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Let's Remove White Race Traitors Paul and Carol Mott From
the Canadian Airwaves!

White racists are nicer than the Paul and Carol Mott.


They're the old horsey-set couple who pretend  to have a talk show on Toronto's Newstalk 1010, owned by Bell Media Canada. Why? Because they're so reactionary-mean and smarmy bigots who slam common sense/goodwill/fair play white racists with their nastiness toward anti-feminist ISIS and white nationalists.

Carol Mott is the epitome of everything wrong with white women in 2017, refusing to talk even talk to a self-declared racist on the public airwaves. That's the kind of censors they are, who don't deserve to be on radio.

When I pointed out Paul Mott's meanness as a racist, he was stumped for his verbal ugliness toward Canadian citizens being tortured in the Middle East, while Carol just shut the phone down: "I don't talk to racists!", said the arrogant rich witch. They are the kind of people to remember in the future when they seek our succor from the howling nonwhites mobs they have created with their anti-racism fake news claptrap and pro-diversity garbage.

The best thing to do is to complain to Bell Canada for the
Motts' unfairness to white racist Canadian taxpayers, and to the CRTC. And, there's plenty of us... don't think they're not listening.

Let's get these old race traitor farts off the airwaves in Toronto. Complain until the cows come home... I know we will for whites' civil rights in Canada. As for the Motts, begone, you arrogant fools!

Bell Canada Contact:

CRTC Complaint page:





What a show... OJ Simpson's parole hearing. I love the racemixing feminist liberal media whining over an errant black idol. Technically speaking, nine years is long enough for the crime he was convicted of. That is all we're feeling ... not a Jewsmedia vendetta against a rebellious servant.

As for the unfortunate murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, who knows? I know one thing: in the final analysis, racemixing never works and it usually ends in violence, as the parties involved realized that some time, the they must separate.

Like the Khadr case in Canada, that's the law... and the white man's way.




Justin Trudeau's such a hypocrite poser in his defense of giving $10 million to a tortured Canadian citizen, Omar Khadr. He claims it was to save the government from paying out $30-40 Million in a court settlement, so his regime made the $10-million deal. However, when it comes to Canadian citizens abroad in the Philippines (John Ridsdell and Robert Hall) whose ransom was just $6-million to Abu Sayyaf Islamists to save them both from decapitation, Justin Trudeau chose to let them die in a most cruel way, as not to pay ransom to globalist Orwellian 'terrorists'. It shows that money has nothing to do with it, just servile adherence to mercenary Canadian globalist rules for fighting their only poorly-armed enemies,

How can Justin Trudeau sleep at night, or copulate with his wife with those decapitated Canadian heads on his conscience (if the spoiled brat has one)? He should resign in shame.




At the photo sessions at the Hamburg G20 conference Vladimir Putin looks like a criminal thug full of KGB BS, while Donald Trump looks bewildered surrounded by globalist Jews. His empty statements on American isolationism attracted no one from the G20 crowd of globalist oligarch Jews' schleps who run the world.

The commie/feminist G20 rioters are as useless as the anarchists with their incendiary attacks. These protesters are the dame as the anti-racist/anti-white hypocrites and white self-loathers who tried to attack the small KKK supporting Confederate monuments -- a lost cause of a society that used nonwhite slave labor that no white Canadian can suffer. Few-in-number motivated White Nationalist should concentrate their numbers on smaller spaces, protesting and demonstrating against the white race traitors behind multiculturalism, deadly diversity, and imperial globalism. That's where you will be most effective and freak out our dwindling  white self-loather enemies. They know their day is done, and like their barren DNA and soon only natural white racists will exist -- they know that too,. That's why they're screaming so much.




I hate the term "baby father". What the hell does that mean? Oh, its the sperm donator/part time lover of some hedonistically "in love" with some part time father of her child. It doesn't sound very secure, especially when after the child's birth, the guy doesn't set up a household with the mother to ensure his child is raised responsibly. That's called having pride in your living sperm, at least.

Most of these baby fathers exist in the black community along with whiggers and neo-criminals, by whites who are obsessed with sexified black music (videos) imitating them too. Some dames have more than one child with them, hoping to ensnare them. Unfortunately, fatherless
offspring don't have the patriarchal fear and daily manly influences from their same DNA and understanding baby fathers regularly around, some happily see them, resulting in only mom and strangers to influence them and her boyfriends, or girlfriends. No wonder there are so many wimps and perverts, whores and lesbians around to guide our society.

Society has to tighten up on wayward baby fathers. That's not the way to raise children. . Whites should start ignoring black rap concerts, etc. That's when you're dancing to your future chaos and destruction and starting with your fatherless children.


Best Canada Day Ever!

I've been in the country for 65 years and have never seen such national pride as Canadians showed yesterday for Canada's 150th birthday. Canadian flags were everywhere-- I counted 24 on my street alone  had 200 houses. People were walking around  using Canadian flags as capes (making sure they didn't touch the ground); others were painted or dressed in red and white all over Toronto, especially at all the entertainment venues and local parades, particularly in mostly white neighborhoods. It was white Canadians' way of saying 'we're proud of our white civilization'. like any American tourist (where they're known for their white patriotism. Oh sure there were a lot of nonwhites celebrating and praising Canada for its multicult inclusiveness, but they were old, hackneyed phrases, as most of the 150 new Canadian citizens at Toronto City Hall took the Oath of Allegiance were both white (no wonder they're happy ; globalist regimes are trying to replace freedom-loving white citizens with more cheap labor nonwhites which bodes ill for our future white society.

Our only recommendation for white nationalists is to procreate and pester the anti-white politicians to listen to our ideas and ditch unnatural destructive diversity and multiculturalism as our country's agenda and work for a Constitutional Racist State to secure our future . Congratulations to all , and keep those Canadian flags flying-- show your White Nationalist pride in Canada.



Congratulations to all who put up a Canadian maple leaf flag for Canada's 150th birthday.

