In Canada's Wimpy World Senator Apologizes for Using "Nigger"
While Making A Point

Tell Him  He's A Cowardly Fool (we Will)

Globalists' Tool Nigel Farage Can't Lead UK White Nationalists

Bigots, PC Reactionaries' Hero Trump Sells Out Whites by Joining Religious
War of Mostly- Nonwhite Muslims Against Aryan Iran

Council of Canadians Calls New Trans-Pacific Partnership
"A Big Power Grab"

Send the CoC Your Comments Here (Contact Page):

Charlie Daniels Agrees: Confront White Self-loathers and Their Pets
Whenever, Wherever You Find Them
(Make it Awkward!)

Toronto Proud Boy Must Be Less Bigoted, More White Racist

Islamophobia is from White Women, Racism is for White Men

Tweeted to CNN's Christiane Amanpour:

You're a disgusting Jewess with no compassion.
Why do you have that torturer King Faisal on your show?
Nationalist Party of Canada
May 22, 2017

Donald of Arabia-- A Disgusting Spectacle of Servitude and
Homage to Semites and Their Women's Religion: Judaism/Christianity

She's Right-- Representative Tulsi Gabbard Condemns US Arming
of Semites in Saudi Arabia

A Naturally Racist Black Dame Heads Pride Toronto

David Duke And All White Nationalists Still Must Do More to
Save White Confederacy Heritage in Louisiana

Tell Duke-- We Will...Contact Page:

"Deep State" Means Globalists and Freemasons Ruling Establishment
Proving New World Order Conspiracy is True

Little Globalist Stooge Macron to Carry On
Colonialists' Racemixing Occupation of Africa's

Tell Him He's A Fool at Contact Page Below (We Will)

You're Damn Right, Mattis -- Whites Want No War
with North Korea

Send Mattis Your Views. We Will


A Deep Look Inside the Patriot Movement in America-- by Idiots,
and More Headlines for Real Racists for May 19

Racism Better Than Islamophobia, Protests Are Foolish: Try
Anti-Immigration of Nonwhites, The Real Focus for Whites

WWE Slammed for Promoting Whites to Racemix

Headlines for White Nationalists, May 18

Who Cares -- Listening to Metallica Not White Racist Activism.
Racism Is A Serious Business -- Grow Up!

Tweeted to Donald Trump, leaving for the Middle East:

You should be very careful on your homage to the Semites of the Middle East. Globalists could blame any attack on jihadists
a new war.

Nationalist Party of Canada. Toronto,
May 18, 2017

Russians Are Part of the White People-- Don't Let Globalists,
Communists, Make Them Enemies
Tell Trump (@realDonaldTrump)...We Will


Anti-Government Activist Lloyd Barrus Now Accused of
Shooting Deputy, Once Brought Down Police Chopper

The Human Cost of Trump's Wars--All Not Worth It

Tell Him ... We Will

A Suspect in Montana Deputy Killing Appears Intrigued
with Anti-Government Fringe

Louisiana Legislators Fail to Protect White Heritage

Complain!...And More Headlines for White Racists Interest, May 17

Ignore All Jewsmedia Perverts' Advice on Sex: Shun
Straight White Males and Babies


Idiot Neocons Around Trump Want Him to Send 50,000 Troops tp
Tell Him to Withdraw... Now (We Will)
Twitter: @realDonaldTump

Globalist Mercenary Sikhs: One May Be NDP Leader

celand Attack: Robert Spencer Should Concentrate on Race
Which Trumps Religion

Tell Him (We Will), on Twitter @jihadwatchRS


If You're Opposed to Gay Sex Equalized to Needed Heterosexuals, You're
Considered A "Hate Group" by Anti-white Idiots

Headlines for White Racists: May 16

At a Protest They Failed to Support White Racists: Oath Kepers Falling
Apart in Oregon

David Duke Show Broadcast

Vanguard America Broadcast

Being His On Man: Powerful Jew Adelson Furious at Trump
Over Embassy Delay

Tell Potsmedia Globalist Bonokoski: No Canadian Troops in Africa!
(We Will... at )

Shiites Vs. Semites: JDL to Counter-protest Al Quds Day on June 23
in Toronto

Richard Spencer Leads White Nationalists at Rally

Congratulate Him... We Will
on Twitter..@RichardBSpencer

Headlines for White Racists: May 15

"Bears Law" : Sovereign Leader Gets Plea Deal

Globalist Russian Oligarch Jews Only People That 'Put-in' Putin
Listens to... Andrew Anglin is His Admirer and Advice-Taker

Topham, M-103, and Other Free Speech Battles in 2017

Black Lives Matter MIA (Fool John Tory Failed to Invite White Racists)

Islamophobia Won't Work: You Can't Fight A God -- Nature Says Racism is Best

Cuckservatives UKIP in British Election

John Beattie Now on Facebook... and More BPL News

Dumb Toronto Mayor Tory Failed to Invite White Racists for Recommendations on Tackling
Anti-black Bias
Tell Him at

Forwarded to Toronto Mayor John Tory:
May 13, 2017

Dear Mayor Tory:

The Nationalist Party of Canada expresses its disappointment with you over your refusal to discuss racism with
the NPC, considering that we are the major proponents of it in Toronto.

A mayor is supposed to represent all his constituents, not those who voted for him.
The Nationalist Party of Canada

Russian Spies or US Neo-Nazis: Who
Hacked Macron?

Anti-social Moron Anarchists Attack Golden Dawn

Globalist Jewsmedia's Washington Post Wants to Stop
All Proud White Racists

Tell Their Editor They're White Self Loathers,

Bill Cosby Vs. A Canadian Accuser

Good News-- Globalist Jewess' World Collapsing

Regular White Kids Won't Be Going to College Anywhere

Jordan Peterson Did Nothing When Racists Were Censored and Jailed,
Now He Wants Funds

Anti-Gay Preacher Billl Whatcott's $140 Million Class Action Suit
Dismissed: Judge Orders Him to Reveal His Supporters

Anti-Racist Pro-Kosher Cuckservative Bill O'Reilly on His Firing:
"This Was A Hit"

The Nationalist Populist Wave Has Not Been Defeated


NPC to Belize: Find Canadians' Killers

Forwarded to Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize:
May 8, 2017
Mr. Prime Minister:

The Nationalist Party of Canada calls upon you to do all in your power to find those
responsible for the death of Canadians Francesca Matus and Drew de Voursney and bring justice to this case or face a boycott of your
nation by Canadians.

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

Forwarded to America's "Oath Keepers"

May 8, 2017
It's time you packed it in -- you've failed the white man;
After siding with white self-loathers, you oaths mean nothing

Nationalist Party of Canada

See related articles here, and tell the Oath Keepers they're not White men--just bullies

All Racist Agree: Shut Down Russiagate Fake News Farce

Jews in Charge-- PM Names New CSIS Head

See Living In The Shadows, Toronto Star, April 8:

Crude, Rude Jimmy Kimmel  Whining Over Everyone
Hating The Hollywood Filth and Perversion (He's Part of It)

Tell Him at

JDL to Protest Pro-Jihadist  Rally May 13th; Uses Orwellian Phrase "Terrotsm"

IRS Gives White Nationalists a Tax Break and more Headlines
For White Racists, May 12

Proud Whites: Soldiers of Odin in Ottawa-Gatineau..
Should Help the Flood Victims

Tell Them Here on Facebook:

Naive Davis Duke Still Plugs for Red Cult Dictator Assad in Syria:
There Are No Freedom Fighters There

Tell Him Here:

Stop The Anti-White Bastards and Bitches at Every Turn, Especially If You
See Them Publicly Protesting Against Whites

Wake Up, Whitey! Weak Wimpy Southern Whites Allow Their Heritage to be

Removed from Public Places into Storage in New Orleans


Unmanly Arrogant Andrew Anglin is A Mean Idiot with His Dead Migrant "Sweet" Comments


The Very Un-PC Jew Karl Marx

Disgusting People: Death Wish of Anti-White Self Loathers

Taliban Back on the Offensive in Kunduz


The Sovereign Files

French Elections:Macron's Phyrrhic Victory Faces 11 Million
"Fascist" Voters -- Reds and Liberals

National Socialist Movement Rally in Pikeville, KY, April 29

Race Trumps Religion: David Duke, Part of the Islamophobia
False-Flag Feminists

Remind Him Race Is All-- We Will,

Headlines for White Racists: May 9

Meaningless "Alt.Right" Just a Bunch of Weak Establishment Fraudsters

Donald Trump should Remember Commitment to America
and Stay out of Syria

Tell Him to Stay Out and Rebuild America -- We Will:
@realDonaldTrump on Twitter

From the British National Party: UKIP Should Quit

From V-Dare:

Immigrants Taking Hobs From Americans

From National Vanguard:

From the Institute for Historical Review: Americans Want Trump
to Slash Defense Spending by $41 Billion

France Est Fini!

