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Late Night Hosts: The White Gusanos Who
Undermine White Society

Way back when, the Western Guard (the Nationalist Party's forerunner) had among its activists an anti-communist Catholic man who wrote for the WG's magazine Straight Talk! An actor by profession, he chose a pseudonym, "El Gusano" meaning "worms",  the term Fidel Castro used to describe those who undermined his red regime).

Looking around what passes for late night entertainment, there's a whole slew of these gusanos, the young, crude hipster would-be pundits everyone loves and whose monologue bits end up on morning talk radio to lead into the first topic for venting.

Late night TV had three "pioneers": Jack Paar, Steve Allen, and Johnny Carson, and they all has arrogant egos the size of Texas.
Paar got into a flap with NBC when they refused to let him say "toilet" on the air. Allen was a anarchistic goofy Jew screwball who ended up as a game show host, as did Pat Sajak did after his short-lived turn replacing Merv Griffin on CBS (Jimmy Kimmel began his TV career as the co-host of Win Ben Stein's Money). When Fox joined the fray in 1986, Jewess when Joan Rivers hosted The Late Show, to be replaced by Canadian Jew Ross Shaffer, then later, Aresnio Hall and Chevy Chase. Fox hasn't a successful talk show since. The self-righteous, know-it-alls still rule late night: After Jon Stewart left The Daily Show, he was replaced by racemixed, unfunny Trevor Noah.

TV has gone a long way down. Once, married couples in sitcoms were never allowed to be shown in bed together, and when Lucille Ball became pregnant, the episode was titled "Lucy is Enceinte" (the word pregnant was forbidden by CBS). Look at Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, et al, these days, and there's always sex jokes, innuendo. and cracks about the favorite whipping boy of all of them, Donald Trump. The venom they have against the white people's president is unprecedented. Even Lyndon Johnson. Richard Nixon and both President Bushes didn't get the kind of abuse and verbal diahrrea these snots spew five nights a week.

And by geez, they're popular. Despite the major broadcast networks' sharp decline in viewers lost to the internet and social media, these late night "sages" are basically keeping them  profitable and on the air, despite salaries that rival sports stars. They are regarded by the Jewsmedia as sages, as respected as news anchors like Lester Holt, Wolf Blitzer and Scott Pelley.

The late-nighters have no use for anyone outside their own elitist world and world view -- especially the 45 million people who voted Donald Trump into office.  The basic difference with the current crop of boobs is that they can get away with toilet jokes, crude sexual double-entendres, even racial jokes once in a blue moon, the kind of material that would have had them blackballed forever from TV.

Every one of these clowns are dangerous -- they are enemies of the white people, disguising their pro-race-mixing/anti- Trump/anti-nationalism with "humor" and mixing it with anti-Islamic/anti-religious bigotry, and the idiot viewers eat it up. Here in Canada, we had our own bully host, a  musclebound crudenik named Mike Bullard, who hosted two talk shows before ending up on radio and later bounced after criminal harassment charges were laid (the same kind of behavior also ended the TV careers of Fox News smar-ass Bill O'Reilly and CBC's Jian Ghomeshi).

Instead of letting them enjoy the bliss of their wealth and arrogance unchallenged, we all should heap insult and approbation on them through their networks and their main sponsors.

Time to get on the Internet, people, and complain about and to these unfunny comics undermining white society

Homosexuals -- Poor Advisors for Heterosexual Activity

One of the biggest announcements at this week's US TV network "Upfronts" was NBC's announcement of a ten-episode reboot of
Will and Grace, the 1996-2006 sitcom all about a homosexual lawyer who's also a BFF/roomie of a neurotic Jewess and their weirdo friends.

Will and Grace was what they like to call a "breakthrough" show. Critics both gay and straight cooed over how it portrayed homosexual activity as a real hoot, funny, normal, the new Disney family values (ABC is owned by Disney) -- and homosexuals, no matter how irreverent, disrespectful and just plain rude and crude-- were now worthy of nothing more than respect.

In 1984, Brothers, a syndicated TV sitcom that boasted among its producers Stu Silver and Katherine Greene, was one of the first TV sitcom to feature homosexuals as main TV show characters (the first was The Corner Bar, which only ran half-a-season). It ran for five years amid a lot of controversy and TV stations who balked at its premise. Slowly, homosexuals both "normal" looking (like the gay brother of Golden Girls' Blanche), to openly flamboyant, began to appear. And as always, they were full of life and morality lessons for us "squares" (don't judge me!). So began the indoctrination.