The Canadian Flag Perpetual Pride Campaign asks you to encourage others to do so as well and to keep it up after July 1st. Patriotism should be instill to all Canadians in our beautiful country. Exhort your neighbours to show our flag now.

Let's all show our pride to visitors and tourists in what a great nation we have to live in, with universal health care, a caring population in a beautiful country.

God Bless Canada -- may it survive as a white man's land for another 150 years.

The Directors of the Canadian Flag
Perpetual Pride Campaign



Justin Trudeau Jeopardizes Our Bright White Future With His Open  Immigration Policy


Every white Canadian should condemn Justin Trudeau's new open door immigration policy that he just announced, This globalist goof is out of touch with the white working people and should be condemned at every turn and opportunity.

Send your tweets and e-mails to this white race traitor's office and remind him of the need to maintain a white society and civilization in Canada, as we are at the multicult sesquicentennial crossroads of his "sunny ways" white future society.

Justin Trudeau's Contact Page: 

On Twitter: @Justin Trudeau

And Happy Canada Day to all our supporters and all Canadians of good will



Let's Rebuild Our Society and Stop Foreign Meddlers

Well, we told you so --Muslim activists could be coming from multicult Canada to the US, with our wide-open border and immigration policies replacing the white population in our country. That's the case with Amor Ptouhi, a 49-year old Muslim  who shouted 'Allah Akbar!' as he stabbed a  Flint, Michigan cop because of his hatred for warmonger America. It could have caused a lot more damage had he obtained a gun, which he tried to bring to the States -- proving that guns are not that easy to obtain as the anti-white globalist Jewsmedia claims.

Canada should stay out of any foreign conflicts that that no not directly affect Canadian citizens -- that's our only hope to avoid murderous Jihadi attacks in our country.

Tell Justin Trudeau ( at pm@pm.gc.ca ) to withdraw all Canadian participation in mercenary activity for globalist wars.. it's  about time our nation grew up on its 150th anniversary this July 1st. We must avoid being useful idiot killers for other peoples' causes across the planet, or we will soon be replaced by the eight billion-  plus nonwhites burdening the planet  that globalist meddler created that Earth cannot sustain. Canadian feminist regimes must stop meddling in other peoples' conflicts and learn to mind our own business... a hard thing to do for some feminists, or white racetraitors will destroy our white society's the Great White North of Canada.And put up our beautiful red maple leaf flag with its white background homeland to show your patriotism and pride.

Happy Sesquicentennial, Canada!


Wimpy White Race Traitors Are Still Our Real Enemy

White Racists and bigots are failing to confront their Own race traitors (mostly white women) who brought all the nonwhites into our homelands. You can't blame nonwhite opportunists -- brown, yellow or black -- for wanting to improve their poor economic lives when  Western traitor recruiter come calling to their teeming  towns and cities offering a new life in a white Western country. These traitors ate our real enemies, even though attacks on whites might make more successful foreigners shy to come to our white homelands being destroyed by white globalist meddlers and foreign "peacekeeping" mission wars to keep the armed enemies of the New World Order in check.

Confront and challenge these white self-loathers within the law wherever you hear, read about or find them. Make it awkward for their bile in public or private -- that's all these wimps understand. Don't be afraid; your children and White Civilization depend on it.

Tell Justin Trudeau to put a moratorium on nonwhite immigration, now.

Contact page:



Without Fathers, We Are Finished

It's a big deal to be a father...there's no feeling like it-- even Jesus didn't feel the pride and responsibility of being a father. It's not something women would understand, just like pregnancy and motherhood. Being a father and being  looked on as a father by others (especially the kids) is a mental metamorphosis, just as childbirth is to a women.

I love being a father -- it's an honorable title, if you pay attention to it. I have fathered with my name six smarter and better-looking families, much to my surprise. They all call me dad, a word that I sometimes answer to with routing responsibility, because dads have to be counted on, if no one else. My kids are know-it-alls; they've heard  it all before, they do their stuff while the old man dies his, but they all know that dad is there, if and when he is needed.

I congratulate all dads doing the same this Father's Day, because an SOB/fatherless society is a finished civilization.

Happy Father's Day!


Queen Elizabeth II Should Abdicate


After the miserable failure of multiculturalism and populism by repeated cheapskate cuckservative elitists' regimes to deliver basic  safe housing to the poor in rich imperial Britain (as shown by the carelessness and neglect of the Grenfill Tower inferno, the moral standard of the United Kingdom should resign.

No More pomp and circumstance for the royal elites; this secluded Queen Elizabeth should abdicate. Tell her... we will.


UK Regime Needs to Be More Honest With Their People


It looks very suspicious that there's only seventeen deaths in the towering inferno fire in London, UK. I just don't trust the Limey regime to tell the truth about anything that'll make them look bad. They're great secret-keepers and don't share information with the public (like the London shooter's name, then getting angry toward some of the free press in North America.

This Tower of Babel tragedy is a slap in the face of the multicultists who had every race and nationality in that welfare housing building, trapping residents in concrete coffins and all its 27 floors.

It's time to petition the Queen to tell her regime to be more honest with the public and stop pretending to hide the dirty laundry. Let's have less secrecy  and more openness towards the hoi polloi from the Limey elites. Then we can have more respect for them -- including the Queen, who's more obscure nowadays then the Japanese emperor (except for their holidays).

Contact the Royal Family here:


Jeremy Corbyn-- Best Bet for White Racists in
UK Elections June 8

Even though Jeremy Corbyn of the UK Labour Party is an anti-racist pro-immigration populist. I still prefer him to the globalist neo-con feminist Theresa May. Corbyn is against foreign interventionism; May is the imperialist type who has caused chaos throughout the world. The globalist Jews and Zionists don't like ideological Corbyn, who's been accused of anti-Semitism for his pro-Palestinian stance. White racists are against foreign meddling in other peoples' wars, especially those of the three Semitics gods' three religions: Judaism, women's Christianity (Judaism lite) and the reaction-- patriarchal Islam...all believe in the Old Testament's Semitics peoples' God.