Frustrated Virginia White Woman

Tell Trump ( @realDonaldTrump ) to Stop Muslim Immigration
-- Wishing Won't Help

More Jihadist Attacks in Mali

Tell Justin Trudeau ( Don't Send 750 Canadians
To This War Theatre

Abuse of Power as Jewish Sister of Trump's Son-in-law
For More Chinese and Globalism

Tell Trump to Stop His and Kushner's Globalism (We Will
on Twitter ( @realDonaldTrump )

Give Yourself a Pat on The Back

Lies and More Lies from CBC Globalist Media:
The Job Market is Not Booming in Canada

Tell Them at
We Will

Maxime Bernier: Best Out of A Lousy Lot

BC Globalist  Liberals Sell Out to China

Watch Out,Evil Feminist Bitches: White Race Traitors Want Your Scalps

Fabio Has A Beef with California's Liberal Policies

Send Him Your Support (We Will)
on Twitter: @fabiodnb

Racists-- Confront the White Race Traitors Wherever You Find
Them-- Minnesota's Legislature Included

Gay Establishment Boy Milo Back with $12 Million to Start A Media
Company; Alt-right is Not White Racist Enough

Trump Must Be Careful of the Rise of the Globalist Generals

Defeat the Demons: Battle of New Orleans Set to Heat
Up This Sunday

Sajjan Won't Step Down

Tell Him to Resign... We Will

Barren Dying Breed: Antifa Morons Attack Indian Man

Deadly Embrace: ISIS Would Kill All "Antifa" Feminists, Queers Eventually,
Anti-racist or Not

Why Pro-Nonwhite Immigration Dumb White Women Should Not Vote

Headlines for White Racists, May 4th

More SOB White Race Traitors' Crap in Racial Profiling Survey

With Globalist Jews Around, Trump Has Unfortunately Become
Another Interventionist Neo-con

Orwellian Term 'Terror' In the Eye of The

Trump Talks With Alex Jones and More Headlines for
White Racists: May 3rd

Official Daily Stormer Report on Pikeville Gathering of White
Nationalist Patriots

America's 16 Years of Failure in Its Afghan Mission
Tell Donald Trump to Get Out of This Blighted War
Tweet him at @realDonaldTrump

Racemixing Never Works: Racially-Motivated Firebombing Lands
White Man in Jail

Why Antifascists Don't Fight Islamofascism: They're
Afraid of Patriarchal Believers

Don't Send 750 Canadian Troops to Mali: 8 Malian Soldiers Killed in
Convoy Ambush

Interview with Canadian White Nationalist Front Chairman
Kevin Goudreau

BNP Campaigns as Brits Face Vote

Most Baby Boomers Recognized as Useless Twits in the
White Nationalist Movement

Globalist Jews & Their Commie /Military/Feminist Supporters Are
The Real Meddling War Whore

Don't Slag White Supremacism: Now It's Required

White People Need Their Own God(s), Not A Semitic Whining Women's
Judaism-lite Religion

Naive Trump Man: Be Proud to Be A White Racist... Trump
Won't Be Around Forever

Everyone Hates Fake News: Trump Snubs Media Gala

Trump's Insult Riles Jew Stephen Colbert into A Rant

Trump Surrenders to the Globalist Jew Oligarchy

Nationalist Whites Waking Up in Sweden

Only Naive Far Right Whites Would Support Globalist KGB's Putin as Their Head

Why Defend Globalist Factory South Korean Ingrates? Let Them Settle Their Own Ethnic Family Problems

Tell Donald Trump (on Twitter: @realDonaldTrump) to Stop the Drone Murders in Yemen-- You're Making More Enemies

.. And Tell Him to Offer to Talk to North Korea-- Don't Threaten or Bomb Them

Failed Oxymoron Progressive Conservative Patrick Brown's Road To Victory?
Don't Count on It

Let's Get those White Race Traitors if and When They Attack Us...
and More Headlines for April 28

Hey, White Self-loathers ... Downtown Pikeville, KY to Be Avoided
Due to White Nationalist March

Headlines For White Racists: April 27

Mom & Dad? Ask Your Parents --Why Are You Not Racist?

Ask Your Richard Spencer Knows White Privilege is Needed for a White Standards

Compliment Him (We will)-- Here
on Twitter: @RichardJSpencer

Live Video Stream from the Berkeley Free Speech Rally

New Facts About The Matt Hale

Write Him a Letter at:
The Florence Correctional Institution
Box 6000
Florence, Colorado 81226

Public Discussion: Be A Racist -- It's
The White Man's Way

Pro-Male Alex Jones Loses Custody of Children to His Feminist Jew Wife

In-Hiding Ernst Zundel Disappoints His Supporters
Speak Up!

Europe's Nationalist International, as It Should Be

Barren White Self-Loather Idiots Set Fire to Neo-Nazi Patriots' Clubhouse
In Memmingen Germany

Tell Donald Trump to Back Off Sabre-Rattling on North Korea...No One
Wants a New War

Tweet Him: @realDonaldTrump

NPC Slams "Parody" Killer Show Angie Tribeca

The following letter was forwarded to the TBS network and Canada's Comedy Network,
concerning the popular comedy series Angie Tribeca and its glorification of
serial killers:

April 26, 2017

TBS Productions, USA
Comedy Network Canada

The Nationalist Party of Canada is protesting the airing and promotion of the series Angie Tribeca on your network.
This so-called sitcom's current storyline makes light of the act of serial murder through jokes and through such scenes as parodies of the horror film Silence of The  Lambs.  Murder is not funny, nor is elevating it or glorifying it with bad attempts at humor. This is unacceptable and should never be made fun of. It debases society and trivializes violence.

Do not try to elevate killers and horror for the sake of shallow laughs. The world is a frightening enough a place without so-called comedic television portraying violence as funny.

Bob Smith

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada.

Ann Coulter Afraid to Speak at Commie/Feminist/White Self-loathers' Berkley

Complain to Their Dean Renita Miller for Their Free Speech Cowardice (We Will)

New Craze: Sovereign Citizen Identified in Texas in Mass Shooting Plot

Feminist White Globalists' Mercenary Countries New Zealand and Australia
to Stupidly Send More Troops to US Mess in Iraq

Tell Their PMs No! (we will)

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull Contact page:

New Zealand PM Bill English:

Antiwhite Self-loathers Fight Free Speech, Even If Its Ugly, in
a Toronto Courtroom

Husband and Wife Accused of Planning Violence at Shooting
at UW Milo Protest

"Congressional Israel Victory Caucus" Shows Who Runs American Politicians

Jews' Twitter Full of Anti-Semites... and More Headlines for
April 26

Crude, Rude Establishment's 'Neo-Nazi' Your Ward News Attacked,
Defended for Postal Distribution in Toronto

Jews Suing Andrew Anglin... He Needs Help

Lawsuits Filed: Hypocrite Commie Feminists at Berkeley Must Defend Their Censorship
of Whites' Free Speech in America

Trump's Converted Jewish Daughter Pushing Globalism and Open Borders

Tell Trump to Get her and Her Husband Out of the Oval Office for This
Idiocy...Tweet him @realDonaldTrump

More Trouble: Alex Jones Sued for Slamming Yogurt Maker Company

Comment: Trump's Empty Bluster and Bombing

Florida Prosecutor Opposed to Death Penalty Receives Death Threats

Tell the Governor to Get Her Out, Here (We Will):

Tell Marnie Le Pen to Make Amends with Her Racist Father if She Wants to Be
France's Leader... We Will

National Front Contact Page

Globalist Pentagon Bigshots Know They Can't Defeat Taliban God-believers
and Predict Another Tough Year in Afghanistan

Tell Trump to Withdraw Them... We Will. at @realDonaldTrump

Anti-Migrant German Vigilantes Should Confront Their Nonwhite Race
Traitors who Brought A Mentally Ill Iraqi There. Wake Up, Boys

Idiotic Chinese Commies Can't Wipe Out Islam in Restive Xinjiang by
Banning Muslim Names

White Militias Best: Headlines for White Racists, April 24

Trump Acting Like An Idiot for Globalist Masters Says
He Didn't Know Much About NATO When He Said It Was Obsolete

Evil Talk Show Media Host John Moore Slammed

Forwarded to Newstalk 1010's John Moore for his comments on his April 14 program:
You're a  moron and a white self-loather for agreeing to the removal of Confederate statues and history from in the American South. This is why you media bastards are hated so much by a growing number of the white population, while you barren anti-racist idiots dwindle and disappear every day on the obituary pages.

Good riddance to the stupid baby boomers and Generation X neo-criminals. I think that includes you.

Nationalist Party of Canada


Even Globalist Limeys Are Thinking of Using Pre-emptive Nuclear Strike

Tell Teresa May No! (We Will)  Here:


British Cuckservative UKIP Calls Islamism "Poisonous"

Jewsmedia, et al: No One Is Talking About Nukes Because US Losers Intend to Use Them Again --

MOAB Bomb Just A Start

France Votes: Divisions in North Over Nationalist Le Pen Support

Not A White Man or Woman Among the Tory Candidates

UKIP's "Christian" Jew Candidate Is A Burns A Bible in England

Written to Newstalk 1010 Radio's Paul Mott:

April 22. 2017
You are a son of a bitch to put down Trump's white rallies, you white cuckolded self-loather idiot.
Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada

Tell Him at

Hail to The  White Patriot Arrested Protecting  Richard Spencer's Free Speech Against Commie Race Traitors

More Joining White Militias--White America's Future Defenders.. and More Headlines for
White Racists: April 21

Rabbi Brutally Attacked in Ukraine 6 Months Ago Dies of His Wounds

Canada Could Be Called Upon to Provide Troops In the Event of Another Dumb
Crazy Asian War

Tell Trudeau (Email: ) We Won't Go (We Will)

British National Party Starts Election Campaign in Basildon

Documentary Appears on Atlantic Monthly on Richard Spencer, Reviewed by
Andrew Anglin

NDP Motion Anti-Semitic? Hardly

"Nazi Mom" Exposed

Makes No Sense: David Duke Foolishly Still Defends Freemason-like Red Cult
Dictator in Syria

Tell Him: Wake Up, Davie (at )  We Will

Tell Justin Trudeau to Stop the Surge of Asylum-seekers Coming Across Canada's Open
Border at   (We Will)

Good Riddance and to Hell With Neo-con Globalist Bill O'Reilly (Whom Andrew Anglin Likes)

Wikileaks Probably A Scam, Never Revealing Anything Important

Fox News' Moron Conservative Jew Greg Gutfeld: Don't Confuse Patriotism with Politics.. It's all The Same, Fool

Tell him at

Nothing Wrong With Black Nationalism: Separation is Best, Say White Nationalists

Tell Alex Jones at ... We Will

Alex Jones Responds to Claims He Is an Actor as He Fights His Jewish Wife for Child Custody

Rude, Crude Stereotype Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Sued for Harassing Jewish Woman and Family By

Pro-White Richard Spencer to Speak at Auburn Center In Spite of Commie Thugs' Threats

Racists Say No, But Moron War Hawks Seek Massive Escalation, Open-Ended, Unwinnable War in Afghanistan

Commie Feminist White Traitors Get Their Comeuppance at Berkeley Rally

Trump's White Voters Most Racially Aware, Admitted by Our Enemies ... and More Headlines
for White Nationalists for April 18

Tell Andrew Anglin (at
Get It Right --Women Don't Love Muslims-- Just the Nonwhites the Entertainment Media Made Popular

Custody Battle Tarnishes Alex Jones' Act

Feminist Neo-con War Crimes Drowning Out America Firsters

Tell Trump.. We Will, With This Article. Contact Him Here:

Catholic Idiot Mike Pence Wants War With North Korea

US Globalist Imperialists Test New Nuclear Gravity Bomb

Tell Trump (at @realDonaldTrump)  -- No More Wars, Rebuild America

It's Time For Americans to Cut North Korea Loose

Told You So! Globalist NATO's Freemason Puppet Erdogan Wants to Restore the Muslims' Caliphate in Istanbul, Like the Heady Ottoman Empire Days

"Take A Stand for White Working Families":
National Socialist Movement Announces Rally in Kentucky for April 29... Details At This Link

NSM Announces New Website, New Radio Network

British Peoples League's John Beattie Now on YouTube

Globalist Jew-Run German Regime Jails One-Legged Man to 10 Years for Holocaust Denial

Complain to Mama Merkel  Here... We Will

Here's Our letter:

April 16, 2017

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns your jailing of a man for challenging history vis-a-vis
the Holocaust.

