rodriguez), as wide as a Mexican wrestler with an egg head (I don't even know why O'Neill even bothers, other than being a backboard for jokes and wimping around like a big baby to the Latina, unlike his days with Married With Children). It creates this little Anglo-versus-Latina/little-big rooster spars with the crazy hen, wit her big bust falling out and screaming the-sky-is-falling in her Latina accent; I'm tired already. But wait — O'Neill/Jay had a family before, and came up with a red-bearded lawyer son Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), married to Cameron (Eric Stonestreet), a fat "fem" from a Midwestern farm. They adopted a little Vietnamese orphan one-year-old baby aptly named "Lily," a common name in China. The fat guy is sufficiently played as an always-breaking-down "fem" who introduced himself as a house husband and trophy wife (presumably of O'Neill's little bearded buffoon trying to act the macho part.) O'Neill's blond daughter (Julie Bowen) is in her 30s, with two girls (I can't tell which is which). Her family is a bore trying too hard, especially with dumb dad Phil (Ty Burrell) and his couch comments, who's a real trendy who'd fit in at any cafe. Son Luke Dunphy (Nolan Gould) is a bumbling adolescent, like the Heck family son Luke.

Nothing's ever right and they're all anxious and over-parenting Lily—except when they left Lily in an elevator which took off to floors unknown, then scrambled looking for her; the Latina found the kid by accident but assured the stepson. "Don't worry, I lose kids all the time" which calmed them down. (later in the episode, they leave her again in a forested area and one of them quips sarcastically, "She'll think she's back in Vietnam." One of these 'loving' gay dads also says an offhand remark about filling Lily's knapsack with bricks and throwing her in the river. Remember, this is supposed to be 'comedy'. As Lily grows later in the series, you can't tell if they used the same Oriental child or two different kids. Perhaps the producers DeAnn Heline and Eileen Heisler said to the parents of the first child playing Lily, "We're going to make her a star!" I think the most talented of them is the Hispanic Einstein, Manny; it seems that Hollywood's media loves to pick actors whom they hope will stay looking like kids.

Another sitcom that purports to mirror middle America is called The Middle, starring the cute wife of Everybody Loves Raymond, Patricia Heaton. She's a little more strident in dealing with her boring, tall husband Mike (Neil Flynn) and her three kids: the curly-topped, skinny, loud, shirtless teenaged son Axl (Charlie McDermott), worse than Justin Bieber; short, Moe Howard-haircutted [sic], pre-teen brainiac Brick (Atticus Shaffer), who has the unsettling habit of whispering words to his crotch. I haven't heard the Heck parents punish him once over this psycho Adam Lanza's whispering. Then, there's an early teenaged, talentless, ordinary-looking and overly-enthusiastic daughter Sue (Eden Sher). who shirtless brother Axl treats terribly. The Hollywood gays always have it in for not-so- good-looking young girls, from The Simpsons to Family Guy: how many sisters have been treated wrongly by this attitude, hearing a lot of misery and weirdness as a mom, propagated by the crude portrayals of American families that don't do any of us any good. When meanness is considered a laughing matter, you know the American family is endangered.

Next time you see evil and stupidity presented as a laugh, make sure you send in your complaints to the network, station and sponsors. A normal, father-led family is the bedrock of white society, and anomalies are no substitutes for our racial survival.




White nationalists only ones "standing on guard" for Canada


By fate and destiny, I'm writing as a citizen of the most servile globalists' state in the world Canada. This country is in the grip of war-whore feminist voters with the only machismo shown being in hockey, and in mercenary foreign missions for others' world interests in any war across the globe. White nationalist male bigots are too blind to see that our foreign interventions have caused the deaths of hundreds and thousands from the nineteenth-century Boer War to fighting ISIS Islamists in the Middle East today. Canada seems to be a storehouse for human cannon fodder and a wellspring of uncritical support for any one-world-order agenda where suckers and naive fools are needed, whether it's room and space for the greedy nonwhite immigrants recruited by anti-white racist bureaucrats meddling overseas, or globalist policies at the UN on Israel or the Ukraine.

Do you think that a few hundred expensive bombs on primitive anti-globalist Islamist targets will change anything in the Middle East? Canada's human and financial sacrifices didn't change a damned thing in Afghanistan, except to prove to fundamentalist Muslims there that we are the enemy while driving the avaricious to seek asylum, repopulating our country in the thousands. The same goes for all other foreign invasions, from Korea to Somalia, it's always the same: We go there, they come here, while Canadians watch their meddler 'heroes' return in boxes and billions go up in artillery and jet smoke for another failed mission. Thousands are homeless and/or depending on food banks. How many Canadians could have been helped with the about forty billions wasted in Afghanistan alone?

There is a lot of hand-wringing hypocrisy in this country by leftist progressive politicians and pundits for the poor, but none of these mama's boys and girls ever mention the total waste spent on a military that is constantly used as stooges by the UK, UN and US bullies' contrived conflicts were we have no business to interfere in, let alone send our troops there for combat, no matter how Harper and his Tory stooges spin the term while engaging in hostilities against "stay at home" opponents who want to be left alone by the UN, UK or US globalist imperialists.

White women voters of Canada, especially Anglos, are the worst offenders in backing all this costly, violent and open-door nonwhite immigration flood. Curse the day they were allowed to vote, as they have betrayed white society standards and communities across the land. Now, they want to change Canada's national anthem to be gender-neutral, taking more male identity-pride for the foolish grunts who defend our land in "all our sons' command" way over there somewhere. The idiots' theory is that, if we fight hem over there, they won't come here, except all their national traitors (interpreters, torturers and their greedy) when the mission is over. The last days of this servile phenomenon are coming to an end soon as the old vets who fought in "The Big One," the white-fratricidal World War II, are dying off and their veterans halls are closing. Look around, guys — in your neighborhoods or on the crime page, and tell me you weren't fools to participate in killings that would lead to your own cultural and racial demise; your feminist wild women won't do it.