Just as pedophiles like to "groom" their young victims, so we too. were groomed to accept homosexuality through the 1970 ABC hit The Odd Couple, about two men living together in an apartment-- one a neatness freak, the other a compulsive slob. Based on the hit play and movie by Jew Neil Simon, it has survived four different versions on TV (one an animated cartoon) and CBS has just announced its cancellation, along with that of Two Broke Girls, which features an effeminate North Korean.

Today one of TV's biggest hits (just renewed for its ninth season, is Modern Family. Created by Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd and Steve Levitan, it's about the ultimate California PC/blended family show, including Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker, two gay men who lived together for years before the state legally allowed them to marry, and are the proud cooing parents of Lily, who was adopted by them as a baby from Vietnam (FYI, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell, is gay in real life, as is the show's Julie Bowen who plays the constantly-stressed Claire, Mitchell's sister). And these guys can solve any problem with advice or action (part of their wedding day fiascos included a fire and using Lily to break into a cleaners to get their tuxedos). Mitchell himself, like many reds, isn't one to shy away from putting down those he perceives as unjust yelling "SHAME!", whether it's trying to get his dad's Colombian wife out of a tragic ticket or berating a young boy trying to steal a love poem to woo girl away from Mitchell's nephew.

Over on Will & Grace, Will's buddy Jack (last seen as the host of gay talk show on New York TV) is always the wise one, even compassionate towards ditzy broad Karen. He also like to mooch from the show's title characters.

Today, gays on television have expanded in numbers and portrayals, from homosexuals to the "LGBTQ" community, and mostly in positive roles. Gays as villains and killers have mostly been confined to movies like Silence of The Lambs and The Crying Game. These days, gays are a powerful force -- they have their own economic communities internationally and can boycott-threat their way into having the Jewsmedia kowtow to them whenever they are portrayed negatively, by lobby groups like American-based GLAAD. Yet despite their proliferation on visual media, gays still aren't happy (big surprise). HBO's Looking revolved around three gay men.

The gay agenda is always pushed.. it's a revelation now as gays come out of closet. You get weak men. Here in Toronto, Black Lives Matter cowed Pride Toronto on whether cops should appear in uniform there and threatened the parade unless their demands were met.They end up exposing their hypocrisy and embarrassing themselves, and making more resentment.

Advice on how to act like like a man would be laughed at in the black community. It's the whites who get suckered into effeminate male clothing and behavior. That's why black partners are male and female virtually exclusively.

In normal relations with men and women, men choose the partners. Women have been taught that homos know how men should dress, act, wear haircuts; they  elevate gays to the status of demi-angels (who in real life treat heterosexual women like sluts). Gays are the last ones to "advise" us in unnatural. Women out them on pedestals, they'll go to homosexual for advice -- what do they need with kids and raising families? We end up with homosexual "oracles", who need to be ignored the way many whites now ignore and distrust the media. And through their moms and girlfriends, queers are advising kids they didn't raise (The Modern Family gays are always out to give their take on love to the kids while the dads are a lovable nut (Phil Dunphy) and an old cranky guy (Jay Pritchett). The end result in real life is not a long-lasting union, because the woman runs the show until one of them loses interest. There's no male drive to stay with a woman for years if she's the boss...and getting advice from a queer who has no use for breeding a new generation.

We don't want any super-creatures ruling us (including Allah)

Much of the "humor" of gay-oriented comedies is centered on chiding straights about their attitudes -- or welcoming those who finally accept them (a recurrent theme on Modern Family is Mitchell's he-man businessman dad coming to terms with his gayness while raising a Latino stepson who loves musicals).

Three's Company, where a young man (the late John Ritter) manages to fool two bumbling landlords into letting him room with two beautiful women by pretending to be gay, opened the dirty door a little more in the late Seventies.  When the AIDS crisis broke in the Eighties, Hollywood was screaming for acceptance of the perversion, from the death of ex-screen idol Rock Hudson to "You can't get AIDS from a drinking glass" to "AIDS is not a bad person's disease". Four episodes of Golden Girls touched on gay and AIDS issues, pushing their fans to "be nice!". Today gays and LGBTers are just like the next door neighbor on almost every sitcom from the fifties onward. One of perverted comedy hit Seinfeld's best known lines is (referring to gays) is "not that there's anything wrong with that!" And on now-syndicated Everybody Live Raymond, mother Marie Barone still believes her heterosexual son Robert is secretly gay and bugs him about it constantly.

