NDP and Mulcair: The bad and only choice


If anyone had told me in my youth that the New Democratic Party of Canada would one day be a kingmakers (or a king-breaker) in Ottawa, I'd have laughed myself silly. The rise of this federal party of the past few years, a party that grew from an amalgam of labor/socialist Canadians and farmers to the Cooperative commonwealth Federation and later the NDP, is worth noting and examining.

The early days of the party, founded in 1932 under the leadership of J.S. Woodsworth, saw it grow to a modern, viable party that became the pioneers of free health care in Canada, a system that many nations envy about us today. In 1961, under the banner of the New Democratic Party and Tommy Douglas, universal health care for Canadians became its greatest accomplishment. It retained its socialist policies and became known with the support of the Canadian Labor Congress, as the bulwark of Canada's union movement and later, the champions of the poor and disenfranchised, not and of course, internationalism and feminism. The Canadian Labor movement was for years solidly behind the NDP as it expanded from beyond the Canadian prairies to winning elections municipally and provincially. Bob Rae, who later defected to the Liberals, led the New Democrats to its first-ever Ontario provincial election victory in 1990 until being unseated by a landslide in 1993 by the provincial Liberals, who won all but one seat at Queen's Park.

Not until the leadership of Jack Layton did the NDP become a real force to reckon with as they became for the first time in 2011, the Official Opposition in Ottawa. Layton, a likable man with an Asian wife Olivia Chow, was forced to hand over power when he learned he had cancer.

Thomas Mulcair assumed the reins of leadership in 2012. In the legislature, he has been vociferous on NDP concerns like the poor and women's rights' and opposed the tyrannical Bill C-51; yet this law, if not rescinded, can be used to put any perceived opposition threat against "order" much in the way other 'anti-hate legislation put myself and Don Andrews in the docket and the jail cell. The NDP have, despite its leftist bent always been pro-Zionist and pro-Israel. Mulcair's wife Catherine is a Sephardic Jewess; Bob Rae is of Scottish/Jewish heritage and current leader Mulcair has made no secret of his support for Israel. The NDP has been noted for being lax on Israel's atrocities during the Gaza war and tolerated the mess Canada contributed to in Afghanistan. This is consistent in a away [sic] with support for fighting wars against patriarchal societies and cultures, which women, a backbone of NDP support, love.

Harper's anti-white policies, backing of more free trade and outsourcing Canadian jobs to Bangladesh and Mexico, has shown us all his only real "conservatism" — in the pocket, not to mention the billions of tax dollars and Canadian lives lost in foreign wars. Remember when we go there, we bring more of them here — another reason Canada needs to be more isolationist. And we need protectionist policies that will reverse the drain of jobs and manufacturing to other lands. Harper failed miserably on both.

Trust Justin Trudeau, with his father's treacherous leftist multiculturalism legacy and pro-feminism that will land him and the Liberals into political obscurity soon enough? Please! So now,  you have the Liberals supported by the women's bloc vote and the Tories, a bunch of old whites who haven't learned a thing about race. To them, everyone's the same, bad is in every race.  Thomas Mulcair and the women-run NDP are surely not the best choice we have. But between Justin and more years of near-ruin with Harper, better the devil you know; "Fool me once, shame on him; fool me twice, shame on me" certainly applies here. The New Democrats may not publicly want the racist vote, secretly they might not mind it. Power is power, no matter who marks an X next to your name. And the NDP's traditional labor supporters have failed all of us when it comes to protecting Canadian jobs and workers.

Canada's New Democrats did give us universal health care. Next door to the nation that's still trying to get the kinks out of and fighting over "Obamacare," that's quite an accomplishment. And a vote for the NDP is a vote to dump globalist tyranny and sissy sellout Harper. All the Stetsons he wears aren't going to help this Brokeback Mountain cowboy in a few months. We couldn't do worse this point in the game.