Your nation of all others, should be aware of the real meaning of free speech, and that includes political
and historical opinion and debate. Start practicing it and defend free speech-- don't suppress it.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Berkley Smackdown: Get Those White Race Traitor Criminal Attackers!

The Politics of Social Media Trip up Trump

Pope Okay With Use of Nuclear Bombs but Cries Over Natural Racism and Migrants

Commie Writer Correct: There's No Solution to the Korean Conundrum Unless the North Takes the South
and Unites the Peninsula

Tell Canadian Nationalist Front leader Kevin Goudreau That Muslims Are Not Invading Canada--Anti-Racists
Are Bringing Them Here... Concentrate on The Traitors


Free Speech or Bust! CBC Out to Lunch Attacking Senator Beyak

Tell Their CEO Hubert Lacroix Here  (we will):

French Canadian Bernier is Best Out of A Bad Globalist Lot to Head the Feminist Cuckservative Party...

Tell Him Here at   (We Will)

Meet Globalist Gary:
Trump Betrays His White Nationalist Base

Trump's White Base Turns Against Him

Tell Him... No More Wars!   On Twitter: @realDonaldTrump


The True Cost of Israel For The Globalist Jews' Elite

Globalists' Put-in Putin Defended by David Duke

Foolish David Duke Defends Red Dictator in Syria

Ask Duke: Are You Nuts? (We Will)

at his Email:

Headlines for White Racists: April 12

Members of Citizen Courts Face Real Jail Time

Globalist Cult Dictator Assad Can Stay, But Armed Opponents of the New World Order ( ISIS and Racists) Must Be
Wiped Out

Trump's Stunning U-Turns


Odd Couple: McCain and Graham Want More War on Patriarchal Muslims

Globalist-Surrounded Trump Reverses Position on NATO: Now , the War Alliance is "Relevant"

Establishment's Neo-Nazi Stereotype Andrew Anglin Still Loves Jew Oligarchs' Boy Putin: Stupid or Conspiratorial? You Decide

Tell him at

Counter-Protests to White Self-loather Anti-racists in Houston

Anti-White Morons Claim Hate Rising as Real News Available to All Whites... and More Headlines for White Racists for
April 11

Typical: Semitic Women's Christian Religion  Fights For Homosexual Staff

Military Idiots in Thailand Don't Want to Talk with Armed Islamists to Get Peace in Their South

Tell Their King They're Wrong... We Will

All Globalist Jews' Newsmedia in Favor of War in the Middle East

US Troops May Not Be Needed in Afghanistan by 2020: Taliban Will Be In Power-- It's Not Our War

Ron Paul Agrees with White Racists: US Attack on Syria Made to Prop Up Profits of the Military Industrial Complex

Globalists' Fool Tillerson Wants the US to Be the Punisher of Crimes "Anywhere in the World"

Tell Trump He's Wrong... We Will.
On Twitter: @realDoanldTrump
Email/Contact Page:


Call Them What They Are: White Self-loathers, Not Their Preferred Antifa Morons

Tell Them...We Will

Confederate Flag is A White Racist Symbol, No Doubt About It.. What A Wimpy Politician
Corey Stewart Says: Tell Him...Plus More Headlines for White Nationalists for April 10

Contact Corey Stewart Here:


Hitler Wannabes in German Army?

The Anti-Government Sovereign Files

Armed and Dangerous;
US Feds Still Looking For An Anti-Government American

Stupid Trump's New Pal-- Freemason Army-Run Regime Dictator Sisi

Tell the Australian Regime to Lay Off Neo-Nazis with Stickers...
Free Speech is the White Man's Way

Write to Their PM Malcolm Turnbull (Contact page):

Bannon Sets Up Trump Meeting with Next More-Effective "Hillary" Rep. Gabbard

Trump's White Populist Base Against Further Meddling in Middle East

Crude Third Rail Discusses World War (Second Phony Cold War for Military Industrialists) Profits

Populist Racists Turn on Trump After His Crappy Ineffective Missile Strike (Rebuild America)

How The Snooty Anti-White Racist Alt.Right Broke Up With Trump

Anti-White Racist War Cuckservative Bill O'Reilly Going Down the Sex Assault Drain

US Get Out-- Let the Syrians Decide Regime Change There or Split It Up Among Their Warring Factions

Jihads Say US Trying to Fool The World With Syrian Air Strikes

Too Many Poor Canadians in Toronto Without Shelter While Trudeau Spends Money On Foreigners and Refugees

Tell Him to Help Toronto's Homless (We Will) at

Anti-Globalist Wars: Trump Supporters Don't Like His Crappy Syrian Attack
Stay Out of the Middle East ... Tell Trump on Twitter -- @realDonaldTrump

Good Idea: Stop the US from Making Syria War Even Worse:
Just Get Out!

Neil Gorsuch Confirmed for Supreme Court..

Tell Them No -- Complain to Fox News CEO Roger Ailes at (We Will)

No Meddling, Whites: French Invader Killed by Patriots in Mali

Tell Trudeau at Not to Send 750 Canadians to This War, With This Story
(We Will)


New Indochino Ad Promotes Anti-White Racemixing

A new print ad for Indochino clothiers features a white woman and a black man in formal attire. We have forwarded a complain to them (below) and you should too, at: /

April 7, 2017

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns your currently-running advertisement that promotes anti-white racemixing.
We will be boycotting your stores until this ad is removed from circulation.

Racists are watching you and how your promote your company.

Nationalist Party of Canada

Sad: David Duke Cries for Syrian Brutal Red Dictator Over Crappy Air Raid

Tell Him (We Will) at

Pictures Show Little or No Damage on Useless Syrian Airbase from Symbolic US Air Raid

Don't Cry for your Geek-named Dictator, Andrew Anglin... Tell Him
at (We Will)

Tell Putin-Run Russia Today TV To Go To Hell Over Coverage of Lenin Return to Russia Celebrations


Donald Trump is Foolish to Defend Globalist Cuckservative Bill O'Reilly

Tell Him  on Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

From Accommodation to Acceptance

Semitics' Islam (Submission) is the Religion of Violent Racemixed People to Keep Them Under Some Semblance of Peace and Harmony

Soldiers of Odin Have JDL Racist Cult As Allies in Anti-Muslim Protest
Race Is All, Religion Second

More Fake News on Globalists' Russian TV German Millennials "Immigrant Friends" Propaganda Pushed

Married to a Jewess Alex Jones Defends Donald Trump

White Racists' Next Target: Anti-White Teachers -- and More Headlines for April 6


Ron Paul Off on A Tangent  with Susan Rice -- Fake News Crap As US Wars Rage Across The World

Tell Him So.. We Will... Here (Contact Page)

Globalists Force Trump to Drop Alt-Right War Dog Steve Bannon

Globalist Merchant Nivea Pulls "White Is Purity" Ad After Nonwhites and Self-loathers Whine

Condemn Them and Their CEO Stefan Heidenreich.. We Will, Here:

Forwarded to Nivea's Stefan Heidenreich:

April 5, 2017

Your company, which manufactures the Nivea skin care products, is to be condemned for bowing to commie feminist pressure and pulling your "White is purity" ads. This is disgraceful, that a company known world wide for teh Nivea line should bow to censors and small-minded politically correct morons.

Canadians believe in free speech. It is sad your company does not.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Taking Aim at Russia for A Second Phony Cold War for The Military-Industrial Complex

Blah, Blah Blah -- Jewish Groups Being Stupidly Proud of Their Censorship Laws

Justin, Radical Islam Is Your Problem (If You Bring Them Here)

Racemixers' American Hollowed Out Empire Can't Last Long

Race Is All: Secessionist Michael Hill Warns of "Coming Civil War"

Pat Robertson: "We have Been Dominated by Homosexuals"

On Martin Luther King Jr.'s Assassination Day White Self-loather Warren Kinsella Asmits Racists Are Taking the Public Stage

Let Oregon Farmers Pay the Right Wages to Americans-- Don't Rely on
Nonwhite Labor: Headlines for White Racists, April 3

Pro-White Stormfront Examined by Their Enemies of "Hatewatch"

New Biweekly Update on Anti-LGBT Groups Activities by Our Enemies

Take Canada Back? Only White Racists Can Do That, Not Rotten Christian Vrudaser Racemixers

Tell Paul Fromm at We Will

Red Dictator Kim Jong Un of North Korea Is Not the White Man's Problem

Tell Trump on Twitter @realDonaldTrump... We Will

Hateful Jew Bernie Farber's Spin: All Faiths Must Fight Anti-Muslim Actions

Proud Racist Whites Try to Monitor the Open Manitoba Border for Migrant Invaders

Tell Justin Trudeau to Close It  at (We Will)

Pentagon Out of Control: Trump Wrong to Expand Any Wars..

Tell Him to Rebuild America.. @realDonaldTrump on Twitter (We Will)

Meddler White Woman  Tracking Weapons in Middle East, Not Taking Them from ISIS as Fake Feminist Jewsmedia Claims

Uselss O'Leary Wants Dragons' Den Politicized

Tory Hopeful Maxime Bernier Interviewed

Racists Are Best: Cuckservatives Are A Poor Choice to Represent White Nationalists
Tell US Representative Tom Garrett.. We Will
Contact Page:

Race Is More Important Than Bisexuality Interpretations

Scared Feminist Cuckservative Kellie Leitch in Trouble for Attending Anti-Muslim Hindus' Meeting

Globalist Antiwhite Jewish Elites Not Good for The Ordinary Jew...
Wake Up People!