Real men are mocked by gays, and men are tricked into trying to be metrosexuals -- the nice, "harmless" and unmanly man dumb women now go for. Macho is out, being "neanderthal"  -- tight jeans and soft voices are in.

The arrogance of gays has pushed its way from late night to prime-time to any time on TV thanks to syndication. No one cares anymore, and now its time for the final frontier -- making every form of human perversion acceptable and even desirable on TV. They flog their righteousness fiercely and alternate it with the kind of victim-hood once reserved for visible minorities. The rainbow flag has become a diversity of flaunting degeneracy, and yes, the only squeak we've heard from "conservatives" is the anger over the cancellation of Tim Allen's Last Man Standing.

It's something to think about next time you settle in for an night of TV with the family -- maybe enough to write to/e-mail the networks. We don't need homosexual advice on human relations.

And oh yeah, white men and women -- start replenishing our dwindling white numbers and don't allow the homosexual agenda to be accepted as normal. We don't need their advice on anything -- not now, not ever.

Islamophobia Will Destroy Us... Racism Will Save Us


The recent elections in France gave the Jewsmedia pundits a reason (sort of)  to sigh in relief over fears that Marine LePen would be France's next leader (chances are she would have fared better if she stopped relying on the women's vote and made amends with her father Jean-Marie. founder of the National Front. The latest news is that she may "revamp" the NF, even giving it a new name and trying to distance it from White French racists.

Around Europe, elections in Austria (Heinz-Christian Strache's FPO) and the Netherlands (homosexual Geert Wilders' Freedom Party) have made international headlines, as nationalists have appeared to make gains, many of them thanks to that nasty little distraction of many "nationalist/alt.right/neo-Nazi" parties: A woman, Frauke Petry, just took over Alternative for Germany (AFD). In France, white woman-promoted hatred of patriarchal Islam rising in a number of Middle Eastern countries has taken the place of any discussion of race and refugees -- and the immigration to many Western European countries who've been letting nonwhites in for years now, as reports of nonwhite crime like rape and robbery and murder start to surface.

All these European nationalists had going for them along with their women was fear of Islam, and hoped that fear and the women who kept churning it, supported by thugs, would propel them to power.  They weren't for white culture or preserving it -- not in Austria, not in the Netherlands and surely not in France.  These "racialists" (the cowardly term for racists) ended up blowing smoke and opinion  among pundits was divided between ridicule and a fear over their respective support in their nations growing. In America we had the shameful spectacle of the "Oath Keepers" siding with "Antifa" and anti-racists in New Orleans.

With the squeaked-in victory last November of Donald Trump (elected by white men) and the higher profile of "nationalist" outfits who are harping away at the rise of Islamic influence and numbers there as their barren women and anti-white traitors rule the roost, there is a crying need to emphasize race in European (and North American) politics as a priority, instead of pushing Western leaders into making more war on Islamic groups, spending more useless billions on unwinnable wars that could go to solve their domestic issues like poverty and job creation. Now, with Macron's victory, Le Pen found out that being "moderate" isn't going to work as France will continue to slide into more crime and chaos. Europe's politicians haven't done a thing for whites. They brought the immigrants there and now watch as Europe goes through maybe its greatest maelstrom since World War II. These camouflage campaigns of nationalism aren't racism, and never will be.

And let's remember that Christians and Muslims both worship the same Old Testament God. Christianity has spawned another sector of those willing to send whites to their deaths in a stupid attempt to re-fight the Crusades. King Richard is dead, people.

We need to stop wasting time on half-measures and realize that's it's our wild white women who are the problem. Feminism won't save the day, as Marine LePen learned to her sorrow (and now is taking steps that may destroy her dad's political party). Race and Nature trump religion. And whites in Europe and here need to stop apologizing and trying to be "populists" and meaningless "alt-righters"... that's where racists have failed: by not being open racists and pussyfooting around with obstacles and distractions like trying to wipe out fundamentalist Muslims and blowing billions on useless wars that kill our own and merely anger them more enough to want revenge.