Next to Australia, Canada is the most servile white state in the world for globalist warmongers, probably due to the nature of the DNA of the early settlers' "Yes sir, no sir, two bags full sir" population who were used to taking orders from the powerful rich and their policed society. White racists must abandon old traditional failed policies and agendas of former failed patriotic groups. They haven't worked to stem the nonwhite tide of immigration or stopped costly globalist missions, especially now, since the gung-ho war parties are full of globalist Jews who hate us. If we try to imitate their exclusive-bigot racism that extends to all the "goy." White racists stand alone in their common sense, natural ideology of racism that won't fail us, as anti-racist morons and their barren women disappear daily in the obituary columns. Every day we are getting stronger in the minds of whites facing the multicult crowd outside, outstripping any white baby-boom lost generation of naive race-mixers, losing our precious land to nonwhites.

White racists are the only ones now who "stand on guard for thee, Canada" as our anthem says.




Revived racism is in our blood


The post-racial society never happened. It was all a Joseph Goebbels propaganda lie, who described the secret of propaganda as repetition. By the way, the anti-white media represents the a society where you'd think racism only exists for one or two politically-correct learning-lesson sitcom plots' every series has them. White racists were considered as losers, but underneath it all the multicult globalists know racism is as natural as breathing. They also know that their attempt at the merchants' New World Order is an impossible pipe dream, as almost every crisis and hostility in the world has race as its underlying natural fact. However, the one-size-fits-all for the 'goyim' by the ruling racist cult tribe likes to ignore the elephant in the room in all their analysis of world news. That's why their solutions won't work — when you ignore nature, you're lost.

The fight between the majority Sunnis (85%) and dissident schismatic Shi'ites is really a racial issue with the Aryan Iranians trying to control an aesthetic Semitic prophet's religion with their neo-white desires for saints, trinkets and women's freedoms, more liberal than their race-mixed Arab neighbors and "Boko Haram" Africans' attitudes. It's the same story in Europe with Christianity, where the Nordic and Anglo-Saxon racial groups protested the Mediterranean Catholics' attitude and control of a sumptuous religion by creating the austere Protestant model.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster is another case of an arrogant racial group of pirates and Asian runaways and kick-outs co-mingling for centuries in isolationism to produce the Japanese people, who couldn't care less about the Chines and the Koreans, or anyone else for that matter, by allowing the Pacific Ocean to be poisoned. There's a haughty animosity toward the Russians as a people that the oligarch Jews from New York and Moscow are willing to risk annihilation over an economic turf war for the riches of the Ukraine. None of the media is willing to dig very deep and see that the in-your-face Putin, was "put-in" by these billionaires — the same people on both sides of the ocean.

At least half of the anti-Muslim/anti-terrorist demonstrators are opposed to the Muslims' whiteness—if all the Muslim immigrants looked like the Limeys, what a different story we'd be telling. Then the feminists could not only protest their patriarchy the same way they can make any impact on the Amish. All anti-immigrant marches, whether in London or Berlin, Dresden or Houston, are racially-bound. There's an understanding there that you don't have to display a swastika or a KKK hood to get that "good old racist feeling."

Natural racism is in the forefront of every foreign policy thought; notice how no one wants to go back to the foreign mission nonwhite countries; win or lose over there, racially-thinking people know it's always NFG (no fucking good) economically and socially. Once burned, twice shy.

The interesting part is, racism has a rose, not because white racists did anything or because the media is promoting it or the politically-correct egghead intelligentsia is in agreement with it. No, it's here of its' own volition, and you're seeing this natural phenomenon when it's required, when you're at the bottom line in some situation. Then the natural order sets in when disorder is amok, when you expect people to act like yourself and find that the majority of them have the same color as your skin-uniform.

That's when you realize that racism has always been here, even in the hearts of anti-racist "free speech" hypocrites who love to jail racists' "hate speech" with their Orwellian logic-excuses: It all depends on what "free" means, or what "is" is, as Bill Clinton said, in these shysters' minds.

Anti-racist white self-loathers are looking real bad for their hypocrisy and multicultural idiocy that goes against all natural racial rules, developed so that the like-minded people can live in peace and harmony with their own area of control. That's nature's way, and that's what all white racists have been in tune with. You can't get more natural than that. Anti-racists have been discredited in white society; now we must remove them from the seats of power and influence by "turning our backs" on them, like the New York City cops did on their multicultural Mayor Bill De Blasio, whenever they appear.




Eight benefits for white racists after the Paris massacre


Any way you cut it, the Paris shootings of the Charlie Hebdo staff, is a benefit to white racists. First of all, all journalists and broadcasters of the internationalist media are enemies of natural white racism and its proponents, whether they're capitalist conservatives or commie feminists. White racists didn't kill them; foreign nonwhite Islamists did the job to remove these white traitors from the anti-racist political cesspool. Therefore, none of us are going to jail or be shot like dogs by the politically-correct Establishment.

Secondly, nonwhite Muslims are the target of all liberal and libertine white bigots, which means that more whites will be against nonwhite immigration into their homelands, out of fear of violence, which by the way, has been going on for two generations now in our homelands, without a peep or approbation from the anti-racist white traitors. This means further scrutiny and opposition to all nonwhite immigration under the banner of fear of patriarchal Islam that all queers and feminists worry about.

Thirdly, anti-racist white liberals and libertines will be less likely to demand police action against white racists under the banner of a "revitalized free speech movement" which these hypocrites never gave a damn about when racists like myself and Bob Smith were persecuted and prosecuted in politically-correct Canada. They know that we are against the Islamification of our white culture societies and secretly count on us as the last bulwark against jihadism — which we believe belongs in Muslim countries only.

Fourthly, there'll be less a likelihood of globalist Western regimes to entangle themselves in foreign missions against isolationist jihadis in their own spheres of influence. People are fed up with meddling loser foreign tax-wasting military-missions that only bring more nonwhites from the conflict areas back to white homelands after their phony victory celebrations, like in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, just to name a few.