Canada's upcoming election will be an important one. Remember what Harper once said, that we wouldn't recognize Canada when he was through with it? The least we can do is make sure he's through with it this October — and God forbid, not with Justin. At least the Tories were right when they said in their ad "He's just not ready."



White nationalist society and state, an ideological necessity


As racists, we have been able to make great progress. part of our ideology — an integral part — has been to advocate and work for a  "Constitutional Racist State" of our own, where we do our own labor and live according to white people's standards and principles.

The next step is the formation of a White Nationalist Society and State (WNNS) — the embodiment of our ideology and the only way of preserving our race, culture and future. Recently, I became the Deputy, and set on promoting and working towards its realization. But there's a big step we need to address and that's to put our racial house in order.

We're all for Canada but now more than ever, we need a parallel, moral society that has white rules. white ethics and white standards of cleanliness, order and common sense and we know there's many whites who hold onto these views and desire a true homeland of their own. Don't think that Sikhs, Muslims or other non-white minorities don't have their own set of values and standards and morals. That's for them to decide for themselves. We now must be a beacon for white nationalists who want to work to build a society of their own. And we're all for racism, of course, but not the phony so-called conservative cowards who think of everyone as a customer that led to the loss of our lands to those who pushed anti-white laws down our throats along with the non-white immigrants who now occupy our lands.

And don't count on the cowardly cheapskate conservatives, "progressive" or otherwise. Even the PC's, with their oxymoronic Progressive Conservative label dropped that first part and are now just "Conservative." In spirit and deed, they're conservative only with their pocketbooks, until they ape the Liberals by doling out billions in foreign aid, free trade scam programs and of course, the billions spent on military meddler-missions. While we're mentioning the Liberals, let's not blame them solely for promoting anti-white policies and things like the many anti-hate laws. Although it was a Liberal; government that enacted Canada's first anti-hate laws, it was a Conservative Ontario Attorney-General (now Judge), Roy McMurtry who allowed the first successful prosecutions of this tyranny against myself and NPC leader Don Andrews. The Tories and their feminist/women-run Christian fellow-travelers have been just as keen as the Liberals when it comes to anti-white laws and policies.

Federal governments in Canada are no slouches when it came to dirty tricks, like playpen taxpayer-funded outfits like the Heritage Front and before that, the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies used then and now to spy on, disrupt and neutralize racist organizations. These days, calling yourself an open racist can be thought of as illegal in Canada. Then there's the runaways, the cowards and sad cases who fled, in some cases, Toronto, at the first warm breath of our racial enemies, like Jeff Goodall, who nonce [sic] was close friends with police agents, and now snipes on his web-page that Don Andrews is "giving ammunition to our enemies."

The events in South Carolina were tragic and horrible, trying to start a racial war. Yet it bares truth the growing frustration of whites in the USA and in Canada and in Europe who are seeing the acceleration of their destruction through free trade, as cheapskate capitalists in search of a few dollars more import more and more foreign labor while outsourcing jobs and companies away from the West. Immigrants who are here are transforming the very nature of our once-European cities. In Toronto alone, once 95% white, now is 51% non-white.

Starting a white nationalist society is an important and attainable goal.  If blacks were serious about black power, they'd already be in charge of their own black nationalist state. In the Southern US, they actually could have done it. It's a lesson we all can learn from

We're all for Canada, but we're racists first. If we aren't, then we are just  propping up anti-white tyranny wherever we are. If we aren't vocal in our racial pride and expressing the imperative to preserve racial identity and integrity through the "White Nationalist Society and State." We need now to make white racists feel that they belong to more than just a country, but a society with common values, common sense of order and community. That's the real strength of any society, big or small, is that unity and unity of purpose, contained in an ideological state that knows right from wrong and knows history and science and the lessons still to be learned from them.

We're still the Nationalist Party of Canada, but now we are promoting the "White Nationalist Society and State," which means if you want to live here, you live by our rules and standards — after all, can you imagine whites going en masse to China or India and start 'laying down the law'? No, her in Canada, we are patriots who fly the flag proudly and for years now have sent out hundreds of requests to banks and businesses to fly the maple leaf. You can see so many more of them in Toronto alone thanks to our efforts.