We don't need to fear any kind of world caliphate about to emerge. We need to remember that and "Whites" who act or say things against race are traitors and agents. We need to stop wasting time with half-assed measures and slogans like "Equal Rights for Whites" (which election-loser David Duke used along with the CSIS-run Heritage Front). These slogans and attitudes are demoralizing and as we dwindle down as a race, we can't engage in this racially-lethal nonsense anymore.

Let's stop using patriarchal Muslims and Islamophobia as a phony excuse and turn to racism --open racism -- as the only way to unite whites in Europe and North America. Whether its' Wilders, Canada's Conservative leader hopeful Kellie Leitch, or whoever wants to waste our time, it's time to show them the door out.  Bigotry against Muslims is a dumb luxury we don't have time for with our numbers -- and race -- are dwindling.

Canadian Conservatism Needs Some Masculinity

One of the biggest beefs of women's libbers revolves in politics around the phrase "Old Boys' Network". a term usually described (in my experience) to describe Republicans and Conservatives.

Here in Canada, Conservatives have tried to be a lot of things since they began. Many still remember their little earthquake when they went they went through the nonsense of cozying up those Preston Manning Reform Party twits, who evolved into the "Canadian Alliance" whose logo looked like a warning from al-Qaeda, and who now dropped the oxymoronic "Progressive" part of their name and are now just Conservatives, what ever the hell that means.

"Conservative" should mean being faithful to tradition and heritage (if you have to get a dictionary to find out its real meaning, go back to Where's Waldo), not just to the pocketbook and being cheapskates. Most of those vying for the leadership of the party this month don't hit the mark, but a few now have a better shot at succeeding Stephen Harper than before. And we need to be more masculine, too, get away from the pinkish feminist policies that mark those in power like Toronto Mayor John  Tory. Let's look at a few of the hopefuls:

Maxime Bernier the top contender as of this writing, can do what his biggest booster Kevin O'Leary can't -- speak French-- but his two-tier health care idea is not what Canadians need: a universal system, with free care and medications to those who really need it, free of charge. Paying for it can come from the oodles we save if we pull our troops out of everywhere they don't belong and the oodles saved by not bringing refugees here across our sieve border.

Kellie Leitch is one of two women competing for the top post. She's praiseworthy of Donald Trump, and believes that Immigrants need to be screened through a Canadian values test and wants the CBC de-funded and dismantled.

Lisa Raitt, the other female Tory leadership candidate, wants immigrants screened for "Anti-Canadian values", supports gun ownership and the repeal of dumb "carbon pricing".

Andrew Scheer is for better immigrant screening and claims to be pro-life, but has no stated policies concerning stopping abortion and abortion clinics.

There is one outstanding thing all the Tory hopefuls share-- they have nothing for helping poor whites, for stopping the drainage and outsourcing of jobs by foreign-dominated Canadian industry, no plans to help the homeless, nothing to stop the growing rate of violent nonwhite crime in Canada. And no plans to pull our troops out of no-win war zones where we have no business being in. Bottom line, nothing showing a lot of that great manly virtue of courage.

Let's face it-- Canada is pretty much a women's nation, with a bloc vote powerful enough to send pretty boy Prince Valiant Justin Trudeau to the PM's office. White men are afraid to be a real conservatives in a liberal/libertine nation like this one with its history of Protestant (Catholic lite) rule. Though a Liberal, Jean Chretien kept us out of Iraq, future PM's put our young men and women in the crosshairs of fundamentalist Islamists.. and kept them there, threatening to add more in places like Mali.

Canada needs to be ruled by real men, real conservatives, not penny-pinching, service-cutting austerity tyrants. It will be awhile before whoever becomes the new Tory leader faces the Liberals at the polls. In the meantime, we need to restore the meaning and practice of real conservatism --not the stupid "progressive" kind, conservative in finances only and loving mercantilism and free trade tyranny and globalism, but respectful of and promoting
the needs of Canadians first and a reverence for our heritage and history. A few of those in the race that's winding down have some good points, but there's always room for improvement.

Let's put some masculinity back in conservatism -- here and abroad.

White Racists Say: Look in the Mirror, America

One does not need to be a fan of TV's "reality crime" shoes like Homicide Hunter or Murder She Solved to know that crime in North America is rampant. Even a cursory look at the newspapers or local TV news broadcast will tell you it's not safe anywhere-- not in schools, malls, even attending funerals in churches.