Fifth, multiculturalism has come under criticism and attack due to the actions of a few jihadist radicals and the whole concept of Third World immigration to white people's lands is under review in many minds in the West. That discussion is healthy and necessary to get to the root of our culture, which is based on natural racial values and has nothing to do with anti-racists' politically-correct crap that has wrought this mess on our society to begin with.

The sixth beneficial outcome of the Paris massacre puts Jews in the limelight; after all, they brought in anti-free speech hate laws still on the books in many Western countries, including Canada. Jews can't talk from both sides of their mouths in public on the free speech issue without appearing as bad as censoring Islamists. It's only when "the Jews" were accused of hate crimes by savvy Muslims in the West that they began to hypocritically talk about free speech, but never any against them. Either we have free speech or we don't— there's no two ways about it. Either we can offend all others in our communications, or its all a lie, like the hypocrisy that Western regime leaders spew while threatening and intimidating white racists' free speech in their homelands. White nationalists need isolationism to protect their white privilege culture and to re-order their own households by kicking out the anti-white racist globalist stooges ruling their treacherous regimes. I'm in favor of other people's isolationism and protectionism of their race, culture and religion, especially those who wish to stay pout in their nonwhite homelands by mimicking our culture just to get here and overrun and diminish our white society, whether its women's freedoms or just sating Merry Christmas.

The seventh good result of the unfortunate brutal killing in Paris is the showing of weakness of the libertine matriarchal Western values. The nanny-state has been shown to be as inept when it can be so easily disrupted by two lousy men with guns, killing the politically-correct libertines with impunity and seeing the media results for themselves before they are caught or shot. This is a big inspiration to jihadists everywhere and a big loss for a globalist meddlers. Natural white racism will be coming back in vogue through sheer necessity and not love and conversion if the liberals and greedy conservatives want to survive without becoming Muslims. The liberals' false courage front, on carrying on with their 'freedom of speech' hypocrisy, are castle in the sand, without the underpinnings of white racial pride.

The eighth good result of the Paris killings for white isolationism will be when the French citizens re-examine their colonial mercantile-military meddling policies in North Africa and the Sahel, such as Mali. The sooner the French get out of the Sub-Sahara area, the less globalist commercialization will ruin the planet, including the Sahel, and northern Nigeria, "Boko Haram's" area. They already control all the borders with Chad, Niger and Cameroon: This area is going back to the self-sustaining primitives and will be a no-go territory for globalists.

No one else will support our cultural identity, except white racists. Even the thousands of Germans marching against the Islamification of their country in Dresden know that's the truth underlying their protests; the more Jihadists attacks in the West, especially against white globalist traitors and their darling press corps degenerates, the more white racism in the hearts of the white people everywhere.

And what white man could be against that?




We are indispensable dissidents

Whites are then only group that requires a racist ideology. All other races are naturally racist and don't seem to need organizations and racial leaders, let alone a movement. The anti-racism concept was conceived by white self-loathers, coupled with their international Jew[ish] merchants who of course, have their matriarchal racist religion to hide behind. You're not a Jew unless you come from a Jewish mother.

Whites in North America have to work together in a white nationalist mindset that all whites can belong to; unlike Europe, where proud ethnic majorities can be found. All kinds of European-origin whites will have to work together to maintain any kind of a white culture or community; we can't follow the example of European ethnic races which have an easier time to coalesce around a heritage and borders. That's why a white racist movement is so hard to evolve. In fact, the white racist movement has devolved into a white racist religion, believing in Nature's laws as the basis for community harmony. That's why multiculturalism is riddled with criminality, because there's no ethnic cultural ethos that any individual has to follow. When no one is watching, the worst comes out in any people.

Outright racist leaders are few in number at a time when the natural order has been turned upside down by commie feminists who rule the media and entertainment industries. Everyone is afraid of them, except a few brave souls who are the antithesis of multiculturalism. Even the one-time white nationalist KKK Grand Dragon David Duke now only stands for "human diversity" Now who could be against that? He hardly ever mentions the Aryan race right now and never uses the term "white." He's all for "human diversity." Well, so am I — but I'm for the white man first, last and always, which falls within my white racist motto of common sense, good will and fair play, in that order. You can see how the white racist movement has developed to the point of live-and-let-live. But I'm not meddling in other peoples' lives, even if its' to ensure their existence if it's going to undermine our genetically-recessive race which was obviously meant to isolate their societies, if they were to survive. If human diversity means we have to race-mix, then forget it. That's how the Confederates lost the Civil War, relying on black labor in a segregated society. Same goes for South Africa and Rhodesia. We can see the outcome of segregated labor in caste-blighted India today. Their Aryan top class doesn't look very white, but they still pretend in the apex of capitalism's race-mixed society.

As long as white racist leaders exist and comment on the latest news and issues, we have a guide for future generations to follow. Don't think that people aren't listening, learning and expressing the very common sense white racist views that we espouse, and formulating and regurgitating it in their own words and images. That's why good will/fair play racism is on the rise, where whites have no problem with nonwhites' racism, which will achieve the desired goal of a "constitutional racist state" for any group that's enough to state their views without fear or favor from the politically correct. Racism is the basis of all future change — now how important is that? We're establishing a racist ideology that withstands argument and is the basis for the dissidents of globalism and multiculturalism.

That's our mission for 2015 — and you.




Use the Christian wreckers to save our race


I can't relate to a Semitic religion in Arab dress from the Middle East, and neither can many white racists. it's an alien concept that undermines national racial identity and integrity. Worshiping a people's gods and religion never really resonates in the hearts and minds of white men; this is particularly true nowadays with the revival of Islam, another Semitic religion more patriarchal than the very first, Judaism. The second, Christianity, is all based on the Old Testament God from the Middle East.

Religion should serve the people, not the other way around, especially when a religion is out to wipe out your racial identity, like the anti-white racist policies spewing from their pulpits so they may get more adherents and power throughout the planet. Like the Jews, I say that religion must be proselytized or enforced on the population. It should be exclusivist and be closely connected to Nature's laws on Earth, not some airy-fairy, self-loathing anti-vanity agenda. If we are in the image of God. we should have all his characteristics, except eternity in this dimension. Nonwhites have grabbed on to the more patriarchal third version of the Old Testament God, with stricter penalties and rules for the harsh and violent conditions and traditions that they had with Islam. Their brutality coincides with a propensity to conquer, kill or convert all heathens. That's the essence of their original rules, not the 'religion of peace' crap Christians have done in the same of in the past.