The Reality Calls Show: White Identity Achieved After Trump's Election

Dumb Racemixers' South Africa Ready to Break Up on Racial Ethnic Lines: Whites Finished Unless They Fight for an All-White with No Black Labor

Hateful Anti-Racist Cowards Desecrate Canadian Flag: Karma Coming

Forwarded to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders:

April 1, 2017

On Wednesday, I woke up to see a flat tire on the driver's side of my car, and figured it was due to natural causes.

On April 1, I saw a broken Canadian car flag thrown on my front lawn. I went around the corner where the car was parked near Duvernet Avenue, with one of those unreadable Sanskrit-style anti-racist messages on it. Obviously this was not a random vandals' act by kids, but a planned attack on a white nationalist, one that could get out of hand if the culprits are not caught.

I am asking the police to solve this vandalism with more patrols and investigation into this matter. If barren, dwindling anti-racists think that this is the end, and that they can attack white racists with impunity, they have another think coming.

Nationalist Party of Canada

NATO -- A Tool of the Globalist Elites for A One World Order Where Whites Will Disappear Through Racemixing

Headlines for White Racists: March 31st

Racist Trump Wants to Cozy Up to Freemason Army-run Dictator in Egypt

Tucker Carlson Condemned for His White Race Treachery

Arrogant SOB Tucker Carlson Needs Condemnation for His White Racist Idiocy

Tell Him He's A Spoiled Brat Globalist Jewsmedia Pinocchio Puppet

Blame Your White Whores First for White Race Destruction, Sex Crimes and Drug Epidemics

Tell David Duke At  ...We Will

Establishment's Andrew Anglin is A Pentagon Fool to Cheer for More War, Racemixing and Meddling in Somalis... Wake Up Fool!

Tell Him.. at We Will

It's Working: White Racist Trolls Bugging Our White Self-Loather Traitors..and More Headlines for March 30

Celebrating Brexit in Canada

Anti-White Patriot Cops Have to Be Infiltrated by German Nationalists

Trump Is Stupid To Allow More Naive Meddling in Somalia by US Globalists' Mercenaries

Tell Him at @realDonaldTrump... we will

Oligarch Jews' Stooge Fronts Who Are Political Leaders Include Put-in Putin When It Comes to Civilian Casualties

Shut Canada's Wide-Open Back Door
Tell Trudeau at We Will

NPC to Chief Mark Saunders: Crimestopping Comes First

Forwarded to Toronto Police Services Chief Mark Saunders:


March 30, 2017

Chief Saunders:

Toronto Police Services' first function must be the investigation and prevention of crime in our city.

While Torontonians believe that a police force must serve all of a city's residents, the controversy involving TPS, Black Lives Matter and Toronto Pride cannot be allowed to push law enforcement to the back burner.
Toronto is becoming a more violent and a more unsafe place, and this is a need you must attend to first, with proper staffing and up-to-date equipment -- and of course, support from the City.

Let's make "To Serve and Protect" a priority for Toronto Police, not just a slogan.

The Nationalist Party of Canada.

Andrew Anglin Using Establishment's Orwellian Lexicon Word "Terrorism" to Describe Globalists' Enemies

Tell Him Not to Be A Stooge for More Wars on Muslims.. We Will

CIBC's CEO Victor Dodig
Needs to Be Reminded of Canadian Nationalism and Patriotism--Keep Jobs in Canada

Tell Them and Trudeau:
Trudeau Email:

White Racists Opposed to Stupid Feminist US Wars Escalating Across the Middle East with No End in Sight

Comment: You Shouldn't Blame Islam for Terrorism When You Are Occupying Their Lands

Bigmouthed Boaster O'Leary Wants to Ax  The "Rot"

Mail Service at Stake: Appeal of Mail Service to Your Ward News, Cut by Feminist Minister Must Be in By March 31

Here's How: Submit complaint to ...

March 28, 2017

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns your decision to censor the Your Ward News newspaper in Toronto and threatening to cut its postal rights in Canada.

Censorship is not what we do in Canada. All viewpoints about Canadian politics and society should be aired without fear and freedom of speech must be respected by all government ministries and crown corporations.

We hereby reject this move on your part and demand that Your Ward News' rights to distribute its newspaper be restored.

Nationalist Party of Canada

Headlines of Interest to White Nationalists for March 28

Conservative Candidate Leader Kellie Leitch Meets with Hindu Nationalists' Ron Banerjee

Green Crescent Symbol of Toronto District School Board: Obvious Ominous Muslim Future?

The NPC has forwarded the following letter to Mr, Banerjee of Rise Canada concerning the Toronto School Board's use of a Muslim crescent as part of its logo:

March 29, 2017

Dear Mr, Bannerjee:

The Nationalist Party of Canada salutes you as a Hindu Nationalist and your efforts to protect Hindu culture.

If you go on the Toronto District School Board site, you will notice that part of their logo contains a design that very much resembles a green Muslim Crescent, a well-known symbol of their faith. It is the Nationalist Party's position that secular school boards funded by taxpayers should not use symbols of any faith. We know you are concerned about this occurring in Toronto and may wish to look into this and address this matter with the TDSB.

At the very least, the use of the crescent design warrants an explanation.

We send you this letter for your information and as a focal point to inquire about it.

With best wishes from NPC Leader Don Andrews,

Mr, Bob Smith
Party Secretary.

Patriots, Shut Those Anti-Trump Nut Cases Down

Get All US Troops Out of Europe-- Let Them Sort Things Out Tell This Idiot Commander Gen.Scaparotti... We Will

Tell Trump, Too, at @realDonaldTrump

Dirty Iraq War Criminal Criminal Dick Cheney Should Be Publicly Executed, Not Listened To
Tell Him Here:

Police Stater Fantino Endorses Tory Hopeful O'Leary

Trump Backer Billionaire Also Supports Gay Jew Bigot "Milo":More Headlines for White Nationalists, March 27

"Manopause": Jack Donovan Represents Men

NYC Anti-Black Stabbing Suspect Hit With Upgraded Charges

Globalists' CBS Fake News "Investigates" LOL!

Commie Feminist Hope: White House is Nor 'In Disarray': Only Cheapskate Fiscal Conservatives Around Trump

Rotten Anti-white New York Times Admits They Covered Up 14-Year Old's Gang Rape by Nonwhites

Tell Them They're Traitors.. We Will, at

Marine LePen Needs to Reconcile Herself with her Racist Father to Win the French Election


Tell Her Here (We Will)

Canada Worried Over 150th Birthday "Terror" Threat:Stop All Foreign Mercenary Missions for Globalists

The Culture Wreckers' Language

West's Dirty War on ISIS Only Makes More Enemies While Children Die in American-Made Rubble

No War With North Korea!

Fix This Fast: Wild White Women, Starting in Britain-- The Achilles Heel of Our Race

Raided Again in Fort McMurray: Persecuted Canadian Political Prisoner Brad Love--Help Him

Sorry, John Beattie: The Red Ensign Flag is a Tool Fool for British Imperialists' Wars--Our White Homeland Flag Is Best for White Racists in Canada

Tory Leadership Race: Not A Proud White Canadian Man or Woman Among Them

Families in Poverty: Ottawa Has Lots of Money for Foreigners -- None for Canadians


Jews Create Their Own Anti-Semitism: Continual Victimhood Pays Off in The End

Sick Crap: Dildo Fantasies Hurt Daily Stormer's Seriousness

Tell Andrew Anglin at

Bizarre Activities at Auschwitz

It Started with the 'Hate Bill' : The Cost of Free Speech at McGill

American White Nationalist Michael Weaver Interviewed

Beware of The Evil Language Culture Wreckers

Rotten Pro-Trump Cuckservative Media Jew Attacked at Restaurant

Nazi Nazi Nazi!: Turkey's President Erdogan to Europeans

Knife-Wielding White Man Wanted to "Make A Statement...
and More News for White Racists: March 23

The Liberal Tradition in America (...Run By Their Feminist Christianity)

Slimebag Baby Powder Maker Johnson & Johnson
Pulls Ads from YouTube Over 'Hate and Terror' Videos

Tell Their CEO Alex Gorsky They're Wrong... We Will

From Toronto Star March 23:
Could Trump Be Mentally Unstable?
(Not Like a Multicultist Like You, Bob Hepburn

Tell him at ...We Will

Pro-Multicult Jews Face the Threat They Brought Here

Give Universal Health Care to Americans and Restore Meals on Wheels for the Disabled and Shut-ins

Tell Trump... We Will


More Headlines of Interest to White Racists: March 22

Whistleblowers Assange, Snowden Probably CIA Double Agents Still Holding Back on Revelations

Canadian Immigration System Shifts Toward Migrant Workers

Tell Trudeau to Hire Canadians First .. at
(We Will)

Anti-Sharia  Petition Emerges Alongside M-103 Debate: Commie-Feminists Brought Them Here

Condemned-to-Death Dylann Roof's Pal Gets 27 Months for Lying to the FBI

Jewsmedia Fake News:
The Missing Logic of Russia-Gate (When Jews Run Both Sides)

Commie Feminists' Snowden & His Ilk Mean Nothing to White Nationalists; Wikileaks The Same

Where Are the Pussyhat Harridans to Stop US Endless War?-- What Congresswoman Barbara Lee Should Ask

Israel's Human Rights Spies: Manipulating Discourse with Their Globalist Jewsmedia

Our Slovakia/People's Party's
"Ten Commandments"

Northwest Front's "Radio Free Northwest"

BNP Exposes Scottish "Nationalists"

National Socialist Movement Rally Set for Pikeville Kentucky:  Details at this link:

Kenney Takes Over Alberta Tories: More Fiscal Conservatives Will Sink the White Race

A Globalist Bitch Defended by an Internationalist Jew

Comment from Toronto Sun:
Liberals Need to Address Border Concerns

(Shut Our Borders to Invaders-- Tell Trudeau
at )


Golem Legacy: All Superheroes Are Wimpy Jew Creations-- Whites Don't Need Them

Trump's Russiagate Crap: No Such Thing as "Left/Right". Lew Rockwell Won't Divide Whites and Equate Commies to White Racists

Tell Them Here (We Will)

Israeli Man Shot in Ohio In Serious Condition

Muslim Woman Called "Nazi Scum" for Not Supporting Sharia Law

Racial Diversity: A Recipe for Whites' Extinction:
Tell The Idiots at CBC News, Here


Globalists' Red Cult Leader Assad Counts on Jew Oligarchs'/KGB Russia to Keep Peace with Israel

NPC to CP24 Channel: Show Us The Suspects!