And it's not just murder. Muggings, rapes, robbery and missing persons/kidnapping cases are flooding police everywhere and the creeps who are arrested (mostly nonwhite) are flooding the courts and the US justice system so badly many are released just because too much time has elapsed between arrest and trial.

I am a big believer in "justice delayed is justice denied", but with all the technology, all the forensic science resources available at local, federal and international levels that still can't make a dent in violent crime, it's little wonder that many Americans long for the days when horse thieves ended up on the end of a hangman's noose. Nowadays you hardly hear of sny neighborhood watch group, or even the famous Guardian Angels doing what our cops are paid to do -- apprehend drug users, peeping toms, pimps, gang members, sundry other ne'er-do-wells.

Cops aren't plentiful enough. Or they're so afraid of treading against the new class of criminal now with diplomatic immunity (nonwhites) for fear of reprisals from commies, feminists, Black Lives Matter, Hatewatch or the US Justice Department Civil Rights Division.

I've been reading about crime since a paperback book by John Godwin came out called Murder USA: The Ways We Kill Each Other (Ballantine Books) chilled me to the bone. In the 1970s in Toronto and other Canadian cities when immigrants took advantage of the official Canadian policy of multiculturalism and invaded our cities... first the line violent stick-up robbers and rapists, and later, the gangs like the Cripps, Bloods, Malvern Crew, and others warring with each other, occasionally taking down a white life like the Jane Creba 2005 Boxing Day murder that many have forgotten. But it's in the US that's gotten used to this mayhem instead of getting tough and getting organized, where they have given up their safety to the monsters.

Just take missing persons. As of September of last year, 83,957 people were reported missing, with over 50,000 of them adults (figures from USA Today) The 2015 FBI Uniform Crime Report revealed a jump in violent crime of 3.9 percent (a given total of 1,197,704 violent crimes occurred nationwide), with only property crime showing a decline.

We all know the causes -- the Seinfeld morality that carried over to other shows like Family Guy and South Park and still treating crime with comedy (Jewess Amy Schumer has a new one in the theatres this spring, Snatched, about a mother and daughter kidnapped while on vacation).
Also, there's law enforcement that is too scared to enforce the law,  commies and feminists more concerned with human rights than the safety of our daughters, mothers, wives and sisters, and an endless narrage of graphic violence on TV and films. Although the two Criminal Minds series on CBS have been cancelled (along with the gruesome Silence of the Lambs spinoff Hannibal) , more continue,and more are on the way: The dark and disturbing  Batman adaptation of Gotham has been renewed on Fox and a new version of Stephen King's It, all about a monstrous shape-shifting John Wayne Gacy-inspired killer clown, is being remade for TV. The new season of cop show spoof Angie Tribeca has an "LOL" plot revolving around a serial killer.

For years, whites have, after being tired of fleeing away from blood-soaked city streets, yelled in vain  for something, anything to be done, only to have their cries fall on deaf ears.

It's time America looked in the mirror and chucked what passes for its media-fed "morality" and started to protect itself, beginning revived the old notion of neighborhood watches, young, husky men going on patrol and ready to stop any trouble where they find it. You really think that politicians in their nice safe neighborhoods and gated communities give a damn about the city falling apart and crime (only when it's an issue of now-necessary racial profiling that they are trying to squelch), or when they dab an eye at a funeral for a young person killed by gunfire and have a photo-op promising to "get tough on crime". Give me a break.

The time for bleating about our lost kids, "diversion programs", rap stars trying to get young blacks not to join gangs after years of glorifying the gangsta lifestyle, ad nauseaum, are over. The white people are losing our own in this daily and nightly slaughter.

And let's not forget the other violent crimes: assaults, robberies, rapes, and worse. We need to increase the pressure on legislators all over North America to stop talking and put in tough enforcement and tougher laws to punish violent criminals -- including the death penalty. Yes, capital punishment for premeditated murder. In the US and Canada -- our murder rates are by proportion getting bad as America's, despite Statistics Canada's latest claims that homicide and other serious crime rates are lower.

We need to bring back the rope for murder, a tougher and ENFORCED laws for kidnapping, sexual abuse and violent robberies and assaults.
And we need a moratorium on immigration now.

Most of all, we need to be the sentinels of our own neighborhoods and communities, to organize patrols and make the scumbags and creeps think twice before preying on us.

It starts with you.


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