As Canada Day approaches, let's keep this new "WNNS" as our new touchstone of our ideology. A racial society we can build, sustain and grow to a dynamic country and one that can be and one day will be envied around the world.

Let's get started.


Archie Bunker not funny then, not funny now 


If you're a regular watcher of Deja View (??!), one of Canada's retro sitcom channels, you may be aware of their famous promotion campaign "Funny Then, Funny Now." One of the shows they use it for is the 1970's Norman Lear CBS comedy All In the Family. In this context, it's false advertising.

Norman Lear was a nice Jewish boy producer who specialized in putting down whites. His first attempt was with collaborator Bud Yorkin, was the 1967 comedy Divorce American Style, with Dick Van Dyke and Debbie Reynolds. Played as a dark comedy, it centered on a family on the brink of destruction. The marriage was saved, but not before a lot of unlikely things happened — such as the kids getting too used to mom and dad breaking up.

Two years later, their newest creation aired on CBS, titled All in The Family. Based upon a British comedy called 'Til Death Do Us Part, it featured one Archie Bunker, a slobbish, rude and totally bigoted man who lives with his wife Edith in Queens' New York, along with his daughter Gloria and her husband Mike, a Polish man whom Archie hated and referred to alternately as a "Polack" and "Meathead."

Archie was the ultimate caricature of white bigotry. He hated blacks, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, feminists, homosexuals and "pinkos." Every time he offered an argument to defend his stance it was deliberately lacking in  historical accuracy and/or laced with epithets. Yet he barely tolerated his less-than-bright wife and married daughter acting like a women's libber, parading around in a miniskirt. He berated his wife Edith.

Archie Bunker became the perfect figure of liberal white self-loathing and ridicule of racism— so successful was the series in its run from 1971-1979 that it gave birth to a number of spinoffs: Archie Bunker's Place, The Jeffersons, and Gloria, in which the married mom Gloria Stivic magically was transformed into a single woman who worked foe a veterinarian.

Archie's demeanor almost kept the show off the air, but it survived eight seasons and won over ten Emmys. The series and its spinoffs are still in syndication worldwide. These days, a lot of leftists don't even find Archie's japes about "the coloreds", "spics" and "fairies" funny.  In the seventies, it was shocking to hear that language on broadcast TV, but executives like CBS' — later ABC's and NBC's — Fred Silverman kept the show on the air despite protests and threats of sponsor boycotts. The series took leftist pot-shots at the Klan and gun control, and many times ended with Archie with egg on his face.

AITF was the most diabolical propaganda ever devised to not just promote race-mixing but also to imbue collective guilt and shame against white people who were racially conscious. One of its highest-rated episodes featured the late Sammy Davis Jr., a black man who converted to Judaism, kissing Archie on the mouth.  AITF became the template for a flood of series that bowed, stayed and left from the 1970's to now featuring dumb and/or dysfunctional families, usually white. Later on, non-white families like the Winslows of Family Matters and of course, the Huxtables of The Cosby Show were okay, and solved their problems in  a half-hour. White families were filled with dads who idiots, sneaks and lechers (Married With Children) "pal" dads who let their kids get away with near murder and clueless old codgers who became stepdads to non-white kids — Phil Dunphy and Jay Pritchard and the Cameron Tucker/ Mitchell Pritchard gay dads of Modern Family. We even had a couple of loony dads on Canadian TV: On the long-running hit Corner Gas, Oscar Leroy was a totally nut who managed to run a gas station for over 30 years before handing it over to his son.

But it's the phony bigotry of Archie Bunker and the portrayal of his racism as some kind of Turret's-like disease that undermined white racists and distorted their image. On each episode, Archie hardly ever changed clothes, lying around the house in a rumpled white shirt.