Toronto's CP24 all-News channel is failing to show pictures of dangerous suspects wanted for murder and other serious crimes.

Write to them at Here's our letter:

Why Isn't your channel showing pictures of the suspect wanted across Canada for the murder of that 7-year old boy? Or any other pictures, drawings, etc., of those wanted by police for murder? This is vital information your viewers need to know.

You are failing your public duty by not keeping the public informed and alert.

The Nationalist Party of Canada

Semites' Ugly, Painful Circumcision: A Bid to Ban the Practice Splits Commie Feminists in Norway: Ban It!

NPC to Norway: Ban Circumcision

Forwarded to the Government of Norway

March 21, 2017

Dear Prime Minister Erna Solberg:

The Nationalist Party of Canada is calling upon your government to ban the practice of circumcision. It is ugly, and painful and does nor reflect your nation's culture.

This form of mutilation does not belong in Norway, nor any civilized nation. The NPC hopes you will ban circumcision now and for all time.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

Government of Norway's  Email address:

Eurasian Turk Leader Erdogan Tells Turks in Europe They Are The Future

Tell Him He's Nuts (We Will) Here:

Government of Turkey:

Turkish Embassy, Ottawa:

Congratulations to Canadian Patriot Kevin Goudreau Keeping White Nationalism Public in Peterborough

Help Him at his site, Here:

Conservative Cheapskate Politicians in France Also Cater to Globalist Jews

Globalist Jewsmedia's CBS Afraid of White Racists' Input... Keep It Up

Tell Newstalk's John Moore  to Stop Whining for White Criminals and Criticizing Toronto Cops

Newstalk 1010 Contact Page:

Mel Gibson is Wasting His Time on Dwindling Jew Holocaust Survivors

Tell The Fool (We Will)
On Twitter: @MelGibsonSite

Tell Apple's CEO Tim Cook To Go To Hell With His Anti-White Liberalism Being Pitched in China..We Will


Ex-Liberal Leader Bob Rae:
Trudeau's "Art of The Deal"

(Rae's Commie Idiot. Tell Him Here-- We Will:)
Twitter: @BobRae48
Contact Page:

Dutch Elections: Reverse Universal Suffrage -- Dumb Women Votes Again Screw Our Race

Good News! Anti-Racist  Fool Warren Kinsella Not as Happy as Natural Racists of All Colors (Awwww...)

Gavin McInnes Runs Afoul of White Self-Loathers

Canada's John Beattie Show: March 15

White Racists Opposed to Facebook Banning of Jewish Defense League

Facebook (run by Mark Zuckerberg) has banned the Jewish Defense League. The NPC has forwarded the following letter to the JDL:

March 19, 2017

Although we differ in our views, the Nationalist Party is opposed to your organization being banned by Facebook. As our leader Don Andrews has said, Free Speech means the right to say what other people do not want to hear.
Freedom of speech is the White Man's Way.


Ontario Tories: Conservatives Who Ignore the White Majority

Tell Patrick Brown He's Wrong at

US Anxiety Over Race Relations Reaches All-time High..and More Headlines for White Nationalists for March 17th

The Rizoli Brothers: Bringing Up Bones and Counting Corpses from WWII A Waste of Time for White Nationalists... Race Is All!

From David Duke:
How Zionists Divide and Conquer

Moron PM Trudeau Regime Won't Pay Ransoms to

Save Beheaded John Ridsdell and Robert Hall, Pays 3 Canadians for Being Tortured ...
Tell Trudeau at to Get the Boyle Family out of Afghanistan... We Will

More Populism Required as US Budget Becomes a Blood Sport

Tell Florida's New Attorney General She's Wrong to Criticize Stopping the Death Penalty for Monster Murderers


"Populist" Trump  Foolish to Cut Social Services Like Meals on Wheels. Tell Him This Isn't Populism... We Will

A Moron's Policy for Perpetual War for Eventual Peace in Afghanistan.. Tell Trump to Withdraw All Troops from There (We Will)

Yemen Artists Paint on Walls to Protest US/Saudi Proxy War on a Poor Nation. Tell Trump to Stop Supporting Their War Dog Regime (We Will)

Trump's Contact Page:



Yawn...Watching Professional Sports is a Waste of Time in The Crisis of the White Race Era

KKK Rally Planned as White Nationalists Take Over From Globalists in the Republican Army..and More Headlines for White Racists: March 15

New York Jew  Assemblyman Censor David Weprin Wants All Non-government-approved Speech Suppressed on Social Media

Free Speech or Tyranny : Complain to This Idiot Here:


He'll Learn the Hard Way: Naive I'm-Not-A-Racist Arthur Topham Victim of Jew Censors in Canada

Zionist Organizations Try to Ban and Censor David Duke's Videos

Naive Women Voters Reject Populism in the Netherlands

Open Borders Fool Desmond Cole Needs Condemnation...Wake Up, Pal!
Tell Him White Civilization is At Stake.. We Will

E Mail:

Racemixers' American Empire: The World's Leading Killer

Sneaky AIPAC Jews Gave Trump's Failed Architect of Trump's "Muslim Ban" $60,000

Tell Trump to Drop This Half-assed Idiocy.

John McCain is A Nut Case War-dog Attacking
Rand Paul

Tell Him to Lay Off and Work for Peace... We Will

Tell Trump Not To Listen to His Globalist Meddler Generals on Escalating the War in Afghanistan... Just Get Out

The Ethnic Cleansing of America Has Started...
Race Is All

The Rot Is In: Trump's Travel Ban Useless With Liberal Anti-White Judges in Charge:

Tell Him To Build America First, Forget About This Narrow 'Terrorism': We Will... Here:

Promoting Grassroots Military Support for Trump A Good Idea: Pentagon Could Stage A

"Sunday Coup"

A Matriarchal Jewess Tries to Understand the Jihadi Mind (of Primitives? LOL!)


Tarek Fatah's Fantasy:
Western Civilization is Superior

Tell This Racemixed Globalist Goof He's Wrong at
Twitter: @TarekFatah

We Will


Racial Identity Achieved, Natural Racism Is Here: White Millennials Know Who They Are...and More Headlines for White Racists, March 15

Planet Earth: Our One and Only Home

Current US Constitution Party Offices in America You Can Contact

Prosecute 98-Year-Old  Minnesota Man for War Crimes: Are They Nuts?

Tell the Christian Science Monitor -- Don't Charge People Over Events of 72 Years Ago

Dumb Globalist Commie Feminists Shooting Themselves in the Foot with Anti-Islamophobia Motions...They'll Be Sorry

Poor Palestinians Stuck With Commie Abbas Until ISIS Kicks Him Out Still Cooperating with Israeli Occupiers

Crazy Orwellian Globalist Censors in Germany Want $53 Million in Fines for Social Media "Hate Posts"

Tell That Fool Angela Merkel NO!


Trump's Dangerous Military Buildup  - Expensive Solutions to a Non-existent Problem


Lefties, Techies, All White Wimps, Taking on Trump

New Data Reveals No One Likes M-103: Race Is All, But Islam's Patriarchy Unites Bigots and Feminists

Looks Good on Jordan Peterson...This All Started by Censoring White Racists They Did Not Defend

Paying Ransoms Complicated? Nonsense.

Shame on Beheader PM Justin Trudeau. Tell Him to Save The Boyles in Afghanistan...We Will
PM's Email:

Religion in Schools Not Needed: Brampton Mayor Backs Muslims on School Prayer

Tell the Peel School Board Head Here:

Censorship in Canada:
Naive Mild-mannered "I'm Not A Racist" Teacher Arthur Topham Kicked Off the Internet for His Anti-Jew Postings

Breibart Attacked by White Self-Loathers

Send Them Your Support.. We Will

Headlines for White Racists' Interest, March 13

Texas Mosque Arson Suspect Identified in Separate Case

Netherland's Gay Zionist Geert Wilders is Wrong -- It's All About Race, Civilization Comes Second


Tell This Fool: We Will:

The Anglican Church Warns Kids About Perverts New "Beauty and the Beast" from Degenerate Disney Studios.

Thank them -- Here

David Duke Talks About Pro-White Rep. Steve King

Tempest in A Teapot: Turkey and The Netherlands -- Neither Needs Each Other , But the Crisis Is Good or White Racists


More CNN Fake News: Putin Hates Globalist Hillary Clinton

Trump's New Wars, Including Syrian Intervention, Will Sink His Presidency.


Tell Him to Rebuild America... We Will
Trump Contact Page:

Tell Newstalk 1010's Jim Richards to stop bad mouthing Donald Trump at

Civility at NDP debate? Not with mostly-anti-white commie feminists

Story at Toronto Star March 13:

Not the white man's way: Man brutally beaten in Seinfeld Jews' Manhattan as people walk by.
Tell New York's Mayor Bill DiBlasio to speak up about this outrage.. We will
Mayor's Office

Story here:

Rally calling for wiping out white self-loather liberals?  They're dying off with their barren women already...

Story here:


It's Their Way:
Israeli Soldier receives lenient sentence for sex assault

Story here:,7340,L-4933443,00.html


Anti-Muslim Chapters in America
Listed Here:

Tell Trump to Get out of  the unwinnable wars in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria

Contact page:

Story at

Czech Republic big pal of Israel -- No good for its' citizens.

Tell their PM.
Cezch Government contact page:

Commie-Feminist White Race Traitors try to stop free speech for Italy's Northern League leader.

Tell their PM to stop the hooligans.. We will

Italian Government website:


Tell John Moore at Newstalk he's an idiot for harping on Trump every day. All Talk show hosts are whore propagandists for the Establishment.

Al-Qaeda in Syria resurgent while globalist invaders fight ISIS. Tell Trump -- no more wars and troops for failed missions... Rebuild America

White House contact page:


Jews will make a musical about anything--including their 9/11 conspiracy.
Story at


Whites should send compliments to smart Congressman Steve King who calls for White Nationalists for America. We will...

His contact page is here:


We are in the Process of Fixing our NPC Site pages and  Will be Updating the site in the next few days

Thank you for your patience

Nationalist Party of Canada

Totally Unfair: Oddball Transgender Boy Wins Texas State Girls' Wrestling Title|

Tell Their Governor Greg Abbott They're Nuts

Feb. 26, 2017

Dear Governor:

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns the legalization of transgenders in sports competitions allowing them to determine which gender they wish to participate as.