Remember, race trumps religion ad foreign wars and interventionism cause more racemixing--the bane of white people. Homosexual UKIP leader Nigel Farage doesn't have a chance. Corbyn's your man on June 8 for all the
United kingdom. Good luck, white racists.

MAY 23

Manchester Bombing: The Price of Aggressive Globalism


Globalist racemixers think that they go around invading, bombing and assassinating with drones at will against any threatening armed opponent and not  expect some blowback. Remember, it as the globalists who brought the nonwhites and Muslims here. They didn't come riding on horseback or camels, or were dropped here by parachute or invade our shores on ships; The pro-diversity feminist racemixers and neo-con globalist warmongers did, and ruined our neighborhoods and  brought terror to our doorstep, all for their impossible and unnatural New World Order.

Tell UK Prime Minister Teresa May to stop  her African and Middle East warmongering and spend British taxes on the poor people of the country living from hand to mouth.

For whites, Islamophobia will destroy us; racism will  save us. Challenge and confront the multicultist traitors in our midst -- that's the way forward. Keep them over there and don't meddle. Racial isolation is best

Theresa May's contact page:



MAY 21

Trump's Semitic God/Three Religions Tour

Trump made his speech to the assembled Sunni Muslim leaders as the 85% majority of Muslims in the world by religious designation stoked the continuing civil war with the 15% Shi'ite schismatics (mostly in Iran). It's a racial interfaith war with the liberal losing Aryans (Iranians) of Persia and the racemixed Semitic racemixed original desert version of Allah's Islam (submission) by its Arab prophet. It's all disguised over who could be  Caliph (pope). Any pious person (Sunni) or a descendant of the prophet Mohammad, as the Aryan Shia insist, since they follow one of his relatives Ali. Trump just sided with the Semites of the third patriarchal version of Semitic Jews' Abrahamic god, Houah. Trump's next stop is Jerusalem, then on to Bethlelem, birthplace of the second version of God (Jesus) Then, on to the capital of his religion (also torn by racial schismatics, north European Whites (Protestants) versus Mediterranean White Universalist Catholics versus Orthodox East European Slavs.

Sadly Trump's speech offered no new attitude toward globalists' Orwellian "terrorism", motivated by the corrupt regimes and morality of Western culture invading Arab lands with true believers Allah around, naturally you're going to get a reaction from a violent. racemixed people when they see that harsh Sharia laws are not being obeyed in a religion of Allah's 2 billion people. Trump should have the deferred to mediate between the Arabs and Iranians, not pick sides in any unwinnable big religious war. Trump should have put it on the assembled leaders to negotiate with the 'extremists' and deal with their own youth joining them with compassion and mercy. Isn't that what Allah describes in the opening of the Koran ("In the name of Allah the most merciful") ? I haven't seen any mercy so far on any side of this Semitic god's followers. But driving the kernel and seed of the most successful version of the Jews' god out of society. As Simon Bolivar (liberator of  South America) remarked after he saw the mess in the Spaniard racemixed world planting democracy in South America, is like plowing the sea". It's an exercise in futility and the sooner Trump learns not to meddle and rebuild America, the better.

Tell him, on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump. We will.

May 17

Globalist Media Can't Impeach White Voters Hero Donald Trump

FBI director James Comey's notes mean nothing.There will be no impeachment of President Donald Trump for anything that the biased anti-Trump globalist Jewsmedia can come up with, especially the "Russiagate" hoax, when we all know that ex-'communist' Russian Jew oligarchs and Yeltsin boy put-in Putin are at the same time ruling their Western-cult kith and kin. The people don't trust the media, the fake news paid pimps aand whores who brought us the chaos, diversity, multicult and globalism.

But they're gonna keep on trying to win teh hearts ands minds of the white Americans who voted for Donald Trump. They just don't know how much they're disrespected, hated and despised. I enjoy them wringing their hands and whining to the public of how terrible Trump is from every angle imaginable, on evey major network and station, because they don't trust the outsider Trump and his pro-white civilization agenda for America, while they have a globalist New World Order in mind. So while they're smilling to his face at  these high political meetings, they're dying to stab him in the back, like the Undisputed Truth song "Smiling Faces Sometimes" says. The best course for Donald Trump is to laugh out loud at their conspiracies and hold some inspirational public rallies with his supporters.

Send him your best wishes and support during these trying times; Tweet him, @realDonaldTrump. We will...

May 13

Racists Say: Syria's Sick Sad  Regime Must Go

Anyone still supporting that geek-necked (Alawite) Red  cult dictator monster Assad should be ashamed of themselves, after viewing the poison gas attack on CNN that this bastard did on his people. No Hollywood Jews could make this up -- this is real horror. We don't need to hear from any pro-Putin pricks whose oligarch Jew globalist forces support this globalists' stooge in Syria , or any Zionist conspiracy shit from Infowars Alex Jones or sick, mean-spirited cries over "Hadjis" from the establishment stereotype new Neo-Nazi new kid on the block Andrew Anglin.

It's better to let the Middle East go to primitive Jihadist isolationists rather than be propped up  by the globalist West to overtakes countries with a patriarchal population-exploding religion's modern regime, As Bob Smith said, Islamophobia will destroy us, but natural racism will save us.

White globalists must stop meddling and overpopulating a planet that cannot sustain their pampered arrogant women's "humanitarian" wishes.

Tell Donald Trump ( @realDonaldTrump) to pull  all troops out of the Middle East, North Korea and tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (pm@pm.gc.ca) to keep globalist mercenary troops at home to help flood victims instead of blowing  money on a Mali mission.

MAY 10

Get Globalists Out of the White House!

As we recommended in numerous tweets and e-mails, Donald Trump
was wise to get rid of FBI head James Comey; he was a leftover from the globalist Obama regime, and could not be trusted.
Next is son-in-law Jew Jared Kushner, and Trump's new Jewess daughter Ivanka, who have way too much influence, adversarial to the white voters who elected Trump president.


