White Women's Worries: The Growing Popularity of Dog Meat in Indonesia

Trudeau Slow to Military Mission (Say No To Dumb Globalists' Military Service)

Freedom Day Protests in Minsk

Neighbors Trash Ivanka Trump and Family

Tuareg Factions to Boycott Globalists' Mali Peace Conference

Scuffles at California Trump Rally

Whiny Americans Should Not Cry When Attacked They Just Killed 200 in Mosul

Let's Keep Our Heads: Tell Trudeau (at pm@pm.gc,.ca) Not to Send Any Troops to Africa's Jihadists

One Killed in Racemixers' Ohio Nightclub

It's Their Way: 40 Policemen Beheaded in DR Congo

Belarus (White Russians) Protesters Grabbed off The Streets, Beaten by Red Dictator's Regime in Europe

Big Anti-Abortion Marches in Smart Romania and Moldova

The Greatest Generation Just A Bunch of Naive Dummies Who Allowed Their Baby Boomer Kids to Run Amok and Destroy the White Race


US Paki Puppets Fence Won't Stop Any Determined Jihadists

ISIS Heading West in the Middle East

Stripper Joke by MP: Tempest in A Teapot

Florida Sex Offender Allowed to Practice Law in Ontario

Bacteria Takes Woman's Limbs

As We Said: EU Tyranny Blasted by Patriotic Italians

Trump Unhappy as His Jew Son-in-Law on Ski Slopes as Health Bill Fails in Congress

Travel Warning: Protests in Colonialists' French Guyana -- Don't Go There

Violent People: In Murderers' El Salvador , Sisters Killed, 2-Month-Old Girl Missing


Man Blows Self Up Near Bangladesh Airport: ISIS Takes Credit

Anger as Dumb Laptop Ban Comes Into Force

Good News: Globalists Defeated in Tiny Macedonia
US & Iraqi Mercenaries Wreak Havoc in Mosul

Fight Between People on Sidewalk Leads to Shooting in Toronto

Too Rude! Nova Scotia Government Yanks Man's Last Name from License Plate

More Border Worries: 29 Inmates Tunnel Out of Northern Mexico Prison

Hey Dummies, Here's Why They Hate Us: 230 Civilians Killed Overnight by US Bombing in Mosul

Jakarta School Brawl

More Pentagon US Excuses for Failed Afghan Invasion Russians Supplying Arms to the Taliban--Just Get Out!

Dumb Women's Canadian Regime Passes Anti-Islamophobia Motion

White Supremacist Who "Had Enough" Charged with Killing Black New Yorker

Jewish Man Arrested for Making Threats Against Jewish Centres

British MP "A Hero" After Rushing to Help Officer in London Attack

Vaughan (The City Above Toronto) Plagued with Criminal Executions

Girl Takes Pope's Hat: Bad Omen for Catholic Church as Women Will Wreck their Religion

Danger Everywhere: Police Officer, 3 Others, Shot Dead in Small Wisconsin Town

Canada's Phony Liberal Populists Won't Tax the Rich in New Budget

Racemixing Never Works: NY Stabbing Suspect Targeted Black Men

Fire Destroys A Christian White Racists's Church
Mean Sinhala: UN Condemns Sri Lanka Over War Crimes Probe

South Korea Raises Sunken Ferry After Three Years

Meddler Limeys Scared: 8 Arrested in London 'Terror' Attack

Syrian Rebels Press Major Assault Near Hama

In a Colonialist Construct Country: Misrata Militia Topples City Leaders in Blow to Libya's Unity

Man Jailed Indefinitely for Refusing to Decrypt Hard Drive Loses Appeal

Imperialists' Idiocy: America's My Lai Massacre, 49 Years Later

More Globalist Stupidity: US Troops  Behind ISIS Lines...Heads Will Roll

Trump's Fool War-dog Tillerson Promises Deaths in Iraq For Its Citizens and Americans

Fake Newsmedia's "Crisis": Trump Aide Allegedly Hid Pro-Russia Payments

Topless Protester Acquitted

Busy at the Border in January and February (Close It!)

Now Popular, Anti-Semitic Rants Support Man Accused of "Twitter Assault"

Chuck Barris, Jew Creator of The Gong Show and Self-declared CIA Hit Man, Dead at 87 (Good Riddance)

It's Dumb to Let A Transgender Athlete to Win A Women's Weightlifting Competition

With White Populist Support, Trump Compared to Hitler, Mussolini in NY School

Boy Accidentally Hangs Himself in Store
Accused Canadian Killer Stepfather of 7-Year-Old Finally Arrested
Commies' Belarus: 20 Foreign-Funded Militants Arrested


Greatest Danger: Jews Know North Korea Should Not Be Poked in the Eye

Over 50,000 in Macedonia Anti-Government Protests

Al-Shabaab ("The Youth") Suicide Bomber Kills At Least 5 in Somali Capital

Globalist Jew Censors' Twitter Blocks Over 600,000 Accounts Over Orwellian 'Terror' Promotion
Complain to Twitter for Their Blocking Free Speech

Makes Jews Look Bad: Palestinian Teen Killed by  Israeli  Gunfire in Gaza


Christianity is Judaism Lite: Purported Jesus Tomb Restored by Jews in Israel

Dumb Idea: Toronto To Try Unstaffed Libraries

Too Hot to Handle: Embattled Senator's Lawyer Quits

Feds Put Kibosh on Trudeau Cutouts (Get Rid of Them!)