It's nuts to subvert rules designed to not give unfair advantage to one gender or another in sports, or anywhere else and we are sure that most Texans are against any law giving special privilege to transgender people. It's time you honored the traditions of Texas and fought all federal attempts to force unnatural laws like these down the throats of your constituents.

Do the right thing, Governor Abbott, and protest this tyranny.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


It's Not the Vague Equating the Alt-Right Unnatural Term "Left", Silly Andrew Anglin

Tell Anglin to Call Them What They Are -- Commies, Feminists Race Traitors, Etc.
Here at


No Powers for American Agents

Forwarded to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Feb. 23, 2017

Canada is a sovereign nation and we cannot allow agents from other nations to have any powers of law enforcement or surveillance here, for any reason.

The kind of globalist one-world nonsense is dangerous to all Canadians and must be stopped immediately. Don't allow any country, strong or weak, to have powers act with absolute freedom.

Nationalist Party of Canada


Big Bang Theory “Racemixers'[sp]” Cursed

Forwarded to CBS and Chuck Lorre, producer, The Big Bang Theory (just renewed by CBS for two more years):

Feb 26, 2017

Curses on you and all your works until you die, along with your evil, racemixing [sp]-promoting, stagnant and stupid show Big Bang Theory.

May you have no good luck until you see the light and stop promoting unnatural racemixing [sp]

Nationalist Party of Canada


Media Morons Think It's Their Job to Tell Us How To Think

Tell MSNBC Bitch Mika Brzezinki She's Wrong
on Twitter: @morningmika

Forwarded to MSNBC's CEO Phillip Griffith at their Contact page:

Feb. 23, 2017

To: MSNBC CEO Phillip Griffiith

It is not your job (as spoken on Morning Joe) to control what people think.

This is the kind of nonsense and arrogance that has made people distrust the media--not President Trump, This is why your ratings are collapsing. You just aren't trusted any more and this is how it will be until you stop the cheap insults and cover the news fully and unbiased.

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Forwarded to the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty after their demonstration at Mayor John Tory's home following the death of a homeless man:

February 20, 2017

While we may not agree on many things, you are to be commended for your demonstration at Mayor John Tory's home to protest the needless death of the homeless man refused shelter.

We need more compassion toward the homeless, and no tolerance for politicians' excuses and more calling them to account when tragedies like these happen.

Keep up the good work.

The Nationalist Party of Canada


NPC: Get Help For Your Refugee Crisis, Emerson

Forwarded to Greg Jensen, Reeve of Emerson, Manitoba

February 21, 2017

To: Greg Jensen, Reeve,
Emerson, Manitoba

The Nationalist Party of Canada and its leadership and supporters ask you to ask Ottawa for help in stopping the flow of refugees now entering your town from the United States. Many concerns have been expressed over Canada's security and Emerson and been the focus of national news for its vulnerability.

The time has come for your municipal council to formulate a request to Ottawa for assistance in stemming the flow of these people entering Canada through Emerson.

Wishing you well in this endeavor,

Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada


Feminists' Sweden Is A "Whorehouse Country"

Tell Their King

And Their Prime Minister Stefan Lofven:

Forwarded to them:

February 21, 2017

Your nation is facing a crisis as migrants are causing anarchy and victimizing your people.

You need to seal your borders and stop them from entering Sweden now, before more are hurt or killed. The needs of the people of Sweden must come before international compassion. Refugees are not Sweden's problem, but the problems they are causing are your problem.

Close your border, now.

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Forwarded to President Donald Trump:

Feb. 19. 2017

Please help our government in Canada close the border between the USA and
Emerson, Manitoba, for Canada and US Security.

With Best wishes,

Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada


NBC News appoints Noah Oppenheimer as its new president

Tell Him He's A War-Dog Fool

NBC News Contact Page

Feb. 15, 2017

To Noah Oppenheimer, president,
NBC News

You're a war-dog and a fool to promote America continuing its failed wars and meddling in other lands. Your country is crime-ridden and your streets need fixing.

Start tending to your own problems before you make more messes trying fix others.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


'Border Angel' Problem in Manitoba

Tell Trudeau to Control The Manitoba Border Invasion At His E Mail:

Fowarded [sp] to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Feb. 14, 2017

Mr. Prime Minister:

It's time you lived up to your words and promise you made during your visit to Washington, and take hard and secure steps to protect our borders from those coming here to hurt Canadians.

Compassion is fine, but it must take second place to our national security. Your various agencies must work together in a unified and coordinated capacity to keep anyone meaning harm to our citizens out of Canada.

Time to get back to Ottawa, and protect Canada, Mr. Trudeau.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

( There's a border invasion at Trudy's email ? ? ?  )


Black comic Eddie Griffin encourages Trump's assassination

Don't be a fan -- Give Griffin hell

Forwarded to Eddie Griffin:

February 14, 2017

To: Eddie Griffin

So your idea of entertainment and humor is advocating murder, and killing the democratically-elected President?

It's dangerous dreck like yours that explains why Donald Trump won in November; people are sick and tired of no-rules, no morals Seinfeld-attitude "humor" like yours.

Give your head a shake, Mr. Griffin and clean up your act.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

( Who is this Eddie Griffin? )


Black History Month Called Ridiculous -- by "South Park" voiceover talent and actor, Morgan Freeman


They’re all ‘stupid and dangerous’: Bill Maher explains why he criticizes religion

Raw Story  -  Sarah K. Burris

When a Christian pastor asked outspoken atheist Bill Maher about “radical Islamic terrorism” the conversation went beyond a mere discussion about Islam and focused more on Maher’s hatred for religion itself.

“[The Orlando shooter] talked about our filthy ways,” Maher said during the CNN town hall. “I mean, there’s some of that in religious people’s heads.”

Host Van Jones said that he’s a religious person and he doesn’t have that kind of hate and violence in him.

I am an atheist, sorry, Reverend,” Maher said to the man who asked the question. “But all religions in my view are stupid and dangerous.”

As Maher began to continue, Jones kept interrupting until Maher finally asked why Jones wouldn’t let him finish. “Do you just hate someone saying bad things about religion?” Maher asked. “You can’t do that on CNN? What is it, the Spicer White House, here?”

Maher explained that it is not only his point of view but the point of view of millions of other Americans and, indeed, religion is consistently falling in numbers all over the world.

Jones brought up the heavily religious African-American community being a stable in the Democratic party and asked how Maher can want to win while saying “all religious people are stupid.”

“I didn’t say all religious people are stupid. I said all religions are stupid,” Maher qualified. “It’s not at a group of people or to get ratings. That’s the truth as I see it.” He continued saying that the truth is the only thing he aims to get, whether it confirms his political ideology or not.

“In the 16th century, it would be Christianity I would be going after for being way too intolerant and way too violent, because that was the age of the Inquisition,” Maher said. “Now that is more Islam than Christianity. I think they’re both of dumb and religions are all dangerous, but at this point, one is more violent, more intolerant and more dangerous.”

He argued that the counterweight to radicalism is not more Christianity but secularism.

“They want to make this a battle between the two religions, who, by the way, have been going at each over for over 1,000 years,” Maher said. “This does go back to the Crusades, it ebbed and flowed throughout history. And it’s the dumbest thing and Trump’s going to do it.”


National Socialist Movement rallies in Kentucky


NSM Marches in Chicago Report:


Facts to consider when judging Nancy Elgie {!?!)

(Blame white self-loather fools; old anti-white racists find out that race is all -- too late)


The NPC Site has reached over a million "hits" (According to latest numbers on Google, we've reached 1,050,000

We attribute the site's sharp climb to Donald Trump's candidacy

We're glad this site demonstrating our white society ideology for the future has broken the million-"hits" mark, thanks to you.


NPC to Swedish King: Control your migrant invasion

Forwarded to King Carl Gustav of Sweden:

Feb. 3, 2017

Your Majesty:

The Nationalist Party of Canada notes the growing problems in your nation with respect to the immigrants entering Sweden.

There is growing crime being committed by them and growing resentment by your countrymen who are potential victims of the criminal element among these migrants. The best way to handle this is to stop this invasion at your borders and for greater law enforcement in urban areas where they have settled.

Ignore the communist/feminist outcry and close your borders now.

Bob Smith, per: NPC Leader Don Andrews
Nationalist Party of Canada


Switzerland soldiers suspended for saluting swastika in snow

Complain to Their Prime Minister Doris Leuthard:

January 31, 2017

To: Doris Leuthard,
Prime Minister of Switzerland

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns your government for disciplining soldiers who saluted a swastika.

Europe is facing enough problems with nonwhite immigrants committing violent crime, and the anger of whites has now reached into your military. Your efforts should be directed at stopping this wave of violence by closing your borders and protecting your nation as other European nations are now doing, not punishing those serving Switzerland.

These soldiers should be immediately reinstated and their punishments withdrawn.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Fowarded [sp] to Quebec Premier Philippe Couillaird:

January 30, 2017

Your vague answers at the news conference were just pathetic as you squirm to save your wretched multiculturalism.

For shame!

Nationalist Party of Canada


Support This Teacher Woody Hart, Forced to Resign for Displaying a Confederate Flag During A Civil War Lesson

Complain to Sutter Middle School in California here:

Here's Ours:

January 30, 2017

To: Kristin Tahara-Martin, Principal
Sutter Middle School
Sacramento, Ca.

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns your firing of teacher Woody Hart for teaching students about US history with a Confederate flag.

Is this how history is taught in America -- by censoring images that may hurt peoples' feelings? America's history cannot be censored no more [sic] than it can be changed? History class is no place for political correctness.

Shame on you and your local school board. Reinstate Mr. Hart immediately.

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Boycott Starbucks, who want to bring in more nonwhite refugees with offer of 10,000 jobs

Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz's Email:

January 30, 2017

To Howard Schultz, CEO
Starbucks, Inc.

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns you and Starbucks for hiring 10,000 nonwhite refugees. With unemployment at such high levels, it is disgraceful that you would engage in this anti-white action.

We are telling white nationalists worldwide to boycott Starbucks until this policy is reversed.