It's time to remove nepotism  from the White House and get rid of un-elected globalists undermining white society's economy and culture. Tell Trump -- it works He, at least reads tweets and e-mails.

On Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

Email him here (Contact page)


May 4

Canada's Idiot Baby Boomers Ruined White Civilization... Redeem Yourselves

The Canadian census shows that now the white anti-racist barren baby boomers feminist generation requires now that foreign immigrants to pay taxes and service their last days in their depleted undisciplined neo-criminal Generation X society.

Now is the time for the last of this naive white peoples' failed offspring to correct their racial mistakes of the past and be heard in public media and forums, advocating a moratorium on immigration on globalists' wars across the world. Redeem yourselves or perish in infamy. Speak up and be counted or be forgotten.

Read related story here:


April 30

Duterte's Visit to the White House Disgusting


President Donald Trump's invitation to Rodrigo Duterte to visit the White House is an embarrassment. This semi-dictator has police death squads running around, wiping out drug dealers and his enemies. It's a criminal's Catholic (universal) racemixed Spanish colonial-construct non-country , including Muslims in the south on thousands of islands . The big ones are in the north, filled with servile Eurasians and aboriginals, where the cops have special cells and soundproof torture rooms behind station bookshelves. They also have child labor and thousands of foreign workers across the world (who hasn't run into a Filipino or Filipina in our lifetime?)

Unfortunately, these islands have been ravaged by war by Americans and the  Japanese and now they're planning to use it as a base again if war erupts on the Korean peninsula. That's the only reason that Trump would have such a brutal, boastful blowhard at the White House.

White racists are opposed to wars, foreign interventions, murders and meddling as the commie/feminists way. Minding your own business is the white man's way. Tell Donald Trump to get out of South Korea and Japan: Let the countries in those regions solve their own problems without America's costly interference. Then we'll get our jobs back. That's a good way to rebuild North America.

Tell Trump.

April 27

Globalist Jews Run Both Sides: Second Cold War As Phony As the First

Vladimir Putin's KGB regime, which invaded Syria to prop up a neo-commie Freemason cult-like (Alawites) government of the dictator Assad had nothing to say as  he successful bombings that Israel conducted on Putin's allies Hezbollah and Iran near Damascus international airport. We said before tat Putin is a puppet of ex- comrade Jew billionaire oligarchs ruling Russia. As a consequence, his Jew foreign minister Lavrov had to condemn it, unlike the petty unsuccessful US missile raid on a Syrian airfield used to spread poison gas on Assad's opponents. Trump's Pentagon notified the Russians in advance to ensure a crappy show-result; probably Israel informed the Russians too while they're making preparations for a glorious Trump visit --one of many to come, as one Israeli spokesman said.

The second cold war is as phony gas the last to pump up profits for the military industrial complex and keep everyone very afraid of  "coming Russians" struggling in a post-communist chaos world that only a few enjoy.

As the old saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me once shame on me" -- and proud white racists will not be shamed or flim-flammed by the globalist elites.

April 21

Marine Le Pen Should Make Up With Her  Father to Get the French Patriarchal Racist Vote


Supposedly, the White Nationalist Marine Le Pen (estranged daughter of National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen) looks like she will make the French presidential runoff. She will get a lot more Frenchmen's votes if she makes up with her father whom she kicked out of the National Front over Jew policies (hugging them hard is still the best policy (see editorial at www.natparty.com) .

No man respects a disobedient daughter. This family re-approachment would definitely increase her chances of becoming president of France in the next runoff, that nationalist politicians fail, due to globalist Jewsmedia "extremist" smears, as if their crazy idea of a one-world-order is possible when all Nature is against it. I recommend that White Nationalists encourage Marine Le Pen to show her gentle, female side and make amends with her father. It can only improve her standing with patriarchal white racists, since the matriarchal Jews won't vote for her anyways.

Tell her. We Will

National Front contact page:


April 17:

If North Korea Takes South Korea. Whites Could Get Their Jobs Back

Crafty "madman-motivated", obedient North Korea could conquer South Korea in a flash, even with a limited US military there. South Koreans are too hedonistically Westernized . Plus, there are a lot of commies there.  This would bring on a war with the United States, who could be looking for war partners right away citing NATO commitments. A new invasion of the peninsula would have to ensue from the Koreans' old brutal enemies, the Japanese (the pirates and runaways of the continent, similar to the Whites of Britain). Having lots of South Korean military loot and on a roll, naturally the newly- united Koreans would  have to attack already radioactive Japan (Fukushima) and its factory islands. This in turn would knock them out of industrial manufacturing for the world  and contend with  revenge-seeking rough country Orientals. The new Japan will be occupied because the new unisex "me generation" won't resist like the Emperor's suicidal soldiers of World War II did. The Russian oligarch Jews will stay out and reap war profits.

Next comes China, if they're wise; they'll stay out of the whole mess, only secretly helping their victorious red North Korean pals and relishing mediating their exit against their old mean enemies, if Americans don't insist on a nuclear war. If that's the case, the Chinese will give them an ultimatum, which they'll grudgingly accept with anti-trade sanctions and more white isolationism from globalists' adventurism that is destroying our society and race. Three important Asian countries will be out of our economy. To paraphrase Kenny Rogers, we don't need that crazy Asian war.

April 14:

More Foreign Wars Will Wreck The White Race

Donald Trump dropping that near-nuclear bomb on anti-globalist religious primitives in Afghanistan, wrecking the planet, killing and maiming anyone around, (you'd go deaf a mile or so away), is globalist American imperialism's latest outrage, and the US globalist mercenary military must be reined in, or their irresponsible, insidious aggression will ruin us all in a new Third World War (wasn't he supposed to rebuild America?)

I'm no pacifist, but this way of fighting is unmanly. No wonder they hate us. Now, let's see if the commie feminist "humanitarians" condemn this cowardly war crime against patriarchal primitives opposed to their degenerate lifestyle. We're waiting....