Racists know better. You can't be race-mixing and expect not to end up being race-mixed, just like the DNA of white Southerners, which was showed in a recent report. White racists intend to have a “constitutional racist state,” where race trumps religion as it does even among the Muslims. That's why they'll never have a caliphate, even if the white man disappears. Race is all, as their "Haj" rules prove along with their daily living. There are no anti-racist laws in Muslim countries, even though the religion is internationalist by nature.

White racists have to utilize the Christians as best they can. They have resources and capabilities, but can't be relied on. I'm all for using their assets and joining their dwindling congregations. If nothing else, when racists are persecuted from churches, all Christians are involved. I'm sure plenty of those anti-immigrant/anti-Muslim demonstrators in Dresden every Sunday are church members, but they know that race is all.

The more fundamentalist Christians become — and they will as more Muslims develop in the West — the more concerned white women will become, and will rush to the more conservative churches for protection and from white male racists. I've never seen Christianity so weak in all of history. Now is the time to join before the new 'spiritual revolution.' It's just about due in the Western world and in China. Christianity needs men, real men, like white racists, not the "Kumbaya" kind. Patriarchy is the next path to restore Christianity to a new glory, based on natural laws of common sense, good will and fair play, in that order. Who could argue with that racist principle, from any race?

Let's make Christianity serve the white race. Everyone deserves a second chance, even Christians, after their colonialist, mercantile, race-mixing, greedy and aggressive policies of the past. Christians exploded the Third World population, so much so that we now have to deal with for our very racial survival. It's only fitting their chameleon religion be used to save ourselves.

Carry on.




Puzzling: Why no war on war mongers?


Something just doesn't smell right: like the old saying "Something's rotten in Denmark" — not just their cheese. One side in the Orwellian 'war on terror' is very eager  to wipe out the leading of the other side in specific assassinations with missiles, drones and raids and more assassinations. Yet the other side, which is quite willing to accept civilian casualties with their most potent weapon, the suicide bomber, never goes after the war leaders of the assassins' side. Every day we hear of the American drones blowing up the al-Qaeda leader, Taliban operative or al-Shabaab head, the war party leaders in America spout in public places and venues fearlessly. Don't bother telling me that their security is so high: It only takes a couple of suicide bombers to destroy the first line of any security or checkpoint, then their fighters rush in, perhaps with more suicide bombers until they reach their target. That's been the Jihadist modus operandi  for years now other than successful attacks against the gates of the most secure prisons, army bases and buildings. However, for some conspiracy-based reason, these attacks never happen, giving credence to the conspiracy theorists that this whole war on fundamentalist Muslims is a sham. Some even say that ISIS was created by the Mossad and the CIA to further the aims of the constant war New World Order advocates to install police states to facilitate that goal. You know women will always vote for security (it's one of their middle names—the other is vanity).

The capitalist media will be the propaganda tool to usher in the nanny state and every major political party — if they know what's good for them — will go along with "interventionalism, including libertarian individualists" like Ron and Rand Paul: one day, one of them is for war, next day, the other one is against it, then they're both for it, if they want to get media airtime. If you don't believe in the conspiracy theory of CIA/Mossad-created ISIS, then you'd have to believe that jihadists are very naive and incapable of sending suicide bombers to Europe and America, with porous borders all around, or that sleeper cells have sleeping sickness once they taste the fruits of white Western society, as good as Allah's paradise. There is a Third World option which suggests that the jihadists are only interested in the local Muslim territory they are fighting their jihad in. They're so honest and true-blue, posing with their Kalishnikovs on YouTube, that they wouldn't think of "playing dirty" and try to get rid of the public warmongers and torturers in their enemies' homelands. War criminal Dick Cheney certainly isn't concerned: he said he'd torture other jihadists again in a minute. But these Islamists are only concerned with Kobani and Mosul.

It's not just the Middle East jihadists, but other hard-pressed mujahideen in heavily-conflicted countries like Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Sinai, and even those 'crazy' Boko Haram enslavers. We all know how Nigerians emigrate to Western countries so easily, and the many fraudsters coming from that land. Perhaps there's a fourth reason why these nonwhite jihadists have not attacked their former colonialist masters in their homelands, leaving it to the disorganized efforts of local Muslim converts to go postal, like in Canada. The nonwhite Muslims are still awed by the globalist white leaders: the enormity of such a crime against the descendants of their former masters, is just too scary and intimidating for them.

One thing is for sure: the warmongers are not listening to their own peaceful population; instead they're coming up with new bogeymen and scares based upon instantaneous acts of illogical people bent on entering the paradise of their new religion. I haven't seen one organized attack on any government facility establishment or personality by any foreign jihadist since the 9/11 conspiracy — very peculiar. The same goes for those who witnessed the capitulation of the Sony Corporation to mere Internet hackers revealing their personal secrets and closing down the debut of the movie The Interview on Christmas Day, showing their cowardice to the North Korean communists. They would never have done it had it been an ISIS threat to bomb theatres. What do they care — the war elites there aren't going to be there. It would be good for war publicity if ISIS did attack. That's the scapegoat they use to deny us our freedoms and to pulverize ungoverned spaces.

If jihadists are real, not just a temporary phenomenon, but people wanting to live a more primitive life there, that's fine for white nationalists — wars upon their internationalist New World Order types who are the antithesis to white racist homelands. White racists are opposed to foreign wars and internationalists which bring nonwhite immigrants and crime here with each successive mercenary foreign mission.

They'd better hope that karma doesn't come upon them; Nature loves a balance.




America a nation of liars


American lies and liars are legion.