One-foot-in-the-Grave White Self-loathers Still Commenting on White Racist Rallies and Activities Here to Secure Our Future

Canadians Want Our Borders Secure

Tell Trudeau to Deport The Invaders (We Will), at

Sad: Body of Missing Woman Found in Port Credit, Ontario

117 Killed in Iraq as ISIS Captures 9 Iraqi Officers

Car Bomb Kills at Least 23 in Baghdad

Commie Feminist Racemixer Fool IRA Leader Dead at 66

Waste of Time: Globalists' Iraq Stooge Trump Plot to Get Rid of Allah's Hardline Followers from ISIS

FBI Snakes Probe Russian Meddling: Like a Fox Looking Out for the Chickens

Frenchmen! LePen is The Only Anti-immigrant Candidate on the Issue

Americans, Stop Your Invasions and You Won't Be So Paranoid When Traveling

Tell Trump We Don't Need A New War with North Korea...Let Them Unite and Withdraw All US Troops

And Tell Him to Get US Troops Out of Afghanistan--Even Allies Can't Be Trusted Not To Kill Americans (we Will)
Trump's Contact Page:

Let's Get This Monster Child Killer


Longtime Globalist Jewsmedia Hack Jimmy Breslin Dies

Violent Racemixed Latinos in Venezuela Find Mass Grave with Headless Bodies

Worried Spaniards Rally to Stop Catalan Independence Bid

Globalist Paki Regime Still Killing Its' Citizens for Foreigners: 30 Dead

Twin Bombings in Taj Mahal's City of Agra Following ISIS Threats

80 Killed in Iraq on Sunday

Tell The President Drew Faust of Harvard They're Spreading Fake News with Their Support of Globalists and Racemixing
Harvard Contact Page:

CIA Are A Bunch of Torturers

Tell Donald Trump to Shut Them Down and Gitmo

Angry Muslim Shiite Schismatics of Hezbollah Claim Israel is Protecting ISIS... Dream On!

Mass Rally in Paris Over Police Brutality

Suprise Rebel Assault in Syria's Capital

Latina Nut Legislator Jessica Farrar Wants Men Fined $100 Each Time They Masturbate

Tell Her She's Mentally Ill..We Will,

Ordinary White Folks Back Donald Trump -- The Red Chinese Recognize This

Be Careful: Loblaws Gift Cards Come Up Empty at Checkout

No Big Deal: Fat-assed Globalist Cuckservative Jason Kenney Wins Alberta BC Leadership

Another Slave of Allah Ready to Die for Him on Paradise Promises in Paris

LOL: Anti-White Globalist Racemixers Protest Natural Racism of Whites in Post-Brexit Times

Another Rotten Rock & Roll Racemixer Chuck Berry Dies

Focus on al-Nusri Mosque in Ongoing Battle with Globalist Puppets and ISIS Caliphate

Vote Fraud:Troy Fools Failed to Represent Populist Whites

Tory Leadership: O'Leary Whines Over Vote Rigging (They're All Cuckservatives)

Wow-- Diversity is Our Downfall: Politically Correct Cops Concerned Over Incidents of 'Hate Crime' in Multicult Toronto

Planes Collide Over Montreal Area Mall

Rare: Buddhist Suicide Bomber Attacks Bangladesh Police Special Forces Base

In Crime-Ridden Uganda A Top Cop Is Assassinated

Thousands Stage Anti-Militia Protests in Libya's Capital

The US Navy's $35 Million Scandal: Hookers, Booze and A Naked Guy Named "Fat Leonard"

Just 63 Killed in Iraq Friday


Imperialist Globalist Limeys Send Troops and Tanks All the Way to Estonia

Call, E-Mail the Costa Rica President Luis Solis and Ambassador and Trudeau to Bring Woman Back from a Black Cult.. We Will  

Trudeau Email:
Costa Rica Government Website:


Read story Here:


White Nationalism for North America and Australia: Ethnic White National Identity for Europeans is Best

Violent Latinos: Deadliest Beat, Reporting on Mexico's Drug War

Somali Refugees Die in Attack Off Yemen Coast

A Hunched-Up Old Woman Runs Feminist-Voter Germany: Trump Looks Good Beside Her

Look.. Jews Run the Globalist Tool: Official Resigns Over Israel Apartheid Report

Jittery Police: Man Killed After Attack at Orly Airport in Paris

Globalist Regime Winning: Rebel-Held Areas Shrink with Commie KGB Putin's and NATO, US, Turkey's Help

Wilfrid Laurier Professor Laments Political Correctness on Canadian Campuses...Commies Hate Free Speech for Racists

Irish Woman Killed in GOA: Race Is All...Don't Go There

Senator Wants Forgiveness for Sex With Teen: Canada's Senate Full of Useless Rotten Characters

NDPer Caves to Black Lives Matter Attacks: Commies Are Useless for Saving the White Race


Florida's New State Attorney Won't Seek Death Penalties for Monster Murderers

Tell Her She's Wrong  -- (Florida Department of Justice Contact Page):

Payback Time! North Koreans Put Fear in One Time-Invader-Occupier Japs with First Sirens and Missile Drill



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