Smart White Nationalists and racists know that our dwindling species is  a homeland problem -- only exacerbating foreign wars and globalism. Aside from stereotype neo-Nazi government agents, all white racists are opposed  to any further Orwellian wars on terror. They're bound to fail.

Tell Donald Trump and "sunny ways" globalists'/feminists' women-voted Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau to lay off the fundamentalist Muslims. No one ever wants a war against God-believers, even if they "lose", they will become stronger in any Semitic religion believed by men.

Contact them here:

Prime Minister Trudeau's Email:  pm@pm.gc.ca

Donald Trump Contact Page:


April 11:

The "Alt-Right" is Legitimatizing White Self-Loathers

There's no such thing as a right-wing or a left-wing person... it's a creation of the Orwellian globalists' media to divide the white people. A white man equating himself with a white self-loather is like equalizing a sane person with a nut case,

This right wing/left-wing/archaic term is from the Reign of Terror in the merchants' French Revolution designations for a New World Order. These terms have no meaning for serious white racists and only leads to equating natural white patriots with unnatural commie-feminist globalist.

Inform and/or condemn those using these communist terms whoever they are or wherever they are.

White Racists are here to correct the mistakes of the past...not repeat them.


April 9:

Karma Follows White Race Traitors

You can't protect a criminal and expect to get away with it. That's what Grant Bristow, one-time Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agent is facing. He's the guy who founded the neo-criminal association erroneously  named The Heritage Front (which only wanted "Equal Rights for Whites", buying into the multiculturalism line), not a white-privilege society) by his CSIS handlers, under the leadership of  the cocaine-dealing criminal Wolfgang Droege while Toronto cops looked the other way during the federal spies' Operation Governor to destroy The Nationalist Party and its leadership (Droege was an agent from the start, boasting how the FBI asked for him to spy on foreign groups).

As you see, I'm still here with our White Nationalist ideology, while karma has the traitor Bristow in hiding, in unnecessary fear and foreboding as he watches the rise of white identity politics with the election of Donald Trump and his "Make America Great Again" supporters.

I feel sorry for throat-cancer-ridden Grant, and wish to remind him that Race Is All, before he goes back to his rock and roll nostalgia. Cheaters never prosper and sorry for your sad life, but that's the wages of a traitor: Karma catches up.

Read the related article from The Toronto Star here:


US's Ineffective Symbolic Air Strike on Syrian Globalists' Regime Little to Smile About

When you tell the Russians that their puppets in Syria are going to be attacked at an airbase responsible for a Sarin poison gas attack on rebels and civilians, you can expect little damage and few casualties on the enemy. Sure enough, only 23 missiles landed on the airbase out of 59 fired with seven dead, including two civilians and planes. Most of the infrastructure of the Syrian airbase was intact, while their jets sat under, untouched bomb shelters. It's all a big show that Trump had to do when the world saw the little children's' bodies limp and dead and chocking from the commie regime's gas attack.

We are against any involvement in the Middle East by the West but certainly enjoyed the little payback that the phony Russian oligarch Jew regime liars can whine about. Next time, don't tell the Russians, President Trump -- then you can show that you run your administration (didn't you cry about how Obama always announced his war intentions and red lines?). But now, let's get US troops out of the Middle East and fix broken America.

Tell President Trump:

Fake News CNN Pushing "Nuclear Option" Acceptance --
Tell Them NO!

Fake Newsmedia's CNN are using a very dangerous term describe the efforts of the anti-Trump/anti-white Democrats in the US Senate to filibuster the appointment of Trump Supreme Court choice Neil Gorsuch. They're calling it the "nuclear option" and repeating it over and over in their contrived pundit debates, without any explanations of what the "nuclear option" really means.

Everyone knows using the "nuclear option" means using nuclear weapons to launch on a foreign country. However, to use that phrase to describe what US Senators are going to do to a Trump Supreme Court candidate is conspiratorally dangerous. They're getting the public used to the idea of using the "nuclear option" by belittling it to the inactions of the American Senate over some hope for an appointee -- not unlike all Walking Dead/vampire shows and movies, it is meant to desensitize the public to accept a violent unnatural racemixed, multicult criminal society. Using the term "nuclear option" should mean exactly what it says; trivializing it only makes it more acceptable...and that's not what white racists want. Tell CNN (and Donald Trump, too, as CNN is no friend of his) to stop this fake news Orwellian propaganda on a serious subject like nuclear war. We will.

Syrian Dictator Assad: Globalists' Pal, Confirmed

The globalist American politicians got rid of Noriega, Milosevic, Kadaffi and Saddam Hussein, just like that. They have been dragging their feet for years playing footsie with the Alawite Freemason-like cult's brutal dictator Assad of Syria.

Now it's been declared that they no longer wish to  see their internationalist commie pal removed. I know it would never happen, even though some fools were all so worried that KGB Putin pal Assad would be removed by getting on the globalists' bandwagon to kill his Islamist enemies. They should have known better. I'm surprised that David Duke fell for that ill logic and joined with Pentagon newsboy Andrew Anglin to fight the Hadjis -- a typical mercenary grunt, following feminists' orders  against patriarchal primitives. Are these guys really against feminists? And when will they state that they are against anti-white deadly 'diversity' which Duke promotes on his site's masthead? There's no way to explain that: it only results in more confusion and divisiveness among white nationalists.

So, stop crying for your oligarchs' put-in Putin and his dirty invasion of Syria and that giraffe communist Assad and his globalist regime. They're safe from the two Jew-run nations of America and Russia. Wake up and smell the roses. The regimes are not the friends of white racists, which Trump inherited from his voters. Tell Trump to stop the counter-productive wars on Jihadists for globalists' interests. We will.

Keep the Pressure On Fake News Media

The fake news media is making a crisis after crisis self-absorbed non-news coverage. Their arrogant pundits and reporters couldn't care less about all kinds of real news protests and criminal activities going on around the world in their own white nations--Globalists Jewsmedia politically-correct "activities" and "stories" they have basically created like their "Russiagate" lies to keep the arms race militarists and globalists rich. And they also heap criticism on Trump (the choice that these dilettantes hate with a self-loathing unnatural passion.