NPC to General Motors: Don't send jobs to Mexico

Forwarded to Mary Barra, Chair, General Motors Corporation

January 28, 2017

To: Mary Barra, Chair
General Motors

General Motors is an important part of the US economy and it cannot be sending jobs to Mexico. Your new President Donald Trump has already stated his intent to retain jobs in the USA.

Please do not export jobs to foreign countries, it is hurtful to Americans, to America and to GM's reputation worldwide and only benefits globalists.

Don Andrews, leader,
Nationalist Party of Canada

Send letters to GM:


Compliment General Mattis for standing against torture -- that's the higher white man's way


Jan. 27, 2017

General Mattis:

The Nationalist Party of Canada congratulates you on your stand against torture.

No civilized nation or people engages in torture for any reason, and we hope that you will remind President Trump that advocating or directing torture is not the way the leader of the free world should engage in

Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada


Congressman Condemned for Comments on Torture

Forwarded to US Congressman Adam Kinzinger for his pro-torture comments made Thursday on CNN:

January 26, 2017

It's wrong for any member of any government to support the use of torture.
It destroys the soul and it's not the "white man's way" and reflects a Seinfeld morality.

The US Congress and your new President Donald Trump must not use nor condone torture in any way.

Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada

Contact Page:

Tweet: @RepKinzinger


Anti-Trump representative Steve Cohen condemned

January 23, 2017

You're an ugly globalist feminist. Let it be on record that we hate you and yioru [sp] anti-Trump/anti-white rehetoric [sp] today on CNN.

Your day is finished.

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

Cohen's Webpage:

Tweet Him at @RepCohen


CBC "experiment" with white nationalists popular in Canada too

by Don Andrews

It's pretty pathetic in feminist-run Canada, the establishment media has to hire an actor to play a white nationalist selling Donald Trump and white pride worldwide T-shirts from a van to get some public white racist activity in this politrically [sp]-correct multicult white race-strangling regime's Canada. But that's what the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Marketplace show did on a show, broadcast on Sunday January 22nd on their News Network channel in two small town communities outside of Toronto (Alliston and Barrie) and in the trendy Beaches area of Toronto. The acting "white nationalist" sold four in one hour for $10 (probably at a profit of $7 each) and was politely received in Ontario's small towns except for one long-haired heavy white man who flipped his hands in anger when he saw that it was a CBC 'experiment' probably realizing that the hate for their traitorous white globalism since Trump's election is so great that even the media acknowledges it.

Street actions are fine when necessary and I've been involved with hundreds of them, but CBC's racist-support 'experiment' and our website's increasing popularity on the Internet shows that there are plenty of common sense, good will and fair play white men and women out there who agree with our ideology and agenda.

Thanks, CBC!

See the Marketplace story:


Walmart, MiniPops Pushing Racemixing [sp]

Forwarded to Walmart Canada's CEO:

Jan. 21, 2017

To: Walmart CEO, Lee Tappenden

Please pull your ad currently running for the new "MiniPops" album, featuring multiracial kids dancing around to pop tunes.

This is a disgusting commercial bordering on pornography, and not reflective of the family image Walmart has had for years in Canada and around the world.

Withdraw this ad or face a boycott of your stores.

The Nationalist Party of Canada,

Contact them:


Tell BMW to give up their Third World plant in Mexico for white workers or be boycotted as "white race traitors"

Tell Their CEO Harald Kruger

January 19, 2017

To: Harald [sp] Kruger, CEO BMW Group

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns your decision to not move your plant in Mexico.

White workers are being treated in a disgusting manner by your company with this inexcusable decision, and we demand you shut this factory down immediately; otherwise, your company (and its products) will be boycotted as white race traitor globalists.

White workers must come first wih [sp] multinationals.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Kevin O'Leary is no Donald Trump, with lots of hot air but no substance for white Canadians

Tell him at his Contact Page


President of Ukraine wants war with Russia

Tell him no more fratricidal wars


Finland uses kids to snitch on their parents' political views

It's not the white man's way

Tell their president at

NPC to Finland president: No to using kids to snitch on parents

To: Sauli Niinisto, President
Republic of Finland

January 19, 2017

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns your nation for encouraging children to inform your government about their political views.

This is a disgusting way for a supposedly democratic government to behave, more in the way of communist China -- and it's not the white man's way.

The NPC says no to this and demands that this policy and practice cease and desist immediately.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Mainstream Media’s Russian Bogeymen

The mainstream hysteria over Russia has led to dubious or downright false stories that have deepened the New Cold War

by Gareth Porter, January 16, 2017

In the middle of a major domestic crisis over the U.S. charge that Russia had interfered with the US election, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) triggered a brief national media hysteria by creating and spreading a bogus story of Russian hacking into US power infrastructure.

DHS had initiated the now-discredited tale of a hacked computer at the Burlington, Vermont Electricity Department by sending the utility’s managers misleading and alarming information, then leaked a story they certainly knew to be false and continued to put out a misleading line to the media.

Even more shocking, however, DHS had previously circulated a similar bogus story of Russian hacking of a Springfield, Illinois water pump in November 2011.

The story of how DHS twice circulated false stories of Russian efforts to sabotage US “critical infrastructure” is a cautionary tale of how senior leaders in a bureaucracy-on-the-make take advantage of every major political development to advance its own interests, with scant regard for the truth.

The DHS had carried out a major public campaign to focus on an alleged Russian threat to US power infrastructure in early 2016. The campaign took advantage of a US accusation of a Russian cyber-attack against the Ukrainian power infrastructure in December 2015 to promote one of the agency’s major functions — guarding against cyber-attacks on America’s infrastructure.

Beginning in late March 2016, DHS and FBI conducted a series of 12 unclassified briefings for electric power infrastructure companies in eight cities titled, “Ukraine Cyber Attack: implications for US stakeholders.” The DHS declared publicly, “These events represent one of the first known physical impacts to critical infrastructure which resulted from cyber-attack.”

That statement conveniently avoided mentioning that the first cases of such destruction of national infrastructure from cyber-attacks were not against the United States, but were inflicted on Iran by the Obama administration and Israel in 2009 and 2012.

Beginning in October 2016, the DHS emerged as one of the two most important players – along with the CIA—in the political drama over the alleged Russian effort to tilt the 2016 election toward Donald Trump. Then on Dec. 29, DHS and FBI distributed a “Joint Analysis Report” to US power utilities across the country with what it claimed were “indicators” of a Russian intelligence effort to penetrate and compromise US computer networks, including networks related to the presidential election, that it called “GRIZZLY STEPPE.”

The report clearly conveyed to the utilities that the “tools and infrastructure” it said had been used by Russian intelligence agencies to affect the election were a direct threat to them as well. However, according to Robert M. Lee, the founder and CEO of the cyber-security company Dragos, who had developed one of the earliest US government programs for defense against cyber-attacks on US infrastructure systems, the report was certain to mislead the recipients.

“Anyone who uses it would think they were being impacted by Russian operations,” said Lee. “We ran through the indicators in the report and found that a high percentage were false positives.”

Lee and his staff found only two of a long list of malware files that could be linked to Russian hackers without more specific data about timing. Similarly a large proportion of IP addresses listed could be linked to “GRIZZLY STEPPE” only for certain specific dates, which were not provided.

The Intercept discovered, in fact, that 42 percent of the 876 IP addresses listed in the report as having been used by Russian hackers were exit nodes for the Tor Project, a system that allows bloggers, journalists and others – including some military entities – to keep their Internet communications private.

Lee said the DHS staff that worked on the technical information in the report is highly competent, but the document was rendered useless when officials classified and deleted some key parts of the report and added other material that shouldn’t have been in it. He believes the DHS issued the report “for a political purpose,” which was to “show that the DHS is protecting you.”

Planting the Story, Keeping it Alive

Upon receiving the DHS-FBI report the Burlington Electric Company network security team immediately ran searches of its computer logs using the lists of IP addresses it had been provided. When one of IP addresses cited in the report as an indicator of Russian hacking was found on the logs, the utility immediately called DHS to inform it as it had been instructed to do by DHS.

In fact, the IP address on the Burlington Electric Company’s computer was simply the Yahoo e-mail server, according to Lee, so it could not have been a legitimate indicator of an attempted cyber-intrusion. That should have been the end of the story. But the utility did not track down the IP address before reporting it to DHS. It did, however, expect DHS to treat the matter confidentially until it had thoroughly investigated and resolved the issue.

“DHS wasn’t supposed to release the details,” said Lee. “Everybody was supposed to keep their mouth shut.”

Instead, a DHS official called The Washington Post and passed on word that one of the indicators of Russian hacking of the DNC had been found on the Burlington utility’s computer network. The Post failed to follow the most basic rule of journalism, relying on its DHS source instead of checking with the Burlington Electric Department first. The result was the Post’s sensational Dec. 30 story under the headline “Russian hackers penetrated US electricity grid through a utility in Vermont, US officials say.”

DHS official evidently had allowed the Post to infer that the Russians hack had penetrated the grid without actually saying so. The Post story said the Russians “had not actively used the code to disrupt operations of the utility, according to officials who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss a security matter,” but then added, and that “the penetration of the nation’s electrical grid is significant because it represents a potentially serious vulnerability.”

The electric company quickly issued a firm denial that the computer in question was connected to the power grid. The Post was forced to retract, in effect, its claim that the electricity grid had been hacked by the Russians. But it stuck by its story that the utility had been the victim of a Russian hack for another three days before admitting that no such evidence of a hack existed.

The day after the story was published, the DHS leadership continued to imply, without saying so explicitly, that the Burlington utility had been hacked by Russians. Assistant Secretary for Pubic Affairs J. Todd Breasseale gave CNN a statement that the “indicators” from the malicious software found on the computer at Burlington Electric were a “match” for those on the DNC computers.

As soon as DHS checked the IP address, however, it knew that it was a Yahoo cloud server and therefore not an indicator that the same team that allegedly hacked the DNC had gotten into the Burlington utility’s laptop. DHS also learned from the utility that the laptop in question had been infected by malware called “neutrino,” which had never been used in “GRIZZLY STEPPE.”

Only days later did the DHS reveal those crucial facts to the Post. And the DHS was still defending its joint report to the Post, according to Lee, who got part of the story from Post sources. The DHS official was arguing that it had “led to a discovery,” he said. “The second is, ‘See, this is encouraging people to run indicators.’”