One of Archie's neighbors was a black man who was now part of the "middle class" — George Jefferson, played by Sherman Hemsley on Family and its spinoff The Jeffersons, as a successful businessman who owned a dry-cleaning outfit. Yes, he hated Archie and on his own series, growled at his neighbors, the race-mixed Willises. These days, how many black business tycoons can you name and how many of them wouldn't be worried if a single white guy walked into their church during services, in the seventies or today?

AITF's supporting cast had a hand in the damage done: Sally Struthers, who played Gloria, was in constant combat with her dad's politics alongside her hubby Mike who later became a college professor. Struthers starred in the ill-fated Gloria, which lasted one season before she went to do charity infomercials for the poor of Africa and voice-over work in cartoons. 

Rob Reiner did quite a bit better. The son of TV comedy actor/producer Carl Reiner, he went to head Castle Rock Productions, whose biggest hit, Seinfeld, carried on the sneaky/clueless/mean-spirited/no-morals for almost a decade on NBC. An ardent leftist, he opposed  Proposition 8, to ban gay marriage in California and was a longtime support of Hillary Clinton's presidential bids. Carroll O'Connor was a leftist too. After leaving the Archie Bunker role, he spent seven seasons as star and producer of the TV adaptation of the anti-white film In The Heat of the Night. Norman Lear made a pile of money on white bigot Archie Bunker, whose very name is used as a synonym for white bigotry and for the intelligent "natural-thinking" white racists.

From Happy Days to Modern Family to The Simpsons to you-name-it, bigoted dumb dads rule on TV, cowed by their brilliant wives, bossed around by their kids and others. Archie Bunker and his brood, and all those, then and now, who ridicule natural racism, racists, and portray white dads and family heads as dopes and evil people are still with us and will continue to do so in syndication. Archie's chair is in the Smithsonian. That says a lot about how much we need to defend racial pride and oppose those who portray racists in this manner on TV, in films, everywhere.



Bullying and deceit aren't for whites  

Let's face it — one of the things that many organized white nationalists groups and gangs are known for is being "tough guys." Whether they are the dwindling skinheads or the Southern good old boys of the USA, the real-life persona of many racists isn't far off from the Hollywood media' stereotype of violent, psychotic, homicidal bigots.

As we have said for years in the NPC, real racists believe in the concepts of common sense, good will and fair play. And we believe that other racists have a right to defend their racial heritage too. Lately, though, with the current Western nation passion to wipe out fundamentalist Islam, it's getting harder and harder to find a real racist leader in the US, England, and wherever white people have established and maintain racist movements and organizations. Instead of going online or picking up a newspaper, many white bigots have a simple and stupid solution to the concerns over the all-male "Islamic State" now rising half a world away: "Nuke 'em all."

Real racists do not advocate mass murder. What has been hung over Germany for around seventy years now is still the stigma of Hitler's Nazis. Today many European nations like Sweden and Latvia have become feminized, women-dominated societies where anything goes and the girls, gay and straight, run the show. In many ways, Europe still has not fully recovered from the devastation of two world wars that decimated the best of the white man, now being replaced by wave upon wave of non-white immigrants. Today, all you see that can laughably be described as "men" exists among those of the Ukrainian Azov group. Their idea of macho? Brutally murdering a pregnant woman by hanging and crucifying others. Until the men of the Ukraine decide to become real racists (and not for any Jew-run regime), real whites and real white leaders should not and cannot accept nor support the kind of cruel and sadistic brutality that has been cropping up in the headlines. There is no honor among thieves, and those who are in this movement for solely swaggering rights, blind hatred-fueled violence, or material gain have no business here or place here. They're at least as bad, if not worse, than the cowards who follow government set-up outfits designed to disrupt, corral and/or spy on racists. For years, Canadians funded the Heritage Front, which pushed its way onto the TV screens, books like Web of Hate, headlines and film documentaries and dramas like White Lies, all to learn too late that it was just a CSIS-manipulated sham.