We at the NPC are trying to bring to you all the relevant news to whites, away from all the 'fake news' concerns the media race traitors put out, pushing their multicult one-world order tyranny they try to impose on us. White Nationalists have the media traitors al a-flutter as they try to pin their racemixing fake news agenda on their enemies...us. The best bet for white racists to keep the pressure on these evil paid bastards whenever they  peddle their anti-white lies and hide the racial truths from the public.

We will.

President Trump Should Have a Dog

It will humanize him. Pretty well every president has had a dog, but the Trump family needs one more than most families. There's all kinds of nut cases out there who might want to assassinate him. Never mind that the president being manipulated by spy agencies and secret cabals.
Then there's the professional out to hop the White House fence and wander around up to sixteen minutes as the last intruder did before he was caught just a week ago. Maybe Trump could get one of those fearless yappy dogs like the rodent hunting from the Mexican state of Chihuahua (although they are the most turned-in breeds at animal shelters) with their loyalty and bug-eyes that could mollify some of his Latino opposition... who knows when a Secret Service Agent could be napping? This little aggressive animal could wake up the neighborhood. Either way Trump would look good with a dog -- maybe a blonde one like him. I'm sure his son  Eric would like it. He always looks so bored at gala events and plane landings. Don't worry. Trump would be good to the dog and the dog's tail-wagging image would be good for Trump. Plus it's be a poke in the eye to ISIS (Muslims don't like dogs).

Tell Trump -- get a dog.

Contact page:




March 21st

White Nationalists Opposed to Donald Trump's Cheapskate Cuts to Meals on Wheels

The entire Obama-wiretapping-Trump story is fake news. First of all, you can't prove a negative ; you can't trust anyone talking about it on any level because they're all deceptive. Those talking about it are disconnected from reality. That's how some wars start: weapons of mass destruction, etc. Spying by Russian Jew globalist oligarch regimes is a given even though the elitists rule all the world, except for a few primitive patriarchal rebels; they like to keep the masses enthralled and hyped up for wars to keep their military industrial complex going.

Donald Trump's white voter base doesn't care what the liar multicult mainstream media says , but they do care about Trump looking bellicose and mean when they cut funding for Meals On Wheels for the poor and home-bound in America.

Tell them to take money from their bloated mercenary military  and give it to the invalid, now, Donald Trump. White Nationalists are behind you  on these issues... but not for any new wars or austerity programs that diminish white civilization. Tell his cheapskate mean cuckservative cabinet the same: restore the funding to Meals on Wheels...now. We will

Donald Trump's contact page:


March 18th

Anti-Racist White Wimps Will Lose... Tell Trump


The universe is unfolding as it should. Geert Wilder's attempts to be the leader of The Netherlands is another dismal failure of feminist-based bigot politics Wilders is a gay Zionist anti-racist trying to revive Dutch nationalism, and a crappy example of a famiy man -- what's needed to revive a dwindling white race faced with nonwhite racemixer immigration that our massive white genes cannot stop many racemixed unions-- as we predicted. Wilders cannot save the Dutch race.

The same situation exists in France, with the women-led by Marine LePen's National Front, vying for power while declaring she's an anti-racist, in total disagreement with her father, NF founder Jean-Marie LePen, with whom she's at odds over the required white nationalism. In the end the matriarchies will lose, as Nature intended fir mankind. (Where are the Amazons today?)

Donald Trump's efforts to curb terrorism from six nations is naive an inefficient. Trump would be better off to bring all US troops home from their lost globalist missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria and start rebuilding the American infrastructure to provide millions of jobs for underemployed Americans. Trying to control Third World countries by military occupation only brings more racemixing and enormous tax dollar waste. Every one of every color should tell Trump...let's have more nationalism and less globalism and interventionism that will destroy the white race in the end.

Everyone, tell Trump at his White House contact page: He's one of the few presidents in recent history who's listening to the people.

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February 25

Oscar "mistake" total fake news story

It's fake news if ever I've seen it -- the so-called Hollywood Oscar 'mistake' to gain publicity for their crappy anti-white movies. The choices were either about black music (La La Land) or a gay black guy (Moonlight) as to who would in the Oscar. There were blacker and weird films, also. Yawn!

However, the amazing fact is that the amount of air time and print space given to this inane 'mistake' by the media propagandists and pundits, is beyond the pale (the Pale was the area where Jews were designated to live in and beyond which they were prevented from wheeling and dealing with others in Czarist Russia due to the anger of the Slavs toward Jewish exploitation).

Too bad the Fiddlers didn't stay on their roofs and kept their crazy globalist 
race-mixing idea to themselves.


February 23


No free speech in Canada until the white men's censors are hobbled

Let's just admit there's no free speech in Canada. Nothing can be said, even directly, only with innuendo and suggestion for fear you have offended some minority group, especially Jews, who are big on Semitic revenge toward all their critics and detractors. In Canada, we have the Hate Bill, the C-51 anti-terrorism bill and now the M-103 Bill which denounces Islamophobia; All are censorship commie/feminist "Jew laws" to stifle any opponents of deadly diversity and multiculturalism for white people. Nothing will change in this regard until silly women who couldn't give two damns about the white man's concept of free speech are denied the vote, or until the minorities and patriarchal Muslims are empowered so that feminists, and Jews come running to the white racists for protection. And don't think that won't happen as a now-powerful dwindle in numbers unable to keep up with large patriarchal Muslim families,

I say, let our censor enemies whine and twist and turn in desperation until that fateful day comes and we restore the white man's free speech principle again, when the censors have been cowed. Until then, you get the message.



