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Happy European Heritage Week 2015

The European Heritage Week Celebration Committee invites everyone to have a Happy European Heritage Week from Monday October 12 (Canada's Thanksgiving) to Sunday October 18, 2015

Go to your local library and learn about European cultures and contact your schools to hold events and study groups and if your community hasn't declared it, get in touch with us or contact your local councilor or mayor.


September push is on for declaring European Heritage Week

Labor Day marks the next group of municipal ties to be asked to declare European Heritage Week; They are:

British Columbia:
Prince Rupert, Lee Brain, Mayor ; Port Alberni, BC, Mike Ruttan, Mayor.

Barrhead, Gerry St. Pierre, Mayor; Wainwright, Brian Bethune, Mayor; Rocky Mountain House, Fred Nash, Mayor; Edson, Greg Psychy, Mayor; Wood Buffalo, Melisa Blake, Mayor.

If your city or town has not declared European Heritage Week (October 12-18) contact your local representatives and encourage them to do so.


Watching the watchers: A spy's guide to Berlin

At the former headquarters of the East German secret police, cheerful American and British tourists scan maps and chatter as they file into the blocky concrete building once known as "the House of One Thousand Eyes." [ More ]


Advice for foreigners on how Britons walk

We drive on the left, but which side do we walk on?

Some friends from Australia asked me this question as we battled down London's Oxford Street the other day, weaving our way through determined shoppers, rushing office workers and ambling tourists.

The answer is we don't. The British have little sense of pavement etiquette, preferring a slalom approach to pedestrian progress. When two strangers approach each other, it often results in the performance of a little gavotte as they double-guess which direction the other will turn. [ More ]


Scottish independence: A layman's glossary

Scots phrases - and non-Scots political terminology - have been peppering speeches by both the Yes and No camps ahead of the referendum on 18 September.

There's a reason why politicians have been slipping into Scots, according to Murray Pittock, professor of English literature at Glasgow University.

"They're trying to achieve a register which says 'I'm authentic, I'm part of the community'," he says. Here is a guide to a few of the terms currently cropping up regularly. [ More ]


The map that saved the London Underground

Europe was about to tear itself apart, but Londoners in 1914 were more preoccupied with the overcrowding on the Tube and a profanity uttered in a new West End play.

Just outside St Paul's, the Tube train hiccoughs twice, then stops. The bearded man in painter's overalls squashed beside me asks rhetorically why we should pay such ludicrous ticket prices for such a geriatric transport network? A flood of complaints echoes him: "London's going to the dogs!

Suddenly, there's a bellow of laughter and the bearded man points at the priority seat for the elderly and disabled. In the round typeface, synonymous with the London Underground, someone has replaced the sticker with one of his own.

"Priority seat for persons with gonorrhea and genital herpes," it reads.

A raucous cheer breaks out and a round of applause. "You gotta laugh," winks the bearded man. "I mean, at least we can still laugh, eh?" [ More ]


France's unwanted Roma

France has possibly the harshest policy in Europe towards Roma immigrants. Most live in camps that are regularly demolished by police - and then rebuilt. Every year thousands are deported, but the overall number in the country remains the same.  [ More ]


Stonehenge may hold the key

Why did European DNA suddenly change 4,000 years ago?

The genetic makeup of Europe mysteriously transformed about 4,000-5,000 years ago, researchers have discovered. An Australian team found the unexplained change while analyzing several skeletons unearthed in central Europe that were up to 7,500 years old. They say the rapid expansion of the Bell Beaker culture, which is believed to have been instrumental in building the monoliths at Stonehenge, could hold the key.  [ More ]


Dynamic Scotland
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Mail Rail: The hidden trains under London's streets
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In Pictures: Ukraine's Deadly Protests in Pics
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Oslo’s rapid growth redefines Nordic identity
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Mini-Guide to East London
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A New Take on Roman Classics
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Switzerland's Habitats in the Sky
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The Stranger Side of Switzerland
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Face to Face With Leonardo da Vinci
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Exploring the catacombs of Paris
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Why study Latin?

  [ More ]


Created in 1994 by Don Andrews, this special celebration was originated to commemorate the contribution of European culture and history to Canada's multi-ethnic mosaic.

From 1994 this special week has been celebrated each year beginning on the observance of Canadian Thanksgiving. In its first seven years, cities across Canada have officially proclaimed it. These cities include Victoria BC, Charlottetown PEI, Hamilton Ontario, London Ontario, and Peterborough Ontario.

The reach of "European Heritage Week" is international. In 1994 Queen Elizabeth II gave approval to the concept of celebrating the contribution of European culture and history in a letter to the Celebration Committee. In 1999 the California State Legislature officially proclaimed October as California's "European Heritage Month."

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