And we don't need the cowardly, sleazy racists in suits who drape themselves in flags with Union Jacks and get to travel unfettered all over without getting so much as a stern look at international customs counters at borders, or those who scamper off to small hamlets like Oshawa and from the comfort of their basements in the '
burbs, put down racists who've risked it all in smarmy Internet blogs.
The white nationalist movement, already under attack here in Canada and elsewhere through spies, anti-racist/anti-hate laws, treachery and government operations to disrupt us and shatter our effectiveness, has enough on its plate. We don't need any bullies, tough guys, reactionaries, "Oy!' yellers, head-bangers or even Sons Of Anarchy-style biker gangs. We need strong, confident, yet intelligent white leaders whose weapon is our ideology of natural racism, not the kind of confusing and dumb 'diversity for humanity' peddled by those like David Duke. Our main purpose should be going after the "race traitors," the anti-racists like Stephen Harper and all those politicians selling our future for free trade and waving in non-whites to take or jobs, ruin our neighborhoods and erode the white man's standards of morals, order, justice and health everywhere.

I've seen lots of 'tough guys' in my forty-plus years in the Nationalist Party and its predecessor, the Western Guard.  Some of these guys made me even fearful when I was contemplating joining the Guard, and concerned that their definition of racist ideology took a back seat to having an excuse to raise hell. In 2015, we don't need to resort to the head-chopping butchery of "ISIS." To say you're a racist and still believe that every non-white should be wiped off the Earth is pure hypocrisy, and must be fought every inch of the way. We can't let historically-ignorant bullies run the show when we are so few on Earth as it is and, as recent reports have stated, getting smaller in numbers every day. Advocating 'nuke 'em defensenocide [sic] shames all whites as much as when we allow the bastards of the CIA to torture prisoners unchallenged. Only real self-defense, not media and Jew-directed blind hatred of Muslims and other groups feared by commies, feminists and every degenerate group that doesn't want their hedonistic good times to end, should we have as any reason for striking at a real enemy of whites.  We don't need to do this phony tough guy act anymore. And we need to find white women who are family-oriented, start new communities and towns and build all-white enclaves in already-here small towns; the big cities are a write-off for whites wishing to maybe take over a town in North America.

There is no honor among thieves and if we as whites come off and strut around as "bad-asses" we shame ourselves and the sincere efforts of all who have gone before us and gave their lives and fortunes in the name of racial pride and racial integrity.  From now own, white men must be tough minded but, most importantly, have common sense, good will and fair play. You don't want your enemies saying that you're unfair. That is how you build and maintain a lasting ideology, an ideology based on Nature and our racial survival, an ideology truly worth fighting for, everywhere.

Let's work to purge the bullies, the weaklings and the ne'er-do-wells from our midst.



The Ontario sex-ed firestorm: Perversion 101   


Perhaps no issue has taken hold of Ontario's scandal- and trouble-prone Liberal government under lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne than the furor over the Province's new sexual education curriculum that will begin in elementary schools this fall.

As a bit of a brief primer, here is what Ontario intends to reach your kids this September: In Grade one, your child will learn the names of his/her body parts — including the private ones, In Grade Two, Kids will be taught that "No" to touching each other in a improper way means no. in Grade 3, it's "gender orientation" (straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.). In Grade 5, intercourse will be discussed and in Grades 7 and 8, contraception, oral and anal sex along with sexually transmitted diseases and contraception. The whole agenda can be obtained from the government's website at www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/

Understandably, many parents of conservative and traditional religions (Christians and Muslims, are incensed. I can't blame them. In a province that crows about accepting all peoples' cultures and traditions, now they have to become "Canadian" — i.e., accept whatever dangerous drivel we hand you and your children. We're building anew world.  Since when did the parents vote to have their job taken away from them, explaining sex and sex issues to their kids and handed over to teachers. who aren't even teaching the Three R's anymore? It's a decision that will, despite Wynne's and lying Education Minister Liz Sandals' assertions, cause more grief and harm to what's left or morals in Ontario than any other policy suggested or instituted so far. Here is a golden opportunity for parents of both the Christian and Islamic faiths to unite on an issue that affects all of them and their families in Ontario. They all worship the same Old Testament God, so  what other obstacle can there be against a united front and a united effort to stop this sex-ed madness from being taught?