February 16


Fake media's Russia/Trump scandal a tempest in s teapot

The discredited biased anti-white mainstream news media has failed to convince the American people of the made-up crisis with Russia to keep the cold war military-industrial complex humming. The whole Russia contacts crisis is a tempest in a teapot started by fast-talking anti-white journalist traitors and pundits idiotically trying to convince all that Donald Trump is the Russian's stooge, as if there are two sides in this globalist-run detente with put-in Putin, run by Jew[ish] oligarchs. All these scandals with Trump's cabinet are designed to undermine the populist nationalist protectionist white leader of America.

Now it's up to white nationalists to make sure that Trump becomes an isolationist and brings all the costly US troops home from satrapy nations and putting tax dollars into truly making America and Americans great again.

Tell Trump: No more wars — they'll sink him faster than any scandal.

Contact President Trump



February 14


Smug, aloof Trudeau failed Canadian nationalism in Trump visit

Canadian Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who allowed two of our citizens John Ridsdell and Robert Hall to be beheaded for no-ransom-paying globalists journeyed to Washington to meet Donald Trump; it was as anti-climactic, and no-big-deal, as tall Trudeau held his ground with Trump's strong pull-in handshake. The rest of his demeanor was "I wish I didn't have to be here." A picture is worth a thousand words and the front page photo in the 
February 14 Toronto Star says it all. The self-described 'feminist' Canadian prime minister didn't have the brains, fortitude and courage for continual eye contact with a very animated older man trying to impress him. This smug brat would rather discuss old women in their professions than talk about refugee invasions, dumb NATO wars or white society-destructive NAFTA after the Mexican hordes joined dangerous free trade deals which should only be with economies on par with ours (the US barely meets it with their humongous nonwhite poor. We're still being ripped of by NAFTA: Canada is a large country with only 36,000 people with trillions of resources and our dollar should be worth more than the war-involved Americans' any day (it's now worth thirty percent less) as it used in be in the fifties and sixties before globalists took over. It was when the Marxist charade farce was revealed with the collapse of Maoist China and the clenched-fist communist Russia  sneaking into capitalism.

Canadian white nationalists should write, tweet and Email Justin Trudeau and tell him to speak up more for Canadian nationalism to benefit all our citizens.

Postal Address: The House of Commons, Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A6
Email: pm@pm.gc.ca




February 7

Tell Trudeau to save the Boyle family held in Afghanistan

We musn't [sp] let Justin Trudeau have another Canadian citizen to be beheaded for a few dollars more as he did with John Risdell and Robert Hall. Now we have the case of Joshua Boyle, his wife Caitlin Coleman and their two children in Afghanistan, who don't need the spoiled brat beheader [sp] Trudeau globalist-posturing and posing as a tough guy with Canadian lives by his adherence to the don't-pay-the-ransom globalist orders. They couldn't give a damn about the Boyle family.

We are asking everyone to appeal to the Prime Minister's "sunnier ways" and show some compassion and independence when it comes to Canadian citizens in peril. We spend millions on rescue missions and foreign aid. Let's not play piker and have Canadian blood on our hands.

That's the white man's way.

Prime Minister Trudeau's e-mail: pm@pm.gc.ca

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland: chrystia.freeland@parl.gc.ca

Embassy of Afghanistan in Ottawa Email :contact@afghanembassy.ca



February 2


Diversity makes us scared

It was so painful to listen to the translations of the officials speeches from French to English during the Quebec Massacre mourning ceremonies. The translators were so choppy and disconnected, the interpreters used words that ordinary English-speaking Canadians wouldn't use. Most of the speeches were politically-correct pablum and platitudes, anyways, and they sounded even worse when the French Canadian politicians dictated their politically-correct propaganda in awkward English, so much so that they sounded like commie/feminist commissars. The whole spectacle and all of the hand-wringing dark faces in an arena of prostrating Muslim men made the whole news episode appear like it was happening in another country, and that's not a warm feeling.

Where is the extended hand of understanding to the subjected natural white nationalists in this country who reject the burden of globalism and the chaotic multicult la-la land?



January 31


Alexandre Bissonnette is Canada's Dylann Roof

Alexandre Bissonnette is Canada's Dylann Roof. Both went to the places of prayer of their enemies to outrage society with their acts; both seem fatalistic — Roof was willing to prepare for his execution, while Bissonnette supposedly felt bad about what he did and called the police to surrender. Whatever the case, these killings by self-proclaimed white nationalists scare the public, much more than reading these sites. There's an outside opinion that many white people who are not particularly religious, have natural inner racist feelings which supersede religious dogma and who understand the frustration and desperation in an unnatural enforced-multicult society.

We're not surprised when someone pops off, no matter how meek and mild he looks and acts. That's the power of racial feelings. We're disgusted with Bissonnette's cruelty (same fo Dylann Roof's, killing innocents while globalist war criminals rule. Nevertheless, these terrible acts separate the races in a multicult cauldron where whites will die. Who's in favor of that?



January 30


Six dead in Muslim-on-Muslim violence shows the rot of multiculturalism

Donald Trump's right, as Muslim-on-Muslim violence occurs in Canada's homogeneous Quebec City, which hasn't had a murder in years, and now faces Muslim-on-Muslim violence by a nonwhite race-mixed people brought to Canada by white race traitors in globalist plan to replace white Canadians with cheap Third World labor.

The rotten mainstream media is terrified that these mass murders at a mosque in Canada prove that Donald Trump is right on his ban of not just Muslims, but all violent Third World immigrants who fill Toronto police blotters every day.

Tell Justin Trudeau  — never forget the murdered John Ridsdell and Robert Hall — that his multiculturalism stinks, and he's part of the stench. We will.

Justin Trudeau's Email: pm@pm.gc.ca



January 26


Home wrecker Mary Tyler Moore ( 1936-2017)

They say it's not right to speak ill of the dead, but I believe in doing it right to the next dimension for the evil they did while they were alive and that's the case with Mary Tyler Moore.