Aside from the Limeys, I don't know anyone who lies as much as the Americans and their sycophant imitators. Trickery, lies and obfuscations are the order of the day in American life, mostly from the top to the bottom. The US government is full of dirty big secrets, and lots of little lies. Every major news event in America has an inside story; nothing is what it appears. It's all bombast and bullshit: Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Potemkin, "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq, 9/11 Conspiracy blamed on Afghanistan's Taliban — it's all lies from tortuous regimes which cleverly deny them through the collaborating media.

Getting an American to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, "so help me God" us next to impossible in a country that claims 'In God We Trust' on their inflated money. In fact, it's considered to be clever and funny in this myriad of liar Hollywood Jew-inspired sitcoms to lie and obfuscate for a thousand reasons, all of which make no sense, except to protect the reputations of the liars. Lying is even considered good for the people who supposedly can't take the truth, making it a national sport among the greedy classes. Women liars are considered to be cute, even through they undermine the American family fabric.

Most lies are done for purely selfish reasons, with phony excuses coming afterwards — when the cowards are caught. Political and sports lairs are calmly forgiven, with their reputations soaring, after brief interval of lie-revelations. This attitude has even spread to Canada, whose immigrant population was more carefully chosen for their obedience to laws and ready servitude, not that this has stopped immigrant liars at the borders, escaping criminal and unsavory reputations in their homelands. Look at the a career of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, a proven public liar, but still popular in the Canadian media.

It's always worth repeating that those immigrating to America are the greediest losers from their parts of the worlds — avaricious people, eager to get rich quick, put on the Ritz with their newly-acquire fortunes through shyster business dealings that would make Shylock blush. Ordinary merchandising is full of questionable methods of sales and services, where nothing can be counted on, especially when it comes to size, shape and quantity of goods normally offered for one price that appears skewed with new over-packaging with less product for the money. A little here, a little there, it's business as usual for the mercantile crooks to get rich quick and have another useless foreign holidays abusing Third World types. American criminal activity is loaded with lies, from the Internet, to picking up a hitchhiker — it's considered a high honor to be able to trick your victim into your clutches, from show-marriages to secret murders of spouses, the path is riddle with lies with tragic consequences.

The American military loves to boast through their lies. To them, Vietnam was a success, in the grip of commie power now, and pals with American capitalist liars. Thousands died for absolutely nothing after the fall of Potemkin — Lyndon Johnson's lies. The same goes for Nixon's trip to China lies, which made America a second economic power to the isolated communist nation where billionaires flourish. Same goes for the "Cold War" in the Soviet Union — that was all a big lie for the military-industrial complex's profit, showing very clearly the supposed people's communist party put on Armani suits and became the Jew[ish] oligarch rulers of Russia openly, putting in one of their liar schleps ("Put-in"), now purportedly the third-richest man in the world and trying to keep all the smaller ethnic groups as captive nations.

Even today's threat of a second cold war is a big lie, based on the last big lie that communism was the enemy of the rich, when both agrees to cooperate for a one-world order which calls any real opposition "terrorists." The whole war on terror is a lie, suggesting that some people get up in the morning for the sheer joy of terrorizing someone. That only place that's really true is in the serial-killer playground of America and certainly not with the people who believe in an Orwellian ideology called 'terrorism' a convenient term to treat the liars' enemies as subhuman. Do you think all these suicide bombers into giving up their lives, to blow themselves up just to get a kick out of the terror they caused? If so, I'll lump you in with the liars. Anyone who rails against terrorists and terrorism is a public obfuscator unwilling to tell the truth about their opponents' desperate act. That's the real truth that the liars fear to be revealed and lose their unearned stature publicly. That's all Obama and the media worried about before they redacted the whitewashed CIA torture report that went public. Hand-wringing questions of "why now?" suggesting political expediency for any of the two clone political parties is another lie. All these Washington goofs are in bed together, and you can't tell the political players without a caption; they're all cut from the same cloth.

Most are members of the secret society/one world Imperialist cult called Freemasonry (which also can't tell you the truth about their sins and practices). No wonder people believe in conspiracies, especially when the compliant media is quick to pooh-pooh the thought of any conspiracy; who the hell can you believe in America. Libertarians like Ron and Rand Paul, are quick to back the regimes' war policies in defense of Israel while at the same time talking about "non-intervention." Sneaky politics in America is the order of the day. Hardly anyone or anything is what it seems in this very deceptive country that the war dogs of UK's royalty admires. Praised connivance and sneakiness is the order of the day in American life, The only other place I know where sneakiness is boasted about are the kill-notches on the Somali tribesmen rifles — still a practice today.

The biggest lies of course in race-mixed America and Canada are told about racial issues. Liberal anti-racists and kosher conservatives all know and fear the truth about blacks and Latinos, yet they still propagandize against white racial identity and integrity right down to kindergarten level. Criminal stats, social stats, welfare stats, educational stats, are all filled with lies, mouthed by the most august professors and the most prestigious universities, and they're not deluded—they know the truth, which doesn't fit in with their multicult agenda that's destroying the white race through their recessive DNA when race-mixing. I've never seen a pure white child from any race-mixed couple — have you?

I don't know if its a woman's thing to lie but the practice has certainly taken over all of America, where truth-tellers are considered extremists and thus, unpopular." Morality is for suckers" is rule number one in Hollywood movies. Their actors are looked upon as heroes fresh from the casting couch. It's little wonder that US citizens are armed to the teeth — they know, there's plenty of liars out there including the police, especially the government which led them to slaughter plenty of times, almost as much as Canadian mercenary military missions since the Boer War, all based on lies to protect Canada's security from Afghan farmers to Somali herders to Libyan rebels and "ISIS" god-believers way over there not to mention the two bloody world wars and the Korean conflict, which supposedly saved us from German jackboots and Korean commies. It will take a spiritual revolution and a great upheaval to bring morality back to a people quick to lie during which the worst elements will be wiped out and the conniving genes, culled; don't think that it won't happen. In the old days there used to be, if anything happened, it happened in Britain. Today America has taken over that ugly position. because a nation built on lies cannot stand. So it will be with the fancy-named United States of America.

