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White Racists Say: Look in the Mirror, America


One does not need to be a fan of TV's "reality crime" shoes like Homicide Hunter or Murder She Solved to know that crime in North America is rampant. Even a cursory look at the newspapers or local TV news broadcast will tell you it's not safe anywhere-- not in schools, malls, even attending funerals in churches.

And it's not just murder. Muggings, rapes, robbery and missing persons/kidnapping cases are flooding police everywhere and the creeps who are arrested (mostly nonwhite) are flooding the courts and the US justice system so badly many are released just because too much time has elapsed between arrest and trial.

I am a big believer in "justice delayed is justice denied", but with all the technology, all the forensic science resources available at local, federal and international levels that still can't make a dent in violent crime, it's little wonder that many Americans long for the days when horse thieves ended up on the end of a hangman's noose. Nowadays you hardly hear of sny neighborhood watch group, or even the famous Guardian Angels doing what our cops are paid to do -- apprehend drug users, peeping toms, pimps, gang members, sundry other ne'er-do-wells.

Cops aren't plentiful enough. Or they're so afraid of treading against the new class of criminal now with diplomatic immunity (nonwhites) for fear of reprisals from commies, feminists, Black Lives Matter, Hatewatch or the US Justice Department Civil Rights Division.

I've been reading about crime since a paperback book by John Godwin came out called Murder USA: The Ways We Kill Each Other (Ballantine Books) chilled me to the bone. In the 1970s in Toronto and other Canadian cities when immigrants took advantage of the official Canadian policy of multiculturalism and invaded our cities... first the line violent stick-up robbers and rapists, and later, the gangs like the Cripps, Bloods, Malvern Crew, and others warring with each other, occasionally taking down a white life like the Jane Creba 2005 Boxing Day murder that many have forgotten. But it's in the US that's gotten used to this mayhem instead of getting tough and getting organized, where they have given up their safety to the monsters.

Just take missing persons. As of September of last year, 83,957 people were reported missing, with over 50,000 of them adults (figures from USA Today) The 2015 FBI Uniform Crime Report revealed a jump in violent crime of 3.9 percent (a given total of 1,197,704 violent crimes occurred nationwide), with only property crime showing a decline.

We all know the causes -- the Seinfeld morality that carried over to other shows like Family Guy and South Park and still treating crime with comedy (Jewess Amy Schumer has a new one in the theatres this spring, Snatched, about a mother and daughter kidnapped while on vacation).
Also, there's law enforcement that is too scared to enforce the law,  commies and feminists more concerned with human rights than the safety of our daughters, mothers, wives and sisters, and an endless narrage of graphic violence on TV and films. Although the two Criminal Minds series on CBS have been cancelled (along with the gruesome Silence of the Lambs spinoff Hannibal) , more continue,and more are on the way: The dark and disturbing  Batman adaptation of Gotham has been renewed on Fox and a new version of Stephen King's It, all about a monstrous shape-shifting John Wayne Gacy-inspired killer clown, is being remade for TV. The new season of cop show spoof Angie Tribeca has an "LOL" plot revolving around a serial killer.

For years, whites have, after being tired of fleeing away from blood-soaked city streets, yelled in vain  for something, anything to be done, only to have their cries fall on deaf ears.

It's time America looked in the mirror and chucked what passes for its media-fed "morality" and started to protect itself, beginning revived the old notion of neighborhood watches, young, husky men going on patrol and ready to stop any trouble where they find it. You really think that politicians in their nice safe neighborhoods and gated communities give a damn about the city falling apart and crime (only when it's an issue of now-necessary racial profiling that they are trying to squelch), or when they dab an eye at a funeral for a young person killed by gunfire and have a photo-op promising to "get tough on crime". Give me a break.

The time for bleating about our lost kids, "diversion programs", rap stars trying to get young blacks not to join gangs after years of glorifying the gangsta lifestyle, ad nauseaum, are over. The white people are losing our own in this daily and nightly slaughter.

And let's not forget the other violent crimes: assaults, robberies, rapes, and worse. We need to increase the pressure on legislators all over North America to stop talking and put in tough enforcement and tougher laws to punish violent criminals -- including the death penalty. Yes, capital punishment for premeditated murder. In the US and Canada -- our murder rates are by proportion getting bad as America's, despite Statistics Canada's latest claims that homicide and other serious crime rates are lower.

We need to bring back the rope for murder, a tougher and ENFORCED laws for kidnapping, sexual abuse and violent robberies and assaults.
And we need a moratorium on immigration now.

Most of all, we need to be the sentinels of our own neighborhoods and communities, to organize patrols and make the scumbags and creeps think twice before preying on us.

It starts with you.


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