Mary Tyler Moore's narcissistic feminism caused thousands — maybe millions— of young white women to leave their families and the security and protection of their fathers and brothers to live lonely hedonistic lives, with barren outcomes. She was a reformed drunk and mother of a suicidal son. Her show's deceptive Love Is All Around theme ("You're going to make it on your own..") placed them all in jeopardy of rape and murder in a violent
racemixers America (just watch Forensic Files and you'll see how many women were caught alone, raped and murdered) because of Moore's recommendations. As for her shows, she appeared to be a mean self-centered mother to little Richie as Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show). On the Mary Tyler Moore Show there were hardly any children, except for when they were used as a problem for the hedonist harridans. Mary and her divorced husband Grant Tinker, spawned other politically-correct sitcoms and dramas (Rhoda, Phyllis. Lou Grant, Hill Street Blues, Remington Steele, WKRP in Cincinnati, Beverly Hills Buntz, St. Elsewhere, The White Shadow, The Bob Newhart Show/Newhart, Paris), all condemning traditional white culture in society.

Mary's shrill whiny voice will be forgotten; on her own, she wasn't funny, but her commie/feminist recommendations and politically-correct propaganda still stinks in our nostrils. Fortunately. we are observing her unnatural feminism failing, as white men and their loyal women usher in the Trump Era.



January 18


Donald Trump, the most personable president of America

I like how Donald Trump does things himself, for himself. He's writing his own inauguration speech — no phony, politically correct Establishment dilettantes needed. He's tweeting anytime, day and night for his supporters and all Americans what his personal views are on any particular person, country or issue after some globalist complained that the President of the United States shouldn't make personal public opinions about other countries.

When it comes to the slimy-Limey manufactured fake news sex dossier, Trump summoned in person the Jew involved in the false accusations to show his passport that he hadn't travelled to Europe as claimed. Donald Trump may not know much about the
Manchurain  [sp] Candidacy extremism among mostly-racemixed [sp] Muslims in the world when they are attacked by 'infidels', but wiping out the anti-globalist ISIS caliphate could backfire into a patriarchal Muslim conquest of the matriarchal secular world, including the Christians and the Jews who started the whole Semitic feminist religion.

I see no problem leaving parts of the world primitive. Globalizing and equating all humanity will only end up in a serf situation; I'm sure Trump's nationalism knows this, as he wants better things for Americans.



January 15


Celebrities: Who needs them?

All of today's celebrities are garbage, and just tools of the anti-white globalist establishment who are out to put white nationalists down. In the old days, celebrities were not political; they displayed the talent that made them great. Today, yelling 
negresses, threatening rappers, pretty-boy white wimps and old washed-up commie/feminist Hollywood farts are all against the white man, whatever their skin color. I can't say anything good about any of them, not even the ones who support Donald Trump and come close to talking about the plight of white culture and society ; that's as far as they'll go with all their name recognition. They're still all cowardly prostitutes for the original "casting couch" that made them great. There's no real talent — how hard is it act like a shrewish bitch when you're already like that, when you consider all of Meryl Streep's names.

No, the media's entertainment celebrities should never be looked up white nationalists, but looked down on with contempt. The white people voted against Hillary's pals. So I say, to hell with the celebrities unless they have something good to say about the white man.

Tell Donald Trump: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/contact



January 11


I Hope The "Spooks" Don't try To Assassinate Donald Trump

Donald Trump held a good press conference with all his enemies, judging by the sparse applause from the audience. Trump repudiated the mainstream media leader CNN, when they dared to publish supposedly sexual intelligence briefings to president-elect Trump, which included a two-page appendix. from some slimy MI-6 ex-James Bond pro-Hillary hireling who had concocted a porno video of a Russian prostitute's "urine golden shower" perversion. The fake report was delivered to the FBI and CIA by globalist war dog John McCain, who claimed he was acting as a 'concerned citizen'.

Trump's rebuttal; was great: "Not only is it (fake news) made up, but made by sick people." He went on about the
papparazi perils of celebrity travelers, especially in Russia, who could be recorded with a pin-prick device unnoticed in the rooms and commented on the idiocy that he would break his own advice. On top of that, he reminded the perverts of how his germ-conscious fastidiousness would never allow him in a 'golden shower moment'.

That's good enough for me and I'm sure, the majority of ordinary people with purile interests. Unless they can come up with a video attributed with real facts we know that this is the Establishment's last desperate effort to de-legitimize the nationalist reactionary white peoples' choice for the 45th President of the rapidly disintegrating, racemixed United States of America for an eight-year isolationist renaissance. I hope that "they" don't try to assassinate him.



January 6


Keep on Tweeting, Trump

The best things about Donald Trump is that he says whatever comes up, right there and then, without having to pass it through a bunch of politically correct media and censoring cabinet advisers. You know you're getting the real man, without the multicult propaganda. Donald Trump's tweets are bugging media pundits and globalists. Even if we don't agree with all the time, Trump's still more honest than all the other mainstream media multicultists.

Remember what happened in Turkey, how President Erdogan saved his democratically-elected regime from a globalist conspiracy military coup by tweeting for help from his supporters who came into the streets by the thousands to confront the traitors and their tanks. I can see it happening in America. That's why Trump must not be isolated from his white base eager to hear his every reaction to the white self-loather establishment attacks on him.

We all say, keep on tweeting, Donald Trump. That's your lifeline to your regime, if you ever need it.

Tell him at his twitter page @realDonaldTrump





January 6


Donald Trump Smart To Ignore Globalist Establishment's Intelligence Liars

I wouldn't trust the US intelligence establishment, especially the CIA as far as I could throw them. They are all a bunch of anti-white racist pro-globalist liars, even if some of them are private bigots who infiltrate the white nationalist movement to influence our ideology for globalist wars. All these goofs are politically-correct bigots that Donald Trump. smartly. is skeptical of. After all, they're part of the anti-Trump establishment that he will never satisfy, no matter how many Jews, women or nonwhites he picks for his Cabinet — they still consider him and their family as interlopers. The last thing we need is a Third World white fratricidal world war that any sane white racist is opposed to. Don't forget the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" that never were and the disastrous Iraq invasion.
Tell Donald Trump at his Contact Page


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