Don't count on it.




Space exploration mostly a waste of taxpayers' money


I'm not a Luddite, but I'm against blowing big bucks on space exploration while millions starve and are homeless on this planet. Space exploration has done nothing for the ordinary white man whose numbers are dwindling on Earth daily while astronauts circle the globe in space stations wasting our taxes.

What have the moon landings done for the ordinary man — if they actually occurred elsewhere than in a studio? The mad dash for space exploration, even involves Third World countries with starving beggar populations and polluted territories like India and China. Their space expenses are similar to their military expenses — against who, as if anyone wanted to invade wither poverty-stricken place, other than the radiated refugees from Japan. Perhaps communications have been expanded with space exploration. But that has only isolated individuals and put a crimp in social discourse and morays in Western nations, with everyone conversing in tweets and with radioactive iPads and headphones while ignoring and irritating their fellow citizens and neighbors in public places.

Some already lonely desperate people are signing up to go to Mars on a one-way death certificate ticket — as if that'll do us any good. It's all a nerds' vanity show, not unlike the Big Bang Theory level of social consciousness, which looks down on the ordinary man for the sake of phony Nobel Prize medals. Didn't war dog Obama get one for promoting peace in the world while bombing the hell out of Third World Countries for globalist control?

Sure I like seeing science fiction and Flash Gordon adventure stories, but whine the race-mixers' Star Trek stuff and Star Wars silliness took over, the ultimate in race-mixing, with aliens became de rigueur. We know where these scientists' narrow minds are set: certainly not for the white race or any other humans on Earth. These ivory tower snobs have only their interest in mind, and its never white nationalism. Now I hear they're perverting history too by incorporating negro storm troopers. You just can't trust the ego-maniacal, barren and flaccid scientists' minds which did nothing to dispel the idiocy of race-mixing and white extinction.

All the tax money that has been shot into space could have been used to battle cancer, the new source of Genetically Modified Organisms — GMOs — living. Instead of going out to space, why not try to find out hat happens when we die? Let's investigate hauntings and ghost stories scientifically instead of just watching shows about them. Why haven't they learned how to re-grow teeth and other organs for longer and better lives on Earth instead of trying to find the origins of life with expensive super-colliders that may threaten us all? Speaking of threats, extra-terrestrial invasions are the worst. It doesn't have to be from an intelligent life form, but just a simple virus or another abnormal anomaly from space. How has any costly astronaut made your life any better any more than a globalist mercenary fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq for the One World Order they all support?

Space exploration is a diversion to dazzle the childish mind, while the globalist world goes to hell in a hand=basket with rising numbers of homeless people and food costs that make daily living a struggle as billions are blown on out-of this-world programs. All the astronauts' around-the-world activities for the past five decades haven't done a thing to improve a single thing, like weather forecasting — they still can't get it right if it's going to rain tomorrow. Then there's the great secrecy surrounding some of these up-in-the-air activities, including chemtrails and the Troubled Assets Relief Program. Yet these globalist regimes still haven't developed an effective iron dome for incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles for any country on Earth except their favorite, Israel. More suspicion is thrown on the space exploration when UFO activity reporting across the world is dismissed as the work of 'cranks' as questions still remain, all the way from Area 51 to the Bermuda Triangle, etc. Present-day space exploration is no guarantee for humankind's safety on Mother Earth, but just a playing field for unreachable eltists' [sic] amusement, just like the middle-aged adolescent video gamers and their narrow perverted interests.

The white man needs a dose of reality: we're at the edge of extinction while we're playing at the edge of space. Let's get down to basics and save our white race first and stop helping antagonistic, jealous nonwhites, with our brain power being wasted in the wrong direction.

We can't do both and survive.




White privilege necessary and natural


Without "white privilege" there is no white society. At first, when I heard the usual white self-loather suspects coming out with a new Orwellian catch phrase "white privilege" I thought, what white privilege? Especially when whites in their homelands are bending over backwards and forward to please their minorities from the teeming Third World, I was angry. However, on reflection, whites are in the same situation as when they are condemned for "nature's racism" (the antithesis o anti-white racist traitors' multiculturalism). The same goes for the promotion of the race-mixers' other Orwellian term "diversity." They all look good on the surface, but then they all mean the same — the end of the whites' world.

There is a white peoples' general culture and standards that you can expect from Ireland to the Urals, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean: general rules and standards of behavior are followed among most white people. Strangely, those who deny white peoples' identity are quick to bring up their faults and misdemeanors as an identifiable group when it suits them. Negativity is the only time white self-loathers self-identify with; the latest capitalist/commie/globalist gambit is to lower white living standards and services in their traditional homelands through the introduction of greedy nonwhite migrants who are used to it. You won't hear the Third World immigrants complaining about no daily mail delivery, or any other cutting of expected white community services coming from their over-populated hell holes. That's the real purpose of pointing out white privilege which created our white societies and culture — to denigrate it through a Third World level, making it easy for the rich to stay rich and the poor to stay poor in ever-increasing numbers, similar to India and Brazil.

Fortunately, white racists don't carry such guilt to render themselves to rags and homelessness to satisfy an illogical, unnatural self-depreciating life-attitude in front of nonwhites. I loved it when white self-loathers participating in pro-criminal Ferguson demonstrations and media newscasters were asked to stay in the background — white anti-racists facing black racism and unable to belong to just the "human race" with natural racist blacks. These dumb whites were dismissed by their negro leaders as "arrogant" morons who don't know that race is all.

The white race is being propagandized by globalists at every turn, with confusing trick words and phrases; even David Duke has been taken in by "diversity" — he's for it, while everyone else on the white nationalist side is against it. Some pro-white leaders and organizations are against racism and whine on and on about blacks' Latinos' and Israeli Jews' racism. They don't want to be called a racist. They're on the run. Without white racism you certainly won't have a white-privileged society and anything goes. Whites have to stand for whites. That's an obligation that will lead to a white privilege community where you know how you should behave unlike a multicultural free-for-all where no one is responsible for any standard or tradition and anything weird, unfair and unjust law can be imposed, because there are no recognized white community standards in daily life and social contact.