It's become a big hot button issue on the talk shows and the pint [sic] media. On May 9, there was a selection of opinions on the sex-ed issue, including one from a parent concerned about the portrayal of the protesters, written to the Toronto Star, which had a number of letters praising the Ontario Liberals and putting down those who worried about the new curriculum. I counted nine in favor of the new sex-ed and four against).


"I found Heather Mallick’s piece to be judgmental and childish. It is not fair to generalize all parents who are protesting as “bad parents,” or to generalize entire neighborhoods as being in “sad enclaves.”

Ms Mallick has resorted to insulting sacred religious prayer traditions and, even more immaturely, making fun of children’s attire, to express her opinion on the new curriculum.


Of course no parent is 100 per cent correct all the time, but at least these parents are on the front lines sticking up for what they believe is right. That seems more helpful to the debate than resorting to slandering others and making rash generalizations.


If we, as adults, are going to resort to name-calling, then what hope do we have for our children? Forget the curriculum. Let’s start by working on the basics, such as showing respect..."  Nazia Khurshid Ahmad, Maple, Ontario

Heather Mallick's comments on the parents who pulled their kids out of school.

That's where it starts, by demonizing parents who want to raise their kids in the religious and cultural traditions that have been handed down by generations for centuries, not have classes about private anatomy forced on kids dealing with inappropriate material, then be condemned by the leftists, gays and creeps who have a suspicious, if not evil, agenda that ironically disrespects their religious rights in violation of our constitution — and certainly doesn't promote multiculturalism vis-à-vis accepting religious diversity, unless, of course, the gay/left gets to interpret what 'diversity'  is now acceptable.

We all saw it coming — Benjamin Levitt, a former University of Toronto professor who rose to Deputy Education Minister under the Ontario Liberals — pleaded guilty to three of seven counts of child pornography-related offenses last spring. And when Kathleen Wynne outed herself as a lesbian, and then after unveiling her plans to put this pro-gay/immoral curriculum into place, blithely dismissed all of its opponents as "homophobes" what did we expect?

Sex education in the schools is (and always was)  commie/feminist social engineering, taking the responsibility for shaping values and teaching kids morals out of parents' hands by law and forcing it in classrooms instead of education and knowledge. Nobody but a child's/teen's parents should discuss sex and related topics like sexting, sexual deviancy, Internet predators, pornography and inappropriate sexual behavior — along with family life and reproduction — nobody, but the parents or guardians.

We're entering a new phase of dangerous times: sexual assault, rape and other horrific crimes that show up all the time in TV, films, and the print/electronic media, is harder than ever to keep kids away from. Legalization of sexual deviancy, tolerance and encouragement for immoral behavior, and just plain not teaching morals in our places of worship, and legalization and acceptance of the gay agendas, both hidden and out there — have all contributed to this crisis, and it is only now that some parents are waking up and pulling kids out of schools in protest. On May 7, The Toronto Sun's Joe Warmington's column revealed that a pamphlet giving explicit sexual instructions and posted on the AIDS Committee of Toronto website was being distributed at Toronto's West End 'Alternative School'.

And this is the 'Brave New World' our kids are going to be forced to navigate? This September, unless there's such a massive cry of protest, this Pandora's Box will be unleashed, and the danger to our kids now will be nothing compared to what the future holds for Ontario's elementary school students.

It's time our schools and our so-called educators got back to the basics. Our kids need to learn about John A. MacDonald, John Cabot and Jacques Cartier, not about their private parts and why Tommy has two mommies. Our kids need to learn to read and write and do math, topics that other nations' kids are surpassing Ontario's kids.

Let's all get busy as the school year winds down and remind our school boards and councilors and the Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals — and Premier Kathleen Wynne — that we're fed up with their crap. Time to get out the pen and get the tweets and emails going, people. The new school year is only a little over three months away.




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