Original DHS False Hacking Story

The false Burlington Electric hack scare is reminiscent of an earlier story of Russian hacking of a utility for which the DHS was responsible as well. In November 2011, it reported an “intrusion” into a Springfield, Illinois water district computer that similarly turned out to be a fabrication.

Like the Burlington fiasco, the false report was preceded by a DHS claim that US infrastructure systems were already under attack. In October 2011, acting DHS deputy undersecretary Greg Schaffer was quoted by The Washington Post as warning that “our adversaries” are “knocking on the doors of these systems.” And Schaffer added, “In some cases, there have been intrusions.” He did not specify when, where or by whom, and no such prior intrusions have ever been documented.

On Nov. 8, 2011, a water pump belonging to the Curran-Gardner township water district near Springfield, Illinois, burned out after sputtering several times in previous months. The repair team brought in to fix it found a Russian IP address on its log from five months earlier. That IP address was actually from a cell phone call from the contractor who had set up the control system for the pump and who was vacationing in Russia with his family, so his name was in the log by the address.

Without investigating the IP address itself, the utility reported the IP address and the breakdown of the water pump to the Environmental Protection Agency, which in turn passed it on to the Illinois Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center, also called a fusion center composed of Illinois State Police and representatives from the FBI, DHS and other government agencies.

On Nov. 10 – just two days after the initial report to EPA – the fusion center produced a report titled “Public Water District Cyber Intrusion” suggesting a Russian hacker had stolen the identity of someone authorized to use the computer and had hacked into the control system causing the water pump to fail.

The contractor whose name was on the log next to the IP address later told Wired magazine that one phone call to him would have laid the matter to rest. But the DHS, which was the lead in putting the report out, had not bothered to make even that one obvious phone call before opining that it must have been a Russian hack.

The fusion center “intelligence report,” circulated by DHS Office of Intelligence and Research, was picked up by a cyber-security blogger, who called The Washington Post and read the item to a reporter. Thus the Post published the first sensational story of a Russian hack into a US infrastructure on Nov. 18, 2011.

After the real story came out, DHS disclaimed responsibility for the report, saying that it was the fusion center’s responsibility. But a Senate subcommittee investigation revealed in a report a year later that even after the initial report had been discredited, DHS had not issued any retraction or correction to the report, nor had it notified the recipients about the truth.

DHS officials responsible for the false report told Senate investigators such reports weren’t intended to be “finished intelligence,” implying that the bar for accuracy of the information didn’t have to be very high. They even claimed that report was a “success” because it had done what “what it’s supposed to do – generate interest.”

Both the Burlington and Curran-Gardner episodes underline a central reality of the political game of national security in the New Cold War era: major bureaucratic players like DHS have a huge political stake in public perceptions of a Russian threat, and whenever the opportunity arises to do so, they will exploit it.


Free This German Captive from Abu Sayyaf's Islamists

Tell Angela Merkel:;jsessionid=D0639B58CCCDD452A7A78E1984AFA5CC.s7t2?view=renderLogin

Jan. 16, 2017

Chancellor Merkel:

Your government must do all it can save the life of the German citizen being held by Abu Sayyaf.

German participation in the so-called "war on terror" has provoked Islamists to abductions and now it has become necessary to assist your people in their hands.

Contact the kidnappers and secure his release.

Nationalist Party of Canada.


BuzzFeed Bashed Over Anti-Trump Remarks

Tweeted to the Head of BuzzFeed Ben Smith:

You're a lying SOB for your dirt on Trump. A curse on all your work.

Nationalist Party of Canada Toronto

You can Tweet him at @BuzzFeedBen


PM Justin Trudeau Hoists Globalist Carbon Tax on Canadians

Tell Him No at

January 14, 2017

Mr. Prime Minister

The Nationalist Party of Canada and the Canadians people say no to your plans for a carbon tax.

Canadians are struggling coast to coast to pay their mortgages, utilities and other taxes imposed on them. Many cannot afford to live at all and your proposed tax will only hurt them further.

Do not burden Canadians with this ill-thought plan. We are hurting enough.

Nationalist Party of Canada


An appeal to all white nationalists to make 2017 the year of a white racist baby boom

January 12, 2017

The Nationalist Party of Canada is calling upon and appealing to all white nationalist, racist, "Alt.Right" and other organizations and websites in Canada, The US, and around the world to promote making 2017 a year for a white racist baby boom.

There is no greater priority this year for white men than to procreate and be honorable white fathers. Failure for white people to reproduce is, and will remain, our greatest mistake. We will be asking these groups to take a stand on their sites and in public policy to have a white racist baby boom and will be pressing them on this important ideological point in 2017.

And we will be informing our site visitors who will be promoting a white racist baby boom in 2017.

Bob Smith
NPC Secretary


NPC to General Motors: Stop Lying About Where The Chevy Cruze Is Made

Forwarded to GM CEO Mary Barra:

January 10, 2017

Stop lying about the Chevrolet Cruze being made in America when it is made in Mexico. General Motors is not getting away with its globalism unchallenged by white North Americans.

Stop it, or get out of America, goofs.

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

Tell General Motors CEO Mary Barra They're Lying About Where the Chevy Cruze is Made--Mexico; Stop GM Globalism... Or Get Out of the US, Goofs

General Motors Contact Page:


Bell Canada Slammed for Racemixing [sp] Ad

Forwarded to Bell Canada CEO George Cope in response to one of its currently running "Let's Talk" campaign ad:

January 9, 2017:

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns and is calling upon Bell Media to remove its currently-running ad in the Let's Talk campaign to raise awareness of the mentally-challenged which features a racemixed [sp] couple.

This ad is totally inappropriate to deal with raising awareness of those suffering with mental illness by presenting an unnatural situation with a white woman and a nonwhite man. It visually distracts the watcher from the issue by portraying two racially-diverse people. The mentally-challenged deserve our compassion and support, but not by your company trying to use it to make a unnatural politically-correct point about human relationships.

Please remove this ad from your Let's Talk campaign immediately.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Ontario.

Watch the ad:

and tweet the Bell Let's Talk campaign:


10 real resolutions for white guys should include having a baby in 2017

Secure your future and tell Western Voices World News

Forwarded to Western Voices World News

Jan. 10, 2017

White people need to remember to continue the species this year as a real New Year's resolution.

With our recessive DNA and nonwhites populating like crazy, whites need to replenish our own -- now, in the USA, in Canada and in Europe where nonwhite populations and refugee madness threaten to overwhelm white people. That includes promoting natural man/woman relationships, marriage and the nuclear family to secure our racial future everywhere.

The Nationalist Party of Canada remains commited [sp] to this, as all white racists should.

Read more at our website,

Bob Smith, Secretary
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Calgary bishop stays with hard line on LGBT youth

Send Reverend Fred Henry Your Good Wishes:

January 5, 2017

Congratulations to you, Reverend Henry for your courageous and moral stand against so-called LGBTQ youth.
The Nationalist Party of Canada salutes you and those who support your brave stand against "unnatural and dangerous lifestyles" that more and more young people are being lured to.

May you have many years of health.

Bob Smith, Secretary
The Nationalist Party of Canada


Gusto Channel Slammed

Forwarded to the Gusto TV Channel in response to their promotional ad now running on Canadian TV:

January 6, 2017

The Nationalist Party is disgusted to see this promotional announcement for your channel portraying a dog walking on a food-laden table, looking as though it is going to defecate.

This is a horrible way to promote a food/cooking channel. Remove this ad now.

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

Write to them at

Racemixing [sp] Credit Karma Warned

Forwarded to the Credit Karna [sp] credit service

January 6, 2017

Stop your unnatural, anti-white, ugly racemixing [sp] commercial running now on TV.

You make us sick. We don't need it. Remove the ad or racists will boycott your service

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

Credit Karma Address:


Idiots' University of Wisconsin creates unnatural program to question masculinity

Tell them they're nuts

Forwarded to the University of Wisconsin President

January 4, 2017

President Ray Cross, University of Wisconsin:

Is your university insane to create a course devoted to questioning natural masculinity?

Universities are supposed to be places where truth and facts are explored and discussed, not falsified to satisfy the feminist agenda and the idiots trying to dumb down academia. This is clearly a hate speech and this course needs to be canceleld [sp] immediately.

The Nationalist Party of Canada,
Toronto Canada


NPC wishes Queen Elizabeth a Happy New Year

Forwarded to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II:

January 2, 2017

HRH Queen Elizabeth II,
Buckingham Palace,
London, England, UK

We wish you and the Royal Family the best of health and all prosperity in 2017.

Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Moron feminist Finns send racist hero Jesse Torniaianen to jail for two years.
Complain to the Finnish Government at

Jan, 2, 2017

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns your government for throwing a white nationalist in jail for two years.

Is there no freedom of speech left in Finland? Or are you under the control of communists and feminists who are no more than self-loarhing [sp] whites?

Release Jesse Torniainen now.

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto, Canada


Forwarded to the Ron Paul Institute:

December 30, 2016

We wish you the best and hope that you continue to promote peace instead of war.

Happy New Year to you and to all your supporters.

Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada


Anti-Russian idiot John Bolton is a dirty neocon warmonger

Tell him to go to hell and curse all his works

Forwarded to John Bolton:

December 31, 2016

Dear John Bolton:

You're a dirty warmonger who is evil and unworthy of any position of authority, let alone shape foreign policy.

May all misfortune be yours until you show some brains and a heart.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada



Toronto Police Chief Bill McCormack (1933-2016)

The Nationalist Party of Canada remembers and marks the death of Toronto Police Chief Bill McCormack, who was chief of police from 1989 to 1995 and who passed away this month. His interment was on September 12th at St. Paul's Basilica at 11 am.

He was one of Toronto's best-loved and best-respected heads of the force and was known for his sense of humor and fairness. His interment was on September 12th at St. Paul's Basilica at 11 am.

The NPC sends its condolences to Chief McCormack's family. God bless him, his family and his memory.


Don Andrews Nominated for National Award

NPC leader Don Andrews has been nominated to receive the "Citation For Citizenship," an award created by the federal department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, "that honors Canadian individuals and organizations for their contributions in assisting newcomers to Canada in successfully integrating into Canadian society."

A free brochure concerning this award can be had from Immigration and Citizenship Canada

at : Integration Branch, Citation for Citizenship, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ottawa Ontario K1A 1L1, or you can go to Citation website at:


300 Coxwell Avenue
PO Box 3037
Toronto, Ontario
M4L 2A0 Canada