Let's not argue against other peoples' racism; let us embrace our own, proudly and from that, declare our white privilege to make our own culture and community the way we see it, not as nonwhites demand. Would the Chinese put up with this crap or any other proud traditionalist people, of whatever survivalist culture they have that brought them to the edge of time with us, without our help?

White privilege? You're damned right!




Black Americans’ future looks bleak

There are no more black pets for naive Americans. The last of the media-made icons has fallen with the rumored sexual attacks of "American Dad" Bill Cosby. Cosby's image is going down the drain.

First, it was the football players over-idolized by non-thinking white hedonists, with their sexual assaults and murder trials, showing their proclivity to violence, starting with OJ Simpson and still going on. Now it's the "good blacks" who are being revealed as just ordinary criminal niggers with smiling masks which pervaded the TV shows and sitcoms, so much that all whites are now suspicious of the blacks' real-life activities away from the Hollywood cameras now. Their whole phony image rested on lies, that blacks are all nice Sidney Poitiers and "Fresh Prince of Bel-air" Will Smith joker-types, mostly accepted by naive white women who are paying the price for their dumbness today. Just look at the violent stories on our Crime Page and the number of old white women probably in favor of black civil rights and race-mixing in the sixties and the seventies, being raped and murdered today regardless of how old they are in their senior years. That's called learning racial realities the hard way.

Whites are all running away, mostly to the northwest and to rural towns, but the specter of nonwhite violence hangs over all of them, proven by the frightened whites' gun purchases, mostly shotguns, ready to blow away nigger rapists and rioters at any household door or window. This is a lot worse than what armed-to-the-teeth exclusivist racist Jews have to put up with in Israel who still stupidly use Arab labor to do their dirty work, a sure sign of a nation's future demise. Race-mixing never works, especially when the servants have been brought in by force and bought at the slave markets of the Old US South.

American whites may be the kick-outs and greedy runaways of their ethnic homelands but blacks in America are the losers of the African continent, with a big genetic chip on their shoulder that won't go away until they are independent and in charge of their own communities and culture. Isn't it amazing how so few Black Muslim Panthers have joined the jihad to get training for establishing their own territories in the New World? They just seem to over-react to any slight or injustice to demand more goodies and compensation from their former slave-masters, showing up in the losers' malaise for real freedom without hypocrite white race-mixers and their women meddlers. It's the easier road to plow; just bitch, and manna will come from the white hands. Overboard preparations for black civil disobedience only inspires them to protest more and hide the true nature of their lazy avarice, which will inevitably end like it did in their bankrupt Detroit.

North American blacks, unlike in Africa, are run by their women, and have been since the males were "emasculated" by the white overlords. And only a Boko Haram cleansing of any intended black territory will give them pride again and restore them as male heads of families. Just ask billionaire Oprah Winfrey who's in charge — she's almost as rich as Putin.

Eventually, blacks will be abandoned by the growing racially-aware white populace and left to their own devices to form their own Boko Haram patchwork of their own territories, with or without religion — especially feminist Christianity (responsible for many murders, rapes and robberies and the antithesis to a White Racist State).

Since the main former backers of the unnatural race-mixing propaganda, the Jews, have lost their victimhood position after a bunch of dirty wars on donkey-cart Gaza; no one is paying attention to their appeals for peace and humanitarianism from the commie/race-mixer and white racists' side, leaving them hanging out to dry and alone, so too, American blacks are now also friendless, with La Raza's racist Latinos being the first to avoid them. Now they have only themselves to blame and follow, because no one else cares or wants to work or play with them for fear of ending up on our Crime Page.

Black racism is their best and most honest path to follow to establish their own self-ruled neighborhoods and enclaves as Nature intended before the greedy merchant bastards dragged them to America by force in stinking slave ships for a "few dollars more" society that was doomed to fail at self-destruct in the future as we're seeing today.

Natural racism is for all. Let's practice it, and establish our own harmonious civilization, without the greed-bags [sic] and fantasizing feminists.




Don’t run away from racism — embrace it

Racism is your bloodline. Racism is for everyone, not just white nationalists. That's the only way we can save the white race. The idea that racism is only for blacks is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Yet. it's being peddled by self-identifying white nationalists as a "disease you get from Negroes" by more than one white nationalist 'thinker." David Duke is against racism, especially the Jewish kind, while boasting he's working for whites' rights. His website's masthead supports dangerous diversity and muddies the ideological waters of white nationalism, adding to his constant barrage against Jews' racism, instead of praising them for their separatist attitude, though it's exclusivist, showing their hypocrisy, too.

Eric Linder of the Vanguard News Network has the nerve to put up on that website a supposedly white nationalist poster that racism is some kind of disease you get from Negroes. This kind of narrow-minded bigotry has stymied thee white race movement for decades and led us to this low ebb in White Nationalist politics. Paul Fromm rants against the racism of nonwhites, then claims that he's a white-rights supporter. Can't you guys see the stupidity in the mirror? You can't have you cake and eat it too. What are we supposed to do — wait for the mighty white nationalist to till his fields and mind his children? This kind of white racist bigot activity has produced the situation we're in today.

Running away from racism only emboldens anti-racists, especially when you apologize and deny, deny, deny; they're like rabid dogs at your ankles.

These anti-racist white nationalists always run away from the racist label when attacked for their hypocrisy by the two-faced media. "I'm not a racist!" they whine while boasting of their white-skinned race. It makes no sense, other than to make them look cowardly and disingenuous with their whining protests. And who wants a coward to lead them? No wonder we don't have the fearful respect of the arrogant media where our so-called white nationalist leaders are always running away from racism. Proud blacks, race-mixed Arabs and Latinos, Orientals who don't want to mix and marry whites, are the best weapon against our out-of-control wild white women who once- pretty-boy David Duke never attacked for their treachery and betrayal of our race. Instead, anti-racist white nationalists — if that isn't an oxymoron — always chide and attack nonwhites' racism after bringing them into our white countries. How stupid can you get, pandering to your women and the media anti-racists; calling someone a 'nigger' doesn't make you a racist, especially when you're denying it to boot. It only makes you look like a hypocrite.

I've never had a problem telling any nonwhite that I am racist who respects other races. They're always happy with my candor and nod in agreement with my recognition of their own ethnicity and race a pride that they all secretly harbor and are eager to display. It's only those who are ashamed of their racial background and would want to race-mix with whites. Is that the kind of people who want in your country? It's the same for journalists, foreign aid workers and most tourists: They're all white racist bigots who are against racism, just like the aforementioned white nationalist leaders. It's best to be straight-forward and honest when dealing with all races who outnumber us on this planet because of the foreign aid workers and idiot bigot anti-racists who appear on both sides of the white nationalist fence, blurring the white nationalist message without natural racism. That's why groups like Boko Haram and ISIS are successful — even with their brutalities, their message and beliefs are clear — straight from Mohammed's seventh-century Koran. They don't care what the media and their women think and speak their ideology with candor instead of mincing words and lullaby-ing [sic] them with terms like 'racialist' — a wimpy racist. You don't deserve to call yourself a white nationalist while fearing racism and leaving it to nonwhites as a policy of the new media-created term "racism of lowered expectations." They don't know how right they are — if interpreted from a racist's view, because racism — for all — must be at the ground level of any white nationalist agenda. Otherwise, they've just beating around-the-bush and ring-around-the-rosie arguments of the "bad" racism of others, while ignoring your own necessary racism to survive as an identifiable entity worth preserving. As soon as you knock racism, you sound like an idiot.




Whatever happened to David Duke?

David Duke has been
the prima donna of the white nationalist movement in North America for many years. To some, he still is; however, his pro-"diversity" and pro-multicult dictator Assad and the Jew regime in the Ukraine support, undermines his racist leader's position. In fact, I doubt he'd accept the term 'racist'; he has bought into the anti-racist media agenda that racism is bad when practiced by anyone, including Israeli Jews.

David Duke started out as a young good-looking Hollywood-faced leader, the Imperial Wizard of the KKK, an organization that prides itself for being an 'Invisible Empire' in the white race-mixed US South. That was a bad move right from the beginning, opening the KKK up to ridicule and police harassment. Sure, he went on many 'Zio-media' talk shows, as he calls the Jewish press stranglehold on news distribution. But that only helped David Duke's profile to many reporters and pundits who he sought to satisfy with his smile. It still earned him  a one-term victory in the Louisiana State Senate, and a close call for State Governor. With his softened popular approach to white identity politics, he didn't seem to stand for much, except to uphold the Old South whites' ways of using black labor's status quo which denigrated white pride in America — a separatist racial caste system, which resulted into India's miserable society where even the supposedly high-caste Aryans have been darkened and extinguished through race-mixing. If you can't do your own dirty work, like most Jews, you're finished — especially without a religion that supports your race like Christianity.

After David Duke's election stint he became a wanted speaker and interview guest around the white world and the Middle East, Syria, from Ukraine to Canada. He got an honorary doctorate from a Ukrainian institute who he feels obligated to support in spite of  its openly Jew globalist regime pandering to EU tyrants who bought and achieved the European unity with the briefcase that Napoleon's and Hitler's bayonets couldn't. David still supports them, just like the neo-Nazi Germanophiles of the Ukrainian right sector by even killing East Ukrainian Slaves for the globalist elites.

David Duke who is in partnership with Don Black, who runs the white nationalist public forum Stormfront  in the US and Canada, acts as if they are beyond reproach when queried on politics by other white nationalists who have been in the fight for racial identity and integrity even longer than themselves. They're too busy to be friendly to any white nationalists leader, like their friend Paul Fromm in Canada whose mantra is so wishy-washy as Duke's using the Canadian Security Intelligence Service-financed Heritage Front's "equal rights for whites" certainly not enough to establish a serious white state that they never envision or talk about. In fact whenever he came to Canada when the  media-promoted Heritage Front cop group hit the scene, he was their favorite speaker and was allowed into the country with little trouble. Duke never made contact with his old friends from the Western Guard, which morphed into the Nationalist Party. Instead he hung out with the drug-dealing police-protected Wolfgang Droege, who I recruited in a disco. Droege was the jealous German who led the formation of the now-defunct Heritage Front but ended up murdered in 2005 by a jealous druggie he supplied, over a woman who turned out to be my errant ex-wife. The murderer is now out, cleaned up, sorry and sorry and living with her — for a double sorry — today.

Cheaters never prosper. David Duke doesn't seem to do much traveling these days, concentrating on his website,  "For Human Freedom and Diversity" on its banner. What? Human freedom is innocuous enough, but dirty 'diversity' sticks in the craw of every intelligent white man who knows that this is the very word that race-mixing anti-white  racist multiculturalists utilize to bring in more nonwhites into the white man's lands, as if we live in some land of botanical gardens that need every kind of humanoid around. It's unbelievable, it's ridiculous — some would call it threatening to the white race. But David Duke is unapologetically pushing it. He thinks he's untouchable in his ideological Ivory Tower of old ideas mixed with today's anti-white modernists. Are we all supposed to embrace diversity now that David Duke has? Are we supposed to explain it ion a biological level? 

Pushing diversity at this stage of the white man's denigration is confusing, undermining and political immoral, that white racists will never accept, no matter how much publicity the enemy's media and shekels may bring you. Watering down racists and racism by giving it a lullaby "l" into 'racialism" won't get us anywhere except for the approbation from real racists that's required. Today the white nationalist movement is at an ideological crossroads. Will it be the softly-softly approach of diversity David Duke of the failed old status quo which brought our race to the edge of the abyss, or a proud white racism that respects other races' racism, and looks to form new Constitutional White Racist States for the future whoever they are, as I advocate? White racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past that led us to this 'diversity' — a quagmire of extinction.

I Hope David Duke sees the new shining path and follows it.




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